Week Four NFL Super Bowl Predictions

Week Four NFL Super Bowl Predictions
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Frank Weber
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May 19th 2023

Alright, another week down and another week of prediction is underway. If you’ve been keeping up with my previous Super Bowl predictions, you know that I’ve been riding high on the Kansas City Chiefs. Well, things took a turn for the worse for my Chiefs here in week three, as they somehow managed to lose a game to the Indianapolis Colts. This is especially painful for me because I have been burying the Colts all year–and for them to come out and beat my Super Bowl winner is just heartwrenching. 

Don’t worry though–I’ll be okay. The beauty of predictions is that you can just make a new one every week. So, while I still hold the Chiefs in the highest regard, they have to be punished for losing to the Colts. Yes, that does mean you’ll be seeing a new team at the bottom of this article.

For now, though, we have to go through the teams I would avoid. But before we do that, you should check out these New Jersey Online Casinos. You can place all your NFL future bets there–DraftKings Sportsbook provides the odds I will be using in this story, but you can find similar odds anywhere.

Current Super Bowl Odds

Buffalo Bills (+400)

Kansas City Chiefs (+750)

Philadelphia Eagles (+800)

Green Bay Packers (+900)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000)

Los Angeles Rams (+1500)

Baltimore Ravens (+1800)

San Francisco 49ers (+1800)

Miami Dolphins (+2000)

Los Angeles Chargers (+2200)

Cincinnati Bengals (+2500)

Denver Broncos (+2500)

Minnesota Vikings (+2800)

Dallas Cowboys (+3000)

Indianapolis Colts (+3500)

Cleveland Browns (+5000)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+6000)

Arizona Cardinals (+7000)

New Orleans Saints (+7000)

Las Vegas Raiders (+7000)

Tennessee Titans (+8000)

Detroit Lions (+8000)

New England Patriots (+10000)

New York Giants (+10000)

Carolina Panthers (+10000)

Pittsburgh Steelers (+10000)

Washington Commanders (+15000)

Chicago Bears (+25000)

Atlanta Falcons (+30000)

New York Jets (+30000)

Seattle Seahawks (+50000)

Houston Texans (+50000)

Teams I Would Avoid

Avoided Teams From Previous Weeks: Buccaneers, Packers, Colts, Vikings 

I’m going to make this abundantly clear: I am removing the Vikings from my avoidance list. They’ve been dealt a tough start to the season, and already have wins over the Lions and the Packers who seem like two contenders going forward. It’s a different story for the Packers, Buccaneers, and Colts, though. Although the Colts shocked the world in week three by beating my #1 Super Bowl pick (the Chiefs), I can’t overreact by shifting them off this list. Matt Ryan is still my #1 QB Sleeper for Fantasy Week Four, but I don’t see this Colts team working out in the long run. 

I’m keeping the Packers and Buccaneers on the list as well, until they are able to prove to me that their offenses can work.

There is a new team joining the crew, though:

Denver Broncos (+2500)

After that horrendous Subway Sandwich commercial Russell Wilson made, I don’t see how the Broncos can recover from this. For real, though, the Broncos look a little…broken. Russell Wilson just can’t seem to get it started this year, so until this offense gets going–I’m avoiding it.

Teams To Keep An Eye On

Teams To Keep an Eye On from last week: San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins

Okay, so I’m taking all three teams off of this list this week. The 49ers embarrassed me, the Dolphins may have lost their QB, and the Eagles…well, we’ll get to that in a bit. But for now the list is empty–but I’ve got a couple more teams to add to it before we finish up.

Cincinatti Bengals (+2500)

The Bengals have now won two week in a row, and Joe Burrow is starting to fill into his role as the swaggy, cool QB he is. The Bengal’s offense is incredible–they have so many weapons, they pose a threat to anyone they play. Watch out for these Bengals–and you can get great odds if you bet on them now.

Baltimore Ravens (+1800)

Lamar Jackson is incredible. Until he gets hurt, the Ravens are high up on my list. Their defense needs a bit of improvement after giving up OODLES of points to both the Dolphins and the Patriots, but as long as Jackson is behind center, I’m feeling good about the purple and black.

Official Super Bowl Pick After Week Three

Philadelphia Eagles (+800)

I did it–I jumped on the bandwagon. Fly Eagles Fly, baby. The Eagles have looked incredible–they’ve scored 28+ points in the first HALF of each game they’ve played so far this season. Jalen Hurts is looking like the QB of the future, and this offense is absolutely rolling right now.

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