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We’re writing about a lot of digital casinos for competitive sweepstakes, and a minor program called RSweeps is giving us a purpose to do it again.

These internet casino websites, such as Chumba Casino and Fun Points, offer players who do not have legitimate digital casinos in their region to play digital games and win prize money. And we’d like to do our thorough research when other websites of a similar nature come across our target list to let you know whether it’s worthy of your time, money, and effort, or otherwise.

RSweeps, also recognized as River Sweeps, is one such place that we’ve been catching rumors about.

The website of the River Sweepstakes is simply set up so that everyone can use the RSweeps game platform to begin their source of cash. It makes it possible to set up a gaming platform for pubs, restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, and even your own homes that can pull in revenue from people playing their games.

All that being said, we will focus on the collection of River Sweeps games and our individual opinions on the web to ensure that you remain updated when it comes to entering good websites and getting an opportunity to win.

Cons of RiverSweeps Online Casino

At River Sweeps, the forms of games are categorized in three forms:

  •     No-Chance Games
  •     Skill Games
  •     Class II Bingo

At River Sweeps, the forms of games are categorized into three forms:

No-Chance Games give you the chance to see what the reels would look like before making your wager on the next spin. Although you would think it would be the most fun way to play, to use this form, you do have to pay and prize winnings are limited and can be very frustrating.

Even though you cannot peek into the future, Skill Games are just like No-Chance. When you get a Bingo pattern and enable the bonus, Class II Bingo integrates Bingo into any spin of the regular slots they sell with the Diamond Shot feature.

To be frank, every individual game played at RSweeps has activated some sort of bizarre feature that makes it seem unique, but, forces you to bet more for something that is almost unlikely to get, and that’s also an annoying thing I found regarding RSweeps: you can’t find out how much of a real chance you have at any of the 70+ games they sell.

Everywhere I could see there is no RTP (Return-To-Player) percentage mentioned, and there is no assurance that these games are fair to the player. Registered with? Controlled? No, these are called “promotional games” but you’re always being forced to pay for the game, and we can’t get that back.

A separate online casino like Chumba Casino will be suggested, and we’ll clarify why below.


Chumba Casino Vs River Sweeps

We are unable to suggest River Sweeps in any way without a thorough analysis of the service, its importance to its players, and your safety and protection with your information and resources. Fortunately, there are fantastic substitutes to RSweeps that you can use for your digital casino promotional sweepstakes wishes!

Chumba Casino is another one of those substitutes! For years now, Chumba has been a premium spot for players and has made real millionaires out of a few of its lucky players. All players have the chance to recover Chumba’s Sweeps Coins for actual money rewards, and before you even invest your own money, you can be on the way to the cash prizes.

Chumba, with fantastic deals and outstanding customer service, look out for its members. Those are two things you’re probably not going to find on pages like RSweeps. Plus, with no extra costs to play beyond the normal bet, you would use on slot or card games, each game is very transparent. Progressive slots, Blackjack, video poker, and more can be played!


RiverSweeps Add Free Money – Don’t Do It

A platform featuring RSweeps games can be run by anyone. So when you’re looking to play any of the promotional games for River Sweeps or RSweeps, you might arrive on a page set up specifically to cheat you out of money. Having an action such as those concerns why we can not suggest River Sweeps is quite concerning.

Not accredited and controlled by any governing body.

No RTP percentage for any of the games mentioned.

With additional modules added to raise the amount, the game collection is confusing

To take your money, anyone can run a website with RSweeps games.


More About Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is a community digital casino focused on promotional sweepstakes that enable American and Canadian players to participate in the action. For electronic Gold Coins, that can be bought from their page, Chumba’s range of online slot games and table games can be enjoyed. Players may use Sweeps Coins as well. Via a range of ways, players may acquire Sweeps Coins, which we will describe further. Pertinently, nevertheless, Sweeps Coins are often given with other transactions free or combined. There’s no transaction required. For cash bonuses, it can be withdrawn.

Chumba Online Casino New Player Offer

Newbies are welcomed with the corresponding referral bonus after registering up for a new account at Chumba: 

Receive 2,000,000 Gold Coins and 2 Sweeps Coins Reward FREE on Sign Up, also get a $30 Gold Coin Kit, containing 3,000,000 Gold Coins for mere $10, also 30 Sweeps Coins Bonus Free!

Chumba Casino Bonus

Members get a bonus of 2 Sweeps Coins Free on sign-up after registering at Chumba Casino. All you have to do is open an account to obtain this Chumba Casino bonus. No bonus code required! For prize money, the Sweeps Coins can be retrieved. Although the reward sum alone is not that big, the emphasis here is not the point. The benefit is the chance to play at competitions and earn cash rewards.


Chumba Casino Promotions

Chumba provides giveaways of Sweeps Coins through regular competitions on their Facebook page. Each competition typically has 10 winners. They are picked at random from among applicants who provided the correct answer to a question. Each winner receives various amounts of Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins are also always available free simply by writing and asking. 

Chumba Casino VIP Program

Chumba does not give a VIP or incentive scheme of any sort. This absence is frustrating enough. Always the large bulk of other internet gambling gives high roller or daily players some sort of comparables. It does, nevertheless, align with the minimalist philosophy of the whole process of Chumba, so it is barely shocking.

Chumba Account Registration and Software

It is extremely easy to register for the Chumba Casino. Not upwards of a couple of minutes is required. No basic ID scans, except for an e-mail verification connection, are required. Of course, so that they can reclaim any of their Sweeps Coins for money awards, Chumba participants should have authentication and be checked. The basic outline of enrollment was therefore easy and simple. 

The computer platform for Chumba is easy, user-friendly, and neatly built. From a unified, clutter-free tab, all alternatives are conveniently available. Their whole game series, with a scrolling menu interface, is also displayed on a single page.

Chumba Casino doesn’t support a specific mobile app software, but their smartphone platform is easily resized to suit most new smartphones’ displays. The lobby, games, and menu choices are readily available and receptive. In landscape mode, participants with low screen resolutions are required to play.

Chumba’s game collection is not the highest, but there is no search bar, so gamers won’t have to browse through plenty of games to find their favorite.

Chumba Casino Online Casino Games

There had been 70+ games at Chumba Casino accessible when we searched. In contrast to the dozens of slots games, live casino titles as well as other titles released at many online casinos, this is not a huge number.

But there aren’t many other options for users in most US states looking to play with gold, beyond the Bitcoin casinos.

Chumba Casino Games

Two of their entire series are card-based games, one being a blackjack panel, and the other a video poker game for Jacks or Better. They have also launched a new roulette, a great addition to the products of the table game.

Slot games are the last 70+ titles. The equal of 250 Gold Coins and 0.01 Sweeps Coins begins with spin/plays. At the card tables, or 5,000,000 Gold Coins or 50 Sweeps Coins per spin on the slots, they go upwards as 1,000,000 Gold Coins or 100 Sweeps Coins per hand.

Also, three jackpot slots are egalitarian. Those were Stampede Fury, Reelin N Rockin, and Triple Double Fever, which are famous for $1m+ prize money withdrawals and include Chumba’s FireShot Jackpot games.

Although Chumba’s slots games do not have the glamorous video promos or top-tier visual effects provided to the larger designers, some significant money/cash prizes can be earned by players. And, playing games is always a lot of fun.

Chumba Slot Titles

The choice of Chumba is entirely in-house-designed and coded. This suggests that most of their 70+ games are unique titles that can not be enjoyed elsewhere. There are some of these names that entail:

  • Western Gold
  • Stampede Fury
  • Reelin ‘n Rockin
  • Big Goreela

Chumba Purchase Options

Users buy Gold Coins at Chumba Casino and get Bonus Sweeps Coins. With complimentary Sweeps Coins, Chumba also frequently runs buy promotion sweepstakes. Presently, the payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, and Direct Bank Transfer. And there could be more choices available in the future thanks to a collaboration with Worldpay. Consumers can buy Gold Coins in amounts of $10 using their credit card.

Instead, users only pick their Gold Coin kit to make a transaction straight from a bank account, click on their bank, log in and pay for the transaction. On balance sheets, transactions will not occur until the next business day. Finally, gamers concerned about problem gaming will restrict their transactions of Gold by themselves. They can restrict their Sweep Coins as such as well.

New Purchase Options

On Gold Coin transactions and to reclaim Sweeps Coins, consumers now have more choices. Skrill, a digital wallet intended to function with the smartphone and in-game purchases, has collaborated with Chumba. The existing payment methods can still be used by players. Chumba will keep adding more of the content you love, like games, features, and fun, over the following days.

Chumba Redemption Options

Before they can claim any prizes, participants have to request identity documents. Consequently, 100 Sweeps Coins is the minimum balance needed to do so. Chumba sends out a 10-digit pin via e-mail until all records are checked. For any potential withdrawals, players must use the pin. Chumba is also dedicated to rapidly handling all redemptions. Once confirmed, Chumba redemptions now happen within 48hrs

Chumba Casino Support Channels

Via three communication sources, players can enter Chumba Casino for support:

The Facebook page for Chumba is simple to locate and very successful. Two or three times per day, they also publish. Their average time to respond is “within a few hours.”

For a firm as involved as they are on media platforms, this is not bad. Their Facebook posts, especially when it comes to contests, almost always get hundreds of responses and reviews. It is possible that openly asking a question or voicing a grievance here would get a fast answer. Besides that, ZenDesk runs Chumba’s customer service platform. It has an extensive set of responses and guidelines to FAQs. Via this portal, customers can also request support tickets.

This is also where, if they are concerned about upsetting gambling habits, players can place restrictions on their accounts. For regular and weekly transactions daily playtime, and overall expenses each day, players may place restrictions. For specified periods, players can also self-exclude themselves from their account if they want to.

How Chumba Casino Works

Chumba Casino is what is called a social casino in many respects. This is because participants could choose to play with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins, none of which, outside the games, has any intrinsic worth.

While using Gold Coins to play, money/cash prizes can not be earned. Just Sweeps Coins can be recouped for cash prizes that are acquired free of charge without having to make a payment. It is not possible to purchase Sweeps Coins, which are promotional sweepstakes submissions from the Gold Coins sale.

How to Obtain Sweeps Coins

There are three methods of acquiring Sweeps Coins:

  • E-mail
  • Facebook competitions
  • As a gift after purchasing Gold Coins

For every mail request forwarded, participants will obtain free Sweeps. Regular Facebook competitions for Chumba operate daily and typically allow individuals to earn 5 Sweeps. On Chumba’s homepage, where you will be given Sweeps Coins as a promotional bonus, the third and final way is to purchase Gold Coins.


Are there Other Sites that Operate like Chumba?

Yes. To represent many distinct kinds of players, outstanding sweepstakes services.   Here are some of the accessible websites:

  • Casino

LuckyLand Slots –

Visit a slot-focused webpage with a glowing theme usable for play and plenty of games. LuckyLand Slots, released in January, is a community casino licensed by Malta with a promotional sweepstakes element.

Bonus Sweeps Coins are then earned by all LuckyLand players who buy their Gold Coin kit. When a participant uses them at minimum once, Sweeps Coins are transferable for actual prizes.

Virtual Gaming Worlds, an Australia-based corporation that also controls ChumbaCasino and Global Poker, runs the platform. Apart from Washington State and Canada, and Quebec, LuckyLand Slots is available today in the US.

  • Poker

Global Poker

Start competing on an increasing platform that provides players around the nation with cash prizes. Poker players have won millions of cash prizes here already.

Global Poker allows clients to buy a form of digital currency called Gold Chips. It is not possible to recover these Gold Chips; they are purely for gaming purposes. Although with their Gold Chips transactions, consumers often earn $weeps Cash, and these $weeps can be bought out from the platform at a 1:1 ratio with the U.S. dollar. It is also common to give a tiny amount of money for free by submitting envelopes via mail to the organization.

Global Poker knows this configuration enables it to obey the laws of sweepstakes in the United States and Canada and is therefore excluded from the anti-gambling state law regulations. Only people from these 2 nations are allowed to trade cash in for dollars for their $weeps. Citizens of most other nations are encouraged to play Global Poker, but they can never ask for a real cash payout. Until the end of June 2018, when the company moved to use Worldpay for payment processing, all-cash transactions were carried out via PayPal. Consumers had only a few days’ recognize of this cashier technique transition.

Global Poker provides Texas Hold’em no-limit, Texas Hold’em limit, and Omaha pot-limit ring games. In the no-limit Texas hold ’em and pot-limit Omaha types, Sit & Gos, and multi-table competitions occur. Either Gold Coins or $weeps Cash are required to purchase many of these games. Players press a “Switch Currencies” button in the poker lobby to toggle the perspective between these two buy-in alternatives.

Freeroll tournaments can be joined without either Gold Coins or Cash $weeps being invested. Some of them are accessible to all, while others have conditions for admission, such as needing to play a certain number of hands to qualify inside a given timeframe.

The poker platform has also featured exclusive series, such as the Eagle Cup and the Grizzly Games, in addition to the regular weekly tournaments that Global Poker runs. This series comprised of hundreds of poker events planned over many weeks. In predetermined $weeps Cash prizes, they often offer out more than $1 million, and there are also guaranteed Gold Chip games. Highscores reward those through an entire series who get the best performance.

  • Sports Picking

FendOff Sports 

Make sports selections or participate in a platform that is the latest right way to play sports events in community competitions.

In more aspects than one, the introduction of legalized sports betting in the US has affected the paradigm. Nevertheless, people were forecasting the results of sports matches long before the Professional and Amateur Sports Safety Act (PASPA) was dismissed.

Even though the practice is distinct from sports betting, you can put your choosing capabilities to the test with a new sweepstakes-based platform.

On the sweepstakes scene, one major business is VGW. This operator was the owner of Chumba Casino and founded FendOff.com in 2019.

A sports platform for sweepstakes, FendOff is a different way for everyone to experience a unique method of choosing competitions. A sweepstakes website like Fendoff is somewhat unique from standard sportsbooks. However, depending on your expertise, experience, and gut instinct, the core principle of choosing a victor is the same.

Sites Like Chumba Casino

We have a few products in store for you if you’re searching for a spot like Chumba Casino.

Luckyland Slots is the first. This online social casino credits players with free sweeps just for regular sign-in. The casino has created an Android smartphone app that lets you play games where ever you want. As the browser-based edition runs on HTML5, iPhone owners don’t need an application.

The same as Chumba, the second casino location is Funzpoints Casino. This game can be enjoyed for free in standard mode or for cash prizes in premium mode. The user uses Facebook, with daily social media contests for teams, like Chumba. Each game at Funzpoints has a minimal RTP (Return to Player) of 96.5 percent, though the game range is limited.


Chumba Ownership

VGW Malta Limited owns Casino Chumba. VGW Malta Limited belongs to the category VGW. VGW Holdings Limited, its holding company, is an Australian company that was established in 2010 by Laurence Escalante.

A virtual poker service called Global Poker was launched in 2016 by VGW, which utilizes a common promotional sweepstakes program to allow US players to compete for money/cash prizes.