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Editorial Process & Standards

Our Goal

OddsSeeker seeks to better the online gambling industry by creating more transparency for people interested in betting & gambling online. We publish news and information about the regulated online gambling industry in order to give players more control and confidence in their choices on where to spend their time and money.

We create honest reviews of online casinos, sportsbooks, and the promotional offers that they use to attract customers to help people cut through the marketing noise and understand the true value of the offers advertised.

All content on OddsSeeker.com is intended for audiences 21 and older. We take responsible gambling seriously - please see our resources on gambling addiction for more information.

Our Commitments

  • We operate in full compliance with US State and Canadian provincial laws 
  • We hold a valid, current registered vendor’s license in all states which require it based on our working relationship with gaming providers in each state
  • We work with experienced journalists that have a deep knowledge of the gambling industry
  • We promote responsible gambling & provide resources about problem gambling
  • We publish only articles that have been fact-checked by at least one of our Editors; Frank Weber or Alicia Butler
  • We source information as directly as possible, from employees or representatives of the companies we cover, from industry experts, or from Government Regulating Body Employees
  • We will issue corrections as rapidly as possible if any information is found to be incorrect
  • We will do our best to keep our evergreen pages current

Our Process

We write online casino and sports betting operator reviews, news articles on the latest in all things sports, and tips on how to score the best online gambling promotions. We even cover a few land-based casinos and sportsbooks to boot.

All of our reviews and editorial content are unbiased and honest based on our decades of experience in the US and European markets. We combine the research experience of our journalists, with the iGaming industry experience of our executive team with responses from direct interviews with the operators themselves along with individual consumer reviews. And if we’re being really honest here, we also strive to be just a little bit entertaining in our reviews too.

OddsSeeker.com is an advertising-supported news publication. In some cases, if you click a link or use a promo code found on OddsSeeker.com, then sign up to that platform, we may be compensated by that company. To see how we make money, read our advertising disclosure here.

  • Research: Our writers and contributors spend hours researching and understanding the needs and problems of those in the iGaming market. We pull data and information from credible, verified sources, including the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, and other government agencies. When applicable, our team includes the perspectives and insight of experts in the field. 
  • Write: We take the time to write understandable and engaging content that answers the questions of our readers. Every author on the OddsSeeker has experience breaking down complex topics and adhering to strict guidelines on plagiarism and fact-checking. 
  • Edit and revise: All posts are fact-checked and copy-edited. Once a blog post or report is published, we revisit each piece regularly to ensure all information is up-to-date and relevant. 

Our Team 

Our team is made up of over a dozen writers, editors, copy editors, fact-checkers, journalists, betting strategists and enthusiasts, and sports writers.

We have checks and balances in place to ensure we’re getting it right. Meet the team here.

Our Reviews

Finding honest, trustworthy online gambling information can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Now that online betting is legal in some form in more than two dozen states, it seems like everyone has an opinion on the best betting platforms. From games like slots, poker, blackjack, and more, finding the casino games you love has never been easier — or more overwhelming.

Finding an online casino or sportsbook that offers good payouts, promos, bonuses, payment and withdrawal options, and seamless customer service isn’t easy. And it seems like most online gambling review sites only care about promoting a small subset of operators.

So in addition to our sports and betting articles, we also review all the best online casinos and sportsbooks. We only review legal and licensed operators; platforms that offer good promos, and a good selection of games.

Along with using the apps and websites ourselves, we also consider third-party reviews to ensure we have a holistic view of user experiences.

We’re here to offer unbiased opinions on the best online casinos and sportsbooks. We also realize that our experience doesn’t represent everyone’s, which is why we consider other users’ reviews, too.

Legit, Legal, Licensed Operators

We think that it’s sad we need to come out and say it, but we only review online casinos and sportsbooks that are licensed and verified in the states and provinces in which they operate.

We don’t promote offshore casinos and sportsbooks, and we work hard to verify every platform is regulated by a state governing body. In addition, we actively warn readers against using offshore platforms and the dangers of handing over their money to entities that fall outside the governing bodies of the U.S. state / Canadian Province, and federal legal systems.

Best Promos

Nearly every casino and sportsbook online offers welcome bonuses and ongoing promos. But which ones offer the best promos?

Because we know most readers care about snagging a great deal before handing over their personal information to any online casino or sportsbook, we break down every welcome bonus offer to demystify gambling signup bonuses - we calculate the theoretical Value of every promotion, so you can see what it’s really worth, in theoretical dollars.

We weigh promos against payouts, wagering requirements, and customer service ratings. Because a good promotion isn’t worth your time if it’s too difficult to use & convert to cash that you can withdraw.

We only recommend online casinos and sportsbooks that offer the best welcome bonuses and fair wagering requirements.

User Reviews

We happen to know a lot about online casinos and sportsbooks. And we realize that an editorial team’s biggest strength could also be a massive blindspot if we don’t do due diligence.

That’s why we take user reviews into account in all of our gambling reviews. Just because we’ve had a great experience with a gambling platform doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t. One user’s experience cannot represent everyone’s, which is why we scour user reviews before making our recommendations.

Not every online casino and sportsbook is perfect. In fact, even the best gambling platforms could use a little improvement from time to time. And nothing will ever change if we don’t state the facts.

If we see a pattern in a platform’s negative user reviews, we call it out. Plain and simple.

User Experience

Game selection, generous promos, and fast and easy payouts don’t mean a thing if a platform’s site is unusable.

User Experience matters so much to our reviewers. A platform can have the longest list of online casino games, but what good is that if you can’t find them because of a poorly constructed virtual lobby?

We take note of the user experience offered by each online casino and sportsbook. If a site is difficult to navigate or uses too many clashing colors or headache-inducing graphics, we make note of it in our review.

Does the site have load time issues? Does it crash consistently? Is geo-tracking software easy to use and accurate?

Betting online is supposed to be fun and easy!

Game Selection

We take both game quantity and quality into account in our reviews.

Not every online casino — especially the newer ones — will offer a long list of games. But do they offer a good selection of popular and exclusive games? Can you play these games at any online casino or do you need to open an account at this casino?

Just a few game categories we look for include slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. We also check to see how many live dealer games are offered by each casino we review.

For sportsbooks, we look for the top sports betting events, such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. But we also check to see if the platform offers betting on niche sports, special events, and more.

We also look at each sportsbook’s betting types. Does it offer mostly moneyline betting? What about parlays? Live event betting?

Customer Support

The question is never, will something go wrong? Even the best online betting platforms will experience a hiccup from time to time.

But how well do these platforms deal with issues when they inevitably arise?

We consider each platform’s customer support channels in our reviews. Just a few of the channels we expect to see offered by real money online casinos and sportsbooks include email, chat, phone, and FAQ pages.

We also consider user customer service reviews. If a platform consistently receives poor ratings for customer service, we make note of that in our review.

And if an online gambling platform goes above and beyond to help, we’re so happy to share that information with our readers.


Yes, we gamble because it’s fun. But we also do it to get good wins we can actually cash out!

If you can’t easily deposit or withdraw money into your online casino or sportsbook account, it can sour your experience.

We check to see which online platforms have the most streamlined payment and withdrawal processes — and which ones need to do a little refining.

Does a platform offer plenty of payment options, including credit and debit cards; ACH, wire transfer, and e-checks; paper checks; cash at the casino cage; Play+ cards; and more?

How easy is it to withdraw winnings and holdings? Are there plenty of options to do so? How long does it take for your funds to hit your bank account?

Our Writers

We at OddsSeeker carefully recruit and vet writers and editors who share our vision for unparalleled online gambling content.

Our writers have backgrounds in sports writing, gambling, and journalism. Our editors carefully read reviews to ensure they pass our rigorous standards. Our entire team is experienced in online research and fact-checking.

Accuracy and Reliability

Our team personally researches, edits, and fact-checks all information on the site to ensure accuracy and reliability.

We only cite information from reliable resources and publications. We cross-check any information we publish to ensure you have the most reliable and up-to-date info available.

Up-to-Date Information

The online gambling and sports betting industry changes so fast, and it’s not easy for consumers to keep up!

That’s why we continue to monitor any changes in the legal online gambling industry, including the legalization of online betting in states across the country.

We also keep up with changes in ongoing welcome bonuses and promos, ensuring we offer the best in the business.

OddsSeeker Voice and Style

One way we seek to stand out in the sea of online gambling reviews is through our voice and style. Unlike a lot of sites, our copy is clear, consistent, and friendly.

We want you to find our content on search engines, but we don’t use practices like keyword stuffing to do so.

You can count on us to provide information that’s as entertaining as it is informative. We would never want to slog through some of those online gambling articles out there, and we don’t expect you to do so, either!

Our editors also check to make sure our content is inclusive. You won’t find ableist, sexist, or racist content on our site. Our team is made up of a diverse bunch of betting nerds that just want to share our love of all things gambling and sports - and we’re minority-owned!

We’re in this for more than just clicks!

Ask Us Anything!

Find something inaccurate, offensive, or otherwise questionable on our site? We’re always trying to better ourselves, and we welcome questions, constructive criticism, and feedback.

Please reach out to us (day or night) and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have a moment to stop obsessively checking last night’s scores.

Our editors are available at [email protected] or you can mail us here:


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