What Do Fixed Odds Mean

What Do Fixed Odds Mean
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Sarah Ryan
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May 19th 2023

Whether you’re playing the best NJ online casinos, best MI online casinos, or frankly, any offline or online casinos for real money, you’ll find both games more contingent on skill and games more contingent on luck. Popular among the former category are pool, card games like poker, dominoes, mahjong, and arguably, dice games like craps.

Some argue that there is a die-throwing “technique” to improve bettors' odds at craps, but even if there is, you’d be unlikely to find it through an online live dealer casino. Often, the odds can come down “to a roll of a dice” (if you will), which is what brings us closer to these unambiguous games of luck like slots, keno, or the Big Six wheel.

With these games, the odds are, unfortunately, considerably out of the player’s hands. These sorts of luck-based games are often subject to fixed odds. What are fixed odds, and what can you do to ensure they don’t get the fix in on you? Strap in and read on to find out!

How Do Fixed Odds Work? How Are Fixed Odds Determined?

Fixed odds are any odds offered on an outcome where the potential payout doesn’t fluctuate. It can fluctuate any number of ways when playing a more skill-based game like poker, for instance, but generally speaking, even most free online slots, no deposit required, strictly adhere to a very strict and very fixed return-to-player percentage.

In the case of odds fixed around a return-to-player percentage, those fixed odds are determined by probability, as well as the dollar amount won for the amount wagered. For instance, if a slot machine is fixed with a 120x RTP, then that means that the player would have a 1 in 120 shot of making a winning $1 hit to make $120.

Essentially, the odds remain the same regardless of any external variables, which makes things unfair in some areas, but also fairer in others. While odds never change based on any external factors might seem generous, these odds are typically pretty long, with the average roulette wheel touting 1 in 37 odds of hitting, and individual slot games having all sorts of fluctuating, topsy turvy odds depending on which online slot games you're playing. 

That’s why it’s generally better to play risky, roll-of-the-dice wagers like that risk-free, like Chumba Casino slots games with Chumba Casino free sweeps tokens you can get FREE OF CHARGE! That sounds about as good of a win-win as the house would offer, doesn’t it?   

Are Fixed Odds Real?

In the sense that any other type of odds system used for online casino or online sportsbook gambling is real, yes, fixed odds systems are real. They are a very real way of gauging the likely probability of an event hitting, especially since they’re subject to minimal outside influences. 

They’re also a very useful shorthand for discerning the probable payout if a wager hits, and how much of a longshot a particular longshot can really be. However, they aren’t a magical crystal ball into the inevitable future; just because something seems improbable doesn’t necessarily mean it will be, and vice versa. 

Why Fixed Odds?

Fixed odds can be a reliable way of getting to know the risks you’re plunging yourself into. With fixed odds, very little changes, and very little veers off course. So even if you’re going for a moonshot that’s particularly unlikely, it’s at least nice to know just how unlikely that moonshot is! 

Fix Your Luck With Oddsseeker

Alright, to be clear, no online casino match is ever REALLY fixed (no legally permissible match anyway). The house is always going to have a slight advantage over the player, with no real fix around it. 

But if you’re playing fixed odds, you might as well be playing them with minimal possible risk, which is why you should help us help you by signing up for our mailing list to get more great online casino promotions!

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