2024 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds: Bet on Victor or Everyone Else?

2024 NBA Rookie of the Year Odds: Bet on Victor or Everyone Else?
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Spurs Win Lottery, Land Wembayama

The San Antonio Spurs have lucked out on another generational big-man talent by landing the coveted No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft.

First, in 1987, they landed David Robinson.

A decade later, Tim Duncan.

Two Hall of Famers.

Now, 26 years later, the Spurs – the greatest small-city success story in NBA history (five titles from 1999 to 2014) – have been gifted once again.

San Antonio won Tuesday night’s draft lottery and absolutely will take the most hyped, next “generational talent” in 7-foot-4 do-it-all Frenchman Victor Wembanyama with the first pick on draft night, which is at the Barclays Center in New York on June 22 (8 p.m. ET on ESPN).

Wemabayama Huge Favorite for NBA ROY

OK, so that’s a given. There’s no reason to even think or bet that’s not going to happen because it will.

As I wrote a couple of days ago here:

Wembanyama is -20000 to first overall – per FanDuel, one of the best online sportsbooks.

To put that figure into a mind-boggling prop-betting perspective, that means you’d have to bet $100 to win … fifty cents. That’s right. And a grand to win five bucks. Mathematically, it’s 99.50% percent he’s going No. 1.

Even if you were to use a sportsbook promotion to boost the odds -- it still wouldn't be worth the wager.

It’s time to look at whether Wemby is a lock to win Rookie of the Year.

If he stays healthy, the Ralph Sampson-esque Wembanyama will land the 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year award.

My concern, just as it was with Oklahoma City’s Chet Holmgren last year, is:

Can he stay healthy?

Skinny legs and all, this kid’s a stud, no doubt, but beanpoles can have a tough time in the NBA. Basketball is tough on the lower body.

I’d like him to put on a little weight and muscle. C’mon, man, you live in France. Get on that butter and bread, bro.

I gently tease. I also hope he excels because he seems like a great guy.

2024 Rookie of the Year Odds

DraftKings opened the odds on 2024 ROY with Wembanyama as a huge favorite:

  • Victor Wembanyama -225
  • Scoot Henderson +300
  • Brandon Miller +900
  • Amen Thompson +1300
  • Cam Whitmore +2000

The NBA Draft has been held since 1947. Here’s a great history lesson of it.  Paolo Banchero was drafted first overall last year by the Orlando Magic and he was awesome. He was the favorite to win ROY from the day he was drafted and did not disappoint, almost unanimously winning the award.

But here’s the thing: Of all the players drafted first overall, only 22 have been named ROY.

The 19-year-old Wembanyama, with nearly an 8-foot wingspan who can shoot like a point guard, is clearly a different kind of unicorn.

NBA Rookie of the Year Contenders

But there’s a ton of talent in this draft.

Scoot Henderson, who has been playing in the G League, is an outstanding point guard who would be going No. 1 if it weren’t for Wembanyama.

And, per Yahoo Sports, he’s been working out with none other than Steph Curry to hone his skills. Good lord, that’s a great mentor.

There’s also former Alabama wingman Brandon Miller who is skilled as all get-out and he’s going to be a star in the NBA for whichever team drafts him, likely Charlotte at No. 2, despite the controversy surrounding him which seems to be diminishing.

I think all three of these dudes are gonna have damn good years and perhaps there’s a sleeper out there.

2023-2024 NBA Rookie of the Year: Wembanyama vs the Field

So who should you back, for 2024 NBA Rookie of the Year?:

  • Victor Wembanyama -184
  • The Field +142

Take the field, which means all of the other draftees (and Chet Holmgren).

Because I’m not so sure Wembanyama is the sure thing that everyone else does.

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