How to get Free Sweeps Coins by Mail

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Updated: June 19th 2024
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At sweepstakes casinos, there are several ways you can get FREE Sweeps Coins, including through welcome bonuses, login bonuses, daily spin-the-wheel promos, and Gold Coins purchase promos.

But one of the easiest ways to get them is by sending request envelopes by mail to sweepstakes casinos.

This method of entry is available at every sweepstakes site and offers anywhere from 2 SC to 5 SC per request. The best part is that at many of these sites, you can send as many requests as you can possibly write.

Find out how to write letters to sweepstakes casinos and how many FREE Sweeps Coins you can get with each request.

How to Send a Sweepstakes Casino Mail-in Request

To send a sweepstakes casino mail-in request, you’ll need to have an open account that’s in good standing. You also need to have completed all know-your-customer (KYC) verification checks.

If you’ve completed these steps, request FREE Sweeps Coins from each sweepstakes casino using instructions similar to the ones below:

  1. Complete all KYC verification checks.

  2. Fill out a request card (or piece of paper, depending on the sweepstakes casino) with the requested information – more on this later in this article.

  3. Place the card or paper in an envelope (usually a #10 envelope, but again this depends on the sweepstakes casino).

  4. Write the requested information on the outside of the envelope.

  5. Make sure you’ve only placed one request in each envelope.

  6. Mail your envelope/request card to the provided address.

  7. Once your request has been received and processed, your FREE Sweeps Coins will be available for gameplay.

Though you may not get as many FREE Sweeps Coins by sending just one mail-in request as you would by accepting a free sweeps cash casino no deposit welcome bonus, it’s an easy way to increase your balance.

How Often Can You Do a Mail-in Request?

This depends on the sweepstakes casino. Technically, you can send in as many mail-in requests as:

  • You can possibly handwrite the requests.

  • A new mail-in request code is generated.

The two biggest barriers to completing mail-in requests are that the request needs to be handwritten with a very specific statement included – and you need to get a computer-generated mail-in request code at some sweepstakes casinos.

Here are the number of requests you can send for the following sweepstakes casinos:

  • Chumba Casino: New codes refresh every 5 minutes

  • Pulsz Casino: New codes refresh every few minutes

  • Zula Casino: Only 1 request for every 5 business days

  • New codes refresh every 5 minutes

  • Fortune Coins: Only 1 request for every 5 business days

  • McLuck Casino: New codes refresh every few minutes

Why Do Sweepstakes Casino Mail-in Requests Exist?

Under sweepstakes game laws, no purchase is necessary to participate.

With traditional sweepstakes (for example, the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes game), you can either get entries by purchasing goods or by requesting the entries; with sweepstakes casinos, you can get FREE Sweeps Coins by purchasing Gold Coins, daily login bonuses, no-deposit welcome bonuses, and mail-in requests.

You cannot purchase FREE Sweeps Coins. If you could, it would be considered gambling.

This is why sweepstakes casinos must – by law – offer the option to request FREE Sweeps Coins by mail-in request.

Benefits of Sweepstakes Casino Mail-in Requests

Though it takes time and patience to fill out mail-in requests, you can relatively easily get more Free Sweeps Coins by completing these requests.

Some of the main benefits of sweepstakes casino mail-in requests include:

  • Get more FREE Sweeps Coins

  • No need to buy Gold Coins to get FREE Sweeps Coins

  • Potentially easier to get FREE Sweeps Coins by mail than through login bonuses

  • More FREE Sweeps Coins means more ways to win

  • Potentially redeem FREE Sweeps Coins for cash prizes

Best Sweepstakes Mail-in Opportunities

Some of the best sweepstakes mail-in opportunities can be found at popular sites, including Chumba, Pulsz, Zula, and

Here are some of our favorites – and how many Free SC you could get at each one.

Chumba Casino

At one of the most popular social casinos, Chumba Casino, you can request 5 SC per every mail-in request.

This social casino requires you to include a computer-generated Chumba postal request code and new codes are generated every five minutes or so – meaning you could conceivably get over 250 request codes per day.

FREE Sweeps Coins are usually credited to your account within a few weeks, though it could take longer if Chumba is processing a lot of requests. The amount of time it takes to get credited also depends on what state you live in.

The best part? You don’t even need a Chumba Casino promo code to send a mail-in request.

Once your Free Sweeps Coins are credited to your account, use them to play games, such as slots and table games. Chumba has a 1x playthrough requirement, meaning you’ll need to play Free SC once before they can be redeemed for prizes.

Essentially any Free Sweeps Coins won in gameplay are redeemable for cash prizes or gift cards, once you’ve hit the minimum threshold of 100 SC.

Pulsz Casino

Another sweepstakes casino offering 5 SC per mail-in request is Pulsz Casino.

Similar to Chumba Casino, you need to include a computer-generated postal mail-in code with your request. Codes refresh every few minutes, so you could conceivable get over 250 codes per day.

According to Pulsz’s website, your Free Sweeps Coins could take up to 3 months to be credited to your account.

You need to play Free SC once before they’re eligible for redemption, and you need to win a minimum of at least 50 SC to redeem them for gift cards and 100 SC to redeem them for cash prizes.

Zula Casino

Zula Casino also offers 5 SC per mail-in request.

The only difference between the mail-in program at Zula Casino and the ones at many other sites on this list is that you can only send one request every five business days – or once a week.

This means that you could only potentially get around 20 SC per month with sweepstakes casino mail-ins at Zula.

FREE Sweeps Coins are usually credited within six weeks of mailing your request.

Once your account has been credited, you’ll need to play Free Sweeps Coins once before they become Redeemable Sweeps.

The minimum redemption threshold at Zula is 50 SC to redeem for cash prizes.

Players can get 5 free Stake Cash per written request by sending a request card to the provided address.

New codes refresh approximately every five minutes, so you could potentially get more than 250 codes per day. sweepstakes mail-in requests are processed in the order they are received. But they will only process one request per 24-hour period.

Free Stake Cash must be played 3x to satisfy playthrough requirements. Any Stake Cash won in gameplay does not need to clear playthrough requirements to be eligible for redemption.

The minimum amount of Stake Cash you need to win to trigger a redemption depends on the cryptocurrency you want to use. Yet, you can usually redeem at a minimum threshold of 50 SC.

There’s also a small fee of around 5 SC to redeem, but the exact amount depends on your chosen cryptocurrency.

Fortune Coins

Players can get 500 Fortune Coins by sending a request to the address provided.

You don’t need a code to make your request, but you can only send one request every five working days – just like at Zula Casino.

FREE Fortune Coins should be credited to your account within six weeks.

The playthrough requirement on Free Fortune Coins is 1x. You need to win a minimum of 2,000 FC to redeem them for gift cards and 5,000 FC to redeem them for cash prizes.

Free FC can be redeemed for prizes at a rate of 100 FC to $1 (USD).

McLuck Casino

McLuck Casino will send 4 SC for every request you send by mail.

You’ll need to get a request code at McLuck, and your code will refresh every few minutes.

It could take up to a whopping three months for your Free Sweeps Coins to be credited to your McLuck account.

Once your account has been credited, you’ll need to play Free SC once before they’re eligible for redemption.

You only need to win a minimum of 10 SC to redeem them for gift cards, but you’ll need to win a minimum of 75 SC to redeem them for cash prizes.


You can send a sweepstakes mail-in request to Sweeptastic to get 5 SC by mail.

Sweepstastic doesn’t mention on its site how many requests you can send – and since it halted its request code program, which generated codes every few minutes, there’s no way to know how many requests will be honored each day.

It’s also unclear how long it will take for your account to be credited.

Sweeptastic has a 5x playthrough requirement and some games don’t contribute toward these requirements.

You need to win a minimum of 100 SC to redeem them for cash prizes.

Sweepstakes Envelopes

Before you can send your request for FREE Sweeps Coins, you’ll need to follow very specific instructions to fill out your envelope. Requests that don’t meet the minimum requirements will be voided and discarded.

Most sweepstakes casinos require you to place your written request in a #10 envelope. Then, you’ll need to handwrite the address.

You may also need to include other information on the envelope, including your:

  • Return address

  • Sweepstakes account number or username

  • Mail-in request code

Sometimes sites also require you to include specific words or phrases on the envelope. You must also write this information on a specific part of the envelope.

Then, mail your envelope through USPS.

Writing Letters to Sweepstakes Casinos

Before writing letters to sweeps casinos, you’ll need to find out the requirements.

Each site requires different information to be included on your card or paper – though most casinos have similar requirements.

Some sweepstakes casinos state that you must write on a card; others mention that you can use a card or a piece of paper. It’s important to only write on one side of your card.

Common information that must be included when writing letters is:

  • Postal request code

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Return address

You’ll find that most sweepstakes casinos want you to write this information on the top-left-hand corner of the card but double-check just to be safe.

It’s also important to include your name and address as it’s printed on your government ID and that information is also the same in your sweepstakes casino account. Your email address must also be the same one associated with your account.

You’ll then need to handwrite a statement on the card. The statement Chumba requires you to include is:

“I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Chumba Casino. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by Chumba Casino's Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

Sweepstakes Casino Postal Request Code

Some sweepstakes casinos require you to include a postal request code on your card and/or your envelope.

According to sweepstakes casinos, the primary reason to use these codes is so they can more effectively and accurately process your request.

Codes come in all different lengths. For example, the Chumba postal request code is 12 digits, while the Pulsz postal request code is 13 digits long.

To get your postal request code, you’ll need to follow similar instructions to the ones below:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Sweeps Rules’ or a similar link.

  3. Find the instructions on how to send a request.

  4. Click “Get Request Code” or a similar-type button.

  5. Click “Get Request Code” on the next page.

  6. Complete the CAPTCHA verification.

  7. Write down your code.

You can only use each postal request code once, so don’t share it with anyone. Codes expire (usually around the three-month mark after requesting one).

No one else can use your code, and you could get banned from the site if you share codes with anyone.

Troubleshooting Sweepstakes Casino Mail-in Requests

A lot of players complain about not getting Free Sweeps Coins credited to their accounts and find themselves frustrated waiting for that credit.

If you’ve sent in a few mail-in sweepstakes requests – or even if you just want to avoid potential headaches down the road – here are a few ways to troubleshoot issues and potentially avoid them altogether.

Some of the most common “don’ts” when it comes to filling out a sweepstakes casino mail-in request include:

  1. Not Following Instructions - If you don’t follow the instructions included in the sweepstakes casino mail-in requirements, you won’t be credited.

  2. Writing Illegibly - It’s up to you to write legibly so that the processing team can easily understand it. Make sure your handwriting is easy to read.

  3. Failing to Write the Entire Statement Correctly - Each sweepstakes casino requires players to handwrite a statement that must be copied exactly as it appears on the instructions. Check to see that you’ve written it verbatim.

  4. Using an Incorrect/Expired Request Code - Requests with incorrect and/or expired codes will be discarded. Be careful to copy the correct code onto your request and mail it in as soon as possible.

  5. Not Using the Correct Card or Envelope - Sweepstakes casinos include specific instructions on the types of cards and envelopes you use. You must follow these if you don’t want your request voided.

  6. Using Someone Else’s Request Code - Codes can only be used by the account used to create them. If you use someone else’s request code or they use yours, your account could be closed. Play it safe and only use codes associated with your account.

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