Online Soccer Betting

Online Soccer Betting
Alicia Butler
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Alicia Butler
Updated: October 19th 2023

Can’t get to your favorite sportsbook to place your bets? No problem! Online soccer betting is now legal in several U.S. states — and is being legalized in many more as we speak.

Online sportsbooks and casinos offer a virtual sports betting experience that’s as close to the real thing as you can find online.

Find out where to place bets on your favorite soccer teams, the best sites for fantasy leagues, and where online soccer betting is legal.

Is Online Soccer Betting Legal?

It depends. For residents of many U.S. states, it’s now totally legal to place sports bets — including soccer bets — online!

You simply need to be geographically located in a state that has legalized online sports betting, be 21 years of age or older, and submit the qualifying documents to prove you are of legal age to place bets; you’ll also need to prove your geographical location by downloading geo-tracking software onto your phone, laptop, or computer.

If you don’t live in a state where online sports betting is legal, you can probably still bet on sports at a free online casino (more on that later!).

States With Legal Online Sports Betting

Online soccer betting is gaining in popularity all over the U.S.! While online sports betting was illegal in most states up until a few years ago, many states are now embracing online soccer betting fun by legalizing this type of gambling.

Currently, it’s legal to place online sports bets in the following states:

  • Colorado

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Iowa

  • Michigan

  • Nevada

  • New Jersey

  • Pennsylvania

  • Tennessee

  • West Virginia

Many states are currently in the process of reviewing and passing legislation to legalize sports betting online. If you don’t see your state listed above, check back with OddsSeeker to find out when you can expect online sports betting to be legalized. Or, simply bet on soccer online at one of the many free sports betting sites online.

How to Find the Best Soccer Betting Site

Online soccer betting is available in states across the nation! But how can you determine which sites are legit? There are two types of online betting sites that offer sports betting (including soccer betting): real money online sportsbooks and free online sportsbooks.

Real Money Online Soccer Betting

Real money online soccer betting is the closest experience you’ll find to in-person sportsbooks. These online sportsbooks and casinos run similarly to brick-and-mortar ones.

Simply create an account (snag some sweet deals and promos while you’re at it!), prove your identity, deposit funds, and start placing bets!

Real money online sportsbooks make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds, and you’ll be able to see spreads, odds, and bets right from the sportsbook’s portal. Online sportsbooks usually allow you to place bets from your phone or tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

When you’re ready to cash in on your winnings, simply initiate a withdrawal.

Free Online Sports Betting

If you don’t live in a state where online sports betting is legal, you can still place your bets at free online sports betting sites.

These sites are similar to real money sportsbooks; yet, instead of using ‘real money’ to place bets, you’ll purchase virtual currency (gold coins or sweeps) to make bets. When it’s time to cash out your winnings, you’ll be able to do so by making an ACH transfer or using a payment processing vendor, such as Skrill.

You’ll be able to transfer your virtual currency back into real money when it’s time to cash out your winnings.

Free online sports betting sites are legal in all 50 states (except Washington State).

FendOff Sports

There are a wide variety of free online casinos, but there’s only one site that specializes in sports betting: FendOff Sports.

Purchase gold coins and sweeps to place bets on your favorite sports and soccer leagues, such as:

  • English Premier League (EPL)

  • Major League Basketball (MLB)

  • Major League Soccer (MLS)

  • National Basketball Association (NBA)

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association Football(NCAA Football)

  • National Football League (NFL)

  • National Hockey League (NHL)

  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Use the OddsSeeker link to get a deposit match of up to $25 on your first deposit.

Legal Soccer Betting Apps in the US

If you’re currently located within a state that allows online sports betting, there are plenty of apps that will give you access to some of the best sportsbooks available.

Apps can be downloaded from the iOS app store for the iPhone and iPad; Android mobile users will need to download the apps from the sportsbook’s website, as you can’t download gambling apps directly from the Google Play Store.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the most popular sportsbook apps in the U.S. and the first online sportsbook to operate in New Jersey. As long as you live in a state where sports betting is legal, you should be able to place bets through DraftKings.

This online sports betting powerhouse partners with local sportsbooks to provide gamblers an easy way to place bets — without setting foot in a brick-and-mortar location.

DraftKings offers betting on major sports, including soccer.

Use the OddsSeeker link to get your first deposit matched up to $1,500. DraftKings operates in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Illinois.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook is known for its fantasy sports leagues.

If you’ve never used (or made a deposit) at FanDuel Sportsbook, you can get a risk-free bet by following the OddsSeeker link.

FanDuel Sportsbook operates in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, and Indiana.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM can attribute its popularity (in part) to the brand recognition of the MGM Grand name. Players in states where online betting is legal (and where MGM operates) can enjoy an experience online similar to the one they’d get on the casino floor.

Are you a new player to BetMGM? When you sign up for an account and make your first deposit, you can get a $1,000 deposit match when you sign up, using the OddsSeeker link — or, get $25 free when you use the code ODDSEEKER.

BetMGM Sportsbook operates online in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Nevada, and West Virginia.

Types of Soccer Games

The good news is that you’re never limited when you’re betting on soccer games online! As long as you’re geographically located in a state where online sports betting is legal, you can bet on pretty much any sport (or any event!) under the sun.

If you live in the U.S., you may be a big fan of major league soccer right here in the states. Or, you might be a die-hard fan of footy overseas. It doesn’t matter what type of soccer you’re into, odds are that you can bet on it through an online sportsbook.

U.S. Major League Soccer (MLS)

In the U.S., major league soccer (MLS) is one of the most popular forms of professional soccer. With teams that range in skill and geographical location, MLS has become increasingly popular (though maybe still not as popular as it is in Europe or South America).

Most online sportsbooks allow you to place bets on MLS games; depending on the site, you may even be able to watch the games online! Since most online sportsbooks are also social sites (and can be connected to social apps), you can share the fun with your friends. Some sportsbooks also operate internationally, meaning you can connect with your friends across the pond, too.

International Soccer (Football)

International soccer may be the most popular form of soccer out there! Otherwise known as football to everyone in the world but Americans, soccer isn’t just a sport — it’s a religion!

On most online soccer betting sites, you can place bets on international teams, games, and players. If you’re a fan of fantasy football, you’ll love fantasy soccer, too. ‘Draft’ your team, place bets on your players, and have fun watching matches.

A few online sports betting apps and sites have also opened in-person betting sites, lounges, and bars, so you can enjoy the action from at home — or in person.

College Soccer

Though not as popular as international and MLS soccer, many online sportsbooks also allow you to bet on college soccer events. Depending on the state in which you live, you may also be allowed to bet on grade school soccer or other types of soccer events.

Soccer Events

Two of the most popular soccer events to bet on include the World Cup and the Olympics! Many online sportsbooks allow you to bet — not just on teams and fantasy leagues — but on some of the most popular events in soccer, too.

Online Soccer Betting Vs Retail Betting

The online soccer betting experience is a little different from the one you’d get at a brick-and-mortar casino or sportsbook. Luckily, there are several benefits to placing soccer bets online — including sportsbook promotions that you wouldn’t get if you headed to your local casino.

Online Soccer Atmosphere

Betting on soccer in real life versus online has its pros and cons. One of the biggest (and most obvious downsides) to online sports betting is the loss of an energized real-life setting.

Hanging out with your friends at a casino or sportsbook is one of the biggest upsides to gambling on soccer in general. And while you will be able to connect with friends via social media, watch games, and enjoy fantasy sports, you won’t be in the same room as you do so.

Speaking of being in the same room, sometimes it’s an upside to enjoy a little gaming fun with your friends from afar.

One of the biggest benefits to online soccer betting is that you don’t need to commute to a sportsbook to enjoy the fun, you can place bets from the comfort of your own couch, and you don’t ever need to wait in line at a casino cage.

Online Soccer Promotions

Another one of the biggest advantages to online soccer betting is that you get tons of opportunities to get welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and login bonuses.

Most online casinos and sportsbooks offer online promotions that you wouldn’t be able to snag if you headed to a brick-and-mortar location!

To take advantage of promos, check back with OddsSeeker’s individual casino and sportsbook reviews, or simply head over to our ‘Gambling by State’ page to see which casinos in your area are offering promotions.

Sportsbook Account

When you head to a retail sportsbook location, you generally get carded at the door (and the cage). When you play online, you’ll need to validate your identification and a geographic location virtually.

Most real money casinos require players to be 21 or older and geographically located within a state where online sports betting is legal.

You’ll need to verify your identification by passing along your social security number, a form of ID (with photo verification), and your proof of address. You’ll also need to download geo-tracking software on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop to prove you are where you say you are.

If you want to play at a free online sportsbook, you’ll probably need to be at least 18 (or older) depending on the sportsbook or specific gambling platform.

Soccer Betting Deposits/Withdrawals

Online sportsbooks make it so easy to deposit and withdraw money online. Depending on whether you’re playing at a free sweeps sportsbook or a real money sportsbook, the process may differ.

Most online casinos, sportsbooks, and free casinos allow you to deposit funds (or buy gold coins or sweeps in the case of free casinos) with a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, or in-person payment processing (at a retail location such as 7-Eleven or CVS).

Making a withdrawal is slightly more complicated; at a free casino, you can request an ACH transfer, prize, or gift card (depending on the casino). At a real-money casino, you can usually request an ACH transfer, PayPal or Skrill payment, or a paper check.

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