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When you see the seal, you’re safe to play
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Get a FREE $2.50 Credit & a $20 Bonus on your first purchase when you sign up. Play online slots & casino games for real cash prizes at Funzpoints! Available in the US (excluding Washington State and New Jersey) and Canada.

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About Funzpoints Casino

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    Funzpoints Sweeps Casino Overview

    Funzpoints Casino is a social online casino that gives you the opportunity to play for free and ramps up excitement for online slot players. In addition to free play, you have access to premium online slots, i.e. a chance to win real money with your premium Funzpoints. 

    Similar to other ​sweepstakes casinos (such as LuckyLand Slots and Chumba Casino), Funzpoints is a casino site that offers new players sign-up benefits, casino bonuses, deposit matches, jackpot prizes, loyalty programs, and more. No promo codes are usually required to take advantage of these bonuses and offers. 

    Funzpoints reviewers love the Premium Access Mode that allows you to enjoy gameplay totally ad-free. There’s also an opportunity to access the trophy room as a VIP member. 

    There are two kinds of Funzpoints, including Free and Premium. With the free Funzpoints, you can play for free and with the premium Funzpoints, you can win real money.

    When you go to the Funzpoints website, you can instantly create a new account to get access to the page. Upon creation of your new account, 1000 Funzpoints and $2.50 credit are added to your account. Furthermore, they have a matched bonus feature, where you can receive up to $20 in addition to daily sweepstakes and weekly promotions. This will definitely keep you coming back for more and entertained for hours together. Be sure to monitor their website and Facebook book for more offers, promotions, and jackpots.

    Funzpoints Casino is a legal platform abiding by the US lottery and sweepstake laws. You can access their site and play games if you are:

    • Located anywhere in the US (except Washington)

    • 18 years or older

    So be rest assured that if you win, your winnings will be paid to you in full and on time since their use reputed and secure payment partners.

    Why Play at Funzpoints

    • Spin the Funzwheen every three hours (add up to 10,00 points to your casino account)

    • Matched Bonus up to $20 on your first deposit

    • Funzpoints No Deposit Bonus: $2.50 site credit + 1000 Funzpoints

    • Daily Jackpot ($1,000)

    • 96.5%+ payout which is extremely high (available on 24 slots)

    • Weekly promotions

    • Free play available with a chance to win cash prizes

    Funzpoints Sweeps Casino Snapshot


    Funzpoints Sweeps Casino


    US and Canada



    Minimum Deposit


    Accessible Devices

    Desktop, iOS, and Android browsers

    No Deposit Bonus

    $2.50 FREE

    First Purchase Bonus

    Up To $20 FREE

    Live Chat


    Deposit Methods

    Credit Cards, Debit Cards

    Withdrawal Methods


    Minimum Withdrawal


    Who Can Play at Funzpoints?

    Anyone over the age of 18 that is residing in or visiting the U.S. and Canada can play at Funzpoints! The major exception to this rule applies to residents of Washington State and New Jersey--Funzpoints is not legal for operation in these states.  

    The Washington State Gaming Commission declared all types of online gambling illegal in the state (though you can visit casinos in person in the state of Washington). The state has maintained extremely strict online gambling laws, so most residents choose to opt-out of online betting (though there are some sites that claim they can be legally used in the state).

    Residents of Washington State can also play casino games online legally — as long as they don’t pay to play, bet money, or accept cashouts from such websites. Essentially, online gambling is just for fun in the state (and not for money).

    New Jersey also has somewhat stricter laws when it comes to online gambling. While online gambling (for fun and for money) is legal in the state of New Jersey, players can only legally play for money at sites with headquarters or affiliations with casinos in New Jersey itself. 

    If you’re worried about the legality of online betting in your state, you may want to check the online gambling laws where you live.

    Funzpoints: Create a New Account

    Since you will not be able to browse the website without creating an account, follow these steps to start enjoying yourself at the Funzpoints Online Casino:

    1. Go to the website Funzpoints Sweeps Casino

    2. Click the register button and fill in your information: email address, name, and password.

    3. Once you go through the terms and conditions, you will receive a confirmation email.

    4. Upon confirmation, you can begin to play at the Finzpoints Casino.

    5. Ensure you collect your $2.50 free site credit and 1000 Funzpoints once you log into the account after confirmation. 

    6. When you make your first deposit, you are entitled to receive a match bonus of up to $20.

    7. Every 3 hours, feel free to spin the Funzwhell and collect more Funzpoints

    8. Keep an eye out on your Facebook page for daily/weekly promotions.

    9. The minimum single bet is 10 Funzpoints.

    10. The maximum single bet is 500 Funzpoints.

    11. You can cash when you have over $20 USD via the ACH method.

    Funzpoints Exclusive Bonus Codes

    After you create your new account with Funzpoints Online Casino, you will have the opportunity to collect two kinds of bonuses. 

    • $2.50 free site credit (250 free spins)

    • Up to $20 matched bonus when you have the first deposit.

    There is no bonus code needed. However, players have to purchase fixed amounts, i.e.

    • $4.99

    • $9.99

    • $19.99

    • $49.99

    • $99.99

    Funzpoints Rewards

    Funzpoints has so many wants you can get rewards and avail of more points. Let’s look at the three main ways, including boosters, the Funzone, and mystery gift prizes.


    It is important to note that only some boosters are available in standard mode while all are available in premium mode. They can appear at any time when you play leading to more opportunities to win Funzpoints.


    Funzpoints reviewers love the Funzone, as this is a wonderful chance to gain more points. Once you complete a level, you will be redirected to another Fuzone screen. Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities offered. 

    Mystery Gift Prizes

    Funzpoints Casino offers these Mystery Gift Prizes where you can gather free Funzpoints. It is set up in a way that these points are added to your account to enhance your gaming experience at any given time.

    Funzpoints Promo Code

    No promo codes are necessary to play at Funzpoints! Simply sign up for a new user account to take advantage of all the new member bonuses, prizes, and rewards. Keep checking back for holiday bonuses and other ways to win big with Funzpoints sweepstakes. 

    Funzpoints Holiday Bonuses

    There are so many promotions/bonuses to be enjoyed at Funzpoints, not to forget the Holiday Bonuses and Sunday Funzday. Funzpoints Casino treats every holiday (big or small) as an opportunity to offer its players more fun chances to win cash prizes or rewards. 

    Follow the Funzpoints Facebook page for updates on the latest bonuses. The holiday bonuses are as follows:

    • Standard holiday bonus is a 3x bonus on premium Funzpoints purchases.

    • Sunday Funzday bonus offers a $5 bonus on the first premium points purchase of the day. 

    Funzpoints Holiday Days

    • Valentine's Day (Feb. 10 - Feb. 14)

    • St. Patrick's Day (Mar. 16 - Mar. 17)

    • March Madness (Mar. 30 - Mar. 31)

    • Easter (Apr. 19 - Apr. 22)

    • Mother's Day (May 12)

    • Father's Day (June 16)

    Funzpoints Casino: Daily Sweepstakes Jackpot - $1,000!

    To keep you coming back for more, Funzpoints offers 100 players a chance to partake in a $1,000 prize share. Let’s look at the breakdown:

    • 10x$20 cash prizes
    • 20x$15 cash prizes 
    • 30x$10 cash prizes
    • 40x$5 cash prizes 

    Want to earn more tickets that can be used for the daily jackpot draw?

    • Stay tuned to their Facebook page

    • Keep playing games either in the Standard/Premium mode

    Funzpoints Casino App

    There is no app currently available to download from the App and Google Store. So although its main functionality is the desktop, you can still play at Funzpoints Casino on your iOS and Android devices — just via your smart device’s browser instead of through an app. 

    Funzpoints Casino No Deposit Bonus

    When you register at Funzpoints Casino, you do not need a bonus code. As a welcome bonus, they add $2.50 to your account as well as 1000 Funzpoints so that you can start playing immediately.

    What’s more? Funzpoints reviewers love that every three hours you have the opportunity to spin the Funzwheel and earn more bonus points. This is basically Free Money. So keep an eye out for these notifications and take advantage of them for your benefit.

    Funzpoints Games

    Funzpoints Casino offers unique slot games some of which are exclusive to the casino. You can either choose to play in the Standard mode or the Premium mode, which gives you a chance to convert your points into real money.

    Standard Mode

    • Win real cash prizes from daily jackpot draws

    • Play sweepstake games for free

    • Some game wins paid out in credits/tokens

    • Restricted selection of games including booster games

    • Pop-up ads

    Premium Mode

    • Winnings can be paid out in real cash

    • Jackpot draws with cash prizes

    • No ads

    • Access to all casino games including booster games

    If you decide to make a purchase of $4.99 (or up), you will get access to being a VIP player. A VIP player can access all games at the Funzpoints Casino. There are about 25+ slots available. There are new games that are added every month, so be sure to look out for them. Let’s look at some of the slot titles available:

    • Buffalo Plains

    • Safari Thunder

    • Criminal Cash 

    • Keno

    • Enchantress Luna

    • The Java Cafe

    • Voyage Of The Vikings

    • Kongo’s Adventure

    • Bonbon Bash

    • Paintball Keno

    • Maximo The Magnificent

    • Start Your Engines

    • Buckaroo Bronco

    • Chase The 8s

    • Game Of Crowns

    • The Big Dive

    • Barnyard Frenzy

    • Chillin' While Grillin'

    • Scatters In Space

    • Gold Rush Pete

    • Warriors On Wheel

    Funzpoints Casino VIP Program

    A Funzpoints Casino you become a VIP member as soon as you make a purchase of $4.99 and above. When you make a purchase at the Funzpoints Casino, you not only earn Premium Funzpoints but also bonus perks and booster games. These booster games are tied to specific amount packages. Let’s take a look at it:

    • $4.99 unlocks 1 additional Booster game

    • $9.99 unlocks 2 additional Booster games

    • $19.99 unlocks 3 additional Booster games

    • $49.99 unlocks 4 additional Booster games

    • $99.99 unlocks ALL Booster games

    Funzpoints Casino Payments

    When you are making purchases at Funzpoints Casino, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure. The acceptable methods of payments (credit/debit cards) at the Funzpoints Casino are: 

    • Visa

    • MasterCard

    • Discover

    In addition, you can use your winnings to purchase Funzpoints from your Funzwallet. Note that you will not be able to use these purchases for any Premium Funzpoints.

    Funzpoints reviewers love that you aren’t required to spend any money at this social casino. You can play for free and with the daily promotions and sweepstakes offered and get a chance to win Funzpoints. Although you can play restricted games, you can still have fun.

    If you decide to purchase packages, this is how the points will be converted to: 

    • $4.99 = 1,000 standard funzpoints plus 500 premium funzpoints

    • $9.99 = 2,000 standard funzpoints plus 1,000 premium funzpoints

    • $19.99 = 4,000 standard funzpoints plus 2,000 premium funzpoints

    • $49.99 = 10,000 standard funzpoints plus 5,000 premium funzpoints

    • $99.99 = 20,000 standard funzpoints plus 10,000 premium funzpoints

    Funzpoints Casino Withdrawal Options

    Funzpoints Casino’s cash-out process is quicker than most of the online casinos. Firstly, the minimum amount you need to have in your casino account or Funzwallet is $20. As soon as you reach this amount, you can transfer it via ACH to your account (no additional charges will be applied).

    The processing time is quick and takes approximately 6-24 business hours to process the request and for the money to be transferred to your bank account.

    Funzpoints Casino Customer Support

    Funzpoints reviewers always mention how easy it is to contact customer support through Facebook or email. The easiest way to contact customer support at the Funzpoints Casino is through Facebook. You can either comment on one of their posts or reach out to them via messenger. You can also email [email protected] and will get a response within 1-to-2 business days.