Pala Casino Loyalty Program

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    Pala Online Casino Rewards Program

    Are you excited to learn about the Rewards Program at Pala? It is called Pala Privileges. You are automatically considered a member by signing up. You will have a chance to win exciting prizes and rewards when you play at Pala. 

    Each member can collect two types of points – Status Points (SP) and Reward Points (RP).

    Status Points 

    You can earn these points by playing real cash games; as you collect more points, you climb up the ladder and become eligible for other bonuses as well. The points you earn depend on the games you play, e.g., Table games can fetch you from 4 to 52 points, in slots you can earn from 20 up to 86 points, and video poker up to 39 points; these points can be earned for every $20 you bet on.

    Status Points that you earn every calendar month will determine your Loyalty Level:

    • Bronze: 0 points

    • Silver: 1,500 points

    • Gold: 7,500 points

    • Platinum: 50,000 points

    • Elite: 250,000 points

    • Elite+: Invite Only points

    Reward Points

    These points can be obtained by exchanging points for money at an exchange rate of 5000 Reward points for $1. Besides this, as you climb up the ladder, you can earn different rewards and bonuses based on the cumulative points you have under your belt. But ensure to do it before the end of the month. Each month the points return to zero, so you can earn points and earn rewards every month.  

    There are several levels for the number of points:

    • Privileges: Basic

    • Pearl Privileges: 1,500 points/ month

    • Gold Privileges: 7,500 points/ month

    • Platinum Privileges: 50,000 points/ month

    • Elite Privileges: 250,000 points/ month

    Note: On reaching the platinum and elite level milestones, you are given a reward. However, the reward can only be claimed after 1x wager within 30 days. The Platinum milestone earns you $100, and the Elite milestone earns you $500. There are also Rewards Points you receive for status points you hold:

    • Pearl Privileges (4 RP = 1 SP)

    • Gold Privileges (6 RP = 1 SP)

    • Platinum Privileges (8 RP = 1 SP)

    • Elite Privileges (10 RP = 1 SP)