The Last Empress Slots Review May 2024

max spin 999,999.99
min spin 1
✍️ Written by
Darena Rodrigues
✅ Fact checked by
Uno July
🗓 Updated
Feb 11th 2024

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The Last Empress Slots Info

The Last Empress is an online casino game that will take you on an exciting journey through an ancient empire. Along the Empress, you will be tasked with ruling the empire and making sure it prospers. The game is full of exciting twists and turns! You’ll really have to keep your wits about you with The Last Empress. The game is fast-paced and full of surprises. You never know which way the 10,000 ways reels will fall next, so you need to be prepared for anything. You will have to think quickly and make decisions on the fly in order to stay afloat.

The Last Empress is an exciting and challenging game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its intricate gameplay and exciting twists and turns, it is sure to provide plenty of sweepstakes slot fun. So, if you are looking for an exciting and challenging online casino game, and a game that accepts Sweeps Coins rather than real stakes, the Last Empress is a good choice.

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    The Last Empress Slot Review

    Slots have long been a ubiquitous part of traditional online casinos, offering thrilling experiences and the potential for big wins. Free slot style games, found at free sweepstakes casinos, also take part in this tradition!

    In this review, we'll dive into The Last Empress, an epic new slot game that takes you on a riveting journey through an ancient empire. Developed by VGW, this game offers its fair share of exciting twists and turns, keeping you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the challenges of ruling the empire.

    Want to join the Last Empress in her conquest? Here's what it'll entail.

    The Last Empress Information


    Slot Information
    Developer VGW
    Reel Layout 6x4
    Paylines 10,000 Ways
    Jackpot Feature Spin and Hold Jackpot
    Free Spin Feature Multiplying Free Spins

    Where to Play Global Poker, Chumba Casino
    Age Restrictions 18 and older (Excluding WA)

    The Last Empress presents a visually stunning 6x4 base reel slot, boasting immersive gameplay and an option for free play. One of the standout features of this game is the cascading wins, which keep the excitement alive by allowing new symbols to replace winning combinations. Additionally, the top reel adds an extra symbol to the main reels, enhancing your chances of landing winning combinations.

    The game's bonus features are where the real excitement lies, particularly the spin and hold jackpot. To trigger this feature, you simply need to land six or more coin symbols, which grant you three free spins to boost your winnings. The anticipation builds as you continue to land coin symbols, resetting the free spin count and offering opportunities to unlock jackpots or multiply your coin value. If you're exceptionally fortunate, you might even achieve the coveted Grand Jackpot.

    Will you be able to build your empire alongside The Last Empress? Only one way to find out!

    Where To Play The Last Empress

    Players aged 18 and older can immerse themselves in The Last Empress on Chumba Casino and Global Poker, accessible in most parts of the United States, excluding Washington State. It's worth noting that sweepstakes casinos operate under distinct regulations compared to traditional online casinos, allowing you to play without risking real stakes.

    However, if you're located in Idaho, please be aware that Chumba and Global Poker only offer Gold Coin gameplay, so consider this before signing up. Remember to play responsibly, staying within your limits to ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.

    How To Play The Last Empress

    Getting started with The Last Empress is a breeze. You can play it for free by signing up for Global Poker or Chumba Casino, two VGW-affiliated social casino sites. Once you've created your account, log in to the respective site or mobile app, launch The Last Empress, and start spinning the reels.

    Here are some essential rules to keep in mind:

    • Triggering the jackpot rounds requires landing six or more coin symbols.
    • Subsequent coin symbols reset any free spins.
    • Jackpot wins can multiply your coins by 1-10 times!

    While you can enjoy The Last Empress for free, you also have the option to purchase more Sweeps Coins for gameplay if your account balance on Chumba or Global Poker ever runs low.

    How To Get Free Spins in The Last Empress

    To acquire free spins in The Last Empress, consider taking advantage of the welcome offers provided by online casinos hosting the game, such as Global Poker or Chumba Casino. These promotions often include opportunities to receive Sweeps Coins, which can be used to play the game without risking real money. Keep an eye out for these offers when signing up on these platforms.

    The Last Empress Bonuses

    The Last Empress offers exciting bonuses that can enhance your gaming experience. One notable feature is the multiplying free spin feature, which can significantly boost your winnings. Additionally, there's the spin and hold jackpot feature, where landing six or more coin symbols triggers three free spins. As you continue to land coin symbols during these free spins, you'll have the chance to unlock various jackpots, including the enticing Grand Jackpot.

    How To Win The Last Empress

    As you embark on this thrilling journey alongside The Last Empress, it's crucial to approach the game with responsible gaming in mind. Use your coins judiciously, and view the game primarily as entertainment, understanding that luck plays a significant role in determining outcomes. Although The Last Empress offers substantial winning potential, it's essential to never exceed your limits.

    Join The Last Empress on her quest for triumph and let the mesmerizing gameplay and incredible features of this slot game transport you to a world of excitement. Play responsibly, embrace your warrior spirit, and savor the thrilling adventure that The Last Empress offers.

    How To Redeem Your Winnings

    When it's time to redeem your winnings from The Last Empress or any other sweepstakes game, it's essential to understand the prize redemption process. Chumba Casino and Global Poker both offer straightforward redemption methods for sweepstakes prizes.

    1. Verify Your Account: Before initiating a withdrawal, ensure your account is fully verified. This typically involves providing some personal information and documentation to confirm your identity.

    2. Check Your Balance: Make sure you have a sufficient balance of Sweeps Coins in your account. You can't redeem Sweeps Coins if your balance is below the minimum required for redemption.

    3. Choose Your Redemption Method:

      • Chumba Casino: Chumba Casino offers multiple redemption options, including bank transfers (ACH), Skrill, and direct purchase of real cash prizes. Select the method that suits you best.

      • Global Poker: Global Poker provides redemption via bank transfer (ACH). You'll need to provide your bank account details for a secure transfer of your Sweeps Coins winnings.

    4. Request a Redemption: In your account settings or cashier section, look for the option to request a redemption. Follow the provided instructions, select your desired redemption method, and enter the necessary information.

    5. Wait for Processing: After submitting your redemption request, both Chumba Casino and Global Poker will review and process it. This usually takes a few business days.

    6. Receive Your Winnings: Once your redemption is approved, you'll receive your winnings in your chosen form. Bank transfers may take a few additional days to reflect in your account.

    My Last Empress Review

    Since I've gone on an epic adventure with The Last Empress, I can confidently say that this slot game offers an exciting and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. Here's a detailed review of my experience:


    1. Immersive Theme: The Last Empress's visuals and attention to detail are nothing short of breathtaking. The game successfully transports players to an ancient empire, where they can immerse themselves in its rich history and captivating allure.

    2. Engaging Gameplay: One of the standout features of The Last Empress is its dynamic gameplay. The cascading wins, extra top reel, and bonus features keep the excitement alive with every spin. The unpredictability of the game ensures that you'll always be on the edge of your seat, anticipating the next thrilling twist.

    3. Free Play Option: The Last Empress's availability for free play on VGW-affiliated platforms like Chumba Casino and Global Poker is a major plus. This allows players to enjoy the game without any financial risk, making it accessible to a wide range of players, from beginners to seasoned gamers.

    4. Jackpot Potential: The game's spin and hold jackpot feature is undeniably one of its most enticing aspects. Landing those coveted coin symbols and triggering the jackpot rounds can lead to substantial rewards, including the highly sought-after Grand Jackpot. The potential for big wins adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.


    1. Limited Availability: The Last Empress's primary availability on VGW-affiliated platforms might pose a challenge for players in regions where these platforms are not accessible. Expanding the game's reach to a broader audience would undoubtedly be a welcome development.

    Nevertheless, this game is still more widely accessible than traditional online slots, and unlike those traditional slots, there's no cost barrier to getting in on the action! The Last Empress offers an exceptional gaming experience that seamlessly combines captivating visuals, thrilling gameplay, and the potential for substantial rewards. Whether you're an avid slot enjoyer, or someone looking for an exciting introduction to sweepstakes gaming, The Last Empress is a game that promises an exhilarating adventure.

    As is the case with any form of iGaming, it's crucial to approach Last Empress responsibly. Embrace your inner Empress or Emperor, and let the reels guide you through an unforgettable journey. May your empire prosper, and your experiences be filled with excitement and enjoyment. The Last Empress has certainly left its mark as a game that leaves players yearning for more.

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