Way Too Early Super Bowl LVII Predictions 2022-23 NFL Season

Way Too Early Super Bowl LVII Predictions 2022-23 NFL Season
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

Do you smell that? Because to me, it smells like football–and Ah! What a coincidence, football is right around the corner. The 2022-23 NFL season officially kicks off this Thursday, September 8th, as the Buffalo Bills travel to LA to take on the 2021-22 Super Bowl champion Rams at 8:20 PM EST. While Week One will surely be entertaining starting from the first kickoff, I’m going to focus my attention elsewhere–about five months down the road, to one of the greatest days of the year: Super Bowl Sunday.

That’s right, thanks to these New Jersey Online Casinos, I can already bet on who I think will win Super Bowl LVII, before a second of regular season football has even been played. I’ll break down a few teams odds before I give my final prediction, so be sure to stick around to the end!

The Favorites

The Buffalo Bills (+550)

Vegas loves the Bills this year, making them the overwhelming favorite to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in February. The Bills obviously have one of the best offenses in the league with Josh Allen at the helm, but oftentimes slept on is their defense. Any unit with Ed Oliver, Von Miller, and Tremaine Edmunds is bound to strike fear into their opponents–but add on Matt Milano, Jordan Poyer, and Micah Hyde, and you’ll be having a tough decision between rushing and passing on every offensive down.

The Bills definitely have enough talent, but will they be able to cross that threshold into “elite” is the real question, considering they’ve failed at just that many times in the past.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+700)

As long as Tom Brady has your team's logo on his helmet, you’re not going to find yourself outside of the top-three favorite teams to win the Super Bowl. Believe it or not though, I think Brady will have a bit of trouble this season. He’s been getting older for the past 5 years now, but he’s no longer GETTING old, he just IS old. At 45 years of age, it’ll be interesting to see how Brady will sling it as it gets deep into the year.

What worries me most about this Buccaneers team and Brady’s longevity is their offensive line. It’s no one's fault that veteran Center Ryan Jensen suffered a possibly season-ending knee injury during training camp, but it definitly does leave a big hole in that line. The Buccaneers line will start two rookies coming into the season, so this is something to keep your eye on.

Kansas City Chiefs (+1000)

The Chiefs are definitely thinner at Wide Reciever this year than they have been in years past, but as long as Patrick Mahomes is behind center, I really don’t think that matters. Besides, they still have some very talented playmakers (JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling, Mecole Hardman, Travis Kelce, and rookie Sky Moore). Many people expect a down season from Mahomes this year, but I predict the opposite–I think Mahomes has a sour taste in his mouth from last years AFC Championship Game, and think he’s even a good look for league MVP.

Second Tier

Green Bay Packers (+1000)

Is Aaron Rodgers getting a bit too weird for anyone else? All this talk about ayahuasca and spirit cleansing is starting to spook me a bit–whatever happening to just being a quarterback? Regardless, a strong case could be made for Rodgers being a top-3 QB of the century–so we know the Packers will be good there. Where things begin to scare me for the cheeseheads is the rest of their offense: Which Aaron Jones are we getting? Will Rodgers have viable receiving options? Can Bakhtiari stay healthy?

All valid questions–and these all come before we get to the biggest question mark of them all, the Packers' defense.

Los Angeles Rams (+1200)

The fact that the Rams play their first game in literal DAYS and we’re still unsure about Matt Staffords' elbow is alarming–BUT, if everything is okay, then I think the Rams are a STEAL at +1200. Not many teams have been able to repeat Super Bowls, but it’s incredibly hard to go against this offense. Not only will they (hopefully) have a full season of Cam Akers, but they added Allen Robinson II in the offseason, creating one of the best wide receiver duos in the league alongside Cooper Kupp.

Long Shots

Denver Broncos (+1800)

Broncos Country, let’s ride.

Cincinnati Bengals (+2200)

Another great value bet here is the Bengals. Personally, I think Joe Burrow is going to have a career season this year–which is impressive, because he had a career season last year, too. But the connection him and Chase have is insane, and if Mixon can stay healthy this year then it’ll definitely be hard to keep Cincy out of the endzone.

Arizona Cardinals (+4000)

Some of the teams listed above the Cardinals are The Titans, The Vikings, The Colts, The Eagles, The Cowboys, and the Ravens. I don’t know, but don’t all these teams sound…worse than the Cardinals? I really like Kyler Murray, and him and Hollywood Brown should be an exciting duo to watch this season.

My Prediction: The Los Angeles Rams (+1200)

I know, kind of boring–I’m just running back the hits. But, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it–and this Rams team is not broken (yet). If Stafford can stay healthy all year, then the Rams are by far the best team in the league. And if something sounds like hooves, think Horse, not Zebra. So, if a team looks like the best team in the league, think of it as the best team in the league, and not an upset.

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