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Claim casino bonuses when you play slot games and finish on time. Collect WCases that are scattered all around the world as you complete your casino missions. Missions can range from Treasure Island in Las Vegas to the Montreal Casino. When you collect these WCases, you can win some free casino chip...

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    Jackpot Planet - a New Adventure of Slots Games

    Jackpot Planet - a New Adventure of Slots Games, developed by Wgames Inc., is a free app available on Android devices. It is one of the few apps that have been listed and published in the Casino and Gambling apps, under the Games and Entertainment section. It is one of the recent and most extravagant social apps available at this time.

    Jackpot Planet has about 100 slot games in their library. In addition to slots, they also offer unique slot tournaments. Players are encouraged to go on the Jackpot Planet journey, which covers the US from coast to coast. While exploring the map, you can collect casino bonuses on your journey. Players can also explore slots throughout the globe. You can start at your current location and choose a final destination to land at. In doing so, you can play at many destinations along your journey. Collect casino chips along the way at the top casinos offered on your Jackpot Planet journey.

    Is the Jackpot Planet - a New Adventure of Slots Games legit?

    Yes, Jackpot Planet is 100 legit. You can be assured that the casino has been run through many machine learning processes to determine its validity, reliability, and legitimacy.

    How much does the app cost?

    The app is absolutely free to download. It has officially been released so you can download it directly from the Google Play Store.

    Why is Jackpot Planet one of the best slots social app?

    There are many unique features that are available at Jackpot Planet. Let’s look at some of them:

    • Claim casino bonuses when you play slot games and finish on time.
    • Collect WCases that are scattered all around the world as you complete your casino missions. Missions can range from Treasure Island in Las Vegas to the Montreal Casino. When you collect these WCases, you can win some free casino chips and some fun surprises.
    • The app comes with a “Clans feature”, i.e., you can gather a bunch of competitive casino players and form a group/clan. This can give the clan control over a specific region, thereby unlocking the slots there and giving you a real casino experience.
    • The Slots Journey feature gives players an opportunity to start playing in the city where they are located and then venture across the map from New York to Los Angeles.
    • Once you complete playing at the casino, you can collect magnets from the casinos that you have played at.
    • Players can chat and send emojis to their fellow casino players.

    What is an APK (Android Package Kit) file?

    Since Jackpot Planet is solely an Android app, you will need to use Android’s operating system’s installation format. It is called the Android Package Kit (.apk) and it is similar to windows installation format like .exe. Downloading Jackpot Planet from the Google Store will result in it being saved as a .apk file. Sometimes these files are not visible directly on Google Play Store. So you will have to use third-party websites to redirect you to the Google Play Store, where you can complete the download process.

    Where can I download Jackpot Planet - a New Adventure of Slots Games APK file?

    You can use third-party websites like ApkMirror or AprPure but these are not always recommended to use. For your safety, you can click on the OddsSeeker’s link which will take you directly to the official download page. Always download apps from Google Play Store directly, unless directed otherwise.

    How to install Jackpot Planet on your Android device?

    1. Jackpot Planet is an Android game and it is available on any of your android devices. You can either go to the Google Play store and search for Jackpot Planet or you can click on the OddsSeekers link to redirect you to the Google Play store. Before you start the download process make sure that the device is set up to install apps from third-party websites. Follow the steps:
    2. Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store
    3. Go back to the play store and start the download process. The downloaded file will be saved in your downloads as a .apk file. Click on it and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process. You will see the app show up on your device while it displays the progress of the download process. Once the app is downloaded, it will automatically start installing it and will notify you when the process is complete.

    How to download Jackpot Planet to your PC/Mac?

    If you do not have an Android device and still want to play at Jackpot Planet, you will need to have access to an Android emulator software. This software will mirror an Android device and will act as a virtual phone. Here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Find an Android Emulator that you can trust. BlueStacks is free software that you can download if you choose to.
    2. When it downloads, head over to the file and complete the installation process as you would any other software.
    3. When the installation process is complete, you can drag and drop files into the virtual screen. Down the Jackpot Planet .apk file to your computer and drag that file into the virtual software.
    4. The app will then begin to install. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the process in the same way you would for any other app on your phone.
    5. Done! You can now access this android app from your computer and enjoy playing at Jackpot Planet.

    Jackpot Planet is banned in my country. Is it legal to access it via VPN?

    If the Jackpot Planet app is banned in your country, it is illegal to use the app. End of story.

    However, if you have relocated to another country but forgot to close out your account and retrieve any pending money/content from it, reach out to the customer services representatives. They will guide you through the process to get any pending matters taken care of. They might recommend using a VPN to access your account, but please follow their instructions and ask for help to avoid any legal complications.

    How do I close the Jackpot Planet app?

    The concept of the game is quite simple if you need to exit. You can double-tap the home button and swipe it off your screen. Follow the same steps you use to close the other apps on your phone. Do not worry, the game will save your progress and you can resume right where you left off when you want to play it again.

    Are the games at Jackpot Planet truly random?

    Absolutely! The odds to win on any spin are 100% random. Every spin you make on a machine is standalone. It is not dependent on the previous spin. So every player will have a different experience every time even though the winnings are exactly the same.

    Jackpot Planet does not control or influence the results in any way. The system will automatically calculate a result when you hit “Spin”. The results do not depend on other factors like your current balance, game level nor the number of wins or losses you incurred until that moment.

    All the slots that are offered at Jackpot Planet are fair, fun, and extravagant. Get ready to enjoy these games for an extended period of time. Each slot at Jackpot has undergone heavy testing to ensure that it runs smoothly.

    If you have any issues or need general assistance while playing, feel free to contact the Customer Services/Support team.

    Please note that they WILL NOT be able to change the outcomes of any games but can only help you with general questions like billing, technical issues, and related things.


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