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Editor's Opinion of Luckybird.io

Step into the thrilling world of casino-style games with Luckybird.io, where you can enjoy an exciting and immersive gaming experience from the comfort of your own home. Get FREE Sweepstakes Cash & Redeem Winnings For BTC/ETH/USDT & More!

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Kuthula Magubane
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Darena Rodrigues
🗓 Updated
Sep 18th 2023

    Luckybird.io Hands-on Review

    Luckybird.io launched in 2023 and we're still assessing it's value as a platform & ensuring that the customer service experience is excellent.
    Kuthula Magubane
    Kuthula Magubane

    Luckybird.io Promotions

    There are currently no promotions available for Luckybird.io. Find the best gambling promo codes from other operators on OddsSeeker!

    Key Information About Luckybird.io

    Luckybird Social Casino Review

    Luckybird Casino is the world’s first provably fair sweepstakes social gaming platform that offers a range of exciting casino-style games. This thrilling and innovative gaming casino offers hours of free gameplay with the chance to win FREE Sweepstakes Cash (SC) & redeem winning for BTC/ETH/USDT. This makes Luckybird more than just a gaming platform - it's an opportunity to turn your gaming skills into cash prizes, all for free!!

    Whether you love the adrenaline rush of slots, the challenge of original casino-style games, or the immense gratification of instant wins, it has something for everyone. If you're looking for a rewarding gaming experience, Luckybird Casino is the place to be! And the best part? You can earn Gold Coins or Sweepstakes Cash by participating in various free activities on the platform, which means you can enjoy all the fun without spending a dime!

    Luckybird.io Casino is not just a gaming platform, it's a community of like-minded players from all around the world. You can engage with other players and share your experiences with them through chat. Plus, Luckybird provides various promotions and bonus offers, which means that there's always something new and exciting happening on the platform.

    Want to discover the excitement of social sweepstakes casino gaming? Then read this Luckybird.io review till the end!

    Fly High with Luckybird Social Casino’s Exciting Features

    1. It has two operating modes: the Game Coins mode and the Sweepstakes Cash mode.

    2. Chance to Redeem: Players have the option of redeeming Sweepstakes Cash for BTC/ETH/USDT and many more. However, SC cannot be redeemed until it has been played at least once. The player will receive $10 for each SC 10 they redeem.

    3. It has built an unlimited faucet that enables users to get FREE coins as Luckybird casino’s no-deposit bonus even if they have no balance. More faucet is available for players who are more engaged (share, buy, chat).

    4. Weekly Bonus: Luckybird will provide bonuses to users after their initial purchase and weekly email.

    Player Perks for Joining the Luckybird VIP Club

    Once you have 7000 SC in your account from winnings, you can join the VIP club and enjoy the following perks:

    1. VIP Rakeback

    2. VIP(ultra) speed for Dice

    3. VIP level bonus & exclusive weekly bonus

    State-of-the-Art Affiliate System

    Players can invite friends to earn affiliate commission - more friends, more earnings. Every user they recommend, will earn them commission forever. Depending on their affiliate level, Luckybird additionally offers commission rates of up to 60%. To receive this enticing affiliate commission, they simply need to copy their referral link and share it with their friends.

    Provably Fair Model

    Every game played on the website uses provably fair random numbers generated by the Luckybird random number generator to select the winner. To confirm that the platform did not select random numbers in the casino's favor, the user can fully deterministically verify the results of every game. With this, the platform is prevented from influencing the results in the Casino's favor by adding one parameter—the client seed—to the random number generator's inputs. Each game can request any set of random numbers from a particular client seed, server seed, and nonce using the Luckybird random number generator. The results of every game on Luckybird Casino are determined by transforming this list of random numbers into: Numbers (roulette, dice)

    Luckybird Pros and Cons



    Accepts players from many countries

    Limited choice of game genres

    The unique sweepstakes model

    Supports Bitcoin, Ether, Doge & more

    State-of-the-Art Affiliate System

    Provably Fair Model

    Live chat support is available 24/7

    Getting Ready to Unleash the Unlimited Fun with Luckybird

    The Luckybird Sweepstakes Casino can be accessed on a variety of gadgets, including desktop PCs and mobile or tablet devices. Everything that is browser-compatible.

    It's really simple to install Luckybird sweeps on your smart devices. You can add the app to your home screen on Android devices by selecting "Add to Home Screen" from the menu and after complete your Luckybird Casino login.

    By touching the symbol at the bottom of the screen on iOS and choosing "Add to Home Screen," you may access Safari's "Share" menu. To see the "Add to Home Screen" option, you might need to scroll the menu. To install Luckybird Casino mobile app, visit App Store or App Store to find it.

    Users of Chrome can choose "Install Luckybird" from the browser's menu when using a desktop computer.

    Variety of Games to Play on Luckybird Casino

    Hold your breath, because you’ll be amazed to discover the wide variety of games offered by Luckybird including Slots, Dice, Limbo, Hi-Lo, Blackjack, and more. It offers two main categories of games to choose from: Originals and Slots. Here are a few recently launched exhilarating games:

    Video Poker

    In this quick and easy-to-learn card game, players are dealt five cards and must choose which ones to keep and which to discard. The discarded cards will be replaced with new ones from the deck, giving players the opportunity to build the best hand possible. This Video Poker game features traditional poker hands, such as pairs, flushes, and straights. I am sure you'll have a great time playing and potentially winning big!

    Mermaid Slots

    This exciting slot game has an impressive 97% Return to Player rate. To enhance your gaming experience, it offers three different FREE spin options for you to choose from:

    • 20 free spins with a payout multiplier of 3

    • 12 free spins with a payout multiplier of 5

    • 6 free spins with a payout multiplier of 10

    Try your luck with Mermaid Slots and enjoy the thrill of these free spin options.

    Zeus Slots 

    This fantastic slot machine game features respins, free spins, 50 lines, and 97% RTP. Zeus Slots offers you an exciting and engaging gaming experience with plenty of chances to win big. With respins, you can spin again a single reel to improve your winning combination, free spins will allow you to win without using your own credits, and 50 lines give you a lot of winning combinations.


    This Luckybird Original has a mind-blowing RTP of 99%. Players can choose between classic and advanced modes, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to nightmare.

    How to Acquire Luckybird Sweeps Cash?

    1. You must have an active Luckybird Account in order to participate. A Participant must visit the website and do the Luckybird Casino login to their Account in order to enter and start playing.

    2. An eligible Participant may obtain Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash in one of three ways after they have accessed Luckybird:

    • When purchasing Gold Coins, you may also get a FREE bonus of Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash. Upon purchasing specially marked packs of Gold Coins, each participant is eligible to receive Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash as an added benefit. In Luckybird, game coins can be spent to play social games. Gold Coins cannot be used to redeem rewards. For each appropriate Gold Coin purchase, the amount of Bonus Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash will be specified in the website purchase window. Any and all Gold Coin purchases are final and no refunds will be given.

    • Enter Luckybird FREE giveaway contests on the Luckybird Facebook page to win Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash. Occasionally, Luckybird runs free giveaway contests for Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash, and participants can enter by adhering to the requirements laid out in each contest. To be eligible for entry into these giveaways, the Participant may need to take some action in Luckybird.io. Each contest winner will have their Account credited with the Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash prize amount, which will be specified on the relevant Luckybird sweeps no-cost contest page.

    • By logging into your account and using the faucet, you can get Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash.

    How to Play Games Using Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash?

    1. Luckybird Casino users have access to Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash, which they may use to play games for a chance to earn more Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash.

    2. Only Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash (SC) can be redeemed for actual prizes & cash.

    3. A reward with a value per Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash, which is set by the Sponsor/Promoter at their sole discretion and is subject to change at any moment, may be redeemed for each Luckybird Sweepstakes Cash that has been won through game play.

    4. All decisions made by Luckybird.io regarding the administration and conduct of the Sweepstakes, the game, and the value of awards are final and binding.

    5. The Sponsor/Promoter maintains the right to alter the odds and prize win rates of any Sweepstakes at any time.

    Is Luckybird Legal and Legit?

    Absolutely Yes! Luckybirdpromises 100% to follow the US law and local states' rules, so their customers can play their platform’s games anytime and anywhere using a computer or a mobile device.

    Luckybird.io 9.5
    New Player Offer
    First Purchase Offer
    20.3 FREE Sweeps Cash