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Pulsz Bingo

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Pulsz Bingo is the Pulsz social casino's newest venture. Get a no deposit bonus just for signing up, and get 362,000 gold coins and 30 free sweeps for only $19.99!

Pulsz Bingo
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    Pulsz Bingo

    Pulsz Bingo is the newest online social casino by Puslz. 

    As its name suggests, you’ll find mostly bingo games on Pulsz Bingo’s site. Yet, there is a large selection of slots-style games and scratch-off games, too.

    Find out if Pulsz Bingo lives up to its older brother in terms of welcome bonuses, user experience, and game selection.

    We’ve got the scoop on the best Puslz Bingo promos, including a no-deposit bonus and a first-purchase bonus. Want to know how to get the best Pulsz promo codes and welcome bonuses? Read on to find out how you can snag not just one — but two — welcome bonuses, including a no-deposit bonus and a first-purchase bonus.  


    Pulsz Bingo



    Available on

    Android app, iOS web browsers, Desktop

    No Purchase Bonus

    5,000 Gold Coins + 2 Free Sweeps Coins

    First Purchase Offer

    362,000 coins for $19.99 + 460 VIP Points + 30 Free Sweeps Coins On Your First Purchase

    Bonus Code

    Not needed



    Purchase Options

    VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill

    Redeeming Options

    ACH (Bank Transfer), Skrill, Prepaid Gift Cards

    Pulsz Bingo Promos

    Looking for Pulsz Bingo Promos? You’re in the right place! We’ve got not one — but two — Pulsz Bing promos for new players.

    There’s no need to make a purchase to play at this online social casino. You’ll get 5,000 gold coins and two free sweeps coins just for creating your new user account. You can also mail in for free plays at Pulsz Bing (as you can pretty much any free online casino).

    But if you want to get even more plays and maximize your winnings, we’ve also got a first-purchase bonus promo for you. Pulsz Bingo is offering OddsSeeker readers a first-purchase bonus promo (on top of the no deposit bonus promo) for up to 362,000 coins and 460 VIP points.

    To find out how to snag these welcome bonuses at Pulsz Bingo follow the instructions below. 

    Welcome bonus promo:

    5,000 Gold Coins + 2 Free Sweeps Coins

    First purchase bonus promo:

    Get 30 Free Sweeps Coins On Your First Purchase

    362,000 coins for $19.99 + 460 VIP Points

    Pulsz Bingo Promo Code 

    Looking for a Pulsz Bingo promo code? The good news is that you don’t need a promo code to take advantage of this welcome bonus! Simply use the OddsSeeker link to toggle to the Pulsz Bingo welcome bonus landing page and snag both the deposit match and first purchase promo.

    Pulsz Bingo Purchase Bonus

    The Pulsz Bingo first-purchase bonus is one of our favorite welcome bonuses at free social casinos right now. 

    Get 30 free sweeps coins on your first purchase (no matter what package you purchase!). If you want to save even more money on package deals, we recommend buying 362,000 coins for $19.99 because you’ll also get 460 VIP points, in addition to your free coins.

    First Purchase Bonus Promo

    • Get 30 Free Sweeps Coins On Your First Purchase

    • 362,000 coins for $19.99 + 460 VIP Points

    Pulsz Bingo Deposit Bonus Code 

    Do you need a deposit code to get this welcome bonus promo? No! There is no Pulsz Bingo deposit bonus code necessary to snag this deal for free coins. Simply follow the OddsSeeker link to claim your welcome bonus. 

    Pulsz Bingo No-Purchase Bonus Code 

    Don’t want to make a purchase to get your welcome bonus? There’s no need to spend any of your own money to play at Pulsz. Not only can you snag free coins by requesting them by mail, but you can also snag login bonuses and other deals here.

    Yet, if you’ve never played at Pulsz before, you can also get a welcome bonus promo of 5,000 gold coins and two free sweeps coins — just for signing up for a new user account.

    Pulsz Bingo No Deposit Bonus Code Promo

    5,000 Gold Coins + 2 Free Sweeps Coins

    Already have a Pulsz Bingo user account? Have you previously accepted a welcome bonus from Pulsz Bingo? Unfortunately, you’re not eligible for this offer, but you may be eligible for ongoing promos for current members.

    Pulsz Bingo Ongoing Promos

    Free online social casinos and bingo rooms, such as Pulsz Bingo, usually also offer ongoing promos to loyal players.

    All you need to do to snag these promos is to log in to your account daily and/or sign up for alerts by mail, text, social, or push notifications. Follow Pulsz Bingo on social media channels to find out when daily deals are offered.

    In addition to Pulsz Bingo games, you can also sign up for an account at Pulsz, which is a free social casino that specializes in slots and other casino-style games. 

    Pulsz Bingo VIP/Rewards Program

    The Pulsz Bingo VIP program rewards you for being a loyal Pulsz player! All you need to do to accrue points is play qualified games. 

    Play more games and collect more points. The more points you collect, the faster you’ll reach higher tier levels. Once you’ve reached certain tiers, you’ll be eligible to win even more prizes.

    Pulsz Bingo Reviews

    Want to know if this online social casino is worth the new account registration? We’ve scoured Pulsz Bingo reviews so you don’t have to!

    We’ll dig deep into the Pulsz Bingo platform and let you know how we like its user experience, game selection, customer service options, and payment and withdrawal methods. 

    Find out how easy it is to sign up for a new account, claim your welcome bonuses, and start playing games — right away!

    Is Pulsz Bingo legit?

    Regulative Authority: Varies by state

    Yes, Pulz Bingo is totally legit. It’s licensed and verified and legal in most states (except for Washington, Nevada, and Idaho). Pulsz Bingo accepts players 18 years and older, so this online social casino is a great option for anyone who lives in a state where online gambling isn’t yet legal or who is under the age of 21 (but at least 18 years old).

    If you recognize the Pulsz name, it’s because this online bingo operator is run by the popular social casino site. Pulsz has been in business since 2019 and has quickly become one of our favorite free online casinos.

    With a large selection of casino-style games, including slots, scratch tickets, and bingo, Pulsz Bing isn’t too far behind its big brother in terms of game availability.  

    “Frank’s Take”

    We’ve gotta say that we are enjoying playing online casino-style games on Pulsz’s new bingo-specific platform. If you want to play slots with a bonus, check out Pulsz casino real money.

    The site is pretty easy to navigate. It’s streamlined and clean. There’s nothing extraneous to slow down load times or cause lags in gameplay. The eye-catching graphics are colorful, and the music is just as good as the visuals.

    While this is a bingo-specific site, there are plenty of slots games and scratch-offs available too (pretty much every title available on Pulsz’s main site is also available here). 

    There are only four available bingo rooms at any given time, and you need to wait your turn to enter and wait for a new game to start. But aside from that, there are more than enough variations on the classic bingo games to keep you occupied here.

    It would be nice to see an app for iOS in the near future, but playing on a mobile browser didn’t really take away from the experience at all.

    Overall, it’s a fun platform and a great addition to the Pulsz family of platforms. 

    Pulsz Bingo User Experience

    The Pulsz Bingo user experience is clean and streamlined. It’s easy to find your favorite games because there is nothing extraneous about this site. 

    Choose between a light dark or dark theme (to be honest, the light theme hurt our eyes a bit, so the option to toggle to the dark theme was welcomed!). And you can even toggle between bingo games and slots-style games on the left-hand menu. 

    Search for your favorite games by name, or browse them by title. 

    Purchase coin packages, check your balance, and update your settings right from your home page. Most questions are answered in the FAQ section. Or, call the 24/7 hotline to get immediate answers to your most pressing questions.

    To check out bingo games, you’ll need to register for a user account. But you can browse slots-style games right from the homepage with or without an account. 

    Pulsz Bingo App/Mobile Betting

    The Pulsz Bingo app makes it easier to play your favorite bingo and slots-style games from your smartphone. 

    You can download the Pulsz Bingo app for Android in the Google Play Store. If you’re an iPhone user, you’ll need to use the Pulsz mobile browser to play bingo, as there is no app for iOS.

    You can do everything you’d do on the mobile site right from the Pulsz app. Browse games, buy coins, or check your balance — all in one app.

    Pulsz Bingo App Android

    Want to download the Pulsz Bingo app for Android? It’s easy to do so. 

    Just create a Pulsz Bing account by using the below instructions. Once you have an account and have claimed your welcome bonuses, you can go ahead and start the download for the Android app.

    Click on the Android icon. 

    Click “install” to download the Android app onto your phone.

    Select the Pulsz file that was just downloaded to your phone.

    Open the app to complete the installation process.

    Sign into your account to access your funds and start playing.

    Pulsz Bingo App iPhone

    Right now, you can’t download a special Pulsz app for the iPhone — but you can still play Pulsz Bingo on your iOS device! You’ll just need to play Pulsz in your mobile browser.

    If you want to access your Pulsz Bingo account on your iPhone, you may want to simply bookmark the Pulsz Bingo site in your browser. 

    To do so on Chrome for iPhone, just toggle to the Pulsz Bingo homepage and click on the three dots in the bottom left-hand corner of your browser. Click the bookmark star. 

    Pulsz Bingo Games

    One of the reasons we love online bingo games is that bingo is super simple! Even though there is plenty of variety in the games at Pulsz Bingo, you’ll find these games to be easy to understand and self-explanatory.

    You can find all of the games at Pulsz Bingo on the bingo homepage. You’ll need to enter a bingo room to start playing, and there are usually four open rooms available at all times. Before you can enter a room, you’ll need to get enough gold coins to “buy” a virtual bingo room ticket. 

    Click “play” on your desired bingo room, and you’ll get access to the room once you’ve “paid” for your ticket. You’ll also need to wait until just before the game starts to enter the room. 

    Our favorite part of playing Pulsz Bingo games? You don’t even need to daub your own bingo ticket! The Pulsz software does that for you. But if you’re feeling a little nostalgic, you can go ahead and daub your own tickets, too.

    Once the game is finished, you’ll find out if you’ve won. Keep playing in your bingo room, or check out other bingo rooms for some variation. You can even play other betting-style games, like scratch tickets, online slots, and jackpots.  

    Below is a list of the most popular bingo rooms you’ll find on Pusz:

    • Big Apple

    • Bingo Blast

    • Golden Gate

    • The Freshman 

    Big Apple

    The Big Apple is a classic bingo game. Your ticket will contain three rows and nine columns. 90 balls are available to be called in this game. You’ll need to match one or two rows or get a full house to win. Choose between fixed and progressive pot games. The latter pot’s total winnings will be determined by the number of players.

    Golden Gate 

    Golden Gate is available 24/7. The classic Pulsz Bingo game, you’ll play on a 25-square grid ticket. 75 balls are available to be called in this game.

    No need to daub a full house or one or two rows in Golden Gate. Simply make any classic bingo shape to call “bingo” in this room. 

    Winners will take home part of a 28 million gold coin pot. Choose between fixed and progressive pot games; progressive pots are determined by the number of players participating.

    The Freshman

    The Freshman is one of Pulsz Bingo’s few games that is offered for free during certain hours. Another classic bingo game, you’ll play on a 25-square grid ticket. 75 balls are available to be called in this game.

    No need to worry about progressive or fixed pots here; only a fixed pot is offered, so you won’t need to concern yourself with the difference between pot types in this room.

    Bingo Blast

    Another bingo room that only offers a fixed game pot is Bingo Blast. True to its name, this game moves fast. 

    You’ll play on a 27-square grid ticket. 90 balls are available to be called in this game.

    Pulsz Bingo New Account Signup

    Ready to sign up for a new Pulsz Bingo account? Just use the OddsSeeker link to toggle to the site and start the registration process. You’ll need to click the “register” button to get started.

    Since Pulsz Bingo isn’t a real money online casino, the platform accepts players from most states who are at least 18 years old (not 21 years old as with real money online casinos). The only states where Pulsz Bingo does not accept players are Washington, Nevada, and Idaho. 

    You may register with your email address or by connecting your Google or Facebook account to your Pulsz account. As with most online social casinos, the “social” aspect is what sets this platform apart! Connect with your friends and family by connecting your social media accounts to your Pulsz account.

    Email Signup

    To sign up by email, follow the below steps:

    Fill in the requested information on the form, including your first and last names and email address. 

    Choose a secure password for your Pulsz account. 

    Confirm your location and age. 

    Accept the terms and conditions. 

    Click “join now”. 

    Verify your email address by toggling to your email inbox, clicking the verification email from Pulsz, and clicking on the verification link. 

    Your 5,000 gold coins and two free sweeps coins should be available in your account.

    Purchase your 362,000 gold coins package for $19.99 to get your bonus coins and VIP coins. 

    Start playing your favorite bingo games!

    Social Media Signup

    To sign up through Google or Facebook, follow the below steps:

    Click the Google or Facebook icon. 

    Allow Pulsz to connect to your social media account.

    Allow Google or Facebook to send your information to Pulsz.

    Accept the terms and conditions.

    Your 5,000 gold coins and two free sweeps coins should be available in your account.

    Purchase your 362,000 gold coins package for $19.99 to get your bonus coins and VIP coins. 

    Start playing your favorite bingo games!

    Pulsz Bingo Customer Support

    If you have any questions about your account, games, or your balance, you can reach out to the Pulsz Bingo customer support team.

    One of the easiest ways to find answers is on the Pulsz Bingo FAQ page. Here, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Your question may have a super simple answer!

    Search through the FAQs to get quick answers to your burning questions. Find out which payments are accepted by Pulsz and how to cash in your coins for prizes. If you have payment questions, you can call the Pulsz Bing0 24/7 customer support line. 

    US Payment Related Queries (24/7): +1 (424) 371-7304

    Live Chat: Right now, Pulsz Bingo doesn’t offer a live chat customer support option.

    Email: On the support page, click “contact us” to get to a support query form.

    Social: You can try to contact Pulsz Bingo on social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

    FAQ: Read the FAQ page to get fast answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    Pulsz Bingo Withdrawal & Payments 

    You don’t need to purchase a package to play on Pulsz Bingo. But if you want to get even more gameplay and get a better chance of winning prizes, you can always purchase a package (and get bonuses in the process!).

    Pulsz Bingo accepts a wide variety of payment types, including credit cards and digital wallets. 

    Coins are a virtual currency that don’t carry any real-world value. Yet, you may exchange sweeps coins for cash prizes once you’ve reached a certain threshold.

    Pulsz Bingo Payments

    To purchase gold coins, use one of the following payment methods:



    American Express


    Pulsz Bingo Withdrawals

    Ready to exchange some of your sweeps coins for prizes? 

    Once you’ve reached at least 50 sweeps coins, you can start to cash out your winnings. You’ll need at least 50 sweeps coins to cash out winnings for gift cards and at least 100 sweeps coins to cash out winnings for cash prizes.

    One sweeps coin equals $1 in prizes.

    Can’t decide between cash or a gift card? Pulsz doesn’t offer a huge selection of cash gift cards, but cards may be redeemed at major retailers. If you don’t want to wait to reach that 100 sweeps threshold, you may just want to opt for a gift card instead. 

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