WynnBet Existing Player Deposit Bonus

Where can you get this promo?
New Jersey Online Casinos

How does it work?

  1. For your first deposit, deposit any amount up to $500.
  2. WynnBet will match it at 10%, giving you up to $50 in bonus.
  3. The slots wagering requirement is 10x the Bonus amount. This means you have to make $500 in wagers on slots before you can cash out your bonus or deposit.
  4. If you play slots with a minimum RTP (return-to-player) of 97.00%, then the theoretical value of this bonus is $35.

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    Get the WynnBet Existing Player Deposit Bonus  - available for existing players in New Jersey and Michigan!

    For players to participate in this promotion, they should follow these steps: 

    1. Follow the promotion tile to opt in for the promotion

    2. Make a minimum deposit of at least $200

    3. Once it is processed, the Casino will add the bonus to the player's wallet within 24 hours

    •  The complete deposit and bonus structure is shown below:

    -          Deposit of $200 - $299 rewards a $20 Casino Bonus

    -          Deposit of $300 - $499 rewards a $30 Casino Bonus

    -          Deposit of $500 or greater rewards a $50 Casino Bonus

    •  Casino Bonus Wagering Requirement: 10x multiplier

    -          Subject to game-specific percentages

    -          Deposit amount will be restricted unless the wagering requirement is accomplished

    How would I know if I quality for this promotion? 

    WynnBet will add a "tile" to your account. Within that tile, there will be a link that will take you to a page that contains details of this promotion.

    How many awards can I receive in one day?

    You may only receive one Casino Bonus award under this promotion per day. 

    For Example: If you make two separate deposits on one day for $100 each, to add up to the $200, they will not be eligible for the promotion as it is only based on your first deposit each day.

    How can I participate in this promotion?

    Firstly, you would need to opt into the promotion by clicking on the tile and secondly you would need to make a minimum deposit of at least $200 to be eligible. Once completion, WynnBet will add the casino bonus to your wallet within 24 hours.

    After the casino bonus is awarded, it will expire after 10 days (unless mentioned in the promotion details). The wagering requirement will need to be met before you have access to the casino bonus. Until then, it will it show in your account as "Restricted Cash". Remember that once it is lost, no portion will be available to you. The wagering requirement is a multiple of the Casino Bonus amount. It ranges from 1x to 20x.

    For example, for a Casino Bonus with a $5 value and a 10x multiplier, the wagering requirement will be $50.

    You can meet the wagering requirement by placing wagers from the Restricted Cash balance on casino games, i.e. slots, video poker, table games, etc., but not sports wagering. Additional requirements may apply, such as requiring the patron to wager on specific games or types of games, which will be communicated through the specific promotion that awards the Casino Bonus.

    A percentage of the wagers placed will apply to an active Casino Bonus wagering requirement for certain games. Here are the percentages:

    • 100% on slots. Every dollar wagered will count toward the wagering requirement.

    • 20% on video poker and table games (except baccarat and most blackjack). For each dollar wagered, 20 cents will be counted toward the wagering requirement.

    • 20% on 21+3 Progressive Blackjack. For each dollar wagered, 20 cents will be counted toward the wagering requirement. 

    •10% on blackjack (except 21+3 Progressive) and baccarat. For each dollar wagered, 10 cents will be counted toward the wagering requirement.

    General Terms

     •Participants must be at least 21 years of age.

    • WynnBET will retain details of promotions in accordance with Michigan Gaming Control Board recordkeeping requirements.

     •Patron must be physically located within the State of Michigan to participate in any Michigan WynnBET promotion and to wager on any device.

     • Only one account permitted per unique name, device or computer, or IP address.

     •Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and all other fees.

    How to enter

    OPT-IN by clicking the 'Enable This Offer' button. Once you are opted into the promotion you will not need to opt-in again unless the "Enable This Offer" button is reenabled.

    Promo Terms: WynnBet Existing Player Deposit Bonus

    Deposit Bonus Percentage 10%
    Maximum Deposit $500
    Maximum Bonus Amount $50
    Total Starting Balance $550
    Wagering Requirement 10x
    Wagering Mechanics Bonus
    Minimum Playthrough Amount $500
    Slot RTP Minimum (%) 97.00%
    Return to Player (RTP in $) $485
    Gross Loss $15
    Theoretical Gross Win (What You Can Cash Out) $535
    Value Score 7%
    Theoretical Value $35
    Score 107%