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    Virgin Casino is one of our favorite online casinos in New Jersey.

    We love the large selection of online casino games — including slots. Virgin slots are some of the best available in the Garden State. At this real money online casino you’ll find plenty of progressive jackpot slots, penny slots, and more. You’ll even find games with special features, such as wilds, bonus spins, scatters, and more.

    So what are the best slots at Virgin Casino online?

    Right now, we’re loving Starburst, Cleopatra, Guns N’ Roses, and Gonzo’s Quest.

    Download the Virgin Casino app for better gameplay and easy access to your funds and your favorite games.

    Looking for free slots at Virgin Casino? Right now, Virgin doesn’t have a social casino platform or even a way to demo games. But you can extend your gameplay with a refer-a-friend bonus and a cashback bonus.

    Find out if Virgin slots are worth the new account signup, which slot machines are worth your time, and how to maximize your gameplay with new user bonuses.

    Why You Should Play Virgin Casino Online Slots

    There are so many reasons why you should play Virgin Casino online slots. New Jersey’s hottest new online casino is home to some of the most popular slots games off the boardwalk.

    We happen to love the number of popular slots games here, including penny slots, jackpot slots, and progressive jackpots.

    You’ll find games from all of the top developers as well as a few exclusive titles.

    Just a few reasons we love playing slot machines at Virgin include the slots selection and user experience.

    Slots Selection

    For a casino that only has one location in the U.S., Virgin has a pretty good selection of slot machine titles.

    We found some of the most popular slots titles here as well as a few exclusives.

    Virgin has over 300 online slots titles, which we consider to be the “sweet spot” when it comes to online slots lists. Too many more titles and you won’t be able to find the games you’re looking for. Too few titles and you may get bored a little too quickly.

    Just a few of the developers Virgin works with include NetENT and IGT. Some of the most popular titles available right now, including Starburst, Cleopatra, and Gonzo’s Quest are among the top games at Virgin Casino.

    Good User Experience

    Overall, we were pretty happy with the user experience at Virgin Casino — and user experience is super important to us.

    Not only is the design of this site sleek and stylish, but we found the layout of the online casino to be very organized as well.

    The main area where Virgin went above and beyond to make players a little more comfortable on the virtual casino floor?

    The organization of games.

    It was so easy to find the games we love playing the most at Virgin Casino online. All games are organized alphabetically in the lobby, making it a simple scroll to get to the ones we want to play.

    You can also search for your favorite games, using the search bar function.

    We didn’t experience any serious lag times or bugs, which is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to reviewing online slots games.

    What to Know Before Signing Up at Virgin Slots

    Virgin Casino offers a solid user experience and has a long list of popular slot machine titles. But there are a few things you should know before signing up at Virgin slots.

    While we were happy with the overall user experience and collection of slot machine titles, some players may not enjoy the platform’s limited selection of games and its virtual casino floor organization.

    Limited Availability - Virgin Casino is one of the few online casinos only available in New Jersey. If you reside in the Garden State (or can easily travel from a nearby state), you’re in luck. Yet, New Jersey is the only state where Virgin slots may be played at this moment.

    Fewer Slots Titles -  Overall, we were really happy with the number of titles in Virgin’s collection. Yet, it’s important to note that Virgin Casino doesn’t offer upwards of 1,000 titles like some of the bigger-name online casinos.

    We didn’t see this as a downside (it was easier to choose between titles when there weren’t so many unpopular ones to sift through). Yet, some players may prefer longer lists of games to choose from.

    User Experience -  Yes, we cited Virgin’s slot machine selection in our “pros” list. But there is one area where we’d like to see some improvement in this online casino: slot machine categories.

    Most of the online casinos we review don’t utilize enough categories to sort slots titles, and Virgin is no different.

    We’d love to see slot machines organized by category (title, theme, developer, minimum and maximum bet amount, etc.) in the future.

    Virgin Slots Promos

    If you’re new to Virgin Casino online, you may be able to take advantage of two welcome promos. Right now, Virgin is offering OddsSeeker readers a no-deposit bonus and up to $100 cashback on their gameplay.

    No Deposit Bonus: Refer A Friend & Get $50 FREE


    Deposit Bonus: Cashback on your play - Up to $100


    Best Virgin Online Slots

    So what are the best Virgin online slot machines? After hours of gameplay and user review research, we’ve finally made our choices!

    The best slot machines at Virgin Casino have good RTPs, plenty of special features, and don’t cost too much per spin.

    The best slots on Virgin include Starburst, Guns N’ Roses, Gonzo’s Quest, Hell’s Kitchen, and Cleopatra.

    1. Starburst

    Starburst is an old-school classic slot machine with an RTP of 96%. We love the simplicity of this slot machine, which is a testament to the fact that you don’t need tons of bells and whistles to make a great game.

    Click To Play Starburst Slots

    Why you should play Starburst slots at Virgin:

    • Simple gameplay with no complex rules or features.

    • Whimsical symbols and sounds harken back to the Golden Age of gambling.

    • Starburst wild symbols can trigger respins.

    2. Guns N’ Roses

    Guns N’ Roses is a heavy metal-themed slot machine with an RTP of up to 96.98%. If you’re a fan of this classic metal band, you’ll love playing the slot machine inspired by their songs.

    Click To Play Guns N’ Roses Slots

    Why you should play Guns N’ Roses at Virgin Casino:

    • Respins are triggered by landing 1 or 2 stacked wilds.

    • “Appetite for Destruction Mode” is triggered by landing a cross formation of wilds.

    • Bonus rounds are triggered by scatter symbols.

    3. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra is an ancient Egyptian-themed slot machine with an RTP of 95.02%. We love the theming of this popular slot machine as well as its winning potential. Win up to a potential 10,000x your initial bet.

    Click to Play Cleopatra Slots

    Reasons to Play Cleopatra at Virgin:

    • Land 5 Cleopatra symbols and win up to 10,000x your initial bet.

    • Get up to 15 bonus spins in the bonus round.

    • One of the most popular slot machine games of the past decade.

    4. Gonzo's Quest

    Gonzo’s Quest is a Spanish explorer-themed slot machine that offers an RTP of 96%. Travel through the ancient city of El Dorado in this popular penny slot game.

    Click To Play Gonzo's Quest

    Why you should play Gonzo's Quest at Virgin:

    • Win up to 10 free spins and 15x multipliers in bonus rounds.

    • Land scatters in bonus rounds to get even more bonus spins.

    • One of the most popular penny slots available online right now.

    5. Hell’s Kitchen

    Hell’s Kitchen is a Gordon Ramsey-themed slot machine with an RTP of 91.02%. Fans of this reality show will love the slot machine based on the brand. Special features are centered around food, celebrity chefs, and (of course) Ramsey himself.

    Click To Play Hell’s Kitchen

    Why you should play Hell’s Kitchen at Virgin:

    • Win a prize when you land 5 Beef Wellington symbols.

    • Land rows 3, 4, and 5 to get a payout.

    • Special symbols include spicy burgers, signature cocktails, toffee pudding, and more.

    Types of Virgin Slot Machine Games

    Most real-money online casinos offer similar types of slot machine games. The most popular types of games available include progressive jackpot slots, penny slots, video slots, and free slots.

    Discover the different types of slots at Virgin Casino online.

    Virgin Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    Progressive jackpot slots are possibly the most popular types of slots games — especially when it comes to jackpot slots.

    We were pretty happy with the number of progressive jackpot slots offered at Virgin.

    The pots of these slots, unlike standard jackpot slots, continue to grow until someone wins (usually once every 50 million to 500 million spins). The amount you have the potential to win isn’t contingent on your initial bet.

    This means you could win a pretty big pot if you happen to be the lucky winner.

    Virgin offers plenty of both fixed and progressive jackpot slots.

    Penny Slots on Virgin

    Virgin also has a good selection of penny slots.

    Somewhat untrue to their name, penny slots don’t always cost a mere penny. Yet, they cost much less per spin than their high-bet counterparts.

    The minimum bet per spin on these games only costs between $0.01 and $0.40.

    Virgin Casino has plenty of penny slots titles. Yet, you’ll need to check each game’s individual information page to find the minimum bet of each one.

    Virgin Video Slots

    Virgin also has a good selection of video slots, which is a good thing for an online casino.

    Most of the slots games you’ll find at online casinos are video slots. These games offer stunning graphics and animation and exciting sounds. You may not even need to “pull” the lever or push a button to spin the reels. Most of these games offer an autoplay feature.

    Virgin Casino Online Free Slots

    Right now, there are no Virgin casino online free slots in the U.S.

    This real money online casino doesn’t offer a free slots platform or even the ability to play slot machines in demo mode.

    But you can get bonus spins right now if you’re a new player. Take advantage of the no deposit bonus and the deposit bonus to get bonus plays.

    Virgin Casino App 

    The Virgin slots app is the same as Virgin’s regular casino and sportsbook app.

    The Virgin mobile casino is available in the Google Play Store for Android users and in the Apple Store for iOS users.

    Sign up for your new user account by clicking on the OddsSeeker link. Claim your welcome bonus, create your account, and head to the app store to download the Virgin Casino app and start playing.

    Virgin Slots Casino Promos

    Right now, there are two Virgin slots casino promos for new users, including a no deposit bonus and a first deposit bonus.

    No Deposit Bonus: Refer A Friend & Get $50 FREE


    Deposit Bonus: Cashback on your play - Up to $100


    Want even more ways to get free real money online casino promos? Check out our full reviews of the best online casinos in the U.S.!

    Tips and Tricks for Playing Virgin Slots Mobile Casino

    Want to find out how to play slot machines that offer decent payout rates? We’ve got a few tips to help you find the games you love playing the most — and the ones that pay out.

    We can’t guarantee that you’ll win, but we can help you maximize your gameplay while having fun playing slots at Virgin Casino.

    Remember that even playing free games at sweeps casinos can be addicting. Please play responsibly and check out our resources for problem gambling if your gameplay is getting out of control.

    Use Virgin Bonuses

    If you want to try out new games without spending your own funds, take advantage of welcome bonuses. While bonuses aren’t “free” money, they can help extend your gameplay while you familiarize yourself with a new platform.

    Right now, Virgin Casino is offering a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus to new players.

    Just make sure you satisfy all wagering requirements on all promos before trying to cash out your winnings or holdings.

    Play the Highest RTP Slots on Virgin

    Want better odds of winning? Play slot machines with high return-to-player percentages (RTPs) at Virgin.

    Machines with high RTPs pay out more often. If you target machines with RTPs of 96% or higher, you have a higher chance of winning.

    Yet just because a machine reports that it pays out more often, doesn’t mean it pays out big winnings. If you want the potential to win a big pot, try jackpot games.

    Play Jackpot Games

    Jackpot games offer the potential to win bigger pots than the ones offered by standard slot machines. And progressive jackpot games offer even bigger winning potential.

    With progressive jackpot slot machines, your winnings aren’t based on your initial bet. Instead, they’re based on how often the game is played without a winner. The pot will continue to grow the longer it’s played and not won.

    You may also want to target slot machines with special features, such as bonus spins, bonus rounds, and wilds if you want to extend your gameplay.

    Try Other Casino Games at Virgin

    Virgin Casino online has plenty of slot machines. And we happen to love slots!

    But did you know there are hundreds of more games available at this real money online casino? You’ll also find plenty of table games, such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.

    Don’t see everything you’re looking for? To check out a full list of our favorite online casinos, head over to our real money casino page.

    Virgin Slots Frequently Asked Questions

    How many slots does Virgin online casino have?

    Virgin online casino is home to more than 300 slot machines. There are popular titles, such as Gonzo’s Quest, Cleopatra, Guns N’ Roses, Hell’s Kitchen, and more here. You’ll also find jackpot slots, progressive jackpots, penny slots, and more.

    How to play Virgin slots online?

    If you are at least 21 years old and physically located in the state of New Jersey, you may be eligible to play Virgin slots online. Simply use the OddsSeeker link to toggle to the new account signup page, claim your welcome bonus, and start playing.

    How do I cash out on Virgin slots?

    When it’s time to cash out your winnings on Virgin slots, you can do so in your account. Right now, Virgin Casino allows you to withdraw winnings via ACH, cash at the cage, Skrill, or Neteller.

    What's the best slot game on Virgin Games?

    That depends! Some of the most popular slots games on Virgin include Cleopatra, Gonzo’s Quest, Guns N’ Roses, Hell’s Kitchen, and Starburst. But you’ll find a long list of popular games by established developers as well as a few exclusives, too.

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