UFC Betting Online

UFC Betting Online
Trivesh Vassen
Trivesh Vassen
December 23rd 2022

Introduction to UFC Betting Online 

UFC, The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the world’s largest and the greatest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) aggrandizement and promotions. It is also a dwelling or an abode to supremely skilled fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier, and Amanda Nunes. Most of the sports betting sites are now providing active gamers and bettors with an opportunity to tap into this increasingly popular sport. 

As the arch or premier brand in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, the UFC has seen and experienced massive growth in scale since its initiation back in 1993. UFC’s growth has escalated and expanded in recent years. It can be safely said that the rise of UFC has been one of the tremendous stories to be recalled in the sporting world over the past decade. 

Wagering and betting on the UFC is at the center or the midst of its own surge. It is something that was once the realm and territory of Las Vegas and dicey and treacherous offshore operators are now well within the reach for many folks across the UK. The legalization of sports betting in several states has successfully opened up the doors for scores of folks, out of which many are starting their own love affair with UFC.

Top UFC Betting Apps for 2021

The legal sports betting habitat continues to grow and take shape. There are several operators fighting over for a piece of the pie in the legalized states, and yet, a few are emerging and growing as the leaders of the pack. 

DraftKings Sportsbook

The pack and the industry leader in the world of DFS are making enormous stalks in the sports betting industry. The bettors who sign up via the exclusive links get $25 free plus up to $1,000 in bonuses. Bettors can use DraftKings Sportsbook online in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Illinois. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another major company that has established its hold in DFS. They are taking the sports betting world by a roar as well with a user-friendly platform and alluring, desirable, and captivating promos. If the bettors Sign up for an account via the exclusive links, they get a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. Bettors can use FanDuel Sportsbook online in New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, and Indiana. 

BetMGM Sportsbook

As one of the mobile platforms for gaming titans MGM Resorts International, BetMGM is making loads of headway in legal and regulated sports betting and wagering markets. If the bettors use exclusive links to create an account, they will be rewarded with an up to $500 deposit match bonus. BetMGM Sportsbook is legal in New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, Tennessee, Nevada, and West Virginia. 

Each of the above-mentioned operators offers UFC betting along with a wide array of other markets and options for the bettors to wager their bets at. The players can keep it simple and just wager their bets on fighters to win, or they can explore a wide range of prop betting choices. In addition to this, these operators have live betting opportunities that are available on each, and mobile. This opportunity is a perfect complement for the bettors to take advantage of all that’s offered by the top-most operators. 

UFC Betting Basics

Mixed Martial Arts is a type of full-contact combat sport that assimilates and fuses a range of martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, judo, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. Matches are 1 versus 1 and championship fights last five rounds, each round goes for five minutes long, while several other regular professional fights last three rounds. The weight divisions in total are twelve at UFC - four women’s and eight men’s. 

UFC’s popularity has risen dramatically over the years, and all the appreciation goes to the participation of high-profile names like ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. It introduces or hosts showdowns amongst the world’s top-ranked fighters, with most of the contests taking place in the United States. The leading UFC events are the PPV (pay-per-view) fight cards. They feature most of the championship fights. All of these fights and events are numbered, for example – UFC 242 is September 2019, UFC 243 is October 2019, and many others. Some of the other enormous occasions include UFC Fight Night and UFC on Fox.

Each year, over 40 events are held, with as many as five fight nights in a few months. Every UFC event has its main and central attraction, but there are a few preliminary cards, just like boxing. This goes up to over ten fights in total, and hence, there are plenty of exciting wagering opportunities each time a UFC event comes around the town – just perfect if the bettors like to place accumulator bets!

UFC Betting Options

Players may check out the UFC betting odds and back the favorite as it might seem like a safe bet, but there have been enough disorders and dismays in the world-famous Octagon to make it anything but a banker. For example, the unbeaten Ronda Rousey was extensively expected to make light work of Holly Holm at UFC 193, but, Holm to everyone’s shock, won the MMA world by knocking Rousey out. MMA betting sites were offering or more like gifting prices as high as 11/1 on the underdog, luckily, a minority of punters were queued up for a big payout.

The world rankings have always had a befitting starting point while picking out a winner in UFC betting. Naturally, there are several other factors that need to be considered such as stats, recent form, and fighting styles, and these are just a few to be named. UFC fighters often specialize in various striking and grappling techniques, and this makes up for some intriguing matchups. For example, a fighter may be primarily trained in judo while the opponent’s specialty might be boxing, this factor can have a big impact on how matches might play out.

Fighters have the flexibility to move up and down the weight divisions to fight opponents, and this often results in having mixed fights. Conor McGregor may have been champion in two weight classes, but he endured his first UFC loss against Nate Diaz after moving up to the welterweight division, although being the favorite to win. Whether it is a fistfight or a mat-based affair, a little research can help the bettors go a long way.

How to Bet the UFC Live Online 

The betting does not stop once the bell rings when it comes to UFC. Live online sports betting allows or provides the users with the chance to place wagers as the action unfurls in real-time. Odds and markets are fast-paced, they move fast, and this proves to enhance the appeal.

While a UFC fight takes place, players may see a number of opportunities that they can take advantage of, such as the time or duration of the fight, that is for how long the fight will last, and updated money line odds for the outright winner which is based on what has happened so far in the fight.

Apart from being potentially beneficial for those who have a good feel for momentum, live betting also allows the players to hedge their bets. For example, let’s say that the player dropped a wager on Jon Jones to win in advance of his upcoming fight.

After round one, Jones just does not look like himself, and the player or bettor would not be surprised if he wound up losing. The bettor can mitigate the damage of their original wager by placing a new bet on his opponent. If the odds and stake are in range to the bettor’s original wager, they might have somewhat covered their position instead of just taking an outright loss.

In order to fully take advantage of all that live betting has to offer to them bettors, mobile sports betting app is the perfect and the most convenient way to go. Players can bet from their phones at any time during the fight as long as they are in a legalized state.

There is no need to be at a sportsbook or locked in front of the computer. Bettors will be able to go out and enjoy fight night and know that they can quickly take advantage of opportunities as they arise throughout the card.

UFC Betting Markets

With up to five rounds and quite a variety of possible outcomes, it is no revelation that bookies attempt UFC betting odds on a great number of markets. These are just a few of the many options available at the best UFC betting sites:

Fight winner– this is by far the most popular market, this is simply a bet on which fighter a bettor might think will win the matchup.

Method of victory– Knockout? Submission? Judges’ decision? Have a guess on how a contest will be won.

To win a round- Bettors can place this wager if they fancy a fighter to clinch a particular round.

Winning round– As the name suggests, here the bettors are betting on which round the fight will be won.

Under/over– This entails betting on there to be more or less than a certain or a specific number of rounds during a fight, such as over 2.5.

Match length – Quite a few bookies offer UFC bets on markets such as ‘fight to end within 59 seconds’ or ‘to go the distance’.

Total KOs/submission – If the bettors are feeling lucky, they can take a punt on the total number of knockouts or submissions to occur on fight night.

To become champion– If the bettor thinks a fighter’s got a good year ahead of them, then the bettor may want to place a wager on them becoming champion by a certain date.

Live UFC betting– Most of the best MMA sites offer live in-play betting, so the bettors can set their stakes as the action unfolds. Bettors just need to keep in mind that fights can swing in the blink of an eye, so watch closely!

UFC Betting Bonuses

How will a bettor feel about boosting their bankroll with sports betting bonus? There is a whole range of attractive deals that the bettors can use to bet on UFC online at the top bookies. Matched deposits are one of the most prevalent, frequently used, and common - these are welcome bonuses that award the bettor a percentage of their first deposit, which is quite perfect for betting on UFC at a new betting site.

Quite a number of bookmakers also offer free bets, which do what they say on the tin: give the bettors the bonus bets once the bettors make a qualifying deposit. There are quite a plethora of regular promotions for those who are very fond of a freebie, just like the reload bonuses and cashback offers. Bettors need to check out the carefully crafted betting sites list and expert reviews of the best online bookies to help find their ideal online UFC betting bonus.

Mobile UFC Betting

Bettors do not need to be sitting at home on their laptops to bet on UFC- pretty much all MMA betting sites are mobile-friendly and can be used anywhere within the legal boundaries. This means that the bettors can sign up, claim bonuses, and bet whenever, wherever, all in just a few simple clicks.

Most of the top UFC betting sites also have mobile betting apps for both Android and iPhone, which have been proven to be a must for fans of mobile betting. Mobile betting apps give the bettors easier, faster, and more convenient betting, as well as push notifications so that the bettors never miss out on the latest bonuses, enhanced odds, or limited edition betting markets.

5 Betting Tips for MMA / UFC Betting

There is a learning curve for betting on any sport the bettor may be unfamiliar with, but it is far from insurmountable. When beginning with UFC, the bettor needs to stick to the basics and work toward devising a strategy that fits their style. Here are five simple tips that the bettors can use to get the ball rolling.

Understand what the odds are telling you: Oddsmakers have proven to be quite good at what they do. There is plenty of data behind the numbers that they release to the public, and hence, the bettors need to trust what they are telling them. For example, a major favorite shows a skill gap that the bettor might simply have to factor into their decision. That being said, bettors should not let that scare them off from betting on the underdog when they can justify it.

Know your fighters/styles: As the bettors learn more about UFC, they will come to see that the fighters come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are great grapplers, while the others are fantastic strikers and many excel in some areas and come up short in others. When breaking down a card, the bettor needs to take some time to understand the styles of those involved to help spot any potential matchup advantages.

Go beyond career record: Fighters that have a stellar career record always look impressive at first glance but the bettor should not let that be the final word. They need to dig a bit deeper and take a look at how they built their record. The bettor needs to understand the quality of the opponent. The same applies to the players with poorer records, as they may be deemed as better than they appear if they manage to gain a ton of seasoning against stout competition.

Study recent form: Just like athletes in all other sports, UFC fighters trend up and down. The bettor needs to spend time examining how the fighters have fared in their last three fights, but the bettor needs to make sure to go beyond the won-loss record. The bettor needs to ask questions such as how long did the fights last, has there been a significant gap since the last time they fought, did they dominate opponents or escape with close victories?

Weight, travel, and news: While these may just seem like press events to the bettor, and part of the show, the bettor needs to pay attention. Fighters who are adding or cutting a good deal of pressure may be impacted, that is why the bettor needs to pay attention to major fluctuations. In addition, they need to keep an eye on news surrounding the fight and they need to consider the travel aspect as well. For example, the bettor needs to ask questions such as is one fighter locked in while the other is making headlines with out-of-the-ring stuff, is the fight taking place several time zones away from a fighter’s home base? These are the little nuggets that can make a big difference.

Once the bettor has mastered the basics outlined above, they can begin spending more time on more detailed information, for instance, fighter stats, and dive even deeper into the matchups.

The process of getting up to speed on the UFC is nowhere near as intimidating as it may seem, and the bettors will learn about this a lot along the way to boot.

Is UFC Available for Daily Fantasy Sports Players?

Sports betting is not the only way for the bettors to get in on the action with UFC. DraftKings and FanDuel both offer DFS games that have proven to be quite popular with the players and bettors.

There are several different ways to play daily fantasy sports, for example, tournaments and 50/50s, which are all now available at numerous price points to fit any budget if the bettor is on any. While on the tournament front, a considerably big fight night can attract thousands of players and bettors gunning for some eye-popping prizes.

The basic object of the game is to pick a lineup of fighters from those scheduled to compete or clash on the card. Every fighter has a salary attached, ranging from high for top stars to low for unknown commodities, and the bettor’s final lineup will need to remain under the cap.

Fighters earn points and rankings based on how they perform, and scores are cataloged up as the action unfolds. Once the final fight on the card is noted in the books, the highest-scoring lineup wins. DFS is now completely legal and safe to play in 40+ states in the US. Outside of Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington, the bettors are good to go.

Is it Legal to Bet On the UFC?

It was not too long ago that legally betting on the UFC online was a mere fantasy to the bettors. But today, it is a reality. The bettors do not need to take a trip to Vegas to get in on the action, nor do they have to take any unnecessary risks with an unregulated and risky offshore operator.

The bettors can find all the UFC betting action they need right from the comfort of their own home in legal sports betting states. The lines are just as good as what the bettors will find in Sin City, and they will find many more wagering opportunities than bettors would find at an offshore operator.

The legalization of sports betting not only means that number of folks have access to a safe means of wagering, but it also translates or converts into a better quality of product offerings. That means there is real customer service to deal and handle with if the users come up with any questions or queries, a number of different ways to fund the bettor’s account, and awesome platforms that are a breeze to navigate around.

Perchance, more importantly, the legal sports betting environment provides its users and players with real protection and regulation. Operators that have hit the ground running in the US market know very well what they need to do with respect to a legal standpoint.

For sports bettors, this situation results in some extra peace of mind that allows them a space to focus on betting or wagering without worrying about legal gray areas. For more niche sports the bettors can bet on legal US sportsbooks that are available in their states. 

History of UFC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship made its appearance on Nov. 12, 1993, with the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver. The event aimed and focused on answering the long-standing question of which fighting style was the best out of all.

Initially attracting an alcove following, the UFC continued with their steady rise before exploding in popularity for good and a long run after the turn of the century. Along the way, there were several controversies and legal challenges surrounding the violence of the competitions at UFC.

UFC managed to weather the storm and is now considered to be one of the more popular sports in the land, as demonstrated or illustrated by its broadcast partnership with ESPN. Before joining forces with the gang in Bristol, UFC’s TV home was alongside the FOX Sports family of channels.

Dana White’s Influence on the UFC Brand

The UFC brand which is adored by so many could easily have found itself out of business at one point in time. By the end of the 20th century, the UFC was tackling major financial problems and was considered close to bankruptcy. Dana White, with his business partners – the Fertitta brothers (Lorenzo and Frank III) – created Zuffa LLC.

White’s investment of around $2m within the procurement package was considered a huge personal risk, but with the guidance of his business expertise, White was able to justify and reason it. In the early 2000s, following the UFC’s agreement to endorse and maintain rules set by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission, the UFC brand grew with a high rate and developed some extraordinary extremely charismatic, PPV buyout-boosting talents.

A few amongst them were Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, who then formed what many consider and understood to be the UFC’s ‘breakout’ rivalry. Ken Shamrock, who is one of the former WWE King of the Ring winner, was also quite a popular figure of note. Shamrock’s bout with Tito Ortiz in November 2002 (at the Las Vegas-held UFC 40) is considered one of the most important events in UFC’s entire history.

White’s determination to make the UFC brand as flexible and determined as possible has been ceaseless and constant. This was seen in his reaction to the mass cancellation of sports events that took place in early 2020, with White stating his intention and ideas to hold UFC 249 in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. His talk of hiring an island just to stage the event was met with distinct incredulity and bewilderment from UFC fans, but in the end, the event was pushed forward.

Though it may not be the headline of the original card, Ferguson and Gaethje went into UFC 249 as a captivating and alluring, and very evenly-matched pair of opponents or challengers. These two kept even the most adroit bettors guessing until the event was commenced and did not disappoint when it came to an end.

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