Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher Are In An All Out War

Last Updated: Jun 28th 2022   Published: May 19th 2022   1 Min Read
Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher Are In An All Out War
Image © Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser / USA TODAY NETWORK

Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban and Texas A&M Coach Jimbo Fisher are out for blood. In an interview on Wednesday, Nick Saban came out and decided to share his thoughts on Texas A&M and its recruiting tactics.

“We were second in recruiting last year, A&M was first,” Saban said. “A&M bought every player on their team. Made a deal for name, image, and likeness. We didn’t buy one player. But I don’t know if we will be able to sustain that in the future because more and more people are doing it.”

Fisher was Saban’s assistant coach at one point in time, so took these words to heart. In a hastily thrown together press conference later that day, Jimbo called his former boss’s comments “despicable.” He went on to say that Saban is “a narcissist” who “thinks he’s God.”

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