NFL Player Props For Oct 31 - Bills, Bucs, Eagles, and More

Last Updated: Oct 26th 2021   Published: Oct 26th 2021   2 Min Read
NFL Player Props For Oct 31 - Bills, Bucs, Eagles, and More
Author: Sarah Ryan

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Halloween’s around the corner this coming Sunday, and with that, some tense, suspenseful, and truly spine-chilling games on this week’s Sunday Night Football lineup. Falling on an aptly lucky number, we’ve got seven games on the rotation for Allhallows Eve, and our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook have put together 7 great sets of player props for each one. 

Keep reading for an in-depth run-through breaking down each of the day’s spookiest, scariest, and most thrilling Halloween NFL player props. 

Week 8 NFL Player Props from DraftKings Sportsbook

Kicking off the action, we’ve got an offer that is sure to please Cinncinnati fans, as the team braces itself to face off against the New York Jets. If wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase runs over 150 receiving yards on the field and scores a touchdown, you could win a +600 player prop.

After that, we’ve got an aptly spooky same game parlay as the Miami Dolphins go toe to toe with the Buffalo Bills. If Tua Tagovailoa and Josh Allen combine for over 574.5 passing yards and over 59.5 rushing yards, you could take home a hefty payout on this two-leg +300 same game parlay. 

Make sure you’re comfortable with both legs before placing this wager; parlays offer a potentially higher reward, but also higher risk, as one leg is all it takes for an uninsured parlay to go bust. After that, DraftKings has five other SGP player props for the following five Halloween games, some of them being cross-team. Here’s what’s on the line:

  • The Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Detroit Lions (+300): Jalen Hurts runs over 259.5 passing yards, and DeAndre Smith runs over 59.5 rushing yards.
  • Tennessee Titans vs. the Indianapolis Colts (+115): Derrick Henry and Jonathan Taylor run over 199.5 combined rushing yards. 
  • New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Chargers (+175): Damien Harris & Austin Ekeler score over 1.5 combined touchdowns.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the New Orleans Saints (+190): Tom Brady & Jameis Winston score over 4.5 combined passing touchdowns.
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings (+225): Ezekiel Elliott & Dalvin Cook run over 199.5 combined rushing yards. 

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