NHL Betting Online

NHL Betting Online
Trivesh Vassen
Trivesh Vassen
December 23rd 2022

NHL Online Betting Introduction 

As legal sports betting grows around the US, bettors can now place their wagers on the NHL in retail sportsbooks, online sportsbooks, and sports betting apps licensed by gaming commissions in more than a dozen states, rather than booking a ticket to Las Vegas.

Bettors can find a complete guide online, where they can have a look at where they can bet on the NHL online and answers to the most frequently asked questions that they might have about NHL betting in the USA. 

For the bettors, finding an excellent NHL betting site does not need to be frustrating. With the correct info, bettors and players can quickly identify a reliable and highly-rated hockey betting site that they desire to play or place their wagers with, alongside the competitive odds.

Sports Betting Dime can help the bettors figure out what to look for as the bettors might narrow down the options. It has been proven that using a combination of industry research and firsthand experience betting with and reviewing hundreds of online sportsbooks; a few sites have ranked the top places to bet on NHL hockey.

As more legal hockey betting sites become available in the current year, it is to be expected that many more sites will be reviewing the latest options and updating their existing reviews with the most recent info.

How to Find the Best NHL Betting Site

Sports Betting Dime uses various methods when analyzing and looking for sports betting sites that are to be recommended. Firsthand experience betting with each site as average players and customers is the most crucial component of the majority site’s approach.

Most of the betting sites operate in the same way as any online hockey bettor – the app is downloaded. Players need to open an account, deposit real money, and place a variety of bets on the available NHL lines.

A few specific factors that receive close attention from the betting sites when explored are the odds and sportsbook features available at each site:

  • Are NHL betting sites licensed to operate legally in the states?

  • Are there several easy options available for deposits and withdrawals?

  • What are the lines and features that are available in the actual sportsbook?

  • Are there any valuable bonuses or special offers available?

Ultimately, every player is looking for sites that they would be eager to recommend to their own family and friends.

Ranking these sites against one another also requires the players to compare them directly. Rather than establishing these rankings on the whims and opinions of the reviewers alone of various sites alone, players need to perform regular research projects to keep a close pulse on sportsbook industry standards.

Players can read much of this research themselves, such as this data analysis of definitive and normal odds movement, line release times, and points charged across the industry. Rankings can only help players find a site with specific features to focus on what they are looking for. 

Where to Bet on NHL Games Online

Online NHL betting is legal and now live in several states across the US, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, and Colorado. See all the current sports betting options available for players in those states given below:

  • New Jersey sports betting sites

  • Pennsylvania sports betting sites

  • Colorado sports betting sites

  • West Virginia sports betting sites

  • Indiana sports betting sites

  • Illinois sports betting sites

  • Iowa sports betting sites

  • Tennessee sports betting sites

  • Michigan sports betting sites 

Mississippi offers online and mobile NHL betting to its players, but only if the players are physically present on the property at a licensed sportsbook. The same NHL betting opportunities can be found online as they can at retail sportsbooks in these states.

Legal NHL Betting Apps in the US

Given below is a quick state-by-state look at the top apps that offer sports betting to the players, including on the NHL. All of the betting apps are available for the players on their iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android mobile devices.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook was launched as the first online and mobile sportsbook in New Jersey, and it continues to expand across every state that regulates sports betting. It offers the players excellent bettor-friendly software and competitive lines to use on all sports and games. New or first-time players can now claim $25 in free bets and up to $1,000 in bonuses. Players can use DraftKings Sportsbook online in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Illinois.   

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook grew quickly and rapidly into New Jersey’s top-grossing online and mobile sportsbook. User-friendly Flutter/IGT software and the competitive lines available for players are the reason why. New and first-time players get up to a $1,000 risk-free bet upon sign-up. Players can use FanDuel Sportsbook online in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, and Indiana. 

BetMGM Sportsbook

Like the previous two apps, BetMGM owes its popularity in New Jersey to hit the ground running in other regulated states. The platform is user-friendly, slick, and easy to use. All features and betting markets can be easily found on the iPhone and Android apps. Players can get up to a $500 deposit bonus at BetMGM. BetMGM Sportsbook is legal in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Nevada, and West Virginia. 

Download a Sportsbook App for NHL Betting

Online sportsbooks offer a desktop version that the players and bettors can access either on their computer or smartphone and on fully downloadable apps for iOS and Android. While the players can navigate the online sportsbooks on their phones, the app version is specifically designed to work optimally for the user’s iPhone or Android device.

Navigation and functionality are enhanced for swiping, tapping, and financial transactions are equally secure. Players can have full access to all NHL lines, odds, and bets through the app.

Types of NHL Bets

Licensed sportsbooks across the US offer the following basic bets:

  • Moneylines: Players can bet on an NHL team to win a game at odds posted by licensed sportsbooks.

  • Puck Line: Players can bet on an NHL team to win a game with a puck line or spread, factored into the final score.

  • Totals: Players can bet that the total combined score in an NHL game will be over/under a line set by oddsmakers.

  • Parlays: Players can combine two or more basic bets. They can either win every bet or leg or win nothing.

  • In-Play or In-Game: Players can bet during a live NHL game at live odds adjusted throughout.

  • Futures: Basic NHL futures markets allow players to place their bets and wagers on any NHL team to win its division, conference, or the Stanley Cup. It also allows players to reach specific milestones.

Most states now allow NHL futures bets on the number of regular-season wins that each NHL team will gain and compile. Several states also allow the players to bet on the results of the seasonal NHL awards, the NHL free agency, and the NHL draft.

NHL futures odds are the very first set in the offseason. They are adjusted as the regular season while the playoffs move forward. 

NHL Odds Explained

NHL Moneylines

The Moneyline bet provides the players with one of the easiest ways to wager on any sports of their choice, including hockey betting.

NHL Moneyline bets pay the players according to a team’s probability of winning, and the NHL betting odds are locked and secured when the players place the bet. All that the players have to do is pick a winner.

Moneyline odds are referred to as a positive (+) or negative (-) number.

Negative numbers are majorly for the favorites and depict how the players will have to bet to win $100 plus their bet back. Positive numbers are primarily for underdogs and show how much each $100 wager will pay plus the player’s bet back.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are likely to be underdogs on the road facing the defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning. The Blue Jackets’ Moneyline might be a total of +165.

That means if the players bet $100 on Columbus to win, there are chances that they will get $265 ($165 + their original $100) back if they do.

If the players like Tampa Bay to win at home instead, they will probably have to find them at around -200. That means the players need to wager a $200 bet on the Lightning to get $300 returned (player’s original $200 + the $100 win).

NHL Puck Lines

NHL puck lines are pretty similar to point spread bets in other sports. Most puck lines are set and fixed at -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog, the reason being that two goals or less get to decide the average NHL game.

Betting the puck line is about making the correct prediction with the line factored or separated into the final score. Prices may vary even if the puck line does not, so the players need to shop around if they are looking for the best one.

NHL Totals 

NHL totals are quite similar to the over/under when the players are betting on the NFL. Sportsbooks establish a line on the complete number of goals that they expect both teams would be combining to score.

Players can bet on the actual total that will be over or under that number. Typically, NHL totals lines settle or sit around five or six goals, and they can be booked at -110 odds.

NHL Futures

Futures bets are wagers on objects or something where the outcome isn’t determined until after some time in the future.

Usually, that means placing the wagers on who will seize and win the Stanley Cup, a conference, or division. The earlier this event is in the season, the better the odds the players usually get.

Halfway through a losing season for any of the team, NHL futures odds will go relatively high. But they will go way too low for teams that seem like they might have a legitimate chance to win it all.

NHL futures bets include wagers on the number of regular-season wins a team will collect, the outcome or result of NHL awards, the NHL draft, and the NHL free agency.

NHL Parlays

NHL parlays include combining or joining two or more NHL bets into one.

These bets pay the players a better amount than single bets because they need to win them all for it to pay. Players can put together parlays that include one game, multiple games, and even multiple sports.

NHL Live Betting

The other advanced NHL betting options include live betting (in-play betting), which lets the players book basic bets at odds that change as the live-action does with its players.

If a particular team is up after the first or second period, there are chances that their odds will go down, but placing a bet on the losing team might seem tempting to the players at longer odds.

Live betting on the NHL is growing aggressively in popularity, and American bettors can not seem to get enough of it.

American VS. Canadian NHL Odds

Hockey is considered a Canadian sport, and when it comes down to Canadians betting on hockey, the players do it with several looking odds than in the US.

Canadians make use of decimal odds. If the players come across these odds online and wish to compare, they can multiply the number by what the players want to bet, and that will give the players the information about the payout.

US Moneyline odds operate with negative numbers for favorites representing how much the bettors will have to bet to win $100, plus their bets back.

Positive numbers depict underdogs and the quantity each $100 bet will pay, plus the player’s bet back.

Players can divide the payout on a Moneyline bet by the amount of the original bet, and it’ll show the players the decimal odds.

Online NHL Betting Vs Retail NHL Betting

While the social atmosphere at a retail sportsbook is fun most of the time, an online or mobile sportsbook in any state is usually much more superior amongst the players when it comes to making frequent NHL bets.

In order to get started betting online, players typically only need to sign up for an account using the app or website. Players don’t need to visit the physical sportsbook to register. There are chances that this may vary from state to state. 

Creating and opening an online betting account is fast and efficient. Players must be 21 years or older, and they only need to provide their home address and the final four digits of their Social Security number to verify.

While the players must be physically present inside state borders to place or wager a real-money bet in any licensed state, the players do not have to be a resident there to do so. They can open an account and see all of the NHL lines available from any place of their choice.

Another swell feature of betting online: Players have the liberty to browse through all of the different NHL lines, along with the props and futures, and enter the combinations into their bet slip to see various payouts. The players can not do that at a betting window at a busy retail sportsbook.

There is also no waiting in line for the players at the window to place bets online. They can search through all the available options and enjoy quick access to the bets they want in real-time.

There is a massive advantage for the players for making in-game NHL bets while the games are in progress.

Funding NHL Betting Account

Once the player’s account has been verified, it is quite a quick leap to fund the betting account. As several other fully licensed and regulated online businesses, online sportsbooks accept:

  • Major credit cards

  • Online bank transfers

  • Third-party payment processors, like PayPal.

  • Cash options include depositing at the cage of an affiliated casino or even a 7-Eleven or CVS.

NHL Betting Strategies 

Nobody picks or chooses the winners in every single NHL game throughout the entire season. Players don’t have to master the skills for the NHL betting scene to the point where they can never lose a bet.

The fundamental trick is to learn how to not suck or lose at NHL betting. The following five tips should help the rookie players:

Embrace or accept the home-ice advantage: The home-ice advantage is quite real in the NHL. Home teams acquire the last line change and are quite able to manipulate the on-ice matchups. Additionally, they get the boost and a vote of confidence only the support of a home crowd can give a team. The players just need to be careful of some teams that are better at taking advantage of this than others. Home and road records are something that the players will want to look at before making any NHL betting decisions.

Make use of analytics/stats:  No matter what the sport may be, placing wagers or betting on it is a battle for information. Taking the efforts to research a team’s statistical data and any analysis will always help the players make better and more informed NHL betting decisions.

Understand the parity: There are not many factors separating the league’s top teams from the ones placed at the bottom of the standings. Parity is a fundamental factor in the NHL. Most of the games are decided by one goal only, and it is pretty rare to see games exceeding five goals in total. Understanding that the NHL is a low-scoring league where most games are close will give the players an edge.

Bet your teams: As has been mentioned earlier, NHL betting is a war front for information. Players need to try betting on the teams they follow closely as they are bound to be winning that battle for info most of the time, if not all. Players need to remember not to get caught up in betting with their heart instead of their head.

Analyze the situation: Players should look at critical injuries, who is at home, the records that they have, and if they are coming off a long road trip or another game just the night before. These situations can create betting opportunities with real value only if the sportsbooks have yet to adjust. Players should always be aware of the kind of situation any team the player is betting on is in and make sure that they are not asking too much of them.

Rookie NHL Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Chasing the losses:  Nobody is perfect. Players will lose a few bets along the way, and it might even start looking like they are on a losing streak. The players may be tempted to increase their typical bet size to chase those losses, but they should avoid doing so.  This is just a quick way to go broke. Instead of that, players need to keep things the same and make sure that they still keep betting when their picks start winning.

Chasing upsets:  Sometimes favorites don’t really pay well, and big underdogs begin to offer tempting prices. Scouring or searching the NHL schedule while looking for major upsets is not an effective betting strategy that the player can use. In fact, the quantity is so less and far between that the players might as well ignore them. The players should look to grind out wins based on the principles that they know.

Betting parlays: Huge multi-game NHL parlays are every sportsbook’s dream and vision. Players get drawn in by big payout numbers, but the odds that are on these bets ever paying out are even more significant than the others. One big NHL upset is quite rare, never mind half a dozen of them. But even a parlay filled with favorites is very much bound to catch a snag when it does try. If the players must bet parlays, then they should keep them small and manageable. In other words, players should not chase dreams that may never come true.

Don’t Limit Yourself to NHL Games

It is pretty easy to focus on placing the wagers and betting efforts exclusively on the NHL. With a long season that is packed full of multiple games each evening, there is plenty of action that the players can go to around each year from October to June.

But it has been seen that hockey has a widespread international appeal, and the best hockey betting sites can offer the players and bettors the chance to bet on top leagues from across the globe, that is, around the world. There are plenty of reasons for the players not to ignore these secondary markets, particularly if their goal is to turn a profit over the long haul.

Oddsmakers are humans too, and they have the same number of hours in the day as we do. Because of this, most of their efforts are spent handicapping NHL games, which are likely to attract the most betting action. There is often an immense or a considerable value to betting on the likes of the KHL or SHL.

It is relatively quite easy to find inside information or private information that can be used to effectively or successfully handicap the major European pro leagues. But of course, international tournaments like the IIHF Junior Worlds are also quite worth the hard look.

Registering oneself with a site that offers hockey wagering options beyond the NHL is a great way to ensure that the players are finding extra or bigger value and keeping things fresh and very interesting as the season wears on with time.

The sites that the players find generally offer the biggest or the greatest European leagues and international tournaments to the players.

Best Hockey Betting Sites for non-NHL Games/International Play 

William Hill

While the players are looking for the widest and biggest range of opportunities to bet on international hockey, it quite makes sense to visit a truly original international sportsbook like William Hill.

This brand has made its name by offering or giving lines on every conceivable sporting event to the players around the globe, and the variety and diversity in terms of their hockey betting menu are truly impressive and commendable.


The standard betting lines are available on virtually every major European pro league that the players want to choose.

Odds offer the same consistent value to the players that William Hill provides on NHL games.


The betting site and app are not quite as polished as some of the others in the competition.

Is Betting on the NHL Legal?

It is seen that the legality of online sports betting in the United States depends on the players’ location. Regulation of these rules occurs at the state level. It means that just because something is legal in New York, it does not mean that it will be legal in Hawaii.

The key point here is to check the rules wherever the player plans to bet. The good news for the players is that legal online sports betting options are rapidly becoming prevalent across the entire country.

Each of these sites and NHL betting apps that are listed are licensed to legally operate and work within the US. These sites and apps use geolocation technology to determine if the player is located in a state where the players are allowed to operate.

This is a great way to tell if the players are using a legal hockey betting site; if the site or app does not check the player’s location, they’re likely illegal or not licensed to accept wagers or bets from US customers.

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