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Editor's Opinion of PredictIT

Match your first deposit up to $80 FREE with code ODDSSEEKER! Buy and sell shares of predictions of who will win political elections. Try and predict who will win which election, buy your shares, sell shares, or trade your shares.

✍️ Written by
Frank Weber
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Darena Rodrigues
🗓 Updated
Aug 7th 2023


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    Key Information About PredictIT

    PredictIT is an online political candidate guessing game — where you can win real money for correctly predicting outcomes of political races.

    Owned and operated by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, a not-for-profit university, PredictIT is a new and exciting way to stay informed of political races.

    No matter which candidate wins the actual election, you might still be a winner!

    PredictIT has been touted, “probably one of the most exciting engines I've come across in terms of political opinion," by pundit James Carville.

    How Does PredictIT Work?

    PredictIT is part gambling and sort of like playing the stock market. You buy and sell shares of predictions of who will win political elections. Try and predict who will win which election, buy your shares, sell shares, or trade your shares.

    Browse Markets

    Many PredictIT members start out by browsing political markets on PredictIT’s website.

    Spend some time familiarizing yourself with these markets to get an idea of who’s expected to win a political race.

    PredictIT Insights

    Can’t decide which candidates to buy shares for? Check out PredictIT Insights.

    This page offers information on current events, including market events, major fundraising efforts, legislature, and more.

    The Insights page may also provide information on what current events may sway elections. Here, you’ll find who’s currently launching political campaigns and how the constituents are reacting to different candidates.

    PredictIT Leaderboards

    Want to do a little more research before buying your shares? Check out PredictIT’s leaderboards.

    This page shows which PredictIT members make the most accurate bets — and convert those bets into winning shares. Leaderboards are organized by which members make the most accurate bets.

    You can refine your search for the best predictors by browsing through these categories:

    • Prognosticators
    • Diviners
    • Soothsayers
    • Fortune tellers
    • Profits
    • Oracles

    Make a Prediction

    Got an idea of who’s going to win? Make your prediction by buying shares for or against a political event!

    If you have an idea of who will win (that goes against what everyone else predicts), you may see your political insight valued in cold-hard cash.

    To make a prediction, simply buy shares for one (or more!) candidates. There are so many candidates and races to choose from, and you may even buy or sell your shares later if you want to hedge your bets.

    You may use the information offered to make an educated prediction on who will win each race.

    Trade Your Shares

    Are you ready to play the long game? Make future bets work in your favor by buying low and selling high.

    If you have a (seemingly) unpopular idea of who will win a political race, purchase your shares early. Once popular opinion changes, other members could rush to buy shares, and you could end up selling yours at a much higher price point than the one you purchased them at.

    Just because one candidate isn’t considered a favorite from the start doesn’t mean they can’t become one in the end!

    Is PredictIT Legit?

    Yes! PredictIT is totally legit.

    Sign up for an account using your email and other personal information or Facebook or Twitter login information. To sign up for an account, you must be at least 18 years old.

    PredictIT is owned and operated by the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

    Buy and trade shares priced $0.01 to $0.99 for over 300 political futures markets. Winning shares pay $1. Or, sell your shares to other buyers at an even larger profit margin.

    PredictIT Promo Code

    Most online betting and share selling websites and apps offer some type of welcome bonus or new member promo code.

    Right now, PredictIT isn’t offering such codes. But when it does offer them, you’ll be one of the first to know. Check back on OddsSeeker regularly to find the updated bonus, welcome, and promo codes for the hottest prediction sites in town.

    PredictIT Markets

    PredictIT allows you to buy and trade shares in markets pertaining to politics and world markets. Some of the most popular markets in which you may buy and trade shares may include presidential prediction markets, U.S. elections, congressional elections, state and local elections, and world markets.

    Prediction Markets

    PredictIT prediction markets are focused on politics. Some of the most popular markets on the website include the Biden administration and U.S. elections, including local, state, and congressional elections.

    Presidential Prediction Markets

    Biden administration is a hot topic on PredictIT! Bet on who the administration will elect to serve in different roles, who congress and the senate will elect to serve, or what bills will be voted into law under the administration.

    PredictIT 2023

    U.S. elections are certainly popular on PredictIT’s platform! While the 2021 local elections have passed us by, we can still look forward to the 2022 midterm elections.

    PredictIT Senate 2023

    The burning topics on most Americans’ minds for the 2022 midterm elections are:

    • Congressional elections
    • Local elections
    • State elections

    PredictIT 2024

    The 2024 election cycle is certainly the topic of many futures bets! While we still don’t know who the GOP will elect to run against Biden in the 2024 elections, there are still plenty of bets to be made in this market.

    World Markets

    While the U.S. may sometimes feel like the only country with annual elections, there are plenty of other markets out there.

    PredictIT also features a few world markets, where users may purchase, trade, and sell shares pertaining to world political policies.

    PredictIT App

    PredictIT is currently the online prediction market website that also offers a companion app — yet the app isn’t available for every country or region. If it is available in your area, you’ll be able to download it on the Apple Store for iOS (no app is available for Android users).

    This app should allow you to purchase, trade, and sell shares with the click of a few buttons. All of your information is kept on a secure server, and you should be able to perform any tasks you would online on the app as well.

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