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Updated: August 8th 2023
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Gambino Slots is the hottest new social casino in the U.S. Play slots games — for free — online in most states.

But what are the best slots at Gambino? Are Gambino slots real money slots?

It wasn’t “easy” finding the best slots at this social casino, but we managed it. At Gambino, you’ll find jackpot slots (including progressive jackpots), as well as slots with plenty of features, such as bonus spins; mini, major, and mega jackpots; and unique theming.

Just a few of our favorite slots at Gambino include Buffalo, Aztec Fortunes, and Samba in Rio.

You only need to be 18 years old to play at Gambino, and you don’t even need to sign up for an account if you play in demo mode.

But are Gambino slots worth a new player signup? Is the platform offering Gambino Slots free coins and free spins right now? Is there a Gambino Slots app?

We answer all of these questions and more in our Gambino Slots review.

Find out how to get free Gambino Coins, how to play in demo mode, and if this new social casino is worth going through the process of a new account signup.

Why You Should Play Gambino Slots

There’s a lot to love about Gambino slots. At Gambino, you can play with G-Coins and redeem them for prizes.

This platform is easily accessible and can be played on various devices, including smartphones and tablets, making it convenient for you to play slots anywhere, anytime. You can also snag a generous welcome promo by using the OddsSeeker link.

Choose from a long list of slot machine-style games, including some of our favorites such as Buffalo, Aztec Fortunes, and Samba in Rio.

Good Slots Selection

Gambino Slots has a solid selection of games — especially for a social casino. We were able to find a few of our favorite slots games here, such as Aztec Fortunes, as well as plenty of exclusives.

While you won’t find the big-name slots games here, like 88 Fortunes, Cleopatra, or Dead or Alive, you will find a good selection of games that you won’t find anywhere else.

Free Play

One of the best reasons to play Gambino Slots is that all of its games offer free play! You never need to pay to play at Gambino.

Since Gambino is a free social casino, you’ll be able to sign up for an account and start playing slot machine-style games. You’ll get 100,000 Free Coins and 200 bonus spins when you do so. You can also ask for more free G-Coins by sending a request by USPS to Gambino’s offices.

Play in Demo Mode

Another reason to sign up for Gambino Slots? You technically don’t even need to sign up for an account here.

Most slots games can be played in demo mode, meaning there’s no need to sign in. If you want to save your progress, you’ll want to sign up for an account (this also helps you keep track of your G-Coins).

What to Know Before Signing Up at Gambino Slots Slots

We’re loving this new online social casino. Yet, there are a few ways in which developers could enhance the user experience and gameplay on this platform.

A few of the most glaring issues we’ve discovered?

Few popular titles and virtually no titles created by big-name developers, no mobile app, and a few user experience issues.

Limited Selection of Popular Slots - There are very few popular games on this site and virtually none of the top-tier games we hope to see on every online casino platform. Yet, it’s important to remember that Gambino is a social casino, meaning its game selection won’t be the same as the ones at real money casinos.

While there were one or two titles we recognized, we weren’t able to play some of our favorites here.

That being said, we were happy to try out new games and enjoyed the slots we were able to play.

Gambino Slots (as its name suggests) specializes in slots games, meaning there are no table games here. If you’re looking for an online social casino with table games, check out some of the other free online casinos we recommend.

No Mobile App - It’s not often you find an online casino that doesn’t offer an app to download onto your smartphone. Yet, Gambino Slots can only be played on a browser, such as Windows or Chrome.

You can always play Gambino on your mobile device, using a browser. Yet, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of mobile app gaming on this platform.

At the end of the day, are we that upset that we don’t need to download yet another app onto our phones? No. Yet, we know that some players love spinning slots directly from an app.

User Experience - We’ll be honest: most social casinos don’t offer the same level of customer service and user experience offered by real money online casinos.

Gambino Slots doesn’t offer many customer service channels or a long list of payment methods. That being said, most social casinos do not, so we weren’t terribly surprised by this.

We also experienced a lot of pop-up ads while using the site in demo mode. This got a little annoying and detracted from our experience a bit.

Gambino Slots Slots Free Coins

Want to get started with some free Coins at Gambino Slots? Use the OddsSeeker link to sign up for a new user account and start playing.


Get 200 FREE Spins + 100,000 FREE Coins


Best Gambino Free Slots

The best Gambino free slots are the ones not available on other platforms. We’ve put in a lot of legwork trying out slots-style games to find the ones we think are the best.

Potentially win mini, major, or mega jackpots.

Just a few of our favorite slots games at Gambino Slots include Buffalo, Aztec Fortunes, Samba in Rio, Enchanted Orbs, and the Legend of Zeus.

1. Buffalo

Buffalo is a prairie-themed free slot machine with a 30 payline. Ride around the old west enjoying features such as wilds and free spin to potentially win the maximum amount of G-Coins.

Click To Play Buffalo Slot Machine

Why you should play Buffalos at Gambino Slots:

  • Win potential mini, major, or mega jackpots.

  • Mega jackpots pay out up to GC200,000.00

  • Potential to win a double bonus by landing all 15 symbols.

2. Aztec Fortunes

Aztec Fortunes is an Aztec-themed slot machine with a 30 payline. Swing through the jungles of Mesoamerica and unearth plenty of treasure in this game.

Click To Play Aztec Fortunes

Why you should play Aztec Fortunes at Gambino Slots:

  • Special features include high and low-paying symbols, wilds, and scatters.

  • Bonus rounds are triggered by landing a bonus and free spin in one play.

  • Enjoy Big, Mega, and Epic jackpot rounds.

3. Samba in Rio

Samba in Rio is a South American-themed slot machine with a 30 payline. Pretend you’re in Rio for Carnival, thanks to this game’s stunning animation and exciting soundtrack.

Click to Play Samba in Rio

Why you should play Samba in Rio at Gambino Slots:

  • Create full-framed reels to win up to 50 spins.

  • Land 5 full-framed reels to win the Grand jackpot.

  • Get even more chances to win Vegas slots jackpots with the Festive Frames feature.

4. ​​Enchanted Orbs

Enchanted Orbs is a fantasy-and-magic-themed slot machine with a 50 payline. This uniquely-themed slot machine offers plenty of features as well as standard high and low symbols.

Click To Play Enchanted Orbs

Why you should play Enchanted Orbs at Gambino Slots:

  • Keep track of all of your bonuses with the bonus meter.

  • Special features include Super and Grand jackpots as well as Magical Orb respins.

  • Game features stunning animation.

5. Legend of Zeus

Legend of Zeus is a Greek mythology-themed slot machine. We love a good themed slot machine here at OddsSeeker, and Legend doesn’t disappoint.

Click To Play Legend of Zeus

Why you should play Legend of Zeus at Gambino Slots:

  • Win up to 50 free spins by landing scatter symbols in the shape of a temple.

  • Land these symbols again and win a possible 25 more free spins.

  • If a sixth reel appears, you could get a few sticky wilds!

Types of Gambino Slots Games

Gambino Slots offers several different types of casino-style slots games. The most common slots you’ll find on most online social casinos include standard slots, jackpot slots, and penny slots.

Since Gambino is a social casino, all slots here are always free to play!

Gambino Slots Progressive Jackpot Slots 

Progressive jackpot slots are popular at most online social casinos because a progressive jackpot pot continues to grow until someone wins!

Unlike standard jackpot slots, your winning potential isn’t based on your initial bet. These pots continue to grow until someone wins — on average once every 50 million to 500 million spins.

While winning a progressive jackpot game is much more difficult than winning a standard slot machine game, potential winnings can be pretty high!

Gambino Slots offers mini, major, or mega jackpots on many of their slot machine games.

Penny Slots on Gambino Slots

Though you technically can’t play “penny” slots at social casinos (you won’t be betting with real money on these platforms), there are slots games that cost fewer G-Coins than other games here on Gambino.

Low G-Coin games could start at less than one G-Coin per bet. Again, you aren’t betting with actual currency here.

Gambino Slots Free Slots

All slots games on Gambino are technically free because you never need to pay to play at online social casinos!

You can get free G-Coins by signing up for a new user account, sending a written request to Gambino by mail, or snagging an ongoing promo.

Play away to your heart’s content because you’ll never need to spend money at Gambino Slots if you don’t want to.

Gambino Slots App 

Right now, there is no Gambino Slots app for iPhone or Android phones. Not many social casinos offer in-app gameplay, and some simply don’t have apps at all.

The good news is that you can still play on your mobile device in your browser, and you don’t need to download yet another app onto your phone.

Play all your favorite slots-style games on your laptop or desktop or mobile device. No need to download another app to enjoy gameplay at Gambino.

Gambino Slots Slots Social Casino Promos

If you’re ready to sign up for a new user account at Gambino, use the OddsSeeker link to snag this free signup promo. Right now, you can get 200 bonus spins and 100,000 free Coins just for creating an account.


Get 200 FREE Spins + 100,000 FREE Coins


Want even more ways to get free purchase offers online through social casino promos? Check out our full reviews of the best online social casinos in the U.S.!

Gambino Slots Tips and Tricks

There are no secret tricks to winning at online casinos. Yet, we do have a few tips that will ensure you maximize your gameplay and have as much fun as possible while playing Gambino Slots.

Our no. 1 piece of advice? Play the games you find most enjoyable.

Our no. 2 piece of advice? Remember that even playing free games at social casinos can be addicting. Please play responsibly and check out our resources for problem gambling if your gameplay is getting out of control.

Use Gambino Slots Promos

The main way to get free coins at social online casinos is by accepting a welcome offer, sending a request for coins by mail, and snagging ongoing promos.

If you’ve never signed up for an online account at Gambino Slots, you can snag one by using the OddsSeeker link.

Right now, Gambino is offering new players 200 bonus spins and 100,000 free Coins.

Sign up for email, text, or social media alerts to find out when Gambino is offering ongoing promos.

Play the Highest RTP Slots on Gambino Slots

If you want to win more often, play the highest RTP slots on Gambino.

These games pay out more often than other slot machines, especially the machines with RTPs of 96% or higher.

Yet, playing high RTP slots doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to win big. If you’re looking to win big pots, check out jackpot games and games with plenty of features.

Play Jackpot Games

If you’re the type of player that doesn’t care about winning unless you win big, you’ll want to play jackpot games — specifically progressive jackpot games.

Yes, games with high RTPs may pay out more often, but they usually don’t pay out big pots. Jackpot slots, especially progressive jackpot slots, pay out big pots.

Fixed jackpot winnings are based on your initial bet, and progressive jackpot winnings are based on how many people have played a game and lost. These pots keep growing until someone wins.

If you want the chance to win big and don’t care how often you may need to lose before a potential win, check out progressive jackpot slots.

Gambino Slots Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gambino slots for real money?

Gambino slots is an online social casino. This means they can’t accept real money bets.

You never need to pay to play Gambino slot machines. Get free Coins by signing up for a new user account or by sending a written request by mail to Gambino.

How to cash out on Gambino Slots?

There is no way to cash out on Gambino slots, as these games are just for fun.

Unlike some other social casinos, you can’t redeem Sweeps Coins for real money prizes at Gambino. Instead, you can use your winnings in the VIP program and extend your gameplay on different casino-style games.

How to win real money on Gambino Slots?

Sadly, you won’t be able to win real money on Gambino Slots. Instead, you can use your winnings to extend your gameplay and get VIP rewards in Gambino’s frequent player program.

If you want to play slots for real money and live in a state where online gambling is legal, check out our list of real money online casinos.

Want to play at social casinos that allow you to redeem Sweeps Coins for real money prizes? Check out our full list of free social casinos.

How do we use our money we won on Gambino Slots?

Since Gambino Slots doesn’t allow you to withdraw winnings or redeem G-Coins for real money prizes, what can you do with your winnings?

Most of the players on Gambino’s site use their winnings in the Gambino VIP program or to extend their slot machine gameplay.

Remember that social casinos are “just for fun” and there’s no real money betting here.

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