Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonuses 2024 - Get FREE Sweeps Coins

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Updated: June 17th 2024
High 5 Casino logo
Sadonna P. profile picture
97% Read review
by Sadonna P.
Games: 1200+
Live Dealer
Free Signup Promo
Get 5 Free Sweeps Coins + 600 Free Diamonds
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18+ New Customers Only. T&Cs Apply.
Spree logo
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90% Read review
by Lance P.
Games: 650+
Live Dealer
Free Signup Promo
Get 2.5 FREE Sweeps Coins + 1,000,000 Gold Coins
First Purchase Offer
200% Bonus: Get 30k GC for Only $9.99 + 30 Free Sweeps Coins
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18+ New Customers Only. T&Cs Apply.
SweepSlots logo
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92% Read review
by Sadonna P.
Games: 345+
Live Dealer
Free Signup Promo
Get 5 FREE Sweeps Coins and 10,000 FREE Gold Coins
First Purchase Offer
Get 600,000 GC for $20.00 + 40 Free Sweeps Coins
Get bonus
18+ New Customers Only. T&Cs Apply.
Stake.us logo
Sadonna P. profile picture
95% Read review
by Sadonna P.
Games: 750+
Live Dealer
Free Signup Promo
Get 250,000 Gold Coins + 25 FREE Stake Cash
Get bonus
18+ New Customers Only. T&Cs Apply.
Fortune Coins logo
Alicia B. profile picture
95% Read review
by Alicia B.
Games: 600+
Live Dealer
Free Signup Promo
Sign up & Get 650,000 GC + 1,400 Free Sweeps Coins
First Purchase Offer
20,000,000 Gold Coins + $50 of FREE Coins
Get bonus
18+ New Customers Only. T&Cs Apply.

Sweepstake casino no deposit bonuses are probably the easiest ones to find because to be legal, a sweepstakes casino must offer free entry to play their casino games.

Therefore, all sweeps casinos have a free sweeps coins offer for all new players as well as returning players, in the form of a daily login bonus.

Our team of experts have compiled every free SC Coin offer from every reputable sweepstakes casino on the web, old and new, so you can get started playing for free today. So load up on as many free SC coins for a better chance of winning without having to commit a lot of your own money.

The info below will help you pick the best sweepstakes casinos with the best free sweep coins offers. Good luck!

Sweepstakes Casinos With the Most Free Sweeps Coins

Since half of the point of playing at sweepstakes casinos is to win FREE Sweeps Coins and potentially redeem them for cash prizes, let’s take a look at the sweeps casinos offering the most Free Sweeps Coins.

We’ll cover the number of FREE Sweeps Coins you’ll get at signup and after one week and one month.

The Most Free Sweeps Coins For NEW PLAYERS

1 Stake.us Casino Review logo
2 Fortune Coins Casino Review logo
3 Zula Casino Review logo
OddsSeeker Logo

#1 Stake.us

The sweepstakes casino offering the most FREE Sweeps Coins at signup, one week, and 30 days is Stake.us.

Here is a breakdown of the FREE Stake Cash you’ll get in the first 30 days of signing up:

  • Signup: 25

  • 1 Week: 32

  • 30 Days: 55

Get 260,000 Gold Coins and 25 FREE Stake Cash upon signup. Then, log into your account every day and claim your 1 Free Stake Cash.

By the end of week one, you’ll have 32 FREE Stake Cash. Keep logging in every day to get a total of 55 FREE Stake Cash by the end of your first month – and 390 FREE Stake Cash by the end of the year.

FREE Stake Cash must be played 3x before it’s eligible for redemption, though you don’t need to play through any Free Stake Cash won in gameplay.

You’ll also need to win at least 50 SC (depending on your redemption method) before you can start the redemption process, and Stake.us charges a fee of around 5 SC (again, depending on your method) to redeem Free Stake Cash for cash prizes.

#2 Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins offers new players 1,300 FREE Fortune Coins at signup, plus a login bonus of 100 FC every day you log into your account.

Here is a breakdown of the FREE Fortune Coins you’ll get in the first 30 days of signing up:

  • Signup: 1300

  • 1 Week: 2000

  • 30 Days: 4300

You don’t need a bonus code to claim this deal. Just use the “Claim Bonus” or similar button to get to the Fortune Coins homepage, sign up for an account, and claim your FREE Fortune Coins.

By the end of week one, you’ll have 2,000 Free FC in your account – as long as you log in every day and claim your daily bonus. By the end of the month, you’ll have 4,300 FC that you can use to play games like slots and fish games.

You need to play Free Fortune Coins once before they’re eligible for redemption, and you need to win a minimum of 2,000 FC before you can redeem them for gift cards and 5,000 FC before you can redeem them for cash prizes.

#3 Zula Casino

In third place in our list of the sweepstakes casinos offering the best signup bonuses is Zula Casino.

Here is a breakdown of the FREE Sweeps Coins you’ll get in the first 30 days of signing up at each site:

  • Signup: 9

  • 1 Week: 16

  • 30 Days: 38

This sweepstakes site is owned by Blazesoft is the sister site to Fortune Coins and Sportzino.

Get 9 FREE Sweeps Coins by completing each step of the signup process, including creating a new player account, verifying your email and phone number, and opting into SMS and email notifications.

At Sportzino, you’ll also get 1 SC for connecting your player account to your Facebook account.

There’s also a daily login bonus of 1 SC at each sweepstakes casino.

If you log into your account and claim the bonus each day, you’ll have 16 FREE Sweeps Coins by the end of week one and 38 FREE Sweeps Coins by the end of the first month.

FREE Sweeps Coins must be played at least once before they’re eligible for redemption, and a minimum of 50 SC must be won at each site before they can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos for Existing Players Based on Daily Free Sweeps Coins

The following sweepstakes casinos have the best bonus for existing players because they offer FREE Sweeps Coins as a daily login bonus.

1 Stake.us Casino Review logo
2 Fortune Coins Casino Review logo
3 Zula Casino Review logo
4 WOW Vegas Casino Review logo
5 LuckyLand Slots Review logo
6 Crown Coins Casino Review logo
7 Pulsz Online Casino Review logo
8 McLuck Casino Review logo
OddsSeeker Logo

#1 Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins – by far – offers the best opportunity to get the most FREE Fortune Coins (the sweepstake casino’s branded version of Sweepstakes Coins) with the daily login bonus.

Each day you log into your account and manually claim the login bonus, you’ll get a different amount. Here is how many Fortune Coins you can collect each day you log in:

  • Day 1: 300,000 GC + 100 FC

  • Day 2: 500,000 GC + 150 FC

  • Day 3: 550,000 GC + 100 FC

  • Day 4: 600,000 GC + 140 FC

  • Day 5: 650,000 GC + 100 FC

  • Day 6: 700,000 GC + 150 FC

  • Big Daily Bonus Day 7: 1,000,000 GC + 180 FC

Total Free SC at Fortune Coins:

  • 7-Day Total: Up to 920 FC
  • 30-Day Total: Up to 3,930 FC

Since Fortune Coins can be redeemed at a rate of 100 FC to $1 (USD), once you’ve won a minimum of 2,000 FC to redeem them for gift cards and 5,000 FC to redeem them for cash prizes, you’ll have the possibility to redeem your 30-day total for $39.30 – after you’ve played them at least once.

The only caveat is that you have to log in every day; miss a day, and you’ll end up back on “Day 1”.

#2 Zula Casino/Sportzino

Coming in with a tie at second place are Zula Casino and Sportzino.

These two sister sites each offer a login bonus of 1 SC each day you log into your accounts and manually claim your bonuses.

  • 7-Day Total: Up to 7 SC
  • 30-Day Total: Up to 30 SC

Once you’ve played your Sweeps Coins at least once, they become “Redeemable”. Win at least 50 SC to redeem them for cash prizes and gift cards at a rate of 1 SC to $1 (USD).

#3 Stake.us

Stake.us offers a daily login bonus of 1 Stake Cash per day. You must manually claim this bonus in your “Wallet” under “Account Bonus” each day you log into your account.

  • 7-Day Total: Up to 7 SC
  • 30-Day Total: Up to 30 SC

Once you’ve played your Free Stake Cash 3x and won at least approximately 50 SC in gameplay, you can redeem it at a rate of 1 SC to $1 (USD).

The total amount you need to win to redeem it is based on the form of cryptocurrency you choose as your redemption method.

Sweepstakes Casinos No-Deposit Bonus

Sweepstakes casino no-deposit bonuses are perks a player obtains for simply signing up to the casino without making a purchase or payment of any kind.

These promotions are an excellent opportunity for social gaming operators to attract new members and pamper regulars. As for players, this type of bonus enables them to enjoy casino-style action with free Gold Coins (GCs) and free Sweeps Coins (SCs); the virtual token that gives you a chance to win real cash prizes.

If you'd like to learn more, stay with us on this page covering no-deposit deals at sweepstakes casinos.

What Is a Sweepstakes Casino Promo & How Does It Work?

Sweepstakes casinos want to keep their players happy and engaged. One way to achieve this goal is through promotions and pampering.

Simply put, any GCs or SCs (also known as Sweeps Cash) you get for free represents a sweepstakes casino promo. It's fair to mention that there are various types of promotions. Some come as a registration no-deposit bonus or a first purchase bonus, while some are ongoing deals, and others are seasonal or limited-time offers.

Depending on the offer, expect to get the sweepstakes casino promotion automatically when clicking one of our Claim Now buttons or links, or upon entering a specific code (if applicable).

For instance, you will automatically get 5,000 GCs and free 2.3 SCs as a sign-up no-deposit bonus at Pulsz Casino.

Promo Code vs Bonus Code

Some social casinos use the term promo code, and others use bonus code.

Please note that these two are the same thing. Both represent a string of letters and/or numbers that activate no-deposit bonuses.

You won't always need a code to get your bonus. Most casino-style platforms credit your free SCs automatically when you join or verify your account.

If a promo/bonus code is necessary, we will clearly state this and always highlight any codes you need to claim social gaming promotions

All Free Sweeps Cash No Purchase Casino Bonuses July 2024

A sweepstakes casino no-deposit bonus, also called a no-purchase bonus, or free sweeps cash,is something you get completely for free and sometimes on various occasions. The most popular type of no-purchase promo is the registration one.

Expect to get it as soon as you sign up with the social gaming site. Sometimes, you may enter a promo code or visit the site through an exclusive link to qualify for the promotion.

Sweeps casinos also give no-deposit bonuses through their social media profiles or newsletters. Logging into your account daily or mailing a free SCs request are additional ways to get a no-purchase bonus.

No-purchase bonuses often come in the form of free Gold Coins and/or free Sweepstakes Coins (and sometimes go by other names depending on the operator).

Sweeps Casino Free Sweeps Coins (no deposit bonus) Visit

Signup to claim 180,000 GC + 8 FREE Sweeps Coins

Zula Casino

Signup to claim 10 FREE Sweeps Coins and 100,000 FREE Gold Coins

Stake.us Signup to claim $1 a day in free Stake Cash Claim
Chumba Casino Signup to claim 2,000,000 Gold Coins + 2 Sweeps Coins Claim
Fortune Coins Signup to claim 140,000 Gold Coins + 500 Fortune Coins Claim
Crown Coins Signup to claim 100,000 Crown Coins + 2 FREE Sweeps Coins Claim
SweepSlots Signup to claim 5 Sweeps Coins Claim
Pulsz Signup to claim 5,000 Gold Coins Claim
WOW Vegas Signup to claim 250,000 WOW Coins + 5 Sweeps Coins Claim
LuckyLand Slots Signup to claim 7,777 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins Claim
McLuck Casino Signup to claim 7,00 Gold Coins + 2.5 Free Sweeps Coins Claim
High 5 Casino Signup to claim 5 Free Sweeps Coins & 600 Free Diamonds Claim
BetRivers Signup to claim up to 1,000 virtual credits every day Claim
Funzpoints New players get 250 premium Funzpoints Claim

Other Types of Sweepstakes Casino Promos 

Sweepstakes casinos work on the no purchase needed concept. In other words, you don't have to purchase tokens to play. There are always some no-deposit deals for you to claim and play.

There are also other great promos to take advantage of. You will see daily log-in promotions in addition to the traditionally generous welcome bonus. Here's a breakdown of the other types of sweepstakes casino no-deposit offers and what makes them special.

Free SC After First Purchase

SCs are the cornerstone of sweepstakes casinos. They are the only currency you can redeem for cash prizes or gift cards. One thing special about them, you can't directly purchase them.

You must've noticed by now that playing is also possible with GCs, and you can purchase those.

So, how do you get free Sweeps Coins? Operators often have special Gold Coin offers; some of them give you discounts and better value for your money and come with Sweeps Coins.

Let's take the first purchase offer at WOW Vegas. When new players purchase the $9.99 deal, they get 1.5 million WOW Coins and 30 free SCs.

Free Gold Coins

Most of the social gaming action happens with Gold Coins. This virtual currency has no monetary value but serves a good purpose, enjoying casino-style games.

Without such tokens, you can't partake in the action. So, it's always good to get them for free, and operators deliver in this regard. Free GCs come on various occasions, including upon registration, upon daily log-ins, when referring friends, and so on.

Existing User Promos

Existing player no-deposit promotions are reserved for users who have registered and verified their accounts (email verification). Some promotions require players to take an action to get free coins and others enroll or award players with free coins automatically.

I'll start with the automatic promos.

The best automatic promo is the daily login bonus. Only 11 sweeps casinos offer a daily login bonus, but it's actually incredible because you can get over $200 worth of free sweeps coins to play with every month (Over $2,400 per year if you're counting).

I login to at least 5 sweeps casinos every day because they each award 1 free SC, so it's like getting $5 in free play every single day ($150 a month isn't bad). Here's a table of the 11 sites that give you free SC every day you login. (Some give free SC every 4-8 hours).

Casino Daily Free Sweeps Coins
Sportzino 1
Zula Casino 1
Stake.us 1
Chumba Casino 1
Fortune Coins 100 (1 Value)
CrownCoins 0.4
SweepSlots 0.3
Pulsz 0.3
WOW Vegas 0.3
LuckyLand Slots 0.3
McLuck Casino 0.2

Daily & Weekly Promotions for Free Sweeps Coins

The other kind of promo that you get automatically is participation in giveaways & loyalty programs. These are very different on every site and change weekly or even daily. Some of the giveaways/daily promotions require you to enter a promo code, and in limited cases you have to make a purchase to enter. This is all normal, you may be familiar with it from traditional online casinos.

Refer-a-Friend for Free Sweeps Coins

The existing user promo that requires you to take an action every time is the refer-a-friend promo. As it sounds, you must invite friends using a unique link. I've done this on Stake & they've given me 5% rakeback on all play from the people I've refered which can add up to a ton of free SC.

Finally, I must mention the main-in offers, which give free Sweeps Coins for every letter you manually mail in. Each operator provides specific instructions on how to get free SC this way. Each review we write on OddsSeeker contains a section where we explain how to get free SC with this mail-in method.

Sweeps Cash vs Gold Coins

When you join a social and sweepstakes casino for the first time, you'll notice two types of coins.

First, you'll see the Gold Coins, which have no monetary value. They are usually the main playing token and are handled in large numbers. Many sweepstakes no-deposit bonuses promote offers, including 5,000 or 10,000 GCs. It's possible to play casino-style games with GCs and to purchase more such tokens if you want.

Then, you will notice the Sweepstake Coins. Sweeps Cash or Sweepstakes Coins are the only way to redeem a cash prize at social casinos. You can never purchase them. You may only get them for free through various no-deposit offers. Due to their nature, they come in modest amounts of 0.2 SCs or 1 SC.

Social gaming platforms let users switch between the two playing modes easily. If you want to spin with Sweeps tokens and possibly collect more of them, make sure to activate SCs gameplay.

How to Choose the Best Sweepstakes Casino Promos

The world of sweepstakes casino promos is amazing, rewarding, and versatile. Deciding what offer to claim may give you a headache or two; especially if you've never done it before.

In this section, we'll list and explain what to look out for when comparing social gaming promotional deals.

We'll specifically focus on choosing no-purchase bonuses further down on this page. Make sure to check that section, as well.

Types of Promotions

Always see if there are various promotion types available. Once you use up the first purchase deal, you want other sources of free tokens.

Do many bonuses give SCs? You can redeem only SCs for cash prizes. So, see if the operator has plenty of bonus opportunities that provide free SCs.

Are High-Payout Games Excluded?

Some social gaming sites protect their interests by imposing game restrictions when playing with free SCs. If you can't take advantage of high-RTP games, you may want to play elsewhere instead.

Are the Promotional T&Cs Clear? 

We strongly believe that all promotional T&Cs must be easy to understand, even for first-time players. If it seems like the operator's imposing complex rules, there must be a catch.

Do Purchase Offers Include SCs? 

You can never purchase SCs. However, some social casinos give free SCs to those who will purchase GCs. Do you tend to make such purchases often? If so, it's smart to focus on operators that throw in some free SCs along the way.

How to Get Free SC Coins No Deposit Bonuse

This is the basic way to get free SCs at social gaming operators:

  1. Visit the brand you like through the links on this page.

  2. Initiate and then complete the registration process.

  3. See if the no-deposit bonus has already been credited.

  4. If necessary, click the "Claim" button somewhere on the screen.

Claiming a Daily Log-in Deal

  1. Visit the sweepstakes casino you've previously joined.

  2. Log into your account by entering your username and password.

  3. Either claim your daily log-in bonus or see the free tokens automatically appear in your account.

Claiming a Mail-In Freebie

Most operators have guidelines on how to claim mail-in freebies. Please refer to their Terms & Conditions for details.

Claiming Refer-A-Friend Free Coins

  1. Visit and log into the social gaming platform.

  2. Go to your account section.

  3. Select the refer-a-friend option.

  4. Invite friends by entering their email addresses.

  5. Alternatively, copy your unique link and send it to your friends.

  6. Once all requirements are met, you'll get your free GCs or SCs.

What Sweepstakes Casinos Have a No Deposit Bonus?

You don't have to bother with doing research and analyzing dozens of social gaming sites to decide where to play. We're here to guide you with our expertise and knowledge on the topic.

We've listed the best sweepstakes casinos for players right now. Learn more about them and their no-deposit offers to see which one is your favorite.

High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino is a trusted brand that has been around since 1995. This social casino gives newly registered members through our link a no-purchase bonus of 250 free GCs, 5 free SCs, and 500 free Diamonds.

When you purchase your first GCs, expect to get between 2-515 free SCs as an additional treat. A daily log-in bonus alongside various tournaments is available, too.


McLuck Casino

McLuck Casino is a new addition to the already attractive social gaming scene in the US. It welcomes new users with 7,500 free GCs and 2.5 free SCs.

You can also take advantage of a first-purchase deal of $9.99. It will get you 50,000 GC & 25 free SCs. Log into your McLuck every day to receive 5,000 free GCs and 0.25 free SCs.



The newest sweepstakes casino that just launched at the beginning of 2024 is Sportzino, a one-stop shop for casino games and sports predictions.

New players can get a Sportzino no-deposit bonus of 150,000 Gold Coins and 6 FREE Sweeps Coins. There’s also a generous first purchase off for 1,350,000 Gold Coins for $19.99, plus 35 FREE Sweeps Coins.

Promotions for existing players include a daily login bonus and a refer-a-friend bonus.


Zula Casino

One of the newest sweepstakes casinos to hit the market in 2023 is Zula Casino. This Fortune Coins and Sportzino sister site has a library of over 350 games.

New players can even get a no-deposit bonus at Zula of 10 FREE Sweeps Coins and 100,000 FREE Gold Coins. There’s also a first purchase promo for 250,000 GC for $2.99, plus 10 FREE Sweeps Coins.



Another sweepstakes casino to hit the scene in 2023 is CrownCoins. New players can get a CrownCoins no-purchase promo for 2 FREE Sweeps Cash.

Though there isn’t a first purchase promo, existing players can get a daily bonus, which increases each day you log in. On day one, claim 5,000 Crown Coins; on day seven, claim 40,000 Crown Coins and 1.5 FREE Sweeps Coins.


Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins joined the market in 2021, and it's still building a name for itself among American and Canadian users. Fortune Coins is the sister site to Zula Casino and Sportzino which also launched in 2023.

When you sign up for a new player account, you can get a Fortune Coins no-deposit bonus of 4,300 in FREE Fortune Coins. There’s also a first purchase offer for 20,000,000 Gold Coins for $10 (normally $50!), plus 5,000 of FREE Fortune Coins.

Promos for existing players include a daily bonus of 30,000 Gold Coins and 100 FREE Fortune Coins, a refer-a-friend program, and Fortune Coins tournaments.


WOW Vegas

Play over 400 casino-style games and claim various no-deposit bonuses at WOW Vegas. When you join the site via our link, you will get 8,500 free WOW Coins and 4.5 free SCs just for signing up. Complete your first purchase of $9.99 to buy 1.5 million WOW Coins.

The operator will give you an extra 30 free SCs as a thank-you note. We're pleased to report that the no-purchase pampering continues with daily log-in offers and weekly promos.



Stake is a massive brand in the online gambling industry. American users have the pleasure of playing at its social gaming platform Stake.us, which currently operates in 45 states.

Join Stake.us using the code ODDSSEEKER, and you will get 10,000 free GCs and 1 free SC. Besides the Stake no-deposit bonus, you can claim 10,000 free GCs and 1 free SC through daily log-ins.


Pulsz Casino

Feel the social gaming heartbeat at Pulsz Casino. This recognizable brand rocks a charming design and 250+ casino-style games. When you complete its registration process, expect to see 5,000 free GCs and 2.3 free SCs added to your account.

An excellent deal is available for your first purchase at Pulsz Casino. For $19.99, you get 362,000 GCs and 30 free SCs for good measure.


Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts Games comes with a fun twist, members support charities when they play on this social gaming platform. The site operates with Coins and Redeemable Coins (RCs). You can redeem RCs for a digital gift card or for a cash prize through PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Paper Check.

Use the exclusive code ODDSSEEKER to get 4,000 free RCs. Moreover, when you spend $10 at the site, the operator will give you another 10,000 free RCs.


NoLimitCoins Casino

As part of the NoLimitCoins no-deposit bonus, newcomers simply need to sign up to receive a whopping 100,000 free GCs! This deal lets you dive into their diverse game selection right away without any risk but doesn't include any SCs.

If you decide to make a purchase, NoLimitCoins sweetens the deal further. Spend $19.99, and you'll receive an additional 200,000 GCs along with 2,000 free SCs!



An engaging social gaming platform, you can get an exciting Funzpoints no-deposit bonus. Upon signing up, all new players who will fill out their profiles get 250 free Premium Funzpoints (PFs). These come in addition to 1,000 free Standard Funzpoints (SFs). Use these tokens to play various games on the platform.

With the "Double Your First Purchase'' deal, users receive $20 in Funzpoints bonus credit. It's also possible to get free PFs through Boosters, Mystery Gift Prizes, and the unique Funzone.


Chumba Casino

Chumba is another leading social casino that offers a significant no-deposit bonus for American players. On signing up with the Chumba Casino no deposit bonus, the social casino presents an impressive gift of 2,000,000 free GCs and 2 free SCs. On your first purchase, you will get $20 off and pay only $10 instead of $30.

This deal gets you 10,000,000 GCs and 30 free SCs. Chumba has excellent games, unique bingo jackpots, and daily log-in promos.


LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Slots is a top-rated social and sweepstakes casino where you can engage in exciting and fun games completely risk-free.

When you first sign up, the LuckyLand Slots no-deposit bonus will give you 7,777 free GCs and 10 free SCs, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure. On your first purchase, LuckyLand Slots offers a discounted $4.99 deal to buy 50,000 GCs and get 10 free SCs along the way.


Best No Deposit Bonus Sweepstakes Casinos

As you can see, you have plenty of quality options to choose from. You don't even have to join only one sweepstakes casino. Instead, you can test out a few options and use their no-deposit offers along the way.

In our opinion, the following brands are the best no-purchase bonus social and sweepstakes casinos for US players.

#1 Stake.us

Stake.us is a massive brand and has exceptional service. Add the exclusive code ODDSSEEKER (10,000 free GCs and 31 free SCs) to the equation, and you get a winning combo.

#2 Fortune Coins

With our exclusive ODDSSEEKER code, you get an impressive no-purchase bonus of 380,000 free GCs and 1,400 free SCs. Fortune Coins also has referral bonuses, daily log-in deals, and other bonus opportunities.

#3 WOW Vegas

WOW Vegas has a massive free sign-up bonus of 8,500 WCs and 4.5 SCs. Its first-purchase deal is equally impressive, plus the brand offers plenty of other ways of getting free SCs.

How to Choose the No Deposit Bonus

All the no-deposit offers can be confusing if you are new to the world of social and sweepstakes casino bonuses. Each comes in different amounts, and let's not forget T&Cs that affect other segments of using the deal.

In this section, we're helping you choose smartly by providing you with all the necessary details surrounding no-deposit promos.

Game Availability

Playing the games you like is the main point of social gaming. Choose no-deposit bonuses that let you spin the reels of your favorite slot, for example.

Wagering Requirements

It's best for the bonus not to have any playthrough requirements. If there are some, they should be low and between 1x and 5x.

Access to Cash Prizes or Only Gift Cards?

Please note that not all social gaming platforms support redeeming SCs for any prizes. Also, sometimes it's possible to get gift cards only. Check this aspect to see if it suits your expectations.

Redeeming Policies

How many SCs do you need before you can redeem them? How long does redeeming take? Pick operators with policies you find acceptable.

Payment Methods

Handling your finances easily is vital. So, before even joining a no-deposit Sweepstakes casino, see if it supports your preferred payment method.

For example, Stake.us uses only cryptocurrencies.

The Best Way to Use a Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonus

Further down in this article, we explain how no-deposit bonuses at sweepstakes casinos differ from bonuses at real money casinos.

Due to the nature of social gaming, these promotions come with fewer limitations and requirements. So, players have more freedom to play what they like instead of what makes the most sense statistically.

Still, we'll list some tips that are helpful to any casino game player alongside some specific advice for sweepstakes casino action.

Focus on High RTP Games

Higher RTP games are always your best shot at seeing better long-term outcomes. When playing with free SCs, stick to the slots and table games with the payout rates closest to 100%.

Use SCs on Progressive Jackpots

You will need a minimum number of SCs before redeeming cash prizes is possible. Hitting a progressive jackpot is one way to collect lots of SCs at once.

Play Eligible Games with Free Tokens 

While game restrictions are uncommon, they do exist. If there are banned games for free token play, make sure to avoid them.

Test New Releases with GCs

If you want to try new games, test them with GCs instead of spending your valuable SCs on them. Use your Sweepstakes tokens only on games you like.

Stick to Games with Low Minimum Bets

If you have only a few SCs, we advise you to play games that accept small bets. For example, 1 SC will last you 10 spins with 0.10 SC bets and only five spins with 0.20 SC bets.

Best No Deposit Bonuses for Sweepstakes Casino Games

Sweepstakes casino offers come with little to no restrictions. That's why we advise you to play the games you like. In any case, here are some tips on what casino-style games are the best choice when using free tokens.


Online slots have excellent return-to-player rates, rewarding features, and big jackpots. That makes them a smart choice for no-deposit bonus play. Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play is a solid slot game with an RTP of 96.01% and a jackpot feature.

European Roulette

While Americans may prefer American Roulette, European Roulette is the better option. This variant has a house edge of 2.70% and plenty of different wagers. It lets you take higher and lower risks. It's possible to place your tokens to cover half the numbers or try to guess a single winning number.


Blackjack traditionally has high payout rates and minimal house edge. Any of its variants would be a reasonable pick. Just take the time to analyze strategy tables and learn the best moves for specific hands.

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is often listed as the best video poker variant when odds come into the picture. Hitting four-of-a-kind on this game comes with double the payout of standard Bonus Poker.

No Deposit Promos Restrictions

Those of you who have ever claimed a no-deposit bonus at real money casinos may immediately think of restrictions. At such gambling sites, bonuses often come with expiration dates, maximum winning amounts, and high wagering requirements.

As social gaming sites are much simpler, their bonus rules are simpler too.

Usually, you won't see any game limitations, and any free GCs or free SCs don't expire. Maximum winnings and maximum bets while wagering a bonus aren't a thing, either.

What Is Game Contribution Percentage?

The wagering contribution percentage reveals the share of every wager that goes towards the wagering requirements. This segment is essential for real money online casinos where table games traditionally contribute 5% or even 0%.

When talking about social and sweepstakes casinos, however, it doesn't play a big role. Many social gaming operators don't even have this restriction, and all their games contribute 100% towards wagering.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you must play through your no-deposit bonus tokens. Social casinos use this requirement to ensure players use the bonus rather than simply redeeming it for a prize.

We're happy to say that most casino-style operators impose low requirements of 1x or 2x the bonus.

So, let's say you get 3 SCs, and the wagering is 2x. You must play six coins (3 SCs x 2x wagering) to clear your bonus.

Are Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonuses Worth It?

Yes, no-deposit offers at sweepstakes casino sites are 100% worth it. You don't risk or pay anything to receive them, and they often give you free GCs and free SCs. With your no-deposit bonus tokens, you can play and potentially win enough SCs to claim a cash prize.

Where Are Sweepstakes Casino No Deposit Bonuses Available?

Generally speaking, sweepstakes casino no-deposit bonuses are open to players across the United States, except for Washington and Idaho residents (there can be other exceptions that depend on the operator).

Additionally, those in Canada can also play at sweepstakes casinos and obtain these bonuses except for those residing in the Province of Québec.

How to Use Sweeps Cash for Real Money

Sweepstakes casinos often have two playing modes, one with Gold Coins and another one with Sweepstakes Coins. The latter are the ones players get to redeem for cash prizes. However, the standard playing mode is usually in GCs.

To enable SCs gameplay, you must manually switch it on. Expect to see a toggle button at the top of the screen. Each click on it should change the mode from GCs to SCs and vice versa.

Once SCs mode is enabled, you will play with and win SCs.

As soon as you have enough SCs for redemption, you can redeem them for a cash prize.

How to Redeem Your Sweeps Cash Winnings?

If you want to learn how to redeem Sweeps for a cash prize, it's fair to assume that you've had a lucky run. Good for you!

Before getting to redemption, though, let us first mention a few things to keep in mind.

First, to redeem SCs for a prize, you must meet the minimum number of coins. For example, at Chumba Casino, you can redeem a minimum of 100 SCs. If you have fewer than 100, you can't redeem anything.

Some social and sweepstakes casinos also impose wagering requirements on SCs. Expect a low requirement of 1x or 3x playthrough. In any case, you must meet this condition before trying to redeem SCs for a gift card or cash prize.

If you haven't done your verification, that's another step you'll probably need to complete.

We also want to remind you to check that all information you've provided is accurate. Even the smallest mistake may result in you losing the right to redeem a prize.

Once all bases are covered, you can proceed to redeem your SCs following this step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into your account at the chosen social gaming site.

  2. Visit the cashier section and click on the "Redeem/Redemption" button.

  3. Enter the number of SCs you want to redeem, no lower than the minimum allowed.

  4. Follow the screen instructions and fill out any necessary fields.

  5. Confirm the redemption request.

  6. Wait for the operator to either send you your cash prize or gift card.

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