Most Optimistic NFL Fan Bases for the 2023-24 Season

Most Optimistic NFL Fan Bases for the 2023-24 Season
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Updated: January 26th 2024

Hey, NFL fans, the season opener is almost here (Lions at Chiefs, Thursday, Sept. 7).

And the beauty of August is that every team is unbeaten and their fans have strong beliefs as September beckons.

But how hopeful are they?

Let’s find out.

Jimmy Shapiro, of, writes:

“A semi-scientific Twitter – oops, I mean X – study conducted over the past month (30 days) displays the percentage of total team tweets that discuss winning the Super Bowl, getting to the playoffs, or winning the division this upcoming season. For example, the percentage of all tweets from Detroit Lions fans that discuss them having success this season (SB, playoffs, or winning division). Over 100,000 tweets were tracked. In total, nearly 750,000 tweets were collected.”


Here’s the breakdown (percentage of total tweets about a team winning the Super Bowl, their division, or reaching the playoffs):

Chiefs:               19.61%

Eagles:               18.95%

Cowboys:           18.36%

Lions:                 17.55%

Bengals:            14.14%

Jets:                   13.08%

49ers:                 12.65%

Bills:                   11.36%

Dolphins:           9.70%

Ravens:             9.67%

Colts:                 9.03%

Broncos:            8.91%

Jaguars:             8.85%

Seahawks:         8.65%

Steelers:            8.43%

Giants:               8.16%

Chargers:           8.05%

Vikings:              8.04%

Packers:            8.03%

Saints:                7.95%

Rams:                7.60%

Browns:             7.29%

Cardinals:          7.20%

Bears:                7.19%

Buccaneers:      7.19%

Raiders:             7.09%

Falcons:             6.15%

Patriots:             6.11%

Commanders:    5.91%

Titans:                5.33%

Texans:              4.78%

Panthers:           4.64%

Lions fans are particularly bullish. Detroit sold out season tickets at Ford Field for the first time in franchise history. It will be rockin’ at Lions' home games.

It’s also no surprise that the defending champion Chiefs are on top.

Naturally, optimism equates to next year’s Super Bowl odds.

In fact, the 12 teams with the most positive fan bases are the same 12 favorites

The odds I’m using are from FanDuel Sportsbook, one of our favorite sites, along with many other great gambling companies in the U.S., including DraftKings Sportsbook, BetMGM and many more.

2024 Super Bowl Champions

Kansas City Chiefs +600

Philadelphia Eagles +800

Buffalo Bills +900

San Francisco 49ers +1000

Cincinnati Bengals +1000

Dallas Cowboys +1400

New York Jets +1600

Baltimore Ravens +1800

Detroit Lions +2100

Los Angeles Chargers +2100

Miami Dolphins +2500

Jacksonville Jaguars +2800

Cleveland Browns +3000

Minnesota Vikings +3500

Seattle Seahawks +3500

Green Bay Packers +4000

New Orleans Saints +4000

Denver Broncos +4500

Pittsburgh Steelers +4500

New York Giants +4500

Atlanta Falcons +5500

New England Patriots +5500

Chicago Bears +6000

Tennessee Titans +6000

Carolina Panthers +6000

Los Angeles Rams +6500

Washington Commanders +6500

Las Vegas Raiders +7500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500

Indianapolis Colts +10000

Arizona Cardinals +18000

Houston Texans +18000

The Eagles have the second-best fan base but I’m already on the record as saying Philly fans will be ecstatic after winning Super Bowl LVIII (Feb. 11, 2024, in Las Vegas) and next year they’ll be No. 1 all the way around.

Book it.

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