Super Bowl LVII Predictions After Week 2 NFL

Super Bowl LVII Predictions After Week 2 NFL
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

I had an awful gambling week last week–but the best thing about making Super Bowl predictions is that I can’t be wrong until February. And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong–only one team can win the Super Bowl, and picking that winner months in advance is almost impossible. But if I win? Then I’m immortal.

Last week I picked the Chiefs to win it all, and they backed up my kind words with a close win over the Chargers on Thursday night football. But since then, an entire week of football has been played–so have my opinions changed? Let’s take a look.

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Current Super Bowl Odds

  • Bills +400
  • Chiefs +650
  • Buccaneers +800
  • Eagles +1000
  • Packers +1200
  • Rams +1600
  • Chargers +1600
  • Ravens +1800
  • 49ers +1800
  • Broncos +2500
  • Vikings +2500
  • Dolphins +2500
  • Bengals +3500
  • Cowboys +4000
  • Saints +4000
  • Patriots +5000
  • Cardinals +5000
  • Colts +5000
  • Raiders +5000
  • Browns +6000
  • Giants +7000
  • Titans +8000
  • Steelers +8000
  • Commanders +8000
  • Jaguars +100000
  • Lions +10000
  • Bears +20000
  • Jets +20000
  • Seahawks +25000
  • Falcons +25000
  • Panthers +25000
  • Texans +25000

Teams I Would Avoid

Teams Avoided From Last Week: Buccaneers, Packers, Colts

Let’s get this out of the way and say: I was so right about the Colts.

I’m also still out on both the Buccaneers and the Packers–lucky for me, they’re playing each other in week three, so a good performance out of either side could get them off my avoid list. For now though, I’m continuing to count out Brady and Rodgers and I’m looking elsewhere for my Super Bowl bets–but after week two, these aren’t the only teams that I’m avoiding.

Minnesota Vikings (+2500)

I was so high on the Vikings coming into the season, and they were even one of my “keep an eye on them” teams in last week's article. However, after that display against the Eagles on Monday night football, I was reminded–they are the same old Vikings. A good team that can’t seem to take that next step and get it done when it really matters. While I see the Vikings moving off this list in the future with some possible good play, I am now officially skeptical of their future.

Teams I Would Keep An Eye On

Teams To Keep An Eye On From Last Week: Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans

Okay so I’m officially removing both of these teams from the “keep an eye on” list–my theory about the Titans was dead wrong, and the Vikings are now on my avoid list so talk about a hot and cold. However, I’ve got three brand new teams for you to keep an eye on here, and hopefully, they last longer than one week.

San Francisco 49ers (+1800)

If the Niners had a good quarterback, this is a Super Bowl champion-caliber team. But now that Trey Lance is out of the mix and Jimmy G is back in it, I think their chances of finally hoisting that trophy have improved significantly. This is no slight against Lance–I just don’t think he’s ready. But Jimmy G has proven he can get this Niners team to the Super Bowl before–and from there, it’s just a matter of winning one game.

Philadelphia Eagles (+1000)

I feel like everyone is keeping an eye on the Eagles, but can you blame them? All their defensive question marks after giving up a ton of points to the Lions in week one were answered in week two, after they made the Vikings look like a highschool team. Jalen Hurts is also starting to look like the mobile QB of the future, and I know Barstool Big Cat put a favorable wager on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl before the season even started so, I’d definitely keep an eye on the Birds.

Miami Dolphins (+2500)

The Dolphins have a real test here in week three, taking on the Buffalo Bills at home. If the Dolphins manage to upset the Bills, then you can be sure their odds will come down dramatically. I think Tua is finally gaining the confidence you need to be a top-tier QB, and this Dolphins team has looked great in their first two weeks.

Official Super Bowl Prediction (After Week Two)

Kansas City Chiefs (+650)

The Chiefs were my pick last week, and they're my pick again this week. Honestly, I don’t see anyone usurping them until they either lose dramatically, Mahomes gets hurt, or someone really comes out and does something crazy. While the game against the Chargers got a little dicey, Mahomes and the Chiefs still came out on the winning side of things–and that’s all that matters.

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