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    Jackpot.com is the internet’s newest online lottery courier service. 

    Buy your lotto tickets, including Mega Millions and Powerball tickets online. Stop forgetting to buy Powerball tickets until it’s too late, and save time and gas money by buying tickets with the click of a button. 

    We’ve scoured Jackpot.com reviews to find out if this lottery courier service is worth the service fee. Find out if there are any Jackpot.com promo codes and voucher codes, if the Jackpot.com app is worth the download, and if Jackpot is legit. 

    What is Jackpot.com?

    Jackpot.com is a somewhat new way to buy lottery tickets — online

    Instead of going to the grocery store or convenience store to purchase your lottery tickets, you’ll be able to buy them online at Jackpot.com!

    When it’s time to check your winnings, you can do so right on Jackpot.com’s mobile site. Though the platform doesn’t currently offer an app for its users in Europe, it will offer one for players once its USA site launches. 

    Jackpot.com doesn’t take a fee or a cut from your winnings. Everything you win belongs to you! Instead, this online lottery retailer makes money by charging fees for the tickets you purchase. While the tickets themselves cost the same as they would at your local retailer, Jackpot charges a 15% convenience fee to sell lottery tickets online.

    Jackpot.com Promo Code

    Looking for a Jackpot.com promo code? 

    Right now Jackpot.com is offering new users a free lottery ticket when they sign up and make their first purchase! Get a FREE online lottery ticket for the Powerball or Mega Millions when you sign up and make your first purchase! 

    Jackpot.com Voucher Code

    Right now, there are no Jackpot.com voucher codes available, but new customers will get a free lottery ticket when they make their first purchase - this includes either a free Powerball ticket, Mega Millions ticket, or Texas lottery ticket! We hope to see some more vouchers, promos, and existing customer bonuses once this online lottery retailer launches across the country!

    Jackpot.com Ongoing Promos

    Are there any Jackpot.com ongoing promos available for loyal players?

    Right now, we only know that Jackpot.com offers deals on bundles of tickets and automatic re-ups for its European customers. We hope to see something similar for U.S. players once it launches stateside. 

    Jackpot.com Rewards Club

    Right now, Jackpot.com isn’t offering a rewards club. Though it does offer its European users a re-up option to save money on ticket packages.

    Simply sign up for one of these re-up packages, and get deals when you buy several types of tickets at once. 

    Jackpot.com Reviews

    What do Jackpot.com reviews say about this popular online lottery retailer? We’re scouring reviews across the internet to find out how Jackpot.com stacks up against other lottery retailers.

    Find out if Jackpot.com is legit, who regulates online lottery sales in the U.S., if the platform’s user experience makes buying tickets here worth the extra fee, and what types of lotto games you’ll be able to purchase. 

    Is Jackpot.com legit?

    Yes! Jackpot.com has been selling lottery tickets to Europeans for years now. And this Euro-based retailer is moving across the pond, hoping to compete with other online lottery sale sites.

    Because all lottery retailers must be licensed in the U.S. and are regulated by individual states’ lottery commissions, second-hand lottery retailers must abide by state and federal laws. 

    Jackpot.com will need to be licensed and heavily regulated to do so. Yet, it will need to apply for licensure in each state it wishes to operate in. Policies and procedures regarding payouts and handling of tickets will need to be tailored to each state, as the laws regarding online lottery ticket sales are handled locally.

    This online lottery retailer will act as a lottery courier service. The platform doesn’t operate its own lottery; instead, it buys and sells lottery tickets for its users. 

    If you purchase a lottery ticket through the mobile site or app, you’ll be able to see a photo of your physical ticket within your account. Jackpot.com will also be able to cash in your ticket for you in some cases and pay out your winnings directly within the app.  

    You’ll still be able to choose your own lottery numbers because your unique ticket will be tied to your account.

    Jackpot.com is also insured.

    Some of Jackpot.com’s biggest investors include NBA players James Harden and Joel Embiid, as well as NHL star Martin Brodeur. DraftKings CEO Jason Robins has also signed on as an investor. 

    “Frank’s Take”

    Though Jackpot.com has yet to launch stateside, we’re already loving this concept at OddsSeeker!

    Similar to what we expect to be its largest competitor in the U.S., this online lottery retailer will remove some of the inconvenience of buying lottery tickets. 

    The concept is simple: purchase your lottery tickets through Jackpot.com’s convenient app instead of driving to the closest convenience store or supermarket. You’ll have the same freedom to purchase your own numbers (or choose the quick pick option to have the system choose your numbers instead). 

    Jackpot.com even makes splitting tickets easier, too! You can split the price of one ticket or multiple tickets between several users. 

    Of course, this platform does charge a 15% surcharge to make money. Your winnings will never be garnished (you keep everything!). 

    Jackpot.com User Experience

    Jackpot.com reviews so far love the mobile browser’s user experience. It’s easy to find the lottery tickets you’re looking for, ticket purchase options, and ticket packages. 

    Users also love the streamlined homepage, menu options, and payment and withdrawal options. 

    This online lottery retailer offers a long list of tickets, including PowerBall, Jackpot, and quick picks. You’ll also find scratch lottery tickets, as well as other lottery-adjacent games on this platform. 

    It’s easy to get help through customer support, including live chat, email, and direct messages. You’ll also find terms and conditions of use within the mobile site’s footer. 

    How Jackpot.com Works

    The concept behind Jackpot.com is super simple: they go out and buy your lottery tickets so you don’t need to. 

    Simply purchase your tickets online through their mobile site or app and leave the rest up to Jackpot. All you pay is a 15% convenience fee that saves you both time and money in the long run (no need to waste money on gas or leave work early when you forget to buy your PowerBall tickets!). 

    Just log into the app or mobile site, choose your lottery game, pick your numbers (or choose quick-pick tickets), fund your account, and purchase your tickets. Jackpot.com will take care of the rest. 

    Or, you can even pre-purchase packages of tickets so you’ll never miss a big PowerBall prize pot again. 

    Jackpot.com Login & Signup Process

    Buying tickets on Jackpot’s platform is very similar to buying them at your local retailer. It may be even easier, as it may be easier to browse ticket options online than it would be standing in line at a convenience store or supermarket.

    Follow the OddsSeeker link to Jackpot.com

    Click the “Sign Up” button. 

    Create a new username and password.

    Sign up for a new user account by filling in the requested information: 

    • Name
    • Address
    • Postal code
    • Birthdate
    • Phone number

    Fund your account using an approved payment method (see a full list of payment methods below).

    Signing up for a Jackpot account only takes a few minutes. After you create your account, you can fund it and purchase your lottery tickets. 

    Download the Jackpot.com app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

    Buy lottery tickets from the site store; browse the selection by game or ticket type. Pre-purchase ticket packages, or buy them piecemeal. 

    You can choose your own lottery numbers or opt for ticket quick picks. 

    Find out if your ticket was a winner directly in the app! No need to watch the news each night or look up the winning lottery numbers online. Depending on how much you’ve won, you may even be able to collect your winnings directly through the app.

    In most states, a lottery retailer may collect winnings on your behalf and pay them out to you directly within the app on tickets that win under $600. You keep all of your winnings — Jackpot.com doesn’t take a cut. Use your winnings to purchase more lottery tickets, or cash out using one of the approved withdrawal methods (see a full list below).

    State law requires that winnings larger than $600 must be redeemed by the owner of the ticket. You’ll need to collect your winning ticket through Jackpot.com (no worries, all tickets are insured). If you have a big winner, Jackpot.com will let you know how you can claim your winnings.

    Jackpot.com App

    Once Jackpot.com launches, you’ll be able to purchase tickets through its app, which will be available in the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. 

    Jackpot.com App Android

    Download the Jackpot.com app for Android in the Google Play Store once the platform launches. 

    Jackpot.com App iPhone

    Download the Jackpot.com app for iOS in the Apple Store once the platform launches. 

    Jackpot.com Lotto Games

    On its European platform, Jackpot.com sells more than 65 lottery games and virtual scratch cards. These games can be easily found on the Jackpot homepage or in its easy-to-navigate menus. 

    All games, including PowerBall, MegaMillions, Lotto, Jackpot, and scratch-off tickets, can be found in one list — making it easy to decide which game to play. No more stressing out in line at your local convenience store about which lottery game to play!


    Of course, you’ll be able to buy a state Lotto ticket at Jackpot.com once it launches! The cheapest lottery ticket prices will start at only $1 and rise, depending on the type of lottery ticket you wish to purchase. Choose your own numbers or buy a quick pick ticket.

    You’ll need to pay a 15% surcharge on the price of that ticket. 


    You can also buy Mega Millions® tickets on Jackpot.com! 

    These tickets cost twice the amount of regular lottery tickets ($2 for MegaMillions as opposed to $1 for Lotto tickets). But you can win even more with a MegaMillions ticket.

    Just choose five numbers from 1 to 70 and a MegaBall number (1 to 25) to play. Match all six numbers to win!

    Choose your own numbers or buy a quick pick ticket.

    You’ll need to pay a 15% surcharge on the price of that ticket.


    One of the best reasons to use Jackpot.com is to never miss out on the chance to win a Powerball prize again! Forgot to pick up your Powerball ticket? Just buy it in the Jackpot.com app!

    Just choose five numbers from 1 to 69 and a Powerball number (1 to 22) to play. Match all six numbers to win! If no one wins, the Powerball pot continues to grow. 

    Choose your own numbers or buy a quick pick ticket.

    You’ll need to pay a 15% surcharge on the price of that ticket.

    Types of Tickets

    Jackpot.com offers a few different ways to buy tickets to make things even easier, including quick pick tickets and syndicate tickets.

    Quick Pick Tickets

    Quick-pick tickets are tickets with computer-generated numbers. Don’t have any lucky numbers you want to play? Just purchase a quick pick ticket to save time.

    Syndicate Tickets

    Want to share the cost of tickets with another Jackpot.com user? Syndicate tickets allow you to do just that! Go in on tickets with your friends or family members and share the prize pot if you win!

    How Jackpot.com Works

    Need help with your Jackpot.com login or account signup? It’s easy to sign up for a new account with the online lottery retailer. You can do so from anywhere, and all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

    Buy a Ticket

    Purchase a ticket online — just as you would in person. Choose your own lottery numbers or buy a quick-pick ticket. You can even buy a syndicate ticket if you want to pool your money with other players. 

    You’ll get a scan of your tickets in your Jackpot.com account. 

    All the lottery games you’d find at your local retailer should also be available at Jackpot.com.


    Buying tickets at Jackpot.com may even be safer than buying them in person. You don’t need to worry about losing your tickets, as you won’t have them in hand.

    Jackpot.com purchases your tickets for you safely and securely. They’re also stored securely so that you won’t need to worry about your ticket being lost. Jackpot.com also safeguards account information. 

    Jackpot.com Customer Support

    Need help with your Jackpot.com account? Struggling with your Jackpot.com login? You can easily contact customer support to get all your questions answered.

    Not only is help available through live chat, phone support, and email, but you can also direct message Jackpot on its social media channels. 

    Simply head to the “Contact Us” page to get support via:

    Live chat: available from 11:00 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    Email: [email protected]

    Telephone: available from 11:00 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    Facebook Messenger: direct message with customer service 24/7.

    Jackpot.com offers decent response times on its live chat platform. You may not get an immediate response on Facebook Messenger, though your concerns should be addressed within 24 hours on business days. Email responses may take up to 24 hours. 

    Jackpot.com Withdrawal & Payments 

    Buying Jackpot.com tickets through the app is just as easy as it is on any other lottery site! Just add your payment information to the app and start making purchases. Withdraw winnings under $600 directly through the app, too.

    Jackpot.com Payments

    The Jackpot.com EU site offers a long list of payment types. While many of these payments aren’t applicable in the U.S., we can assume to see at least some of these payment types when the U.S. site launches. 

    A 15% surcharge is added to the price of the tickets to pay for Jackpot.com’s expenses. 

    Some of the payment types we may expect to see in the U.S. include:

    Visa and Mastercard

    Neteller and Skrill

    Bank Transfer



    Jackpot.com Withdrawals

    If you’ve won money on a ticket purchased on Jackpot.com, you may be able to withdraw your winnings directly from the app!

    U.S. law dictates that you may withdraw winnings under $600 from third-party lottery retailers. Any winnings $600 and over must be redeemed at high-tier claim centers or Lottery headquarters. 

    Yet, if your winnings are under $600, you can withdraw them quickly and easily! Just follow the below instructions to do so:

    Click on your account (upper right-hand corner).

    Click withdraw.

    Choose your withdrawal amount.

    Choose your withdrawal type.

    Fill in all the required information.

    Click “withdraw”.

    Jackpot.com Winners

    We have yet to see how many winners will buy their tickets at Jackpot.com in the U.S. But we have seen some big winners buy their tickets from this online lottery retailer’s U.K. platform! 

    Jackpot.com FAQs

    Q: How does Jackpot.com make money?

    A: By U.S. law, Jackpot.com must sell tickets at retail price (meaning the price you’d buy them physically, at a convenience store or grocery store). To make money, Jackpot.com charges a 15% service fee whenever you deposit money into your account.  

    Q: What is Jackpot.com?

    A: Jackpot.com is an online lottery retailer. Like your local convenience store or supermarket, Jackpot.com is a verified retailer, where you can buy lotto tickets! 

    Classified as a lottery courier service, Jackpot purchases the tickets for you. Choose your own numbers or opt for quick picks instead. You’ll get a photo of your physical lottery ticket (which will be stored in a safe location). 

    Q: Is Jackpot.com safe?

    A: Yes! Jackpot.com is safe. Lottery couriers are regulated by state lottery laws and must be registered and licensed. These platforms must also abide by certain rules and regulations. 

    Tickets must be safely stored and insured. 

    If you win, Jackpot.com doesn’t take a “cut” of your winnings. You can withdraw winnings up to $599.99 directly in the app, or request your paper ticket and head to your local Lottery headquarters to claim your winnings. 

    Jackpot.com also uses 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your personal information private.

    Q: Does Jackpot.com take a cut of your winnings?

    A: Nope! You get to keep all your winnings. To make money, Jackpot.com simply charges a simple courier convenience fee. 

    Q: How does Jackpot.com make money?

    A: Lottery courier services make money off the service fees they charge on top of the price of the ticket. Jackpot.com charges a 15% fee whenever you deposit money into your account. 

    But because you’ll save time (and potentially gas money!) buying your lotto tickets through an app instead of driving to a local lottery retailer, Jackpot.com is hoping the 15% convenience fee will be worth it.

    Q: Which online lottery is best?

    A: It depends on what you’re looking for! 

    Here at OddsSeeker, we like what we've seen so far from Jackpot.com. We’re excited to see Jackpot.com launch state by state across the US!

    Q: How do I claim my winnings at Jackpot.com?

    A: If you win a sum of less than $600, you can claim your winnings directly in the Jackpot.com app! Just go to your account and hit the “withdraw” button. Choose your payment method, and click “withdraw” to complete the request.

    Jackpot.com 9.8
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