Play From Home Sweepstakes

Play From Home Sweepstakes
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Updated: September 28th 2023

Play from home sweepstakes have been popular in the U.S. since the 19th century.

These days, they work a little differently than they did back then. Not only are phone-in and mail-in sweepstakes popular, but online sweepstakes, such as free online casinos are also a fun way to play from home.

What are sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are a promotion to market a product or service. The earliest record of sweepstakes in the U.S. dates back to a game run by Benjamin T. Babbitt in 1851.

They were popularized in the country in the 1950s by Publishers Clearinghouse. Sweepstakes have been used to promote TV shows, fast food, radio programs, blogs, and more.

If you were a fan of McDonald’s Monopoly game, you’re probably familiar with the sweepstakes model.

Online play from home sweepstakes were modeled after this type of game. Sweepstakes are a game of chance and don’t require any skill to play.

Are play from home sweepstakes legal?

Yes, play-from-home sweepstakes are legal in most states! There are some terms and conditions and rules if you want to play sweepstakes at home, but most of these are pretty standard and straightforward.

In most cases, you must be at least 18 years old to play, and you need to reside in a state where sweepstakes are legal.

18 and Up Sweepstakes

Most sweepstakes require players to be at least 18 years old to play. Depending on the type of game, required actions for winner eligibility, and other factors, you may be able to play at a younger age, too.

For online sweepstakes, you must be at least 18 years old to play.

While most companies that operate sweepstakes make it tempting to purchase products to be eligible to win, no purchase is necessary to play.

States Where Play From Home Sweepstakes Are Legal

It isn’t legal to play sweepstakes in every state or province. In fact, if you live in Washington State or Quebec, you’re not eligible to play sweepstakes at all!

In Washington State, the only legal sweepstakes-style games include raffles and promotional sweepstakes.

If you are at least 18 years old and physically located in any other state or province, congratulations! You are eligible to play sweepstakes games.

Types of Play From Home Sweepstakes

There are a few different types of play at home sweepstakes. The most common way to play sweepstakes these days is online (we know, shocking, right?). But there are still mail-in sweepstakes, radio sweepstakes, and corporate sweepstakes, too.

Free Online Sweepstakes 

Online sweepstakes allow you to play at home without making a phone call or sending a postcard to the game operator.

Just create an online account, play games, and win prizes. It’s that simple!

Social Casinos With Cash Prizes

The most popular type of online play at home sweepstakes is free online sweepstakes, otherwise known as free online sweeps casinos.

These legitimate online casinos accept players in every state and province except Washington State and Quebec, and players need to be only 18 years old to play these games.

Unlike real money casinos, these platforms don’t accept traditional bets and you don’t need to pay to play.

All you need to do to get free sweeps is to send a postcard to the social casino’s address and create an account; your free plays will hit your account within a few weeks. Or, snag a welcome bonus to get free plays and try out casino-style games.

Win real money or gift card prizes for playing games online.

Free online social casinos feature casino-style games. Play roulette, poker, and blackjack online free. You can even play free slots online.

Call-In Sweepstakes

Call-in play from home sweepstakes require you to call a toll-free number to win. Some call-in sweepstakes require you to be the 100th caller (or another arbitrary number) to win, and you may need to answer a question that requires some skill.

Corporate Sweepstakes

If you’ve ever played McDonald’s Monopoly, you’re probably familiar with corporate sweepstakes.

These play-from-home sweepstakes are popular with fast food companies (though the McDonald’s Monopoly game is no longer available in the U.S.). You don’t need to make a purchase to play, as you can send in for playing pieces.

Or, enhance your chances of winning by purchasing qualifying products at certain retailers. Sometimes it’s a one-and-done deal; other times, you may need to collect several “pieces” to win.

Mail-In Sweepstakes

Most sweepstakes are mail-in sweepstakes (including some online sweepstakes and free online social casinos).

Even with play from home sweepstakes that encourage you to purchase a product or service, you can still send a postcard or self-addressed stamped envelope to the company’s sweepstakes address to get free chances to play.

Some sweepstakes are also mail-in only, meaning you’ll need to send a piece of mail to an address (following the sweepstakes' instructions) to get your playing pieces.

Radio Sweepstakes

Radio play from home sweepstakes were popularized by radio shows in the 1950s and then again in the 1990s.

All you need to do to win is to call at the right time (and possibly answer a trivia question). Some radio shows simply require you to say their show is your favorite while on air. A common radio sweepstakes prize is free concert tickets (which are provided free of charge by concert promoters).

Most call-in sweepstakes are funded by radio show advertisers (and now podcast advertisers, too).

Radio shows and sponsors hope that you’ll tune in at a certain time each day or week to snag your chance at a prize.

Text Message Sweepstakes

Finally, text message sweepstakes have become increasingly popular these days with the rise in the popularity of texting.

To participate in play from home text message sweepstakes, all you need to do is text a word or phrase to a toll-free number. The company hosting the sweepstakes will choose a winner at random.

Of course, companies run these sweepstakes to gather phone numbers (which they may then add to their promotional texting lists). Some companies may also sell, share, or exchange this information, so read the terms and conditions of the play from home sweepstakes wisely.

Best Play From Home Sweepstakes Online

Ready for play from home sweepstakes online? Here is a list of our favorite online social casinos right now. These social casinos are known for amazing graphics, exciting games, and quality audio. Casinos with free play are a great way to play sweepstakes from home.

Of course, these free social casinos are 18 and up casinos.

We’ve even got a few welcome bonuses to get you started with extra free play!

New casino sites are added all time.

Luckyland Slots

Luckyland Slots is our current no. 1 online social casino. If you’re excited about play at home sweepstakes, you’ll love this spin on the classic sweepstakes model. As the name suggests, Luckyland is for sweepstakes lovers that can’t get enough slots games.


OddsSeeker readers can get over 7,000 gold coins and 10 bonus sweeps, 50% off your first gold coin purchase, and 50,000 gold coins by using the OddsSeeker link.


Pulsz is another one of the newest online social casinos around for players who love play at home sweepstakes. Play casino-style games, like blackjack, slots, and roulette for real money prizes here.


OddsSeeker readers can get 2.3 FREE sweeps coins, no purchase necessary! If you don’t mind paying a little money to get a better deal, we can get you 50% off your first gold coin purchase – pay only $20 and get 16,125 Gold Coins plus 15 bonus sweeps coins by using the OddsSeeker link — no promo code necessary!

Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino is possibly the most well-known social casino online. Its play-at-home sweepstake-style games are high quality. Choose from dozens of slots, table, and roulette games.


OddsSeeker readers can get 2 million gold coins and 2 bonus sweeps — no purchase necessary! This deal can get you plenty of uninterrupted fun, playing free slots.

Snag $20 off your first gold coin purchase, and 3 million gold coins and 30 bonus sweeps by using the OddsSeeker link — no code needed!

Funzpoints Casino

Love welcome bonuses, login bonuses, and weekly sweepstakes jackpots? Funzpoints Casino is the free online social casino for you. Snag a welcome bonus and log in each day to see if you can win the seasonal bonuses


OddsSeeker readers can get a free $2.50 credit at this social casino — no purchase necessary.

Or, get up to a $20 deposit-match bonus on your first purchase by using the OddsSeeker link — no promo code is needed.

B spot 

The most unique social casino on this list is b spot, where the results of casino-style games are determined by live horse race results!


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Fortune Coins

Fortune Coins is another 18 and up social casino that specializes in slot-machine-style games.


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