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Golden Hearts Games Casino

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Golden Hearts Games Casino

Editor's Opinion of Golden Hearts Games Casino

Golden Hearts Games is a unique social gaming platform that marries two of my favorite things: iGaming and charitable giving. Not only does this site do something I haven’t seen before, but the quality of its games live up to the hype of its novelty. We scored a sign-up bonus for our readers - right now if you sign up with code ODDSSEEKER you'll get $4 FREE play, no purchase is required. If you spend at least $10 on your first purchase you'll get $10 in FREE PLAY. You can redeem real cash prizes when you lay online slots & casino games at Golden Hearts Games Casino - enjoy!

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Alicia Butler
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Andrew McDermott
🗓 Updated
Aug 23rd 2023

    Golden Hearts Games Casino Hands-on Review

    Founded in Boston, MA, in 2019, this charitable-giving social gaming platform went live in August 2020.

    It’s currently accepting players from all U.S. states (though, account registration requirements and the minimum age to play vary from state to state).

    Golden Hearts Games’ unique charitable giving structure is in part thanks to its partnership with the Givinga Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity. Givinga’s sole purpose is distributing funds to charitable causes in each player’s state (or to eligible national charities), and players can choose one from a list of local 501(c)3 IRS-recognized U.S. public charities.

    As is the case with most social casinos, Golden Hearts Casino allows you to play totally for free (without making a donation), or you can make donations in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 to charities and receive Coins to play casino-style games.

    In this hands-on, in-depth review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about making donations, getting Coins for free, and playing games at Golden Hearts.


    • Unique Charity-Based Social Casino Platform
    • Streamlined & Easy-to-Use Interface
    • Fun Selection of Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, & Scratch Games
    • Daily Free Bonus
    • Live BINGO games


    • Somewhat Limited Number Game Titles
    • Limited Support Options

    My Objectives for This Review

    In this Golden Hearts Casino review, we’ll cover game selection, new player promotions, and ongoing promotions, user experience, and the platform’s unique charitable giving structure.

    While there is no app for smart devices, we’ll talk about the mobile site’s usability (and whether it stacks up to its competitors’ mobile gaming experiences).

    We’ll also do an in-depth review of the games available at Golden Hearts (spoiler alert: slots and scratch games reign supreme here) and review the overall quality of games, including graphics, sounds, special features, and more.

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    What Is Golden Hearts Casino & How Does It Work?

    Golden Hearts is a sweepstakes casino that blends iGaming with charitable giving.

    Get Coins for free or by donating to local 501(c)3 IRS-recognized U.S. public charities. Play casino-style games like slots, blackjack, bingo, and scratch-offs.

    Unplayed Coins cannot be redeemed for prizes, but Redeemable Coins (which you can win during gameplay) can be exchanged for gift cards and real cash prizes, once you reach the minimum threshold.

    When you need more Coins, request them for free, spin the Daily Bonus Wheel, refer friends, win them in gameplay, or choose a local charity to donate to. Once you have enough Redeemable Coins, you can exchange them for prizes.

    Is Golden Hearts Casino Legit?

    While Golden Hearts hasn’t been around as long as some of the other social casinos we’ve reviewed, it was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and venture investors, who have a track record in the mobile gaming and media industries.

    Its partnership with the Givinga Foundation ensures all charitable recipients are 501(c)3 IRS-recognized U.S. public charities that are in good standing.

    Despite being a newer platform (and being the first social casino of its kind, based on supporting charities), Golden Hearts Games has already:

    • Processed: $20+ million donations

    • Distributed to 59,000+ Nonprofits

    • From 91,000+ Donors

    Can You Win Real Money Playing at Golden Hearts Casino?

    While you won’t play with real money at Golden Hearts Casino, you may exchange Redeemable Coins for gift cards and cash prizes.

    Golden Hearts Games Coins have a value of $0.002 (USD) per Redeemable Coin.

    Golden Hearts Casino Signup Bonus

    Golden Hearts Casino has both a no-purchase and a first-purchase new player signup promo.

    Click the “Claim Now” button, sign up for a new user account, and use the code ODDSSEEKER to claim both.

    No-Purchase Bonus

    Golden Hearts provides $4 free when you use the “Claim Now” button and the code ODDSSEEKER on signup.

    Coins must be played once in promotional games before they can be redeemed for prizes.

    Be sure to get more information about sweepstakes casino no-deposit bonuses and learn the best way to use them before playing!

    First Purchase Bonus

    Golden Hearts also offers $10 free when you spend $10 (minimum) and use the “Claim Now” button and the code ODDSSEEKER.

    Coins must be played once in promotional games before they can be redeemed for prizes.

    Golden Hearts Games is a unique social gaming platform that marries two of my favorite things: iGaming and charitable giving. Not only does this site do something I haven’t seen before, but the quality of its games live up to the hype of its novelty.
    Alicia Butler
    Alicia Butler

    Golden Hearts Games Casino Promotions

    Daily Login Bonus: Existing players can snag a daily login bonus of up to 2,500 Coins every 24 hours by spinning the Daily Bonus Wheel.

    Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Existing players can get 5,000 free coins for every friend they refer who makes a donation.

    There are currently no promotions available for Golden Hearts Games Casino. Find the best gambling promo codes from other operators on OddsSeeker!

    My Golden Hearts Games Casino App Experience

    Golden Hearts doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app, but you can still make donations, play games, and redeem Coins for prizes just as easily on your mobile browser.

    I tried out the laptop and mobile browser experiences and both offered smooth gameplay, sharp graphics, and killer sounds.

    My experience playing Golden Hearts games on a mobile browser was much better than at other social casinos. There was no need to scroll within gameplay; I was able to access features, such as help pages and pay tables without any issues; and toggling between games was a breeze.

    Choosing bet amounts, spinning the slots wheel, hitting “Deal” during a blackjack game, or pressing “Play” to reveal all scratch-off matches on a mobile device was just as seamless on my mobile device as it was on a laptop.

    Simply click the Golden Hearts logo at the top left-hand corner of the screen when you want to play another game.

    Games are organized by type, with slots games mostly at the top of the homepage, card games and video bingo next, and scratch games toward the bottom.

    I was able to claim the daily login bonus each day, prompted by a pop-up.

    In short, there’s really no need for a Golden Hearts Casino app, in my opinion due to how great the functionality is on the mobile browser (though I probably wouldn’t hesitate to click “download” if one were available, either).

    What Makes Golden Hearts Games Casino Different?

    Golden Hearts Games is the first of its kind to marry social gaming and charitable giving.

    Instead of buying Gold Coins, donate money to your charity of choice and receive Coins in return. Play casino-style games with those Coins and win Redeemable Coins, which may be exchanged for prizes, including cash and gift cards to major retailers.

    The best part? It’s not a gimmick. The games at Golden Hearts are just as good as (or dare I say… better than?) the ones you’d find at some of the more established social casinos. Players can look forward to crisp graphics, rewarding sounds, and varied themes here.

    Should You Play at Golden Hearts Casino?

    There really is no other social casino quite like Golden Hearts Games. Just a few reasons you should play here include:

    • New player no-purchase promo of $4 free

    • First-purchase promo of $10 when you spend $10

    • Support your favorite local charities

    • Play slots, blackjack, video bingo, scratch-offs, and live bingo

    • Clean graphics and encouraging soundtracks enhance gameplay

    • Mobile browser gameplay is as seamless as in a laptop browser

    • Win gift cards and cash prizes when you accrue enough Redeemable Coins

    • VIP rewards program makes it easy to earn more Coins and snag more bingo cards, monthly

    The charitable donation platform is reason enough to sign up, but the high-quality games will turn you into a loyal player.

    How To Join Golden Hearts Games

    Golden Hearts makes it easy to sign up for a new user account and log in. Follow these steps to get started:

    1. First, click one of the “Claim Now" type buttons on our site, which will send you to the Golden Hearts Games site.

    2. Click “Join Now”.

    3. Click “Join with Facebook” or enter your information, then accept the terms and conditions.

    4. Verify your account by entering your phone number and requesting a verification code.

    5. Enter any additional requested information, including email verification to finish setting up your account.

    You’re all set to start making donations and play casino-style games!

    Banking Options & How it Works

    Make donations with a major credit card or debit card, and exchange Redeemable Coins for digital gift cards or cash prizes through PayPal, ACH bank transfer, or paper check.

    Cashier options

    Purchases 📤

    Golden Hearts Games accepts all major credit and debit cards including:

    • VISA

    • MasterCard

    • American Express

    • Discover

    Redemptions 📥

    Currently, Golden Hearts Games Redeemable Coins have a value of $0.002 (USD) per Redeemable Coin. You must accrue a minimum balance before redeeming Coins for prizes, including cash and gift card prizes.

    Below is the minimum number of Redeemable Coins you must accrue before you’re eligible to redeem them:

    • PayPal: 12,500

    • Prizeout digital gift card: 12,500

    • Bank ACH: 12,500

    • Paper Check: 50,000

    The following processing times apply to each redemption method:

    • PayPal Payouts: 2 business days

    • Digital gift cards: 2 business days

    • ACH: 5 business days

    • Printed checks: up to several weeks

    Golden Hearts Games Casino Games

    Golden Hearts offers 19 casino-style games including slots, blackjack, video poker, scratch games, and live bingo.

    Some of my favorite games include:

    Cash of the Titans (I love a good game pun) for its comic book-style animation and graphics and dramatic soundtrack.

    King Lootencashins Lost Treasure for its rich illustrations, easily recognizable icons, and satisfying sounds.

    Gem Smash Scratch Game, where you can win up to 25,000 Coins (and never need to wonder why you’ve won or lost, as the system breaks down the results of each round for you.

    Live Bingo games that start every 10 minutes and include a daub feature that automatically checks all your cards for each number (and a “Bingo” button that lights up when you have a winning combination).

    Blackjack is one of the simplest games on the platform: choose your bet amount, click “Deal” and decide whether you’ll play or hold. Satisfying sounds include upbeat ones for wins and gentle ones for losses.


    Golden Hearts Casino offers a grand total of nine slots games, including Cash of the Titans (a personal favorite as mentioned above) and Monster Moolah.

    Table Games 

    Play one old-school blackjack game. Not every sweepstakes casino has blackjack, so happy to see that be an addition to the portfolio.

    Video Poker 

    There is one old-school Jacks or Better video poker game available in the virtual game lobby.

    Scratch Games 

    Scratch games reign supreme at Golden Hearts. There are five scratch games available, including Scratch Poker, Cash Mania, and Scratch Classic.

    Bingo Games

    There is a video bingo game available, but you can also play live bingo games, which start every 10 minutes at :00, :10, :20, :30, :40, and :50. Win a minimum of 5,000 Coins and a maximum of up to 125,000 Coins.

    Bingo jackpots are offered daily.

    Golden Hearts Games Odds

    The return-to-player percentages (RTPs) of games at Golden Hearts Casino were not readily available on the site.

    Rewards System

    Golden Hearts rewards its loyal players with free virtual currency and bingo game cards! Sign up for a subscribe-and-save package to gain access to the following benefits:

    • Golden Hearts virtual currency

    • 32 free BINGO game cards

    These packages renew every 30 days automatically.

    Key Information About Golden Hearts Games Casino

    Golden Hearts Games offers several ways to get in touch with customer service, including the following:

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Zendesk Ticket Support

    • Email: [email protected]

    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    Self-Exclusion & Player Safety

    Golden Hearts Casino doesn’t offer self-exclusion options or information about player safety. Find out more information about responsible play and self-exclusion.

    Where Can You Play at Golden Hearts Games

    Golden Hearts Casino Online Casino is operational in every U.S. state.

    Players must be legal residents to sign up for an account and at least 18 years old in most states; residents of Alabama and Nebraska must be at least 19 years old, and residents of Mississippi and Puerto Rico must be at least 21 years old.

    Does Golden Hearts Have A Sportsbook or Poker Site?

    No, there is no sportsbook or poker site provided by Golden Hearts. If this changes, we will let you know!

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