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B Spot is an online casino where you can play popular slot games as well as place bets on horse races around the world. Sign-up today to earn $20!

Updated May 10th, 2021

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About B Spot Casino

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    Based in Los Angeles, B spot Casino is authorized to supply online race betting in line with state laws and therefore the federal Interstate Horseracing Act.

    In simple terms, this suggests you'll wager on horse races around the world where regulatory permissions allow. Using this, B spot casino has developed a system that permits you to put wagers on selected horse races.

    For example, if you wager $20, their software will split your money among a variety of various bets.

    If you’re not proud of their selections, you'll hit the “reshuffle” button and a replacement group is going to be chosen. Once you’re proud of your race card, you'll lock within the bet. Any returns are going to be credited to your balance.

    B spot also features a variety of real money gambling options like online slots and bingo games. Upon first inspection, these games seem relatively standard. However, once you realize how they work, the aren’t.b spot has found how to link race bets with casino gaming. Whenever you play a game, the results are determined by your race bets. That’s right, a live race.

    Registration At B Spot

    The registration process at B spot Online Casino is fast and straightforward and requires just a couple of pieces of information:

    • Email address

    • Create a password

    • Phone number

    • Promo code (when applicable)

    Also, by creating an account, you're confirming that you simply are a minimum of 21 years aged. After this phase, a verification code is going to be sent to the telephone number you set on the file.

    Upon entering the code, you'll be brought into the casino and can be prompted with the power to use a brokerage account to wager real money if that's something you're curious about.

    How to Open an Account

    • Name

    • Address

    • Date of Birth (to confirm you're 21+ years)

    • Last four digits of your Social Security number (the law requires you to fill out all nine if you reside in New York)

    From here, you'll be asked for extra information and should be requested to contact b spot directly as we were. Once you contact them, B spot could take up to seven days to reply, but it's usually much faster than that – for us, it had been in under 24 hours. b spot will then invite you to upload a replica of your license and possibly even several months of utility bills before contacting you directly via phone to verify additional information.

    Upon satisfying these requirements, you then got to await them to OK the account. For us, it took a couple of days, but that was because our addresses didn't match exactly on our driver’s license and utility bills. it's important that they are doing, which can make the method tons faster.

    B Spot Casino Bonus Codes & Promotions

    At the time of writing, B Spot was running a $20 deposit match promotion for players in certain states. They periodically run other promos for you to avail of also. Check the location to ascertain what b spot has got to offer in your state!

    B Spot Casino Mobile App Experience

    The mobile app at B Spot is sort of nice and is out there for iOS. On the app, you’ll see your balance at the highest of the app, alongside the quantity of cash currently being wagered. Next to the present may be a menu where you'll deposit, view account history, cash out, and more.

    Below that's where the casino games are which will reveal the winnings from your racing wagers. Everything functions well and therefore the animations are alright done, too.

    Android users can play at their mobile website, which is sort of almost like the desktop version, making it easy to modify between the 2.

    B Spot Software

    B Spot has built its platform, which comes fully loaded with games developed by game providers from around the world.

    B Spot Casino Game Options

    B Spot is sort of a singular online casino. The casino games are the main target for the players, but the gambling results are powered by racing. Here is how the concept works. Players buy wager packs in denominations of $10, $20, $40, or $100. Players can simply confirm their bets, or if they need to probe the racing details, they will inspect exactly what track, race, and horse they're depending on.

    The race is chosen for you, but you'll “reshuffle” your wagers before betting and obtain a replacement slate of bets. Once you place your bet, you're getting into a pari-mutuel pool with other players depending on an equivalent race. Player winnings are paid out of that pari-mutuel pool.

    Once the race runs, players get an amount of "Wagers" adequate to the quantity they bet. Those Wagers are the currency you employ to play the games. Buy a $100 wager pack and you'll get $100 in Wagers to play within the games. You then use those Wagers to play any of the casino games in any denomination you would like. Your gambling winnings are going to be revealed as you play the games.

    To put it in simple terms: place a back a race, reveal your winnings during a casino game. Interestingly, unlike a standard casino, with b spot, you are not betting against the house. As a pari-mutuel wagering operator, they earn a fee when wagers are placed. they do not earn anything extra if a player wins or loses a bet.

    Aside from its unique betting hybrid and bonuses, b spot stands out thanks to its selection of games.

    Even though it can’t compete with the likes of Caesars or Tropicana online casinos in terms of quantity, the standard is great.

    B Spot works with developers from all corners of the gaming industry to integrate their games and launch them across the U.S. via the b spot platform. The results are various selections of products that range from the normal to the exotics.

    As you’d expect, online slots top the bill. During our B Spot review, we counted 28 spinners, including Demi Gods II, White Hot 777, and Buffalo Wild.

    Alongside slots, you’ll even be ready to play online bingo. Finally, for something a touch different, arcade games, like within the Black, has you tapping fast to match denominations to reveal a cash prize

    For us, the casino games at B spot made for a refreshing break from the norm.

    We love online hits from the sport creators IGT and Bally. However, it’s nice to undertake something new every once in a while.

    B spot gives you the power to try to do this. Although the library of games isn’t extensive, the location is adding new products all the time.

    Many of the games are exclusive, others are top hits you would possibly see in online casinos from around the world. So, if you’re a seasoned player trying to find alternatives otherwise you want another casino to use in tandem together with your leading gaming site, b spot is ideal.

    Join B spot now and luxuriate in a very unique online gaming experience! Aside from its unique betting hybrid and bonuses, b spot stands out thanks to its selection of games.

    Even though it can’t compete with the likes of Caesars or Tropicana online casinos in terms of quantity, the standard is great.

    B spot works with developers from all corners of the gaming industry to integrate their games and launch them across the U.S. via the b spot platform. The results are various selections of products that range from the normal to the exotics.

    As you’d expect, online slots top the bill. During our b spot review, we counted 28 spinners, including Demi Gods II, White Hot 777, and Buffalo Wild.

    B Spot Online Casino Games

    • Spinners: These are essentially slot games. b spot has 32 titles, including Demi Gods II, Parrots Rock, Golden Bars, Lucky Wild 7’s, and more.

    • Quickies: These sort of work like a scratch ticket. For example, the title Touchdown Tap is three games in one. You must click on the different football jerseys, scoreboards, and footballs on the screen. If you meet the requirements after clicking on them, you win! There are a total of four titles in this category.

    • Arcade: There are two titles here that function as Bingo games, including Primo Bingo and Pixie Riches Bingo. There is also In The Black, which is a fast-paced Match-3 game.

    Alongside slots, you’ll even be ready to play online bingo. Finally, for something a touch different, arcade games, like within the Black, has you tapping fast to match denominations to reveal a cash prize

    For us, the casino games at b spot made for a refreshing break from the norm.

    We love online hits from the sport creators IGT and Bally. However, it’s nice to undertake something new every once in a while.

    B spot gives you the power to try to do this. Although the library of games isn’t extensive, the location is adding new products all the time.

    Many of the games are exclusive, others are top hits you would possibly see in online casinos from around the world. So, if you’re a seasoned player trying to find alternatives otherwise you want another casino to use in tandem together with your leading gaming site, b spot is ideal.

    Join B spot now and luxuriate in a very unique online gaming experience!

    B Spot Payments, Security and Customer Service

    The site uses top-notch industry security protocols.

    The customer service team is available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. PT, seven days every week.

    • Email: [email protected]

    • Phone: 844-462-7768

    • Fax: 503-350-0232

    • Social Media: @bspotgames on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, B spot on YouTube.

    When it involves payments, cash deposits & winnings are held during a cash account at a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured depository financial institution. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any concerns when it involves the security of your bankroll. to form a deposit or withdrawal at b spot, just log in to the location or app and use one among the after form a deposit:

    • FastTrack Cash (online banking transfer using ACH or electronic checks)

    • Mastercard

    • Visa

    • Prepaid/Gift Cards from Visa or Mastercard also are an option

    To make a withdrawal, you email or call the support team together with your request.

    If emailing, use the email related to your b spot account and specify what proportion you’d wish to withdraw from your balance.

    In the future, B spot aims to hurry up the request process by enabling automated withdrawals also as live chat withdrawal requests.

    Player Eligibility at B Spot Casino Online

    To use B spot, you want to be 21 years aged or older and a resident of 1 of their active states. Currently, the active states include Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

    Before you'll start playing for real money, you’ll get to be approved for a brokerage account, which suggests you’ll get to verify your identity by filling out the web application. If they can’t verify you automatically, you'll get to email or call them with additional information. Once that’s done, you’re set to play for real.

    B Spot State Restrictions

    B spot is currently available within the following states. You must be 21 years or older to play:

    • Alabama

    • California

    • Colorado

    • Delaware

    • Florida

    • Kansas

    • Montana

    • Nebraska

    • New Hampshire

    • New Mexico

    • New York

    • North Dakota

    • Ohio

    • Oklahoma

    • Oregon

    • Rhode Island

    • South Dakota

    • Tennessee

    • Vermont

    • West Virginia

    • Wisconsin

    • Wyoming

    While B spot aims to be unique in combining racing with online casino games, opening up casino play to more players in additional states, the method of getting your account found out must be more efficient as people understandably want to enjoy this fun product. Also, having to contact b spot for withdrawing is a smaller amount than optimal, and hopefully which will be addressed as b sport gains in popularity.

    With all of that said, the individuality of its approach is to be applauded and therefore the games offered are enjoyable, and therefore the scratch ticket-like games are fun, too. If you're in a state without legal online casinos and you continue to want to play for real money rather than at an online casino, we recommend giving b spot an attempt.

    Slots Available at B Spot Casino

    Demi Gods 

    Demi-Gods II is one among many slots based around Ancient Greek mythology. Contrary to the title, most of the characters who appear within the game are full gods instead of demi-gods, but that doesn’t detract from the fun setting.

    The base game is about during a cloudy sky and every one of the bonus levels happens in additional exotic locales starting from the depths of Hades to Olympus. On the rosters are Zeus and Ares, alongside a couple of other gods, and even the Wild symbols depict the winged sandals of Hermes.

    It’s an excellent setting fabulously realized. On top of this, there's a panoply of animations. Reels erupt while they spin after a Free Spin symbol falls, graphics fall in 3D from above the screen, and even the backgrounds are given full parallax animations.

    The music is ambient drums that are background enough to not get on one’s nerves once they loop around incessantly and each possible opportunity has been taken to feature some flavor to the sounds made by the symbols and even the various characters. They went all out on the planning for this one.


    The gameplay is varied and fast-paced. With fifty win lines across five reels and therefore the constant chance of random interventions (like the multiplier symbols), there's always something to see and appearance forward to.

    There are several bonuses (see below for details) which all increase the experience.

    Overall this is often a slot with top-quality gameplay and much of it.

    Wilds, Bonuses, and Free Spins

    The key bonus feature in Demi Gods II is that the Free Spin Journey Feature. This is often triggered if you hit three or more Free Spin symbols.

    There are four stages to the Free Spin Journey Feature, and every time you trigger it you progress on to a subsequent stage.

    The first is Hades where whenever you win, a respin occurs moving all the symbols one reel to the proper and spinning up a replacement first reel. this will be retriggered if it leads to another win.

    The second stage is Aphrodite’s Bower where you get 5 free spins. On the primary spin, the entire first reel is wild, on the second spin, the wild reel moves to reel two then on until the ultimate reel.

    Ares’ fortress is where you go once you trigger the free spins for the third time. during this feature, all wilds expand to fill the reel they land on.

    In the fourth and end, Zeus will grant you 4-7 Wild symbols every spin. On top of this, all the High Symbols are removed making the chances of winning higher (although lowering the typical size of your win per line once you do).

    There also are Win Multipliers which will offer you a multiplier that applies to any winnings that you simply have won thereon spin.

    The game features a standard Wild symbol which plays as any symbol except the Win Multipliers and Free spin symbols. Get five during a row and that they disburse 150 times your bet per spin.

    Bet Sizes, RTP, and Variance

    Given how luxurious a slot this is often, it's rather a shame to seek out its rather stingy -- with a vig of fifty the return to player is simply 95%, well below the yardstick we use of 96% as an industry average.

    Due to being a hard and fast 50 win line slot, the minimum back the location we tested was €/£/$0.50 per spin and therefore the maximum an enormous €/£/$500 per spin

    The game is medium to low variance, which suggests you’ll be winning tons of the time, but only relatively small amounts once you do.


    The game is so beautifully designed it's a pity to not recommend it more enthusiastically, except for us, the vig is simply too high.

    But if you're not particularly fussed by this there are worse slots to spend some time on.

    Parrots Rock 

    The Parrots Rock slots game is often found at casinos offering Spinomenal software. Spinomenal is one of the newer software developers within the online gaming market. Alongside many of the smaller casino software providers, Spinomenal focuses heavily on slot games. The House Edge/RTP of the Spinomenal slots games is listed within the paytable for the newer games in their catalog. For the older games, as Spinomenal is partnered with UK licensed operators and therefore the UKGC license requires the publication of this information, RTP figures are often found on numerous casino sites. As such, we all know that the house edge for Parrots Rock is 2.81%.

    Parrots Rock is maybe a 5 reel game that's 3 or 4 symbols high. Reels 1 and 5 are 3 symbols high, whilst reels 2, 3, and 4 are 4 symbols high. The sport uses 30 standard pay lines, playing from left to right.

    Special Symbols

    Wild – The “Gold Disk” symbols are all Wild, substituting for all symbols, aside from Free Spins and Bonus symbols. 5 Wild symbols on the reels can win you a bet multiplier of x150.

    Free Spins – The Free Spins symbol is that of the “Record”. One “Record” symbol on reel 1 and one on reel 5 will trigger the game’s Free Spin feature and earn you 10 free spins.

    Bonus Features

    Mega Symbols – All medium value symbols can come sized 2×2 or 3×3 and may appear randomly, taking over parts of the centre section of the reels that are 3 symbols high.

    • Stacked Wilds – because the reels spin there's a random chance that a Stacked Wild might appear on reels 1 and/or 5.

    • Instant Win – When the reels are spinning there's a random chance that 1 or more bonus symbols could appear and grant a moment win.

    • Prize Box Feature – During the Free Spins there's a Prize Box feature that awards you with either a win multiplier or more free spins.

    The Golden Bars 

    The Golden Bars coin machine is predicated on the normal games you sometimes see in land-based casinos. This game was developed by Joyplay, a corporation that has expertise in many areas, including classic slots. During this game, players will spin well-known retro symbols, including the lucky sevens, bars, and wilds. There are 9 pay lines to win across.

    When you play the Golden Bars slot online, you'll trigger the wild wheel. there's also a multiplier bonus up to 50x which will multiply an identical line win. Look out for the mystery bonus which will appear over any item on reel 3.

    The Golden Bars online slot was developed by Joyplay, a corporation that was founded in 2005. This developer is formed from a team with a few years of experience and that they have developed a variety of products. Many of the Joy play slots appear at the fastest-paying online casinos and there are tons more to return.

    When you play Golden Bars for free of charge or real money online, you'll recognize a number of the classic slots symbols. the bulk of the locations on the reels are crammed with lucky sevens and bar symbols. The highest-paying icons are the multipliers and therefore the wilds. The bars are the lowest-paying symbols during this game.

    Low Stakes for You

    In the Golden Bars coin machine, there are 9 pay lines to bet across. The minimum stake is 0.5 credits and therefore the maximum stake is 1.5 credits. These stakes are relatively low as compared to other mobile slots that we've tried. This was likely done to stay the sport as on the brink of the normal slots as possible.

    This game has medium volatility and is well-suited to players who are keen to stay the stakes low. We were unable to seek out the RTP for this game online. The paytable details all of the payouts.

    Trigger the Mystery Bonus

    In the Golden Bars online slot, there are a couple of bonus features that you’ll want to seem out for. The wild symbol will substitute for the other on the reel to trigger a win. If you happen to show the reel purple during this game, you’ll get a spin on the wild wheel and this will trigger a good larger win.

    In this slot, there's also a multiplier bonus of up to 50x, which can multiply the matching line win. there's also a 20x multiplier on offer during this game.

    While playing the Golden Bars slot online, you'll also trigger a mystery bonus. this will award 7.5 credits and may appear on any item on reel 3. Look out for this exciting feature as you spin the reels.

    Great Games With Traditional Designs

    The Golden Bars coin machine focuses on the classic slots theme, which is immensely popular. Luckily, Joyplay isn't the primary developer to undertake this theme for online slots. If you wish to take a visit down memory lane, then we propose you are trying a couple of more old-school slots that are almost like The Golden Bars game.

    Bar X Magic 7 slot was developed by IGT and is one among many in a games series. This game features a classic layout and a few graphics that you simply might recognize. While playing, you'll nudge the reels and win up to 50x your bet. This is often one to undertake if you wish the bar and lucky seven symbols.

    Another great slot with a classic theme is Bar 7’s by Novomatic. during this game, you’ll get to carry the reels and win some free spins if you're lucky. In Bar 7’s, it is also possible to gamble in beat order to win even more. This is often a standard Novomatic feature that appears in most of their slots.

    The Golden Bars online slot may be a simple game that features a lot to supply, especially for fans of old-school slot machines. The multipliers and therefore the wilds offer a 5000x payout which is extremely exciting. Joy play has created a classic slot without having too many complicated features that might typically appear on modern video slots.

    We really enjoyed playing the Golden Bars slot and think you would possibly too. confirm to offer it a try today at one of our favorite online casinos to ascertain if you'll trigger an outsized payout.

    Lucky & Wild Slots

    Lucky & Wild may be a bright and vibrant video slot by Euro Games Technology which uses touch screen technology to optimize the gameplay for mobile spinners. The sport features a classic theme with a contemporary twist, drawing upon a couple of unconventional symbols that are rendered in stunning 3D detail.

    When it involves the wins on the board, players can hope to be certain of some fairly stunning prizes with 20 pay lines and a scatter symbol jackpot of 80,000 credits. Unfortunately, the coin machine doesn't boast any particularly incredible bonus features, but it does offer some stretching wild icons also because of the conventional EGT gamble and Jackpot Cards game.

    A New Spin on an Old Classic

    When we say that this coin machine features a classic theme, we should always really say that the sport by EGT features a classically inclined theme. That's because this slot does play loose with the visual conventions of true arcade traditions, certainly enough to form coin machine purists consider it as a video slot instead of a pure vintage game.

    However, that may not mention that Lucky & Wild isn't a pleasure to behold, because the 5 reels are nicely designed with 3D graphics and stocked a greengrocer's worth of ripe and juicy fruits, like cherries, oranges, watermelons, and grapes. Other traditionally retro icons within the game include a golden bell, an enormous red lucky number 7, and a star.

    However, the sport also brings a few new symbols into the classic spin-o-sphere, like a four-leaf clover and a golden horseshoe — both of which can hopefully bring some luck to your spins!

    20 Ways to Spin a Winner

    With 20 pay lines permanently placed over the 5 reels, spinners of this game shouldn't need an excessive amount of luck to get on the winning end of a successful spin. All players got to do is line up a minimum of three or more matching symbols from the paytable below, and that they will receive a line bet multiplier prize. The available line bets compute as 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 credits.

    Some Extra Lucky Symbols

    As you'll see, the golden horseshoe symbol in Lucky & Wild acts as a wild symbol, meaning that it'll substitute for all of the opposite icons within the paytable to finish winning lines. that's very lucky indeed!

    There are two icons that can not be suffering from this horseshoe wild, however, and that they are the star and 4 leaf clover. First of all, the star symbol may be a standard scatter icon which will appear everywhere the reels to award total bet prizes worth 5x, 20x, and 200x (this makes for the game's biggest single win jackpot of 80,000 credits if a complete bet of 400 credits is placed). The clover icon, on the opposite hand, could be a bit more interesting. That's because this symbol — which only appears on reels 2 and 4 — will stretch to hide all of the neighboring positions when it appears. Those blocks of clover symbols will then act as wild symbols, potentially offering some absolutely mammoth-sized wins.

    The Usual Egt Side Games

    If you're conversant in EGT software slot machines, then you'll be conscious of the varied side games that accompany every title in their collection — namely a big gamble game and a Jackpot Cards game. The primary of those side games is often initiated by the spinner whenever they find a win which is a smaller amount than 35x the worth of the entire bet, offering them an opportunity to double the win by correctly guessing the color of a turned-over card.

    As for the Jackpot Cards game, players will need to hope that their luck is in because the feature is merely awarded randomly. However, the bonus round is worth expecting since it offers an opportunity to win one among four progressive jackpots. All players have to do is match up three card suits to win the corresponding jackpot prize.

    If you are a fan of retro slot machines and you fancy trying something with a touch of a contemporary twist, then you will not go too wrong with Lucky & Wild by EGT software. The 5-reel game is meant to a high modern standard, offering some 3D graphics and fiery animations to captivate the spinner. What's more, the coin machine is optimized for mobile play, making it a perfect option if you would like a fast spin on the move.

    Pixie Bingo 

    Pixie Bingo is a web casino that oozes character and personality. the location provides a refreshing change to the countless identical casinos out there that are barely disguised clones of 1 another.

    With a design and tone of language that’s unlike anything online. Pixie Bingo is certainly unique, but there are tons more to life than a resolute refusal to evolve. Dive deeper and Pixie Bingo’s greatest features swiftly become manifest.

    Oh, and if you thought this site was all about bingo, re-evaluate – you’ll also find an avalanche of slots and casino games to get through the hours.

    ‘Cute’ may be a synonym that’s not usually related to casinos, but because of its winged pixie, who is the site’s guide, Pixie Bingo is undeniably cute. With many games to play, including a mesmerizing array of slots, Pixie Bingo is tough to resist, especially when every spin might be the one that lands the progressive jackpot

    Rendered in reminiscent tasteful green and orange, Pixie Bingo may be a beautiful-looking site, both on desktop and on mobile. If there’s a quibble to be made, it’s with the tiny typeface used throughout which you'll need to crane to read.

    Once you’ve signed up, however, this slight detail becomes unimportant as you’ll be more concerned with playing the games than reading the Ts & Cs. The house page displays a few neat tickers that update in real-time with playing stats. One among these displays the entire value of the site’s progressive jackpots, which at the time of scripting this review were a good £1.4 million.

    Other details that will be gleaned at a look are the number of players on the location and a leaderboard of the foremost recent winners alongside the amount they’ve scooped. This appears to be tilted towards major winners only; if you’ve just scooped £2.50 playing slots, don’t expect your username to point out within the sidebar of fame.

    Pixie Bingo is operated by Cassava Enterprises Limited and is licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. Its UK services, which is where the majority of the casino’s customers are often found, are operated by 888 UK Limited and controlled by the good Britain Gambling Commission. All of the games to be found on Pixie Bingo are externally audited and tested to make sure fair play and honest payouts.

    One of the simplest things about Pixie Bingo, from a customer service perspective a minimum, is that the 24/7 support it offers. Additionally, to email and live chat support, British-based players can call a freephone number round the clock to talk directly with an operator. Few casinos offer A level of customer support that will match Pixie Bingos.

    That said, there's one minor gripe to be leveled: activating live chat supposedly involves clicking on the interrogation point within the bottom corner of the screen. Good luck finding it: despite trying two different browsers, this reviewer could find no such symbol.

    Big Bonuses for Getting Started

    After creating an account, the subsequent step is to deposit funds into it so you'll start playing. Pixie Bingo will supply a generous 350% welcome bonus once you deposit your first £10 – that’s right, an additional £35 are going to be all yours to play with. You’ll even be granted a free game of Pixie’s Dust and 6 free tickets for the £1k Fairy Fountain game.

    Confusingly, however, elsewhere on the site Pixie Bingo promises a 500% bonus for signing up with £10: 400% for bingo and 100% for games. The casino accepts payments via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Entropay, PayPal, Paysafecard, and Neteller.

    Cheeky Challenges

    To entice players into sampling everything that’s good about Pixie Bingo, the casino runs a promotion that it’s dubbed Cheeky Challenges. Complete all 5 of the challenges and you’ll be rewarded with 4 extra activates Pixie’s Dust. Achieving this involves receiving 6 free tickets to the £1k Fairy Fountain game, depositing £10, buying a complete of 30 bingo tickets, spending £10 on Tornado Farm Escape, and referring a lover. If you'll manage that, you’ll have the prospect to win up to £20 in bongo bonuses with Pixie’s Dust.

    There’s another incentive to refer friends incidentally: for everyone who signs up, you’ll be rewarded with a £10 bonus.

    Pixie Bingo is pleased with its proprietary bingo game, Pixie’s Dust, which involves players popping balloons to win prizes and score bonuses. Everyone who plays after signing up is bound to win up to £5 in bingo bonuses. The opposite game that you’ll hear a good bit about is Fairy Fountain. Tickets to play are completely free, with 6 given to each player who’s made a deposit that month. With a monthly prize of £1,000, it’s another simple way of winning money with Pixie Bingo.

    Win Big at Bingo

    You’d expect a site with bingo in its name to possess something of an affinity for bingo and you’d be correct. “Pixies love bingo” proclaim Pixie Bingo, and that they ain’t wrong: the location has 75 bingo games operating round the clock to settle on from plus 90 ball games – quite enough to stay even the fussiest of players entertained for hours.

    If you’re new to the planet of bingo, Coverall Bingo looks like an honest place to start out. The 75-ball game involves filling out 24 numbers on your card then watching them get ticked off because the digits are available. With a top prize of £1,000, it’s worth a pop. Better of all, you don’t even need to spend money to play bingo at Pixie Bingo: the site’s free game may cost nothing to enter but it still despatches a cash jackpot courtesy of Magical Money. The sport plays every hour with £50 in bonus cash up for grabs.

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