Predicting Each MLB Team’s Next Jersey Retirement: Part One

Predicting Each MLB Team’s Next Jersey Retirement: Part One
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

It’s pretty crazy how sentimental baseball can get at times–and you can't get more mushy and sentimental than a number retirement. The New York Mets just retired Willie Mays’ number on Saturday, so that got me thinking–who’s the next guy to be enshrined in their respective team’s history?

So, I took a look–and I’ll let you in on what I came up with. Before we get into all the fun, be sure to check out these New Jersey Online Casinos. You can bet on the ongoing MLB season through any of these casinos, but be sure to check out these DraftKings Promos before all else.

Arizona Diamondbacks: Paul Goldschmidt (44)

Goldy is still playing, but it’s hard to ignore his contribution to the D-Backs. Goldschmidt spent 8 years in Arizona, making the All-Star team in six of those seasons. In his eight years with the club, Goldschmidt hit 209 home runs and 710 RBIs, all the while hitting .297.

Atlanta Braves: Andruw Jones (25)

It’s easy to forget how good of a player Jones was–in his 12 seasons in Atlanta, he hit 368 home runs and 1117 RBIs. His batting average wasn’t there (.268) but he was a five-time All-Star with Atlanta and finished in the top 12 of MVP voting three times. He also won 10 straight gold gloves, which never hurt anyone.

Baltimore Orioles: Mike Mussina (35)

Moooooooossseee. Mussina is an absolute legend, and he had an all-time career in Baltimore. Many only remember him for his time with the Yankees, but in Baltimore he amassed a 147-81 record with a 3.53 ERA. In his 10 seasons in Baltimore, he finished top-6 in Cy Young voting seven times–that’s number retirement status to me.

Boston Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia (15)

Pedroia was the face of the Red Sox for almost a decade, and was an integral part to not one but TWO of their 21st Century World Series rings. He was the 2008 MVP, and was a four-time all-star and a career Red Sox. He’s a fan favorite, so let’s enshrine him already.

Chicago Cubs: Kerry Wood (34)

The 20-strikeout game. The 1998 rookie of the year. The starter-turned closer. Kerry Wood is synonymous with the Cubs, and I think Cubs fans would love to see his number 34 retired.

Chicago White Sox: Jose Abreu (79)

If there was a “Hall of Very Good,” Jose Abreu would be a shoo-in. In his 9 seasons with the White Sox, Abreu has hit 242 home runs and 848 RBIs, all while keeping his batting average close to 300 (.292). He won the 2020 MVP, and has managed to make three All-Star teams.

Cincinnati Reds: Joey Votto (19)

Joey Votto is the current generation's “Mr.Red.” He’ll probably be a hall of Famer, so that should make this even more of a shoo-in. But, until the day comes, he’ll be here in my predictions.

Cleveland Guardians: Kenny Lofton (7)

In 10 seasons with the Indians, Lofton stole almost FIVE HUNDRED bases (477). That alone should get your number up on the wall–but add on the fact that he also hit over 300, and it’s time to immortalize Kenny.

Colorado Rockies: Charlie Blackmon (19)

This one is tough, but the Rockies as a franchise are tough, so that adds up. Blackmon has been the most consistent Rockie since his debut, and he’s also a career-long Rockie, so it feels right.

Detroit Tigers: Miguel Cabrera (24)

What more do I have to say about Cabrera that hasn’t been said already? Two MVPs, a Triple Crown, 500 home runs, 3000 hits…I mean come ON.

Houston Astros: Roy Oswalt (44)

Believe it or not, this one is ALSO tough. The Astros are very good, but they’re only recently very good, so that puts me in a tough spot. Do I think they’ll retire a number before they retire Altuve’s? I’m going yes, and instead of Lance Berkman I’m going with Oswalt.

Kansas City Royals: Salvador Perez (13)

If the Astros were hard, then this was IMPOSSIBLE. The Royals are tough, but I’m going with a current player here with Salvador Perez. Perez was an integral part of the 2015 World Series winning team, and has consistently been one of the best catchers in baseball for the last decade. In his 11-year career, he’s been an All-Star seven times–and he’s only 32.

Los Angeles Angels: Mike Trout (27)

If they were going to do Tim Salmon or Chuck Finley, they would’ve done it by now. Trout is an easy one, so let’s move onto the next.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw (22)

Kershaw is quietly becoming one of the best pitchers of all time. The 3x Cy Young winner finally got his World Series, so it’s only a matter of time until the Dodgers retire his number (well, at least once he retires himself).

Miami Marlins: Miguel Cabrera (24)

Other than the league-wide retirement of Jackie Robinson’s number, the Marlins have NO retired numbers–so leave it up to Miggy to be the first. Miggy only spent 5 seasons with the Marlins, but he was a part of the 2003 World Series team so he’s got that going for him.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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