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Last Updated: Jun 30th 2021  Published: Jun 30th 2021

Online betting is now being legalized in more and more states. And as online gambling becomes legal in your state, your chances of maximizing your bets increase with every promotion you take advantage of.

Want to really maximize your money at online casinos? Take advantage of some of our favorite online betting tips, such as maximizing online casino promos, checking out odds and spreads, and opting for casinos that offer instant withdrawal options. 

Is Online Betting Legal?

Yes! Online betting is now legal in several states. Real money online casinos are gaining traction as more and more states legalize betting. While more states have already legalized sports betting, more and more are also legalizing online casino gaming, too. 

Currently, there are two ways to gamble and place sports bets online, including real money casinos and free online casinos. Both offer players a similar experience to that of a brick-and-mortar casino as well as a wide variety of casino games.

Real Money Online Betting

Real money casinos are as close to the ‘real casino floor experience’ that you can get online. These online casinos are run (or are affiliated to) brick-and-mortar casinos in a given state. 

You’ll recognize big casino names, such as MGM, the Golden Nugget, and FanDuel. 

To operate legally, online casinos must affiliate themselves with a local casino (usually a large chain or a tribal casino). In many states where online casinos are still not legal, online sports betting is legal. The laws surrounding online gambling are changing constantly, so check with your local state to see if it’s legal to bet online yet.

You’ll need to be 21 to play, and you’ll need to download geo-tracking software onto your mobile device, laptop, or computer to prove you’re geographically located within state lines.  

Free Online Casinos & Sportsbooks

If online gambling isn’t legal in a state where you’re located, you can probably still bet at a free online casino or sportsbook.

Free online casinos can legally offer betting by requiring gamblers to purchase ‘virtual currency’ instead of playing with real money. Though you can usually cash out your winnings for real money (depending on the casino), you’ll be betting with gold coins and sweeps. 

These casinos are legal for anyone in the U.S. or Canada outside of Washington State or Quebec. You only need to be 18 years old to play at free sweeps casinos (similar to lottery age requirements in most states). 

It’s always best to check the rules at each casino before signing up for an account and depositing money. 

Online Betting Tips to Maximize Your Winnings

Are you ready to start placing bets online? These online betting tips will help you navigate the world of online casinos and sportsbooks — and help you maximize your winnings. Feel secure while depositing your money into your casino account, get the best promotions, and understand how to choose games with better payouts. 

Take Advantage of Promotions

One of the biggest benefits of online gambling is welcome bonuses and online promotions. Online casinos generally offer these promotions, whereas many brick-and-mortar casinos do not. 

Some of the best deals and promotions include welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and rewards club benefits. 

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one of the easiest ways to maximize your winnings at online casinos. These bonuses are offered when you first sign up for an account or make your first deposit. 

Most welcome bonuses and promos include deposit matches, free bets, and risk-free bets.

Deposit matches are exactly what they sound like: make a deposit and the casino will match your deposit — up to a certain amount. Free bets are promotions you usually need a promo code to take advantage of, and risk-free bets are bets that allow you to try out games without risking any real money (though you may not get the payouts for those games).

The catch with these bonuses is the fact that they’re only good when you first sign up or when you make your first deposit. So, if you take advantage of a deposit match, you’ll want to deposit as much as you reasonably can when you make that first deposit (or sign up for your account). 

It’s always important to read the fine print on promotions to ensure you’re getting the best deal, follow the rules, and get the best payouts. 

Ongoing Promotions

Ongoing promotions are generally deals that keep you coming back to a casino for more! These promos may include login bonuses, weekly promos, and seasonal and holiday promos.

Login promos are generally deals that give you free bets, money, and sweeps — just for logging in and claiming your prizes! Casinos don’t want you to forget about them over the course of the year, so expect to get messages and emails reminding you to sign in and claim your bonuses!

Weekly promos are offered each week, where holiday and seasonal promos are usually offered on slower days for casinos (such as major holidays or seasons such as the summer). 

VIP/Rewards Clubs

Most casinos also offer VIP and rewards club programs. These are similar to frequent flier programs (or any other rewards program) that reward you for staying loyal to a particular brand. 

Casino VIP and rewards clubs reward you with each bet you make. Make more bets, and you’ll reach different tiers. Once you maintain a tier level, you’ll need to continue to keep making a certain number of bets to keep that status — but you’ll also earn points that may translate into free bets. 

Most casinos simply sign you up for their rewards clubs when you sign up for an account. You can also usually use your same rewards account at a casino’s brick-and-mortar retail location. 

Best Casino Promos

If you’re looking to maximize your winnings by taking advantage of casino promos, look no further than these free-and-real-money online casinos and sportsbooks! One of our favorite online betting tips is to maximize promotions, codes, and links at these popular casinos.

BetMGM is offering OddsSeeker readers up to a $1,000 deposit match when using the link and the promo code ODDSSEEKER

BetRivers is offering OddsSeeker readers various deals in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Colorado — depending on the bettor’s location.

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FendOff Sports is offering OddsSeeker readers up to a $25 deposit match on their first deposit when you click on our link — no promo code needed!

Pay Attention to Odds/Spreads

One of the biggest benefits of playing at an online casino is that you’ll get your odds percentages right when you place a bet! 

All odds and spreads are listed on each game, slot machine, and sports bet — meaning you have more information when placing a bet than you would on a casino floor or a retail sportsbook or racetrack. 

Choose Casino Games Wisely

Casino game spreads and odds vary greatly in person and online. If you want to win more than you lose, you’ll want to choose your games wisely. Get to know the odds for your favorite slots, video poker, live poker, table games, and sports bets before placing your bets (or while experimenting with risk-free bets). 

Read the Fine Print

One of the best online betting tips we can offer is to read the fine print (even though it’s annoying!). 

Bonus Money Cashouts

Online casinos and sportsbooks often hide conditions of promotions, free bets, and risk-free bets in the fine print. When this happens, you may expect a big payout that you don’t get. You also might not realize that you need to satisfy the terms of any promotion before cashing out on your winnings. 

Deposit/Withdraw Options

Not all casinos have equal deposit or withdrawal options. While most online casinos offer instant deposits, not all offer the option to access your winnings automatically. 

If you’re the type of gambler that wants immediate access to your funds, you’ll want to go with a real money casino like the Golden Nugget that offers payouts via Play+ cards that allow you to use such a card as a credit, debit, or ATM card.

Many real money casinos also offer the option to collect your winnings at the casino cage. You’ll need to get thyself to the retail location, but once you’re there, you can collect your winnings in cash (and even place a few bets or two). 

VIP/Rewards Club Requirements

VIP and rewards clubs can help you maximize your winnings and get bigger payouts. But you’ll need to educate yourself on the requirements for each rewards tier.

Most casinos require you to make a certain number of bets (or bet a certain amount of money) to maintain your tier — and cashout on rewards. 

Staying in the know on these tier requirements will keep your expectations in check. The last thing you want is to expect big rewards but only get a meager number of free bets or spins. 

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