Fortune Coins Slots

Check out the full list of Fortune Coins slots! See Fortune Coins penny slots, highest RTP slots, biggest jackpot slots, & more! Compare the min per spin & max per spin at other operators for each game so you can find the best place to play!
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2 Slots
Cash Pig
Cash Pig
Max jackpot
SC 2,147,483,647
Min spin SC 0.30
Max spin SC 1,000,000
Four Aces
Four Aces
Min spin SC 1.00
Max spin SC 1,000,000

    Fortune Coins Slots

    Fortune Coins is one of the most popular online social casinos! Play free online slots and redeem some coins for real money prizes.

    We’ve compiled a list of the best slots at Fortune Coins. Play casino-style games for free at this social casino.

    Fortune Coins casino slots offer bonus features, including bonus rounds, wilds, bonus spins, and more. You’ll find plenty of penny slots and jackpot slots here (including progressive jackpots), some popular titles, and plenty of slot machines exclusive to Fortune Coins.

    There’s no need to pay to play at social casinos. You only need to be at least 18 years old and reside in a state where Fortune Coins is accepting players. Currently, this online social casino is accepting players in 49 states.

    Our favorite slots at Fortune Coins include Spooky Stories, Northern Heat, and Merlin’s Tower.

    But are these games (and the Fortune Coins experience) worth the new user signup? And is the user experience as good as the ones you’d find at real money online casinos?

    Find out how to sign up for a new user account at Fortune Coins and start playing casino-style games. We also have a Fortune Coins slots promo to get you started.

    Why You Should Play Fortune Slots

    There are plenty of reasons to play at Fortune Slots, including game selection — with extensive selections of both penny slots and progressive jackpots.

    Fortune Coins may not have some of the biggest titles in slot machine development, but it does have a decent selection of exclusives, including Lucky Panda, Farm Treasure, Hot 777, and Jester.

    Nearly all the slots games here are progressive jackpots. Since Fortune Coins is a social casino, you won’t bet with real money — only Gold Coins and Fortune Coins.

    Progressive Jackpot Slots Selection

    We love that Fortune Coins offers a large selection of progressive jackpot slots. In fact, pretty much all of the slots games on this platform are progressive-style jackpots.

    While you won’t find big-name slots games here, such as Cleopatra, Divine Fortune, or other games offered at the big-name social casinos or real money casinos, you’ll find plenty of jackpots and exclusive titles.

    While we don’t see the lack of popular titles as a major downside, we understand that some players are loyal to certain games.

    User Experience

    We were pretty happy with the user experience at Fortune Coins, yet we kind of expected the website to run smoothly. Fortune Coins is owned by one of the biggest names in social casinos, so we would expect nothing less from this platform.

    We were happy with the quick load times and noticed very few bugs and issues with the mobile site. We also experienced virtually no lag times — which can make a huge difference when you’re playing casino-style games.

    What to Know Before Signing Up at Fortune Coins Slots

    We love Fortune Coins slots! Yet, not every platform is right for every player. A few of the issues we noticed with this online social casino included a limited selection of popular titles and no mobile app.

    Were these make-or-break issues? Definitely not. But they’re just something to consider before signing up for a new user account or trying out the platform over another.

    Limited Selection of Popular Slots - We found there weren’t any of the big-name slots-style games at Fortune Coins. While we didn’t have an issue with this (we were actually excited to try new games!), some players might not want to sign up for a new user account on a platform with only exclusive titles.

    We also noticed that most of the game developers who are contracted with Fortune Coins weren’t any of the big-name developers we know and love. Again, not a deal breaker; just something to consider!

    No Mobile App -  Most social casinos offer in-app play. Playing casino-style games in an app offers more control over gameplay.

    Yet, Fortune Coins doesn’t offer a dedicated app for iPhone or Android phones. While we were a little bummed about this, there is also a part of us that appreciates when we don’t need to download yet another app onto our phones. Also, since we were pretty happy with the mobile browser experience, we didn’t really miss the app that much.

    Fortune Coins Slot Machine Promos

    OddsSeeker is happy to extend the following Fortune Coins slot machine promos, including a free signup promo and a first purchase promo — for new players only.


    Fortune Coins No Deposit Bonus - Get $8 in Coins For FREE!



    Fortune Coins Deposit Bonus - Get 1,000,000 GC and $40 of FREE Coins on your first purchase.


    Best Slots on Fortune Coins Social Casino 

    The best slots on Fortune Coins social casino are the ones you won’t find at just any online platform. We’ve scoured Fortune Coins’ website to find the best games, loaded with plenty of features, including bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, and more.

    Of course, we always consider user reviews in our assessments, too. Just a few of our favorite slots games at Fortune Coins include Spooky Stories, Northern Heat, Merlin’s Tower, and Dia De Los Muertos.

    1. Spooky Stories

    Spooky Stories is a ghost-themed slot machine with a high RTP. This whimsical slots game is more silly than spooky, yet we do always enjoy a good haunted house theme. We love the campy theme that features ghosts, vampires, and other supernatural beings.

    Click To Play Spooky Stories

    Why you should play Spooky Stories at Fortune Coins:

    • There are 25 paylines, meaning even more ways to win.

    • Bonus rounds are triggered by landing 3 bonus symbols.

    • Landing on 3 scatter symbols will trigger bonus spins.

    • Bonus rounds feature plenty of sticky wild symbols, offering even more ways to win.

    2. Northern Heat

    Northern Heat is an Arctic-themed slot machine with an RTP of 96.6%. There are 40 paylines in this game, offering even more ways to win than on a traditional slot machine. It offers plenty of special symbols, like scatters, wilds, and expanding wilds.

    Click To Play Northern Heat

    Why you should play Northern Heat at Fortune Coins:

    • Landing 2 scatter symbols triggers infinite free spins — keep playing the round until you trigger your original combination.

    • Expanding wilds are triggered by landing on wilds in the free spins round.

    • Max win of up to 225x your initial play.

    3. Merlin’s Tower

    Merlin’s Tower is a magical sorcerer-themed slot machine with an RTP of 96.9%. This 5x4 reel slot machine offers 40 paylines and medium volatility. It offers special features, such as scatter symbols, infinite free spins, and expanding wilds.

    Click to Play Merlin’s Tower

    Why you should play Merlin’s Tower at Fortune Coins:

    • Win up to 1,000x of your original play by landing 5 star-filled bottles.

    • Wilds and scatter symbols can trigger the infinite free spins round and expanding wilds.

    • Similar to the Northern Heat slot machine above, the rules aren’t terribly complicated in this game.

    4. Dia De Los Muertos

    Dia De Los Muertos is a Day of the Dead-themed slot machine with an RTP of 94.9%. This 4x3 reel slot machine offers 117,649 ways to win and higher volatility than the other games on this list. It offers special features, such as scatter symbols, wilds, and expanding wilds.

    Click To Play Sweet Bonanza

    Why you should play Dia De Los Muertos at Fortune Coins:

    • Bonus rounds are triggered by landing 3 to 4 scatter symbols; get up to 20 bonus spins!

    • Prizes can be up to 200x, 500x, or 1,000x of your original play.

    • Up to 96 bonus spins can be won in the bonus round, extending gameplay.

    5. Lucky Clovers

    Lucky Clovers is a luck-of-the-Irish-themed slot machine with an RTP of 97%. This game offers Mini, Giant, and Colossal jackpot rounds and four bonus rounds. Though this is a video slot, it offers a lot of the simplicity of the older machines.

    Click To Play Lucky Clovers

    Why you should play Lucky Clovers at Fortune Coins:

    • Collect as many lucky clovers as you can to win the biggest prize.

    • Lucky Clovers features a typical 5x3 grid and 20 paylines.

    • Symbols include four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold.

    Types of Fortune Coins Social Casino Slots Games

    Fortune Coins’ social casino slot games include penny-style slots, progressive jackpot slots, and free slots (actually all slots are technically free at an online social casino!).

    There’s no need to pay to play at Fortune Coins, though you can purchase Gold Coins if you want to extend your gameplay.

    Fortune Coins Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    Fortune coins progressive jackpot slots are some of the most popular on this site. That’s because Fortune Coins specializes in progressive jackpots.

    Progressive jackpots are jackpot slots games where the pot continues to grow until someone wins. That means the pots can grow pretty big. Unlike with fixed jackpots, your winnings aren’t tied to your initial bets.

    Yet, it may be more difficult to win a progressive jackpot, as the return to player percentages aren’t usually very high on these machines.

    Fortune Coins offers one of the best selections of progressive jackpot slots at online social casinos.

    Penny Slots on Fortune Coins

    Technically, social casinos don’t offer traditional “penny slots”, yet they do offer games that cost less than 0.40 SC (or in the case of Fortune Coins, FC).

    These low-limit games aren’t always easy to find, but we found a few games at Fortune Coins that cost as low as 0.25 FC.

    It’s not easy to sort games by bet limit on Fortune Coins, yet you can check out the game page for each slots game to find the minimum bet amount.

    Just a few of the most popular penny slots on Fortune Coins include Candy Dandy, Chariots of Gold, and Lucky Clover.

    Fortune Coins Free Slots

    Technically, all slots games at Fortune Coins are free! Since you never need to pay to play, you can simply play free slots to your heart’s content (or until your Gold Coins or Fortune Coins run out and you need to request more Gold Coins).

    If you’ve never had an account at Fortune Coins, you can snag a free signup promo or a first-purchase offer.

    Use the OddsSeeker link to toggle to the welcome promo landing page. You can also extend your gameplay with a first purchase Gold Coins offer.

    Fortune Coins Gaming App 

    Right now, there is no Fortune Coins app for iPhone or Android phones.

    Yet, you can still play games on your smart device! In fact, playing slots-style games on a smart device is the preferred way to do so.

    Simply head to your preferred web browser on your mobile device, use the OddsSeeker link to head to the Fortune Coins homepage, and sign up for a new user account. Play all your favorite slots-style games right on your mobile device, without downloading an app onto your phone.

    Fortune Coins Slots Social Casino Promos

    Ready to start playing casino-style games at Fortune Coins? We’ve got a few promos to get you started. Right now, Fortune Coins is offering a no-purchase bonus for new players only:


    Fortune Coins.US Free Fortune Coins Cash Promo: Get 10,000 Gold Coins & $1 FREE Fortune Coins Cash Every Day

    Use Code: ODDSSEEKER


    Want even more ways to get free purchase offers online through social casino promos? Check out our full reviews of the best online social casinos in the U.S.!

    Fortune Coins Tips and Tricks

    Want to make the most of your gameplay at Fortune Coins Casino? We’ve got a few tips to have fun while playing slot machine-style games at this free online casino.

    Our best piece of advice? Play the games you enjoy playing most. What’s the point of winning if you don’t enjoy the games you’re playing?

    Our no. 2 piece of advice? Remember that even playing free games at social casinos can be addicting. Please play responsibly and check out our resources for problem gambling if your gameplay is getting out of control.

    Use Fortune Coins Promos

    The only way to get Gold Coins at Fortune Coins is to get them through new users and ongoing promos or to request them in writing by USPS. The first method is much easier than the second!

    We recommend taking advantage of welcome bonuses and ongoing promos at social casinos. The first method offers the most bang for your buck, while the second offers a slightly slower trickle of Coins.

    Sign up for email, text, or social media alerts to find out when Fortune Coins is offering ongoing promos.

    Play the Highest RTP Slots on Fortune Coins

    The return to player percentage (RTP) is the percentage at which a slot machine pays out — or how often (but not necessarily how much).

    Since most of the slots-style games at Fortune Coins are progressive jackpots, we know there’s a chance to potentially win a lot of coins at this social casino. Yet, you don’t want to play for hours on end with no win in sight! Playing higher RTP games may help you win more often.

    Play Jackpot Games

    Since most of the games at Fortune Coins are progressive jackpot games, this one is a no-brainer!

    While high RTP games may help you win more, jackpot games may help you win larger pots.

    Fixed jackpot prizes are contingent on your initial bet, and progressive jackpot pots continue to grow until someone wins.

    You may want to play a good variety of standard, fixed jackpot, and progressive jackpot slots if you want to extend your gameplay.

    There are no guarantees when playing any games online. Yet, playing the games you love the most will ensure you’re always having fun — win or lose.

    Fortune Coins Slots Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you win real money on Fortune Coins?

    Fortune Coins is an online social casino, meaning you can’t play with real money on this platform. Instead, you can get free Gold Coins or purchase Gold Coins. There’s no need to pay to play.

    After accumulating enough Fortune Coins, you may redeem your coins for cash prizes via ACH bank transfer, PayPal, or Skrill.

    Is Fortune Slots real?

    Fortune Coins slots are slots-style games you can play with Gold Coins or Fortune Coins. While the games themselves are “real”, this platform doesn’t offer real-money gambling. Instead, you may redeem your Fortune Coins for real money prizes.

    Is Fortune Coins Casino real money?

    Fortune Coins is an online social casino. That means you won’t play with real money on this platform. Instead, you can get free Gold Coins and Fortune Coins. Play with Gold Coins if you want to play just for fun and with Fortune Coins if you want to redeem your coins for real money prizes.

    Check out our list of real money online casinos and free social casinos.

    Fortune Coins 9.8
    Total welcome bonus: $93 in free Fortune Coins!
    Fortune Coins
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    20,000,000 Gold Coins + $50 of FREE Coins
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