The Odds For Every Game In A Casino, Explained

The Odds For Every Game In A Casino, Explained
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Sarah Ryan
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Aug 23rd 2023

Got some extra cash you’re looking to potentially multiply into more cash? Got some especially generous gifts this holiday season? Fortunately, you’re in luck, as our friends are always happy to lend us a generous helping of season’s greetings year-round, with a plentiful helping of online casino no deposit bonus promos.

Unfortunately, the house are the ones who always control the luck, and that luck generally skews in their favor, for the most part, no matter which game you’re playing. So always make sure the money you’re wagering is the ONLY money you’d be comfortable testing against that luck.

The house generally gets luckier more often than not, but how does your luck stack up against theirs across any given casino game? What are the odds? From table games, to card games, to dice games, to raffle games, to roulette, here’s all the odds.

Bingo Odds

It’s the most exhilarating thrill found in many a nursing home, and it’s an exhilarating thrill you can find in many an online casino for real money! It just takes five perfect stars to align (or four, if you’re playing with a free space) in order to win big, but what are your odds of getting that perfect five-star board that hits “B-I-N-G-O”?

According to a body of mathematical research covered in, it is a “near certainty” a small ten card game can produce a bingo by the 50th number called, and that a game with 100 cards can produce a bingo by the 30th number called.

While those odds might be slightly more randomized on an online casino platform, even on iGaming platforms generous enough to offer online casino no deposit bonus promos, those definitely seem like some of the better odds on the house.

Keno Odds

Keno is a drawing game akin to the lottery, and a game offered by most online lottery platforms and many a free casino online. But how do the odds on keno drawings stack up against the odds on traditional lottery drawings?

According to the official North Carolina lottery website, the approximate odds of winning the top 10 spot prize in a Keno drawing is roughly 1 in 8.9 million. Pretty long odds, but better than the odds of most lottery games, believe it or not (check this story out for more info on that).

Classic Slots vs Video Slots

Classic slot machines and video slot games ostensibly play the same, but through two vastly different means. Do the odds vastly differ between one platform and another? Well, according to the American Gaming Association, the house has anywhere from a 2.5 to 12% advantage over the player depending on the type of slot game they’re playing.

That might not sound like a lot, but that means the odds can fluctuate wildly depending on the type of slot game you’re playing, whether it’s digital or analog. How much can they vary? Well, according to Investopedia, the odds can vary anywhere from one in 5000 to one in 34 million.

So if you’re looking for the reliable moneymaker at the casino, the slots aren’t your best bet, unfortunately, since the odds of a big hit basically just amount to the roll of a dice. Speaking of...

Craps & Dice Game Odds

As the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Play Smart website explains, that the odds at craps (the most popular casino dice game) can vary wildly depending on the type of roll or bet the player is aiming to hit. But the odds that the player will hit the don’t pass bet are subject to a 251 to 244 probability, meaning that the player must be careful to aim their roll precisely within the narrow margin of victory.

Odds can widely vary in craps, and they’re likely to vary widely between playing a dice game at a casino or an online video dice game.

Blackjack vs Poker Odds

Both blackjack and poker offer unique advantages over other casino games in that they aren’t just games that test the player’s luck, but games that test their skills as well. It’s a given that poker will generally offer the easier odds here, because while both poker and blackjack are games of skill, you aren’t playing against the house in poker.

Primarily, you’re playing against other players on equal footing as you, so if you’re looking for the more profitable and lucrative game, pick poker, and if you’re playing video poker, pick the best online casino sites you trust to deliver.

Roulette Odds

There’s a reason so many risky, dangerous, and probably not so-legal wagers are post faced with the word “roulette”; the odds are extremely random, they might as well come down to the spin of a wheel (as they do), and your spin falling on the wrong outcome could risk seriously blowing up in your face.

As states, your odds of hitting your winning number in roulette is effectively 1 in 37, because the wheel sports 38 numbers total. So, while fun on occasion, roulette’s not really one of those games you’ll want to pour all of your betting juice into.

Pool Odds

Like blackjack and poker, pool is one of the few casino games testing a player’s skill. But how good are your odds of a quick break? According to Colorado State University research, the odds of at least one ball pocketing after the break are 80%, but the odds of the 8-ball pocketing right after the break are a measly 0.8%, so make of that what you will.

The Big Six Wheel Odds

 Las Vegas house rules on the big six wheel (sometimes also called the “Wheel of Fortune”) make it so the probabilities of certain numbers hitting can vary wildly, with odds as low as 1.85% or ones as high as 44.44%.

So overall, not the most reliable game, but maybe a good digital one to start using for online casinos with free signup bonuses, no deposit required. One of our favorites is Chumba Casino free sweeps and Chumba Casino slot games, two types of games you can start playing with two free coins, no purchase necessary! We’d be happy to point you toward more of those, and point you toward more great odd tips via our mailing list. It’s our little secret!

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