Types Of Hands In Poker

Types Of Hands In Poker
Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan
December 23rd 2022

If you want to get started playing video poker with an online casino free sign-up bonus, no deposit required, it would be wise to start playing knowing the hands you’re dealt, and what sort of hands you can deal out to others. Whether you’re playing online or offline poker, dealing digital hands or physical hands, you best play each hand as thoughtfully as possible.

There are nine categories of hands in a standard 52 card playing card deck, based on the specific categorizations of particular cards. Interestingly, there are over 311 million possible different combinations in which a five-card hand can be dealt from a deck, but only a little over 2 million distinct hands, because card arrangement order isn’t a priority in poker. 

Whether you’re playing video poker on the best NJ online casinos, best Michigan online casinos, a real deal IRL casino, or any of the best online casinos for real money, here are the types of poker hands you can deal.


A straight is a hand with five cards dealt in sequential order, not necessarily of the same sequential suits, but the same sequential numbering, for example, 5, 4, 3, 2, A (ace). A straight ranks below a flush and a three of a kind, but can rank high, ace high, or low with an ace card.

Moreover, an ace-high straight is also one of the best possible hands you can deal in low poker. 

One Pair

A pair contains two cards of one rank, as well as three cards of three other ranks. For example, two tens plus a Queen, 6, and 5 would be considered a pair of tens. Each one is ranked by the first of its pair, the second highest-ranking kicker, and then the lowest-ranking kicker.

Two Pair

A two pair is a hand containing three cards of one rank, and two cards of another rank, and one card of a third rank (AKA the “kicker”). When playing free casino online video poker games, these are a decent mid-range hand, below three of a kind and ranking above one pair.

Examples of these types of two-pair combinations include jacks and fours, jacks over fours, and jacks up.

Three Of A Kind

A three of a kind contains three cards of one rank and two cards of two other ranks, for example, three sixes plus a queen and a 4. The first triplet must be the three highest cards of the hand. It ranks below a straight, but above a two-pair hand. Like a two pair, however, it’s a decent mid-ranking hand to deal in New Jersey online casino real money poker.

Four Of A Kind

A four of a kind is a hand dealing four cards of equal rank and a separate card of a different rank, such as four sixes as well as a queen. While not the highest-ranking hand you can deal with, it is one of the higher-ranking hands in poker, ranked first by the value of the quadruplet in the hand, and then by the card of different ranking.

When playing video poker risk-free with an online casino with no deposit bonus, this hand will rank lower than a straight flush, but higher than a full house. Deal this hand wisely.

Flush/Straight Flush/Royal Flush

Despite what their name would imply, these hands, surprisingly, are NOT big stinkers. In fact, a straight flush and a royal flush are two of the highest-ranking hands you can deal in most poker games. 

A royal flush means you have the entire cast of royal characters in your hand (king, queen, joker,), plus an ace and a 10. A standard, plain old flush, on the other hand, entails five cards of the same sequence, but not of the same suit. If you were to deal a flush with the same suit, though, then that is what would classify it as a straight flush.

High Card

Ironically, this is one of the LOWEST ranking hands you can deal in video poker; it’s only called a high card because it’s ranked by the singular highest card amid the four, disjointed lower ranking cards. It’s no pair, no matching, and no categorization beyond the one higher ranking card above the four lower-ranking cards.

Full House

A full house, boat, full boat, or full hand entails three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank. For example, three sevens and two sixes would constitute a full house.

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