NCAAB Vegas Odds: College Basketball Conference Futures

NCAAB Vegas Odds: College Basketball Conference Futures
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Sarah Ryan
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May 19th 2023

We still have twelve more months in the New Year, but only two more months until all twelve conferences of NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball bring their 2022-2023 season action to a close. Even as we’re still two months out from heading into March Madness, you can still enjoy futures betting action. Not only on who will win Final Four status or the National Championship title outright, but which team will emerge #1 out of each of their respective conferences.

Futures are more intimidating than other types of single bet wagers like point spreads, point totals, or moneylines, because as the name suggests, you're making predictions on outcomes further out in the future. It’s typically easier to follow college basketball betting trends in the shorter-term lead-up to a game (injuries, team records, etc.) than it is to predict based on longer-term historical trends to guess where a team might end up after a series of multiple games.

It’s one thing to study up on the odds of the Penn State Nittany Lions or the Rutgers’ Scarlet Knights’ ability to cover the spread over the course of one game. It’s a whole other thing to guess whether or not either team will be able to climb their way up to the coveted first place standing in their Big 10 Conference. Right now, the former team is 9th place in the Big 10, while the latter is currently in 6th place. (You can follow the Big Ten’s real-time men’s basketball standings on their official website.)

But if you’re up for the challenge and taking the risk, the odds on future bets can offer a potentially greater reward if they hit. So with that said, as we head into the midseason of NCAA basketball betting actions, let's take a look at the current frontrunners favored to win their conferences in each of FanDuel’s conference future markets.

NCAA Conference Odds

Future bets are more intimidating than other single bets, but conference outrights might offer a less intimidating challenge than championship outrights. You’re working from a smaller playing field, you don’t need to guess the top Final Four, nor do you need to guess the one NCAA team to outright win it all.

You simply need to guess who will be the outright first-place winner in their conference, and even though we’ve only gotten through the first half of the NCAA college basketball season, we can already see a few favored frontrunners in FanDuel’s future markets for each conference. Let’s take a look at a few of the currently favored frontrunner teams in each of those markets.

ACC - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

  1. Virginia (priced at +250 odds)

  2. Miami FL (priced at +340 odds)

  3. North Carolina (priced at +430 odds)

  4. Clemson (priced at +500 odds)

  5. Duke (priced at +550 odds)

It’s interesting to ponder these Top Five odds juxtaposed against the real NCAA’s Atlantic Coast Conference standings. Virginia is #1 here, yet currently standing #4 in the real ACC rankings, which could potentially suggest that the oddsmakers expect the team to be on a long-term rebound. The UNC Bulldogs are also ranked third in the market, despite being sixth place right now in the conference, so Vegas might be having their eye on them to potentially make a comeback in the regular season’s second half

Likewise, Clemson is in first place in the ACC, but fourth place in FanDuel’s conference right now. This leaves one to wonder if Vegas sees the opposite expectations with their team, and if they expect those ACC standings to fall. Pittsburgh currently falls just below the top five at +1000 odds, but is currently third in the real-world Atlantic Coast rankings.

Value underdogs or declining duds? You’ll have to wait and see to find out!

  1. American Athletic Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

The men’s AAC conference outright currently has a very heavy (and very outright) favorite team in FanDuel’s futures market: Houston, priced at a decisive -1600 odds. Houston currently holds the most wins in this conference, with an impressive 16-1 record as of this moment.

That’s four more wins than the University of Central Florida (12-4 presently), the team resting at second place in this conference. Beyond Houston, the remaining teams in this conference and futures market are priced at plus-money odds, including:

  • Memphis, +1500

  • UCF, +2600

  • Tulane, +4000

  • Cincinnati, +4000

  • Temple, +8000

  • SMU, +16000

  • Wichita State, +16000

  • Tulsa, +25000

  • East Carolina, +25000

  • South Florida, +25000

All of these odds could net you decent returns for a stake of ten bucks, or even just for a single buck. We wouldn’t recommend betting much more than a few bucks on those other ACC teams though, as it’s a bit of a longshot to expect anyone else to outperform Houston in the American Athletic Conference.

  1. Atlantic 10 Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

Like FanDuel’s American Athletic conference outright market, the Atlantic 10 market is another future’s betting market with a clear line in the chalk. We have another heavy favorite for the #1 spot here: Dayton, priced at -230 odds.

That’s a decent favoring, and a well-earned one with an 11-5 overall record. But you might notice that favoring isn’t quite as locked-in as Houston’s, and for good reason. Dayton is currently tied 11-5 with the VCU Rams, who are priced at +900 odds in this market right now.

Saint Louis, currently ranked third in the Atlantic 10, is currently priced in second place with +430 odds, so you can expect them to be another team to watch. They aren’t that far behind VCU or the Dayton Flyers, going 10-6 so far this season. The remaining teams in this market are priced above the +1000 odds range, so expect one of the Top 3 to be favored for #1.

  1. Big 10 Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

We mentioned the Rutgers Scarlet Knights earlier, and we have to give the New Jersey state school men’s basketball team another shoutout again. Though they’re currently ranked sixth place in the real-world Big 10, their odds are 2nd place in FanDuel’s outright market for this conference, currently priced at +750.

They are the first-ranked plus-money team in this market, but the real favored team in this market is Purdue. The Boilermakers are chalk favorites at -115 odds, and presently hold a few solid wins over Rutgers’ record, 15-1 compared to the Scarlet Knights’ 11-5. Take a look at the odds on the market’s top 14 Big Ten candidates:

  • Purdue, -115

  • Rutgers, +750

  • Ohio State, +850

  • Illinois, +1000

  • Michigan State, +1000

  • Wisconsin, +1300

  • Maryland+2000

  • Indiana+2500

  • Michigan+3000

  • Northwestern, +3000

  • Iowa+3500

  • Penn State, +5500

  • Minnesota+25000

  • Nebraska, +25000

  1. Big 12 Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

There are only four teams favored below +1000 odds in the Big 12 outright market:

  1. The Kansas Jayhawks (-180)

  2. The TCU Horned Frogs (+550)

  3. The Texas Longhorns (+750)

  4. The Kansas State Wildcats (+900)

Right now, the two most notable tails in this market are a tale of two Kansas teams. One is favored more heavily than the other, but both teams are currently tied 14-1 in the Big Twelve conference. On the off chance that the Wildcats outperform the Jayhawks, you could stand to net a $90 payout with only a $10 unit.

  1. Big East Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

Connecticut is currently on the come-up in this futures’ market: they’re presently ranked #4 in the real-world Big East, but priced with the market’s most favorable odds at +130. Only four other teams priced below them are priced below not just the +1000 odds range, but the +6000 odds range:

  1. Xavier (+240)

  2. Marquette (+500)

  3. Providence (+650)

  4. Creighton (+850)

The UConn Huskies currently have the best overall record out of these five teams, at 15-2 so far, but only time will tell if that is able to hold through the remainder of the 2022-2023 regular season.

  1. Conference USA - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

The Florida Atlantic owls are the decisive favorite in this market, leading the conference 14-1 overall, and now priced at -170 odds. Only two other teams in this market are priced below the +5000 odds range:

  1. UAB (+280)

  2. North Texas (+380)

UAB is currently 12-4 and North Texas 13-3, so you should treat those teams more as underdogs, but as of now, they’re still more favorable than any other underdogs in this market.

  1. Missouri Valley Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

This might be the Missouri Valley Conference, but Missouri State is presently fifth place in this FanDuel conference future’s market, priced at +2000 odds. Only three teams here are presently priced below the range of +1000 odds:

  1. Indiana State (-125)

  2. Bradley (+300)

  3. Drake (+470)

Watch if the lines move and odds narrow on these teams, or any of the market’s remaining teams:

  • Southern Illinois, +1000

  • Missouri State, +2000

  • Belmont, +2900

  • Northern Iowa, +5000

  • Murray State, +7500

  • Evansville, +25000

  • Illinois Chicago, +25000

  • Valparaiso, +25000

  • Illinois State, +25000

Moving away from Michigan, we have the Mountain West Conference outrights.

  1. Mountain West Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

Interestingly, the team ranked third place in this market (the Nevada Wolfpack, at +1000 odds) currently stands in first place of the Mountain West, with a 14-3 overall record. So if that holds, the Wolves could be a decent dog in this market, but only two teams are priced above them at the moment:

  1. San Diego State (-220)

  2. Utah State (+500)

San Diego isn’t far behind Nevada, currently on an overall 12-3 run, while Utah is 13-3 overall.

  1. PAC 12 - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23 

UCLA (priced at -190) and Arizona (priced at +230) are currently the two undisputed heaviest favorites in this conference outright market. Both teams are presently tied 14-2, though UCLA presently holds the better conference rankings for performing better against other PAC-12 teams.

  1. SEC - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

Like the last conference outright market, there are only two teams priced below +1000 odds in this market; the Tennessee Volunteers (for +100 odds) and Alabama’s Crimson Tide (for +145). Both teams are tied for 13-2 in their conference standings, and though they have weaker conference standings, Missouri (priced at +2000 odds) is also running for 13-2 right now.

  1. West Coast Conference - Regular Season Winner - 2022-23

Who else but Gonzaga (heavily, heavily favored here at -370 odds) can you count on to dominate the West Coast? In the eyes of FanDuel’s oddsmakers, only one other WCC team is worth being favored below the +5000 odds range; Mount Saint Mary’s California team, currently being priced at +240 in FanDuel’s conference outright futures market.

Saint Mary’s CA is only one loss behind Gonzaga, 14-4 versus 14-3. Only one overall loss separates the -370 and +240 odds, and two losses separate Mount St. Mary’s from Brigham Young, priced at +5000 odds with a 13-6 overall regular season record so far.

We hope this guide on outright conference NCAAB betting lines and college basketball odds helped you gain a better understanding of the possible favorites and value underdogs in each market. We also hope that our site link might help your bankroll gain some extra bet credit.

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Wager responsibly.

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