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Gambino Slots

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Gambino Slots offers a great selection of slot machine games and a generous welcome bonus. Get 200 free spins and 100,000 G-Coins — just for signing up for a new user account.

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Uno July
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Aug 8th 2023

    Gambino Slots Hands-on Review

    We thought this was a sweepstakes casino, but later realized that the do not offer real cash prizes even though a lot of sites out there say that they do
    Uno July
    Uno July

    Gambino Slots Promotions

    There are currently no promotions available for Gambino Slots. Find the best gambling promo codes from other operators on OddsSeeker!

    Key Information About Gambino Slots

    Gambino Slots is the newest online social casino, featuring everyone’s favorite casino-style games: slot machines!

    If you’re looking for Gambino Slots free coins and free spins, we’ve got a few welcome bonuses that will get you started.

    Gambino Slots Casino is an online free social casino, where you can play online casino-style slots games — for free!

    Earn G-Coins by playing games and earning rewards through the Gambino Slots VIP program.

    Though you can’t there isn’t a Gambino Slots real money app, you can still play all the games your heart desires and have fun while doing so. Looking for Gambino Slots free spins? Right now, OddsSeeker readers can get 200 free spins and 100,000 G-Coins — just for signing up for a new user account.

    You don’t need to make a purchase to play at Gambino Slots for free. Yet, you can purchase coin packages if you want even more ways to play here.

    In addition to its online portal, you can download the Gambino Slots app for iPhone or Android from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

    Gambino Slots Promotions

    This online free social casino is known for its 200 free spins Gambino Slots welcome bonus, as well as Gambino Slots no deposit bonus codes. Find out how to snag these promos, as well as ongoing promos at Gambino Slots.

    Gambino Slots Bonus Codes

    Looking for Gambino Slots bonus codes? You’re in the right spot! We’ve got the scoop on how you can snag bonuses at this online social casino, as well as Ohio online casinos no deposit bonuses and other online casinos with free signup bonuses for real money U.S.A -- no deposit required!

    Gambino Slots Deposit Match 

    Right now, there is no Gambino Slots deposit match. Though Gambino sells coin packages, it’s not offering any deals on these packages. Yet, you can get a Gambino Slots no deposit bonus, including 200 free spins and free G-coins.

    Gambino Slots Deposit Bonus Code 

    Looking for a Gambino Slots deposit bonus code? Right now, Gambino Slots isn’t offering a deposit bonus — so there’s no code to accompany one! Read on to find out how you can snag a Gambino Slots no deposit bonus code in the next section.

    Gambino Slots No Deposit Bonus Code

    Looking for a Gambino Slots no deposit bonus? You’re in the right place! Get 200 free spins at Gambino Slots with an additional 100,000 G-coins by using the OddsSeeker link! The best part is you don’t even need a Gambino Slots no deposit bonus code to snag this deal.

    Just use that link to get to the Gambino Slots website and sign up for a new user account.

    200 Free Spins - Gambino Slots 

    Looking for Gambino Slots no deposit bonus codes? Probably the most popular welcome bonus at this free social casino is the 200 free spins and 100,000 G-coins you get when signing up for a new user account.

    This deal is only good for new users, so you’ll need to create an account to snag it. The good news is that there are plenty of Gambino Slots ongoing promos for current players if you already have a user account.

    Gambino Slots Free Spins

    Looking for Gambino Slots free spins? Free spins are a part of the welcome bonus for new users! You may also be able to snag free spins as ongoing promos as a new user at this social casino.

    Gambino Slots Ongoing Promos

    If you already have a Gambino Slots user account, you’re not eligible for its welcome bonuses, including Gambino Slots no deposit bonuses. But the good news is that you’ll be eligible for ongoing promos, such as the Gambino Slots gift share, mystery chips, Gambino slots free spins, G-Wheelz, and more!

    Gambino Slots Gift Share

    Want to share Gambino Slots gifts with your friends? Want to take part in the Gambino Slots gift share?

    You can do so by checking your inbox, where you’ll find all your free spins and G-coins. You’ll need to connect with your friends and family through Facebook to share gifts. Just connect with your friends and you’ll be able to send them your free spins and G-coins — right from the Gambino Slots app.

    Gambino Slots Free Spins

    All you need to do to get Gambino Slots free spins every day is to log into your account. Just log in to get your free 20 daily spins.

    Gambino Slots Contests

    Gambino Slots runs several weekly contests where you can win free prizes of G-coins.

    Before you are eligible to participate in weekly contests, you’ll need to hit one of the upper-tier levels in the VIP rewards program to do so. Once you’re eligible for weekly contests, just play the games included to be eligible to win and get on the leaderboard. If you make it to the top of the leaderboard, you could win G-coins and contest boosters!


    Spin the G-Weelz once each day to win up to thousands of G-coins, free spins, or contest boosters. You have your choice of one of three wheels to spin, including the Epic, Mega, and Grand wheels. You can even purchase more G-Wheelz spins if you want the opportunity to win even more!

    Mystery Chips

    Mystery chips are a way to win even bigger at Gambino Slots and win free prizes in the Cash Vegas Rewards Store!

    You’ll be rewarded with one free mystery casino chip every day you log into your account and play. You can also win mystery chips by playing Gambino Slots casino-style games or purchase mystery chips for even more chances to win rewards.

    With every mystery chip you win, you’ll get another opportunity to complete the mystery chip map and win rewards.

    Piggy Bank

    If you want to save a percentage of your winnings at Gambino Slots, you can do so by clicking the piggy bank icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser or app.

    Once you click this button, you’ll automatically add 10% of your winnings to your piggy bank. Once you reach a certain number of coins in your bank, you’ll start earning virtual interest and activate special features.

    You can also “break” your piggy bank for a fee if you want to use your coins down the line.

    Gambino Slots Facebook Promos

    Since Gambino Slots is a social online casino, you’ll find special offers and promos on its Facebook page!

    Just check out the Gambino Slots Facebook page every day to check out these promos. This is incredibly convenient if you play slots directly through the Facebook app.

    Such promos may include free G-coins or free spins.

    Check the Gambino Slots Facebook page for the most up-to-date info on ongoing promos, coin packages, and gameplay tips.

    Gambino Slots VIP Club

    The Gambino Slots VIP club is a great way to earn even more free coins, reach different tiers to get access to prizes and special games, and get G-coin package deals.

    With every game you play at Gambino Slots, you’ll earn loyalty points. The more points you earn, the higher you’ll climb. Gambino Slots VIP tiers include:






    Trillion Diamond

    Royal Diamond

    Black Diamond

    Gambino Walk of Fame

    Once you reach different tiers, you'll get access to lists of benefits, including G-coin packages, loyalty points multipliers, prize multipliers, G-Wheelz spins, and gift multipliers.

    Gambino Slots Reviews

    Read our Gambino Slots review to find out if Gambino Slots is legit, what casino-style games are offered by this social casino, and how to download the Gambino Slots app. We've got the scoop on how to get the best online casino promos.

    Is Gambino Slots legit?

    Is Gambino Slots legit? Yes! Gambino Slots is a legit online social casino. You don’t necessarily need to live in a state where online gambling is legal to play here — and you don’t need to be 21 years old to do so either!

    Since you won’t be gambling with real money, Gambino Slots may accept players younger than the typical online gambling age. You can also be located in any state to play free online casino-style games (as long as you’re not playing for money).

    “Frank’s Take”

    We love this online social casino’s unique experience. Gambino Slots is particularly ideal for anyone who wants to play casino-style games — without worrying about losing any money.

    Since you won’t be betting with “real money” or for “real money prizes”, you won’t need to worry about typical real money gambling laws or losing any of your hard-earned cash. Instead, these games are just for fun. Yes, you can purchase coin packages if you want to play more than you would with just your welcome bonus or daily login packages. But there’s truly no need to do so if you want to play just for fun.

    Gambino Slots User Experience

    How does Gambino Slots’ user experience stack up to that of other free online social casinos? Gambino has a pretty good user experience overall, plenty of game options to choose from, and 24/7 customer service for when you need help.

    We love the app’s simple yet colorful layout and graphics. We also love how easy it is to find our favorite slots games. And the best part? Slots games on Gambino’s site are actually a lot of fun! Even if we’re not playing for “real money”, we still want the games to be as good as they’d be if we were spending cash to play them.

    Gambino Slots App

    How does Gambino Slots actually work? Can you play on a mobile browser, or is there a Gambino Slots app on which you can play?

    You can choose to play on your mobile browser (through Facebook) or directly on the Gambino Slots app.

    There’s a Gambino Slots free download in both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

    Gambino Slots App Android

    Looking for the Gambino Slots download? The Gambino Slots Google Play app is available for download on your Android device. Just create a new user account by following the OddsSeeker link, then head over to the store to download the app and sign in.

    Gambino Slots App iPhone

    Want to download the Gambino Slots app for iPhone? There’s a Gambino Slots free download available in the Apple Store.

    Just sign up for a new user account by following the OddsSeeker link. Then, head over to the Apple Store to download the app and sign in.

    Gambino Slots Casino Games

    What types of casino-style games can you play on Gambino’s platform? Slots!

    There’s a long list of games available on this platform, including jackpot Gambino slots, pots of gold tournament in Gambino slots, and more. In fact, Gambino boasts over 100 slot machine-style games on its sites.

    The more you play, the more games will be available to you as you work your way up through the Gambino VIP tier levels.

    Gambino Slots Online - Slots Games

    Ready to start playing Gambino Slots games online?

    You can’t just start playing any games your heart desires right away. First, you’ll need to start by playing the games available to newbie players. Then, you can work your way through VIP tier levels to unlock even more games.

    With over 100 slots titles, you won’t ever get tired of the game selection at Gambino. There are plenty of five-and-six reel slots games, various pay lines, and a good selection of jackpot slot machines.

    Just start at the slot machine lobby and play a game. Once you start playing games, you’ll unlock even more games.

    Gambino Slots Table Games

    Sadly, there are no Gambino Slots table games available.

    Since Gambino specializes in slot machines, you’ll find plenty of these games — but you won’t find any table games, card games, or sports betting here.

    Gambino Slots Jackpots

    You’ll find plenty of Gambino Slots jackpot games available. There’s a long list of slot machines that offer jackpot games, including Jackpot City.

    Gambino Slots Login/New User Account Signup

    Need help with your Gambino slots login? Want to sign up for a new user account? Need help troubleshooting issues? We can help with that.

    Gambino Slots New User Account Signup

    If you need to sign up for a Gambino Slots new user account, simply follow the below instructions.

    Download the Gambino Slots app on your iPhone or Android. Or, use the Facebook app. Just follow the OddsSeeker link to get started playing on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop.

    1) Click the OddsSeeker link.

    2) Click “Play Here”.

    3) To play on Facebook, click the “Play on Facebook” link.

    4) Sign up for a new user account by linking your Facebook account to your Gambino Slots account.

    5) Start playing slots-style games by clicking on the digital lobby.

    6) Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store (if you want).

    You need an account with Facebook to play at Gambino Slots. You’ll need to log into the app or website directly through Facebook.

    Gambino Slots Login

    Looking for the Gambino Slots login? Just click on the OddsSeeker link to be directed over to the Facebook app. You’ll need to log in with your Facebook account to start playing.

    Gambino Slots Not Loading?

    Gambino Slots not loading? If you’re having issues with Gambino Slots not working or with Gambino Slots glitches, you’ll want to simply reach out to Gamino Slots 24/7 customer service portal by sending a Facebook direct message or by messaging the tech team on Twitter at the following:

    Gambino Slots Facebook: GambinoSlots

    Gambino Slots Twitter: @Gambino_Games

    Gambino Slots Support

    If you need support, Gambino Slots has got you covered. This online social casino offers 24/7 customer support through its social media channels.

    Though you won’t be able to call or email for support, you can always reach out on Facebook or Twitter to get your burning questions answered.

    Phone: N/A

    Live Chat: N/A

    Email: N/A

    Form Ticket: “Help” Button

    Social: Facebook & Twitter

    Gambino Slots Facebook: GambinoSlots

    Gambino Slots Twitter: @Gambino_Games

    You can even ask friends for help, as Gambino Slots is a social casino. Gambino also has an extensive FAQ page with answers to the most commonly asked questions on this platform.

    If you have specific questions, you can always click the “Help” button and submit a support ticket through the website or app.

    Gambino Slots Withdrawal & Payments 

    Want to purchase virtual currency on Gambino Slots? Want to cash out your winnings? Find out how to purchase G-coins packages and what you can do with your winnings on this popular social casino platform.

    Gambino Slots Payments

    Want to make purchases at Gambino Slots? It’s so easy to do so!

    You technically don’t need to make any purchases at Gambino. That’s the fun of it! You can easily play for free with all the free spins and G-coins you’ll get by signing up for a new user account using the OddsSeeker link.

    But if you do want to purchase more coins, you can do so directly through the Facebook platform or through the app.

    You’ll simply use the payment you already have associated with Apple Pay or Google Pay to make purchases directly in the App Store or Google Play store.

    Buying coins packages will help you unlock more free games and move more quickly up the ranks in the Gambino Slots VIP program. Yet, you definitely don’t need to purchase more coins to get through these tiers.

    Want even more coins? Ask your friends on Facebook to share their G-coins with you.

    Gambino Slots Withdrawals

    Looking for Gambino Slots withdrawals? You can’t withdraw money on this social casino app! Since you’re not playing for real money, you can’t cash out winnings.

    If you want to play at Gambino Slots, you’ll need to do so with virtual currency — otherwise known as G-coins here. When you play casino-style games at Gambino, you’ll win G-coins and other types of rewards. You can even work your way through the VIP rewards program tiers to win prizes.

    Gambino Slots is just for fun! It’s especially ideal for people who’ve never played slots before or just want to play because they enjoy no-risk games.

    Practice playing slots-style games at this online social casino. If you do want to play for real money prizes or gift card prizes, you may want to check out one of our other online social casinos or online sweepstakes casinos that pay out real money prizes.


    Q: Is Gambino Slots real money gambling?

    A: Nope! Gambino Slots is not real money gambling. This site is just for fun!

    You don’t need to be 21 years old to play, and you don’t need to live in a state where online gambling is legal. You just need to

    Q: How to win real money on Gambino Slots

    A: Sadly, you cannot win real money on Gambino Slots.

    Q: What company owns Gambino Slots?

    A: Gambino Slots is owned by Spiral Interactive, a part of the Israeli tech company, Spiral Solutions Group.

    The site launched in 2015, and now the app is available for players in the U.S., U.K., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

    Q: How much are G-coins worth in Gambino Slots?

    A: G-coins aren’t really “worth” anything on Gambino Slots, as this online social casino is just for fun.

    You can play for free at this site — and you’ll even get 100,000 FREE G-coins just by using the OddsSeeker link when you sign up for a new user account by connecting your Facebook account to your Gambino Slots account.

    Q: Gambino Slots - how much does it cost?

    A: It doesn’t cost anything to play at Gambino Slots! You don’t need to make a purchase to play at this online social casino.

    Instead, you can simply get 200 free spins and 100,000 G-coins just by using the OddsSeeker link to toggle to the Gambino Slots page. You’ll need to link your Facebook account to your Gambino Slots account to play.

    If you want to buy a coins package, you can do so to get even more plays.

    Q: Does Gambino Slots tournament win money?

    A: You won’t win real money in the Gambino Slots tournaments, but you can head over to the Gambino Vegas Store to