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Stacking Promos

Once you’re aware of how and where to find opportunities to hedge bets, you should be made aware of how and where you can find the best opportunities to hedge your bets.
Sarah Ryan
Sarah Ryan
3 April 2023
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    What Is Promo Stacking?

    If you’re a sports betting newbie, perhaps the furthest square from a sharp even, one effective way to practically guarantee a profit from multiple online sportsbooks is through finding solid opportunities for hedged, or arbitrage betting. If you’re not yet caught up on what those are, get yourself caught up here.

    Once you’re aware of how and where to find opportunities to hedge bets, you should be made aware of how and where you can find the best opportunities to hedge your bets. Often, you’ll find those best opportunities to hedge in the form of promotional bonus cash offered by different books. 

    This practice, commonly referred to as “stacking” promotions, entails hedging the promo cash or site credit from one bet against a bet on another bet using another online betting site’s promotional free bet cash. It’s relatively easy to find these welcome bonuses and no deposit bonus promos if you’re a new player at most sportsbook.

    However, it’s also relatively easy to accidentally muck up your arbitrage opportunity if you aren’t careful and misappropriate your promo cash. With that being said, here’s how to minimize common rookie mistakes with promotion stacking, and how to maximize your potential guaranteed returns. 

    Promotion Stacking Strategies

    There’s a few pointers you’ll really want to keep in mind when trying to stack different promo offers against each other. For example, let’s consider a hypothetical where two separate online sportsbooks are offering risk free first bets up to $1,000, while a third offers up its first time users a $250 deposit match in site credit. 

    To properly stack a promo against another promo, you would start by first hedging one of the risk free bet promos from one book with the deposit match promo with the risk free bet promo. The site credit bet of $1,000 could be placed on the favored team of a matchup, whereas the smaller, separate $250 bet could be placed on the underdog. 

    So long as the odds are matched evenly enough to facilitate a proper hedge, you should be able to convert that promo cash into real, withdrawable cash, with an effectively guaranteed net profit no matter the outcome. Look for promos without minimum odds requirements, as those offer more flexibility than promos restricted by them.

    Moreover, you can utilize the promotional cash from the third risk free bet bonus to hedge whatever profits are gained from the initial matched bet into another. The higher the total conversion rate, the better. To determine the best hedging lines for maximum conversion across multiple sportsbook, utilize a hedging calculator tool.

    But if you’re not careful, you could risk losing out on the chance to squeeze the most juice out of your money tree’s preferred fruit. With that in mind, here are some common promo stacking mistakes to watch out for (and how to avoid them).

    Promo Stacking Mistakes

    One common mistake bettors make with stacking promotions, for starters, is by matching free bet promos with other free bet promos. Simply placing two risk free bet promos against one another will not ensure both outcomes are equal, and will only serve to lose you potential profit in the long run. 

    Diversifying your assets and variance are important rules of thumb to have a solid investment portfolio, and it’s also a principle worth considering in the cutthroat world of sports betting. In a game where a single busted parlay leg can risk bringing down the entire house of cards, sometimes your best shot is playing both sides to come out on top. Effective promotion stacking should be able to accomplish just that.

    You’ll still likely obtain some degree of net profit by matching a risk free bet offer from one sportsbook with a free bet promotion from another, but it will be inferior to the reward you could ultimately reap by hedging a risk-free bet offer with one sportsbook with the deposit match offer from another book.

    Simply put, it helps to know where to shop for good lines to find matched betting opportunities across different sportsbooks. But if you’re looking to reap the biggest possible reward out of stacking your promotions, it’s wise not to totally match the types of sportsbook promotions you hedge, as counterintuitive as that might sound.


    Stacking Promotions: Pros And Cons

    Combining promotions can be an advantageous strategy in some contexts, but a not so advantageous strategy in others. It’s best to take the time to carefully contemplate a number of different pros and cons. Here are common pros and cons worth considering in the world of promotion stacking. 


    More potential profit from less bets

    Starting off sports betting with a higher bankroll

    Guaranteeing a profit, no matter which outcome transpires


    Stacking without considering the highest possible conversion can cost you profit

    Reduced bets can reduce your chances at reaching VIP status across bookies

    Requires different promos and hedge-friendly lines to yield the most profit



    Ultimately, promotion stacking won’t be a viable strategy for every bet. But when it is viable - when the implied probability of both lines is just right, when both promos from both sportsbook offer the maximal conversion rate of bonus cash into profit, you just might be able to play both sides to come out on top. 

    Follow our odds page to hone in on the best hedges to tail, and read our reviews to narrow down the best online sportsbook bonuses.

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