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Skillz is a competitive mobile app gaming application that is incorporated into a range of games on iOS and Android. Players use it to participate in tournaments against other players around the globe. 

For game makers, Skillz is a way to switch their applications into an eSports competition, as they have around 18 million registered users competing for cash reward regular matches. Groups are paired by ability level, so when you’re just beginning, don’t worry about being paired with a seasoned veteran.

Skillz Games is an online repository of all forms of games available on Android and iOS devices that offers you the opportunity to compete for prize money using your skills. With its digital money, you can play free games, too.

The games on the Skillz page, include solitaire, bowling, pool, blackjack, and more are recognizable and easy to grasp. On Android and iOS devices, Skillz games are available.

Skillz partners with makers of game apps to send an instant awareness to its new features, and offers gamers new and fresh games to play and earn! For both parties, it’s a bizarre way to reap the rewards and make a profit from online gaming.

You pick the game you would like to compete for the participants and download it on your smartphone. Every one of these games is driven by Skillz, which means that you can sign in with your Skillz account created through the process in our segment “How To Play Skillz Games”) and your mixture of knowledge and account is carried over.

This will enable you to choose between “free to play” games and tournaments using Z points to play, and monetary competitions that involve the entry of an account balance. With competitors with the same skill set, you can enter cash matches and gain rewards on wins that you can remove.

Across most of the United States, Skillz offers an interesting and entertaining way of playing your selection of new games and earning money. You have complete power over what you download and run for cash. You should continue with those if you’re better at puzzlers! For your iPhone or Android computer, card games, action games, strategy, and much more are available.


Is Skillz Safe?

Yes, Skillz, in the United States, is completely legal. The Skillz games operate under a computer formula that, according to Skillz, has been “validated and reviewed by the widely respected constitutional professionals in the field of gameplay and has been issued a US patent”

Through 2014, Skillz has been operating as an eSports platform that uses tournament applications and can be operated with its digital currency as a ‘for fun’ platform and for money, after you invest and play cash games and tournaments.


Is Skillz Legal?

In the majority of states in America, Skillz is legitimate and functions lawfully. In 38 states, you can start playing all Skillz games for money. Make sure that any games that include playing cards can not be played for money if you compete in Indiana or Maine. In the following places, the website as a whole is not accessible: 

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

You can also, nonetheless, play any Skillz game with its digital money for pleasure in these regions.

Skillz Bonus Cash 

After you register online for the Skillz Games promotion codes via BonusSeeker, you will get two bonuses straight off the bat. These prizes can be used to join tournaments and if you win, you can turn a portion of it into actual money.

Skillz No Deposit Promo Code 2020

Everybody likes free bonuses, don’t they? It’s a perfect place to start on a platform like Skillz, plus you’ll get a $10 value when you register with us. At tournaments, you can begin the use of these immediately and play to win claimable money.

Skillz Promotions

Skillz Games do not have as numerous deals as you might anticipate from an online casino, but they always donate cash rewards opportunities. SkillzSkillz can by email or via the application alone, advertise cash rewards offers. You can subscribe to their emails that will keep you aware of the latest deals and promotions for cash bonuses. A former Cherry Blossom deposit bonus is an instance. Make some deposits and it will cause a transfer to your account provided in Bonus Cash.

Skillz Match Codes

A match code from Skillz is a perfect way to play free games. These are also distributed on their social media channels, so make sure to follow them in order to benefit from this deal. Typically, these would be related to a particular game; often a common offer or a new game that they are trying to play for more users. The favorite aspect is with Skillz Games match codes, you can play these games and if you win, you will be able to keep any earnings as real money!

Skillz Daily Login Bonus

You can log in and demand a login bonus daily that will provide you with more Z points to play for free. For more free points, you could also view adverts.

Skillz Games

Skill games fall under the category of those who need either varying levels of mechanical or cognitive aptitude (or both in order to be sufficiently competitive to raise profit playing them. They also need a strong ability to focus, and luckily both of these can be practiced at free places where you can improve those crucial skills. You’ll need to be able to use the capacity of the brain and maybe even some physical capacity.

That brings into the analysis a whole variety of different types of game, so if we want to break them down, they will fall approximately into one of eight groups:

Console Video Games

A variety of places are accessible where online games can be played for cash. There are opportunities to get engaged playing many of the iconic competitive player games, either in playoff contests or match type tournaments. Sports-based video games are particularly prevalent: football, pool, snooker, basketball, and golf. In the catalog of those you can compete for money, skill-based soccer games are well described. But the main jewel in the crown here is the famous console series that concentrate on fighting and wars, and the games that will cater to the broad range of players.

Strategy Games

To be competitive in strategy-based games requires a focused mind and a thorough knowledge of the game along with the information (or instructions) on what to do in particular situations for optimal outcomes. In card games, several of these strategies are needed, with poker being the most widely recognized. 3 Card Poker is an apt illustration where there‘s lots of fortune playing in what cards you’re dealing with but the key to victory will mean what you choose to do with them. In many other game styles, you can also find techniques helpful, such as those focused on digital environment navigation (covered below).

Card Games

Did we play all of them right? As children and adolescents with unlawful gambling in the basement, with grandparents, and as parents and adults. As can be seen on the online site, the topic of card games in common is an enormous one….and, interestingly, a variety of them can be played either for enjoyment or actual money. Let’s look at a few in the ‘true money’ bracket:


Maybe the most evident illustration of a tactical skill game is poker, and it sits squarely as one of the greatest games you can play to earn cash, as we’ll see below. Poker is a game in which planning plays a major role in the effective play, although you need some good luck aids in the cards you are dealt, of course. You can play your way through several poker hands and make good choices, but still lose, but you’ll come out on top eventually in the long run. Of course, when we discuss poker as a game of expertise, we apply it to games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, and others where you compete against other poker players. There are a variety of casino-type poker card games, with 3 card poker being a prime illustration, where tactics will help your likelihood of victory, but in the ultimate results, luck plays a far greater role.

Thus, playing poker offers the chance to compete for fun, excitement, or cash. Using low bets, many players play for fun. Some of them want to earn a little cash sometimes. For extra income or as full-time poker experts, only a tiny portion actually plays. If you win or lose, the excitement of the game can be enjoyed. Until playing any games for cash prizes, there are three questions you want to ask yourself first—am I going to enjoy it, how much it will cost me, and will I earn or make money from it? Through poker, it’s a safe bet that you’ll get the quality of entertainment! As far as costs go you can regulate how much you could lose as long as you don’t get swept up.

However, your chances of winning increasingly rely on how you play the game, your own individual dedication and amount of competence, and how much practice you are willing to put in to improve your abilities. Plus of course, your competitors’ ability standard, how they play, and whether they have any benefits you don’t have such as exposure to some sort of software. Playing against poker software (or a bot as it is sometimes known) can reduce your chances because it is basically a decision-making computer program. With negligible guidance, it is possible to play poker off the bat and get some winning hands… and perhaps even come out of a session ahead. But in the longer term, in order to get a good result, you will need to put in an effort. The odds of winning? They’re fine if you can put in the firm commitment that regularly calls for playing the game well. Of all of the various paths to victory money playing online games, anybody that can play poker well has a very good chance to succeed… and having a wonderful time doing it.

Other Card Games

Feature such classics as solitaire, spades, rummy, and casino card games for a double handful. These require a mixture of abilities, mental endurance, strategic planning, and also a pretty big amount of luck!

Arcade and Puzzle

This might potentially take up divisions of their own. On different cash-gaming platforms, you can sometimes find variants of them, although there are websites that focus solely on cash trivia games where using general knowledge skills will lead to winning some pleasant prizes for actual cash. They can specifically call for a mix of abilities, often requiring physical dexterity and experience with the arcade-style choices, and puzzle/quiz games needing mental power.


Arcade games require logical reasoning skills and strong reflexes, such as sped-up puzzle games. In reality, you’ll require strong hand-eye coordination overall. Collapse and Mini-Golf are some instances. Like games such as Bejeweled and Tetris Blast, shooting and racing games also fall into the category. Arcade games can also be compared to the various kinds of famous games that we all hold dear.

Puzzle Money Games

It uses the skill of a player to respond intelligently, often coupled with manual dexterity and allows a gamer to solve puzzles within a period of time. Bejeweled and HexTwist also include instances.

Word Based Memory Game

They just use word problems, basically the very same thing as puzzlers, with a better instance being any word game where you need to reorganize letters to form words or expressions. Bookworm, Alphabet Soup, and Word Mojo are common word games. Plus, the internationally recognized Scrabble game. With tournament conditions, several of these forms of games are played where all players will incur an entry fee and the winner will get a portion of the total pool. There are other ways to play and create a points balance if you don’t want to play tournaments that can be used to swap prizes like raffle tickets, electrical devices, holidays, etc.

Trivia and Quiz

This measures the level of understanding in particular areas, or over a broad variety of subjects of the broad form of knowledge. They’re competitions for questions and answers, usually played individually. Playing in free trivia competitions will win you some pleasant cash prizes. The foremost is possibly HQ Trivia, but in the list of trivia websites, there is a range of other real cash trivia competitions to join. Many of these give decent chances for a professional competitor to win any money or other rewards.

Fantasy Real Money Games

The following are the two types of Fantasy Real Money Games:

Fantasy Sports Games

This allows you to concentrate on your potential to create a team of good players and accumulate points on the basis of their results. You can use your awareness of diverse sports and teams in fantasy sports games to select productive players and keep an advantage over someone who only estimates their lineups.

Fantasy World’s

Virtual Reality Games are immensely popular, fitting squarely into the category of famous video gaming. They will cause you to act out deep fantasies focused on the functioning of economies to dominate countries if skillfully done, and almost everything you can think of in between. You know what I’m referring to here. It’s those games like SecondLife and the like that essentially give you virtual world settings in which real-life or fantasy-type experiences can be carried out. This could involve the exploration in the virtual world of building elements or otherwise improving your place in them.

Board Games

There are such great favorites as chess, draughts, backgammon, and monopoly in the list of real money board games. In principle, these are games where tactics, and your efficient use of it, decides whether you can win any cash prizes on offer. Usually, both players have reasonably equal awareness of playing rules and optimal tactics, so chance plays a factor too of course.

Skillz presently has about 250 games in its catalog, with creators searching for exposure for its games sometimes adding more. This offers you an opportunity to play games that might only have been published to the market! On iOS devices, at least 95 percent of the games are accessible and about 75 percent are accessible on Smartphones. You may not be capable of playing each game for money, but before you download them, Skillz tells you exactly which games are cash-enabled or not.

Some of the games here that you’ll find include:

  • Blackout Blitz (Bingo with a twist)
  • Solitaire Cube
  • Jewel Blitz – Block Puzzle (Matching gem puzzle game)
  • Cube Cube (Similar to Tetris)
  • Bubble Shooter Tournaments
  • Strike! eSports Bowling
  • Freecell Solitaire Cube
  • Real Money Word Search
  • Pool Payday
  • Word Blitz (Similar to Boggle)

You will see there are many various kinds of games, not even just highly qualified games that can be controlled by a small minority of people. Skillz is proud to deliver a massive amount of fun for all generations and to be able to play for cash regardless of your level of expertise.

How to Play Skillz Games

Signing up with Skillz is a simple process that provides you with access to lots of smartphone games:

  1. To register with Skillzz, go through our connection.
  2. PickPick a game that engages you and click it to start the download (for detailed details on Android and iOS applications, check our Apps portion below)
  3. Choose a name and character to use on the Skillz website
  4. Play a training game and develop your profile
  5. Click the menu in the upper right corner when your game is over and then click “account.” You will be able to store your account details there.
  6. to confirm that you are in a state that allows cash games, fill out all your details (date of birth, location, etc.).

Can You Really Earn Money on Skillz?

Once you deposit at Skillz, it is easy to win real cash. As far as you have a cash reserve, for every game open, you can join any monetary tournament. It will pair you with a competitor who is at the same tier as you and you are competing for the best score against that individual.

Can I Play Skillz Games for Free?

Yeah, before making a deposit, you could choose to enjoy all of the Skillz games! By playing, winning a trophy, progressing levels, and acknowledging all the regular incentives under your profile to accumulate them, continue to earn Z points. Play some of the games for free by using them. You should try Chumba Casino if you are searching for other games like Skillz!

Skillz VIP Program

A VIP program is provided by Skillz that awards you the further you play. This is achieved by supplying you with Tickets, which you can exchange at its Ticketz store for rewards. The further you take part in monetary tournaments, the further you go to the VIP tier level. You will get a 6x multiplier for Ticketz at the maximum Black Tier, which will enable you to accumulate them more quickly.

What are Skillz Tickets?

Ticketz for Skillz (or Ticketz) are a way of rewarding you the further you play. For your registration fees in actual cash tournaments, you get tickets. Although you can get different Skillz awards for these tickets, the ultimate prize is being able to buy Bonus Cash at the Ticketz store with these. By heading to the main menu of your Skillz profile and pressing “Achievements” you withdraw Skillz Ticketz. Click ‘Ticketz’ from there then search the list of prizes to see what you can trade them for.

Skillz App

An app is the only way to play Skillz games. On a computer or laptop, you will not be able to participate in Skillz games.

Skillz Apps for Android

You will find Skillz games for Mobile to install and play as independent games that have the Skillz based platform into them. This ensures that you don’t have to install a single Skillz Mobile application, but hundreds of games that you select and choose to install on your tablet or smartphone. To get acquainted with Android games, implement these instructions:

  1. Go via BonusSeeker to the Skillz Games website and pick an Android game to get going. For more details, see our “How To Play Skillz Games” paragraph earlier in this thread.
  2. Download the .apk file of a game from the web
  3. Launch the Skillz APK file and it will check if you want to modify your security settings to briefly allow downloading of apps from unknown sources. Underneath the Security tab of your settings, pick yes, or manually adjust this feature.
  4. Now you can install the downloaded .apk file and begin playing the game. Sign in (if it’s your first time playing Skillz games) with your Skillz account and you can compete in tournaments.

Skillz App iPhone

Skillz games are simpler to install for Apple products. If you implement the very same actions to go to the list of games on the homepage, it will take you to the App Store to start the download and install when you click on any iOS games. Whether you have created your account by now, click the game to get started and sign in with your Skillz authentication.

Skillz Games Software

Each app that you can install and play from the website is integrated with the Skillz application. You will see that the game is “Skillz powered” so that you can transfer and retract, modify your account details, win prizes, and more in any app.

Skillz Deposit Methods

In any of the games that they support, you can make a Skillz payment. Select the quantity you want to transfer and you will be transferred to the deposit page. From the various choices, you can pick:

  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Debit Card (Also Prepaid Cards)
  • PayPal

You could also use Apple Pay if you use an Apple product. It is shielded by GeoTrust and utilizes 128-bit encryption protection to access your bank details.

Skillz Withdrawal

You can receive your drawdown via PayPal or Credit Card if you make a withdrawal of the same value or less than the initial deposit you have made. You will have to retract via Check By Mail if you are removing more than you have stored at Skillz. Skillz states that withdrawals typically take 4-6 weeks, but in many instances, they are processed faster than this,

Customer Service at Skillz

Skillz seems to have a huge Help Center with viewable responses to many of the most frequently asked questions and complications that may occur while playing. They have two choices for you to reach them if you have a more important concern or one that requires customer care:

  • Live Chat: When you are in the Help Center, you can pick a live chat from the bottom-right pop-up. To get a response Immediately, this will link you immediately to a Customer Support Representative. 24/7 Live Chat is open. 
  • E-Mail Support: Whether you have a relatively urgent problem or if Live Chat is crowded or somehow unavailable, you could use email support. At [email protected], contact them. 

Products such as Skillz are trendy for online gambling, so people have created a number of assets to understand casino gambling as well as to seek assistance if they believe their behavior may be an issue.