Russell Wilson's Trade To The Broncos and Its Impact On Future Super Bowl Odds

Russell Wilson's Trade To The Broncos and Its Impact On Future Super Bowl Odds
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Uno July
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May 19th 2023

The dust is definitely starting to feel like it's settling after a week of blockbuster trades triggered the latest NFL headlines.

The NFL is changing quickly on its feet, as the Denver Broncos welcomed Russell Wilson after their trade with the Seattle Seahawks, ending his 10-year tenure with the franchise. The deal fell into place suddenly after the veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers decided to stay with the Packers.

A rollercoaster of a day such as this was an unexpected pattern for the online sportsbooks, who were busy adjusting their odds. Only Denver’s organization knew they were onto something great to shape up for contention.

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How Does Russell Fit In Denver?

The blue and orange colors needed a little bit of getting used to on Wilson by the looks of things. The family man has set the tone, already making public appearances and revealing social media posts with consistent slogans under the hashtag “Lets Ride”. If that isn’t convincing enough that the future of the quarterback has a lot of mileage in him, good luck on your own future odds.

He gave Seattle special years and made a mark as the greatest quarterback in Seattle’s history, a far cry from his replacement Drew Lock–who is facing the daunting task of picking up the reigns from what was left behind. The Seahawks seem to be on reshuffling mode - receiving two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and a fifth-round pick–not to mention bolstering positions with a quarterback, defensive line and tight end including Drew Lock, Shelby Harris, and Noah Fant above all in the field.

The Broncos on the other hand gave up a lot to acquire the nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback, in exchange for the above-mentioned package of 7 assets. Some may argue that he waived his weapons for a competent o-line, but all that is left is for Wilson to double his efforts to prove his worth. He would play his part adequately coming in with his own intricacies and strengthening the pass protection, Broncos just needed to make sure there’s depth in running back and a solid defense complementing his acquisition.

How Far Can The Deal Carry Out?

Rightfully so, Russel Wilson is a highly-valued QB in the NFL. He didn’t get this far without fully understanding the details of the “No Trade Clause Provision.” He is due to make $51 million, the binding of the contract only controls him for 2 years. An option for renewal would place emphasis on the Broncos’ proof of a long-term solution.

Still in his prime and 5+ years ahead of him to compete at the highest level, it’s safe to assume that there will be a contract before the end of the year, if not before the season starts.

Broncos New Vision + Russel Wilson’s Odds Impact

The million-dollar question – Are the Broncos a quarterback away from winning the title? Signs are everywhere that this is a new beginning for the franchise and definitely catapulted Denver into contention.

Wilson, 33, preceded by his reputation of one Super Bowl ring, two Super Bowl visits, eight playoff trips and nine Pro Bowl nods - as it were such a stark reminder.

Backed by such stats place extra value for your odds, currently, sportsbooks moved lines up to an average of (+1200) for the Broncos to win Super Bowl 57. His impact has succeeded the blueprints of recent title-clinchers who snatched a decent quarterback as the market thins out, for instance, the Rams trading Matthew Stafford and the Buccaneers with Tom Brady, which set the path to their championships.

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