Remember Bishop Sycamore? HBO To Release Documentary About Highschool Football Scandal

Remember Bishop Sycamore? HBO To Release Documentary About Highschool Football Scandal
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

HBO is set to produce a documentary about Bishop Sycamore, the fictitious high school football team that took on IGM academy last year on NATIONAL TV and lost 58-0. You might be wondering what a “fictitious high school” is, so let me fill you in on the details if you are out of the loop.

What Is Bishop Sycamore?

Almost a year ago to the date, if you tuned into ESPN you could’ve caught some serious high school football action, as the renowned IGM Academy was set to take on Bishop Sycamore High. If you were lucky enough to tune into the game when it started, you probably didn’t stick around long–almost immediately you could tell that Bishop Sycamore was outmatched. IGM Academy dominated from the opening kick-off, and went on to win 58-0.

The game itself was starting to go viral, and many wondered how Bishop Sycamore got on National TV in the first place. Well, after some digging, many people stopped asking that question but replaced it with a new one: Is Bishop Sycamore Even A Real School?

No. It’s not.

Well, actually it is. There IS a Bishop Sycamore High School in Columbus, Ohio, but the Bishop Sycamore that played the IGM Academy was not in fact connected to that school at all. After the blowout loss to IGM, Bishop Sycamore was outed as a scam–a program that advertised itself as an “athletic sports training academy,” but was in fact a “non-chartered, non-tax supported school.”

The school was not listed at all for the 2021-22 school year. Their website contained a “faculty and staff” page that was completely blank. They weren't even a part of a conference in their own STATE–they were members of the Texas Christian Athletic League, which included the team in its Division 6A (the “national division”).

So, all in all, it was one big scam.

BS High

HBO will be able to tell you more about the scandal thanks to their upcoming documentary titled “BS High.” It should air in 2023, before the Super Bowl. If you want to bet on the Super Bowl, you can do so at any of these New Jersey Online Casinos.

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