Pala Casino Deposit Bonus - First Deposit

Where can you get this promo?
Pala Casino
New Jersey Online Casinos
$250 BONUS

How does it work?

  1. For your first deposit, deposit any amount up to $250.
  2. Pala Casino will match it at 100%, giving you up to $250 in bonus.
  3. The slots wagering requirement is 20x the Deposit + Bonus amount. This means you have to make $5,000 in wagers on slots before you can cash out your bonus or deposit.
  4. If you play slots with a minimum RTP (return-to-player) of 97.00%, then the theoretical value of this bonus is $100.

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    Get the Pala Casino Welcome Bonus - available for new Pala players in New Jersey! Click the button, sign up & make a deposit - Get up to $250 in bonus play, matching your First Deposit.

    How to enter

    Create a new account, select the First Deposit Match bonus and make a deposit

    Promo Terms: Pala Casino Deposit Bonus - First Deposit

    Deposit Bonus Percentage 100%
    Maximum Deposit $250
    Maximum Bonus Amount $250
    Total Starting Balance $500
    Wagering Requirement 20x
    Wagering Mechanics Deposit + Bonus
    Minimum Playthrough Amount $5,000
    Slot RTP Minimum (%) 97.00%
    Return to Player (RTP in $) $4,850
    Gross Loss $150
    Theoretical Gross Win (What You Can Cash Out) $350
    Value Score 40%
    Theoretical Value $100
    Score 140%