Who IS John Daly? PGA Legend Lights the Internet on Fire During PGA Championship

Who IS John Daly? PGA Legend Lights the Internet on Fire During PGA Championship
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Frank Weber
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Aug 8th 2023

Fans of golf know who John Daly is. The Diet Coke drinking, cigarette smoking, Peanut M&M eating golfer who, believe it or not, has won two major championships throughout his career. Daly truly is the common man's golfer–and the internet is starting to notice.

Those who didn't know who Daly was surely do now, as I’m sure we’ve all seen the pictures of him playing at this weekend’s PGA Championship swirling around the internet. He posted a respectable 2 over par in his first round on Thursday, but that’s not what grabbed people's attention. I think it was more so the overweight, Santa Clause resembling behemoth that was crushing Diet Cokes like they were water that the fans were interested in.

Daly currently sits at +500000 to win the tournament (no that is not a typo) so if you want to press your luck, you can bet on him to win the PGA Championship on any of these Michigan online casinos.

All it takes is a quick pop-on over to Daly’s Wikipedia page to realize–he’s not your average golfer. In the 2011 Australian Open he received a two-stroke penalty for straight-up hitting the wrong golf ball. On the 11th hole of the same tournament, he hit seven straight shots into the water–and then just left without finishing the round. In the 2002 Australian Open, he threw his putter into the ocean and failed to sign his scorecard. This led to his disqualification. Daly was fined and forced to apologize to an Open official, who he apparently verbally abused.

Tune into any interview with a golfer thats talking about Daly, and you’ll hear stories 10 times as crazy. I mean just yesterday, after he posted his 2+ on the first day of the PGA Championship, he was seen dining at Hooters and then later playing slots at the casino.

Despite all this, at the end of the day, he is still a fantastic golfer. He won the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 Open Championship, and came close to winning the Masters in 1993.

If you think Daly can add on to his Major Championship tally and take home the win this weekend, then you can head on over to any of the Pennslyvania online casinos to place your bet.

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