New Online Casinos NJ

New Online Casinos NJ
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Aug 4th 2023

Online casinos have been legal in New Jersey now for years! Thanks to the Garden State, many other states have followed suit, legalizing online gambling for their residents.

We’ve got the list of all the new online casinos NJ, so you don’t need to do any heavy lifting. Just take advantage of the welcome bonuses, and do what you do best: winning at online casino games.

Are online casinos legal in NJ?

Yes! If you are a New Jersey resident, you’re probably familiar with the state’s online gambling laws, as this was the first state to legalize online gambling!

You’ll recognize that some of the biggest names in Atlantic City are also some of the biggest names in online casinos. But just as gambling at a land-based casino isn’t legal for everyone, online gambling has its own set of rules and regulations (and must also follow similar rules to land-based casinos).

You must be at least 21 years old to bet at an online casino, registered in New Jersey. When you sign up for an account, you’ll need to prove your age by providing your address and a photo ID. While you don’t need to be a Garden State resident, you must be physically located within state lines to gamble at new online casinos, NJ — or at any online casino in the state! To prove you are where you say you are, you must activate geo-tracking software on your device before placing any bets.

NJ Online Casinos Vs Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City is famous for its casinos! If you’re a fan of heading to the shore to place your bets, you might worry about what the online experience holds.

And while online casinos won’t ever totally replace land-based casinos, they do offer benefits that brick-and-mortar locations just can’t compete with.

While you won’t be able to viscerally experience an online casino the way you would on a casino floor (though let’s be honest, sometimes that’s not a bad thing!), you will still get to experience the sounds and rush of casino games.

New NJ online casinos offer similar games (such as slots, poker, video poker, roulette, and more) that you’d find at land-based casinos.

The best part? Online casinos also offer generous welcome bonuses, such as free spins, no-deposit bonuses, deposit-match bonuses, and risk-free bets. You won’t find such welcome bonuses at land-based casinos!

How to Choose a New Online Casino NJ

Before signing up for an account at a new online casino NJ, you may want to do a little research. Not all online casinos were created equally, and it’s easy to get stuck with an online casino you don’t love.

We recommend reading online casino reviews, only playing at legit online casinos, paying attention to terms and conditions, and comparing welcome bonuses before committing to one online casino.

Read Online Casino Reviews

We can’t stress enough how important it is to read online casino reviews — though, as a casino review site, we admit that we may be a bit biased!

Reviews can help you find legit online casinos, the best welcome bonuses, and help you understand the terms and conditions set by each.

We only review legit online casino sites (why give a fraudulent site any attention at all?), so you don’t need to worry about scams at any casinos on our site. We also review each site, based on several points of reference (but more on that later!).

Online casino reviews will help you compare different sites and decide which site matches your needs. Compare sites based on welcome bonuses, payout methods, wagering requirements, and user experience.

Only Play at Legit Online Casinos

Not all new online casinos NJ were created equally! Just because a casino operates online doesn’t mean it’s legit.

Now that online gambling is legal in New Jersey, there’s no need to be swayed by the allure of offshore online casinos or casinos operated illegally in the U.S.

Offshore online casinos aren’t registered or licensed in the U.S. and can’t legally accept bets from residents — though that doesn’t mean they don’t try anyway! It’s not easy to prosecute these casinos, as they’re not located in the country, so they often operate within the gray areas of the law.

But operating within the gray areas of the law also means that you may not be able to take legal action if your winnings or holdings aren’t paid out within a reasonable amount of time (or at all).

That’s why we recommend sticking to legit sites that are registered and licensed within the state you’re playing. If you need help vetting online casinos, you may want to stick to the ones we review on our site, as we only review legit online casinos.

Compare Welcome Bonuses

This is a big one!

One of the best reasons to play at online casinos vs land-based ones is to take advantage of generous welcome bonuses. These bonuses were designed to entice players and lure them away from competitor sites. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a great reason to play at one platform over another.

We recommend researching the best welcome bonuses before signing up for a casino account.

Bonuses help you try out games on each site (without as much risk as if you were playing with your own money), maximize your winnings, and familiarize yourself with casino brands.

We’ll get into welcome bonuses later in this article, but the most common ones include deposit-match, no-deposit, and risk-free bonuses. You’ll also find free spins and bets offered on many sites.

Pay Attention to Terms and Conditions

Before depositing money or accepting a welcome bonus, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with a site’s terms and conditions — especially if a welcome bonus seems too good to be true.

An online casino’s terms and conditions are the rules and regulations set forth by the casino (in accordance with the state’s licensing board). These terms and conditions also apply to welcome bonus payouts.

Each online casino sets wagering or betting requirements for welcome bonuses. These requirements are how much of your own money you’ll need to bet before you may withdraw winnings made with bonus funds.

Online casinos often set these requirements at an amount in accordance with the welcome bonus amount; the larger the welcome bonus, the more of your own money you’ll need to bet before you’ll be allowed to cash out winnings made with bonus money.

If an online casino is offering a generous welcome bonus (for example $1,000) but has set its wagering requirements at 20-times the amount of the bonus, you’ll need to bet $20,000 of your own money before cashing out winnings made with your bonus.

How We Rate New Online Casinos NJ

We only rate and review online casinos in New Jersey that are registered, licensed, and legit. That way, if you’re playing only at platforms recommended by OddsSeeker, you won’t need to even worry about those three factors.

We also consider website and app user experience, payment and withdrawal options, welcome bonuses, and ongoing promos in our reviews.

Website User Experience

Not all online casinos offer a good website user experience. Some casinos pour all their money and resources into their list of games and forget to offer an easy way to find the games.

We make sure the online casinos we review offer a clean and seamless layout, easy search options, and at least one way to contact customer service (email, phone, or chat preferably).

Of course, we also love when an online casino offers a similar experience to land-based partners by considering slots games music and sounds, live dealer options, and fun graphics.

Casino App

Online casino apps are a big deal these days. Creating a web page with mobile capabilities alone just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

We need our online casinos to offer an app with a stellar user experience, mobile wallet, and one-touch betting.

If a casino on this list doesn’t offer an app, it should (at the very least) offer a great mobile browser experience. And if it does offer an app? It needs to be one worth downloading.

Casino apps should add to the customer’s experience (not detract from it), offer the same games as the website (if not more), and even more bonuses.

Payment/Withdrawal Options

When it comes to payments and withdrawals, not all casinos are created equal. Some casinos offer a long list of both payment and withdrawal options. Others? Not so much.

Depending on how fast you need your payouts (or digital wallets), you may want to pass over some online casinos. And the sad fact is that new online casinos NJ often offer fewer payment and withdrawal options.

The longer a casino has been in business, the more payment options it offers.

Luckily, we’ve got the skinny on the online casinos with the most payment options in New Jersey, and we’re more than happy to share which casinos you’ll want to bet at.

ACH Bank Transfer

One of the most common types of payment and withdrawal options is ACH bank transfers and e-checks

If you want to transfer money directly from your checking account to your casino account, this is the payment option for you. Most online casinos (new and old) offer ACH transfer as a payment and withdrawal method.

Payments are usually made instantly, while withdrawals can take up to 10 days to complete (depending on the casino and your bank). Nearly all the casinos we review offer ACH transfer as a form of payment and withdrawal.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit cards and debit cards are other popular forms of payment at online casinos. Most online casinos accept Visa and Mastercard for payment (though not all casinos offer withdrawals by credit or debit card).

Depending on your bank, you may or may not be able to use your debit card or credit card to make payments at casinos, as many cards don’t do business with online casinos.

If this is the case for you, try depositing cash at the casino cage, a digital wallet payment, or the Play+ Card instead.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets, such as PayPal and Skrill can also be used at online casinos.

Again, payments are usually made instantly, while it may take up to a few business days for withdrawals to process. Not all casinos accept PayPal, though most accept Skrill, which is a digital wallet created with online gambling in mind.

You may be able to bypass your bank’s policy of refusing to do business with online casinos by adding money to your PayPal or Skrill account and adding those funds to your casino account manually.

When it’s time to cash out, it should only take a few business days to make your withdrawal, though you may need to wait up to a few business days to transfer money from your digital wallet to your bank account, too.

Play+ Cards

Need your casino balance right away? You may want to get a Play+ card.

This card was created with casinos in mind. You can add funds to your card, use them to make bets, and often withdraw your winnings right away.

Your Play+ card can be used as a prepaid credit card at many retailers (including casino retailers and restaurants). Or, withdraw your funds at an ATM.

Depending on the ATM, you may be charged a fee for withdrawals.


Are you a little old school? You can always deposit or withdraw cash at a land-based casino cage!

All new online casinos NJ are affiliated with land-based casinos. If you live close enough to an affiliated land-based casino, you can always drive to its location and make a cash deposit or withdrawal at the casino cage.

Nearly all the casinos we review in the Garden State allow you to do this. You’ll get access to your casino account (or your winnings) instantaneously. And you can place a few bets on the casino floor while you’re at it!

Welcome Bonuses

Nearly all the casinos we review offer welcome bonuses to new players. These bonuses are a key reason why you might sign up with one casino over another — and one benefit of playing at an online casino versus a land-based one.

The most common welcome bonuses include no-deposit and deposit-match bonuses, as well as risk-free bets.

No-Deposit Bonuses

You don’t need to make a deposit at a casino to get a no-deposit bonus. All you need to do is follow the account registration instructions, use the OddsSeeker link, and the OddsSeeker code (if necessary) to cash in on this type of bonus.

Since you don’t need to make a deposit to claim a no-deposit bonus, these bonuses are often less generous than deposit-match bonuses.

Still, they’re a great way to check out different new online casinos, try new games, and get an overall feel for a site’s offerings.

Deposit-Match Bonuses

Deposit-match bonuses are some of the most generous welcome bonuses you’ll find online! These bonuses are awarded by making a minimum deposit at a casino with a qualifying offer.

To claim a deposit-match bonus, use the OddsSeeker link (and code if applicable), and follow the instructions when making your first deposit. Most deposit-match bonuses are only available when you make your first deposit, so make that first deposit wisely!

You’ll also notice that most of these bonuses aren’t unlimited, casinos cap the bonus money on a first deposit.

Risk-Free Bonuses

Risk-free bonuses are often called risk-free bets or spins. These bonuses are offered as welcome bonuses or on an ongoing basis.

They’re a great way to try out new games or try out a new site, as there’s no risk (you won’t lose any money) if you lose the bet. Yet, you may not also win any money either, should you win the bet (depending on the casino).

Ongoing Promos

Most online casinos also offer ongoing promos, including free spins and plays and reward program bonuses. They offer these to keep you coming back — and ensure they won’t lose you to their competitors!

Free Spins/Plays

Free spins and plays are offered on a daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.

Daily bonuses are sometimes called login bonuses and are offered to customers who log in every day. If you want to qualify for these bonuses, simply log into an account on a platform that’s offering them. Or, sign up for alerts and notifications to get notified when they’re available.

Many online casinos also offer weekly tournaments and jackpots, seasonal bonuses, and special bonuses on days when player turnout is usually low.

Rewards/Loyalty Programs

Online casinos love rewarding loyal players. Similar to frequent-flier programs, these rewards programs reward loyal customers with points to be used for free bets and prizes.

Make a qualifying number of bets each month to reach tier status.

New Online Casinos NJ

Are you ready to play at new online casinos NJ? We sure are. Some of the newest online casinos in the Garden State include real money online casinos and free online casinos with free play.

The good news is that if you’re just visiting New Jersey, you can still play at real money casinos while you’re within state lines (as long as you’re of legal gambling age). When you head back home, play at one of the below free online casinos!

Real Money Online Casinos

Real money online casinos are just what they sound like — online casinos that offer real money payouts. Not only can you bet with real money, but you can also cash out your winnings in real money, too.

If you’re looking for a new online casino NJ that offers a similar experience to a land-based casino, real money casinos are where you’ll want to bet.

Some of our favorite real money online casinos include Caesars, Tipico, Oceans, and the Borgata.

Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino may not be new to Atlantic City, but is one of the best new online casinos NJ! We’re happy that the online experience at Caesars is nothing less than the high-end experience you’d expect at one of their landmark casinos.

Web/App UX

As one of the biggest names in casinos — both online and land-based — Caesars consistently gets high ratings in app stores and on review sites for user experience. Both the website and app offer streamlined layouts, and games are easy to find.

Support is a phone call or an email away, and customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.


Caesars offers a decent list of payment methods, including debit, credit, PayPal, bank transfer, Play+ card, PayNearMe, e-check, Neteller, and cash at the casino cage. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

Withdrawal methods include credit and debit, wire or bank transfer, Play+ card, Skrill, PayPal, and cash at the casino cage. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5 for credit, debit, and Play+ cards; $25 for wire and bank transfers; and $10 for PayPal. There is no minimum withdrawal amount for Skrill.


Right now, Caesars is offering our readers a first-deposit match of up to $2,000 by using the OddsSeeker link — and the promo code ODDSBONUSL.

Tipico Sportsbook

Tipico is a new online sportsbook in New Jersey — and the only sportsbook on this list. We love Tipico because the platform is known for its stellar customer service (something that not all the larger platforms can provide). It also has a good selection of bet types and sporting events.

Web/App UX

Tipico has a user-friendly website and app, offering dozens of slots, poker, and table games. The site is easy to navigate, and games can be found on the casino’s homepage and are categorized by game type.

Support is available on a FAQ page, or by live chat or email.


Tipico doesn’t offer the long list of payment and withdrawal options offered by the larger casinos (like Caesars). But you will find a decent list of payment and withdrawal options — some of which aren’t even offered by the larger casinos.

Payment and withdrawal methods include ACH bank transfers, Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Cash payments and withdrawals are accepted at the land-based casino cage in Atlantic City.


Right now, Tipico is offering our readers a risk-free bet of up to $750 and a first-deposit match of up to $750 by using the OddsSeeker link — no promo code needed!

Ocean Online Casino

Ocean Online Casino isn’t new to the gambling world — its land-based casino has been one of the most popular in New Jersey.

Web/App UX

Tipico’s app gets stellar reviews. There are no ads, which means a better customer experience all around — including fast downloads and uploads and few lags. The in-app customer service also gets good reviews.


Make payments and withdrawals by:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • ACH/ eCheck
  • Play+ prepaid card

Oceans is offering our readers a first-deposit match of up to $500 by using the OddsSeeker link — no promo code needed!


While the Borgata has been around for decades (and is well-known in Atlantic City), it’s made a name for itself recently — thanks to its generous welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards program.

Web/App UX

The Borgata has a streamlined website that’s easy to use and also easy on the eyes. Yet, its app only gets ho-hum reviews. Reviewers mention that the app suffers from lags and slow load times. Where it lacks in app tech, it makes up for in customer service.


Make a payment to your Borgata account via:

  • Debit or credit card
  • Cash at the casino cage
  • Bank transfer
  • Check by mail
  • Neteller 
  • Borgata online prepaid card

Make withdrawals via:

  • Cash at the casino cage
  • Bank transfer
  • Check by mail
  • Neteller 
  • Borgata online prepaid card

The Borgata is offering our readers a first-deposit match of up to $1,000 and a no-deposit welcome bonus of $25 in free play by using the OddsSeeker link — and entering the promo code ODDSBONUS.

Free Online Casinos

Free online social casinos differ from real money online casinos, as you won’t use “real money” to place bets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still win real money prizes! Purchase virtual currency, such as gold coins, and cash out your winnings in cash prizes gift cards, or other prizes (depending on the casino’s policies).

Most online casinos are legal in every state (except Washington State) and every province except Quebec. You also only need to be 18 years old to play in most states.

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is possibly the most well-known free online social casino. If you live in any U.S. state (except Washington State) and are at least 18 years old, check out this site’s welcome bonuses!

Web/App UX

Chumba Casino is probably the most well-known free online social casino out there — and it’s our no. 1 pick for social casinos!

The Chumba website is well designed, colorful, and easy to navigate. You can play games on your smart devices, laptop, or desktop.

Chumba has a relatively new app for iPhones and Android in the Apple Store and Google Play store. While you can play free online casino-style games, you can’t do everything on the app that you can on the website.

Despite the limited usability of the app, we still think that the large selection of games and cash prizes is reason enough to play at Chumba!


Purchase gold coins at Chumba Casino using the following payment methods:

  • Visa (credit and debit)
  • Mastercard (credit and debit)
  • Discover card
  • American Express
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Skrill

When you’re ready to redeem cash prizes at Chumba, you can do so via ACH bank transfer or Skrill.


OddsSeeker readers can get 2 million gold coins and 2 bonus sweeps, $20 off your first gold coin purchase, and 3 million gold coins and 30 bonus sweeps by using the OddsSeeker link.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Casino certainly lives up to its name. If you’re as obsessed with slots as we are, you may want to snap up its generous welcome bonus. Don’t love slots? This platform also offers other casino-style games, such as table games.

Web/App UX

Good news! LuckyLand offers an app for both Android and iPhone users, and each is available in the Google Play and Apple Store respectively. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets.

This new casino site is our no. 2 pick for free online casinos.

LuckyLand’s website is easy to use and navigate, and you’ll find a long list of slots on this slots-only platform. Our only critique is that we feel there could be greater attention paid to the graphics, but this is a minor issue, as most players care more about usability and payouts than graphics.


LuckyLand offers a long list of payment and withdrawal options, including:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Online banking
  • Skrill 
  • PaysafeCard
  • Western Union 

OddsSeeker readers can get over 7,000 gold coins and 10 bonus sweeps, 50% off your first gold coin purchase, and 50,000 gold coins by using the OddsSeeker link.


Another free online social casino that’s offering some amazing welcome bonuses is Funzpoints. Like many free online social casinos, Funzpoints specializes in slots-style games. If you love the magical music of slot machines, you’ll love this platform.

Web/App UX

Like many of the free online social casinos, Funzpoints doesn’t have a mobile app yet — though you can access its website through your mobile browser.

The Funzpoints website is easy to navigate and offers a wide variety of slots-style games. If you want to play games other than slots, this may not be the site for you. But if you’re crazy about slots, you’ll find a long list of them available here. You can even pay $4.99 to become a VIP member and gain access to even more slots.

This social casino offers customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Funzpoints offers payments and withdrawals by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and some debit cards. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts are $20, and there is a maximum withdrawal amount of $2,000 per day.


OddsSeeker readers can get a free $2.50 credit and a $20 bonus on their first purchase by using the OddsSeeker link.

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