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Bally Bet Online Sportsbook

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Bet on all of your favorite sports with this exciting, burgeoning, and exceedingly generous online sportsbook platform! Use Bally Bet to wager in CO, IL, IN, VA, and soon, new betting markets like NY!

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Kuthula Magubane
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Nov 22nd 2023

    Bally Bet Promotions

    There are currently no promotions available for Bally Bet. Find the best gambling promo codes from other operators on OddsSeeker!

    Rewards System

    Bally Bet Rewards Program

    We all know that the Welcome Bonus is there to lure in the new player. But what is there for the existing player?. Well, in the case of Bally Bet Online Sportsbook, there is more than one rewards/loyalty program that you can benefit from as an existing player.

    The first program is called The Trophy Case. With this program, there are 3 different ways that you can earn rewards across 10 different categories of sport. You can earn $10 worth of free bets for placing 10 winning wagers, $20 for winning 20 wagers, and $30 for winning 30 wagers. Each of these rewards will also net you a digital trophy. Trophies you can win include Parlay Pros to Underdog Whisperers.

    The second program is based on Rewards point tiers. You can collect 2 to 15 rewards tier points by placing qualifying wagers. And if you prove to be a real hotshot when it comes to winning wagers, Bally Bet may just invite you to the third and final reward program they offer - Red Card Treatment. There is no real information about this group on their website or app so it is safe to say that the only way to find out is to be invited. But we have the feeling that being a member of this elite club is worth it!

    Key Information About Bally Bet

    Bally Bet Online Sportsbook Review

    For nearly two decades (since 2004), the Bally’s Corporation has remained an iconic name in the gaming and betting industries, owning and operating a thriving network of:
    • Fourteen land-based resort casinos across ten states in the US
    • Free-to-play sports betting games, following their acquisition of SportCaller
    • Sports programming networks in 45 out of 50 U.S. states
    • Daily fantasy sports online, following their acquisition of Monkey Knife Fight
    • Online sports betting licenses in at least 14 states across the country
    Unless you live in the Philadelphia media market, Northern California’s, or around most of New England’s, you’ve probably watched Bally’s televised regional sports programming at one point or another. Even so, online sportsbooks and daily fantasy sports services are fairly new developments from the Bally’s Corporation, with the BallyBet service launching in 2021. 
    First, the sportsbook launched in the Colorado sports betting market, then expanded to the Illinois sports betting market, the Indiana sports betting market, and Virginia’s too. While that’s not as many betting markets as the ones served by other popular online sportsbook operators, it’s expected that BallyBet’s operations will continue to expand to accommodate their other sports betting licenses in the coming years.
    One of the biggest and most hotly anticipated launches out of them (as of now) is set to launch in New York State over 2022. Earlier in January, the New York State Gaming Commission formally gave nine sportsbook operators the green light to launch in the state, and Bally Bet just so happened to be one of them.
    While there are currently no pre-launch bonuses for Bally Bet NY yet (as of the time we’re initially writing this), you can check back here to see when they do, and you can read our full review to understand what you can expect in the meantime.

    How To Sign Up For Bally Bet

    Bally Bet is an extremely intuitive, accessible, and accommodating online sportsbook platform, available on most web browsers, and as a mobile app found on most iOS and Android-powered devices. If you live somewhere with an active Bally Bet market, it’s pretty easy to get started. 
    You just need to be 21 years of age or older, punch the URL into your web browser, download the mobile app where accessible, and provide the following info to get started and create your Bally Bet account:
    • Username
    • Real Name
    • Password
    • Birthdate
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Financial Credentials
    • Last 4 Digits Of Your SSN
    After that, you just need to whip up two security questions, confirm your date of birth, sign off on the company’s Ts and Cs, and you’re set! Signing up for Bally Bet is easy as pie! It would be even easier than betting the money line on a Harlem Globetrotters game! (You could try fading on the Washington Generals if you wanted, but it doesn’t take a sharp to see which way the odds would shake out there.)
    If you live in a qualifying state, you can sign up and not only take advantage of just one, but TWO great Bally Bet new user welcome offers; a $550 first deposit match bonus, and a $100 free bet sign up bonus, no deposit required! Here’s what you should keep in mind regarding these promos:
    The match bonus offer only applies to the first deposit, and the first wager you make with said deposit. So pour in some betting juice within your budget, make sure that first deposit is equal to a first wager unit you’d feel comfortable risking, and keep things below $550! 
    The first qualifying wager placed must be below +300 odds, and you must place it within the first 24 hours after placing your first deposit, so before placing your first deposit, follow sports betting news to find great locks, dogs, and steals on the books. You can also give our mailing list a follow if you want those tips, tricks, and updates sent straight to your inbox.
    The matched credit with your first deposit can only be used for free bets, is non-withdrawable, and cannot be collected with any winnings that come out of your qualifying wagers. 
    Be mindful of all of the above before signing up through our referral link. While we’re still waiting for Bally Bet’s next new user promo, as of the time of writing this, you can check back at a later date to find the referral links and promos needed to take full advantage of these great risk-free welcome offers.
    Once you’re able to do so, you can then use those great welcome offers to take advantage of a number of great wagering options, which we’ll cover below in the next section. 

    Bally Bet Betting Odds

    If you can think of any popular sport, you’ll likely be able to wager on it through Bally Bet. You can place all sorts of bets through the sportsbook platform, including:
    • Single bets
    • Prop bets
    • Round robin bets
    • Spread bets
    • Parlay bets
    • Teaser bets
    • Future bets
    • Moneyline bets
    • Live bets
    • Middle bets
    • Total bets
    • Free bets
    These prop bets can encompass player, team, and game props, and you can attack the lines from just about any preferred angle you’d like to. It’s a lot, and a lot of it can be played completely free of charge! What good are free bets if they aren’t truly free? 
    Well, thanks to the free-to-play functionality offered by the Bally Corporation’s partnership with SportCaller, Bally Bet regularly runs free-to-play betting games and promotional offers, costing you a sum total of approximately zero dollars and zero cents!
    That rounds out to a whopping amount of nada, nil, and nothing else. Do we need to spell out any further why no risk, high reward wagers are so awesome? Probably not, but anywho, here are some examples of the popular contests you’ll be able to wager on through Bally Bet online sportsbook, including popular:
    • Baseball leagues
    • Hockey leagues
    • Softball leagues
    • Australian rules contests
    • Golf contests
    • Cycling events
    • Darts games
    • Cricket matches
    • Soccer leagues
    • Rodeo events
    • Rugby leagues
    • American football leagues
    • Boxing & MMA matches
    • Motorsport races
    • Tennis & table tennis matches
    • Olympic games
    With the exception of the Summer and Winter Olympic games, which both only occur once every four years, Bally Bet runs fairly regular betting lines on all of the above popular contests, whether they’re taking place in the U.S. or around the world. 
    On an average given day, Bally Bet usually has around 70 active betting markets running on these sporting events around the world. That’s a smaller amount of betting lines than those offered by competing online sportsbooks like BetMGM, which tout nearly 300 betting lines on an average day, but nevertheless it still offers a pretty decent range of wagering options. 
    The Bally Bet online sportsbook app also has a dedicated in-play live betting page, a speedy, streamlined, and minimal lagging feature that allows you to follow and wager on line movements as they occur in real-time during the live game or matchup. Periodically, Bally Bet online sportsbook will offer special promotional betting options to wager on, such as:
    • Happy Hour: Risk less for more reward on select wagers with reduced vig and betting juice stakes to risk.
    • Game Of The Week: If you place a $50 bet on any qualifying wagers, then Bally Bet online sportsbook will match half of that with a $25 free bet! These select games are typically exclusive to local teams and betting markets.
    • Progression Trophy Rewards: Select wagers can go toward over 70 progression rewards, which in turn can go toward additional rewards such as free bets.
    • General Special Select Bets: Bally Bet offers promotional bet specials commonly offered by other popular online sportsbooks, including free bets, insured parlays, bet and get promotions, and special boosted odds wagers.
    All of that sound good? Great! Read on to find out how you can get started wagering on Bally Bet online sportsbook, and how you can do so while making the most of the rewards and bonuses offered by Bally Bet.

    Bally Bet Withdrawal & Deposit Options

    Bally Bet accepts a wide range of withdrawal and deposit methods for users to get started betting, and to start getting paid for those bets. If you just signed up for Bally Bet online sportsbook, here are some ways you can get started on both depositing and withdrawing money:
    • Online banking
    • Credit or debit cards
    • PayNearMe
    • Skrill
    • PayPal
    • Neteller
    • ACH / E-check
    Most of these transaction methods are fast, smooth, seamless, and easy to use. If you elect to have deposits and withdrawals, most methods are pretty efficient and expedient, though if you elect to have your deposits and transfers processed in the form of checks, you should allow them extra time to process. 

    Bally Bet Locations

    As we’d stated previously, Bally Bet is currently operating in solely the Colorado, Indiana, Virginia, and Illinois sports betting markets. While that’s not many relative to other competing online sportsbooks on the market, Bally Bet is set to expand its sports betting operations to other states in the near future.
    Among the most hotly anticipated near future launches is the launch set to happen in New York State. As we reported earlier, New York set a record setting online sports betting launch weekend, with over 17 million unique location checks (or instances opening the sportsbooks) occurring over the first few days of New York online sports betting. 
    Currently, as of the time we’re writing this, not much pre-launch details have come out regarding Bally Bet’s sportsbook launch in New York State, nor in the other states (as of the time we’re initially writing this) where Bally Bet is set to launch online sportsbook ventures. Here are those other states:
    • New Jersey
    • Pennsylvania
    • Nevada
    • Louisiana
    • Iowa
    • Arizona
    Unfortunately, not many details have come out regarding the launch rollout in these other states just yet, nor for Bally Bet online sportsbook’s launch in the New York sports betting market, nor for any pre-launch promos or welcome bonuses coming to those states.
    Even so, Bally Bet has offered plenty of great launch perks in past runs, and we’ll be sure to follow the perks offered in those new launches. We encourage you to check back here and across each of our location subpages to find those great Bally Bet promo offers when they hit each state. Be sure not to miss the New York launch offers either, as those are sure to go quick!

    Bally Bet Rewards Program

    Once you’re able to take advantage of these great wagers at Bally Bet online sportsbook, you can also double your winning through a litany of different rewards and bonuses for dedicated bettors. These rewards are dealt through not one, not two, but THREE different rewards programs. 
    The first rewards program, known as the Trophy Case, entails three ways to earn rewards through wagers across ten different sports. You can get $10 in free bets for 10 winning wagers, $20 for 20 different wagers, and $30 in free bets for 30 winning wagers. Many of these digital trophies are named after the types of wagers needed to claim them, from Parlay Pros to Underdog Whisperers.
    The second rewards program, however, is based on Rewards point tiers. You can have up to 2 to 15 rewards tier points won through any qualifying wagers, and if you’re a truly sharp, big enough winner, you can be invited into their private, mysterious, but alluring “Red Card Treatment” rewards program!

    Bally’s Bet Online Casino?

    Unfortunately, Bally Bet online sportsbook is only just that as of now – an online sportsbook. The app doesn’t boast any online casino titles at the moment, but since it’s a relatively new big name in the iGaming biz, that may come to change with time. Check back here for future updates pertaining to that, if and/or when they arise.

    Bally Bet Customer Service / Bally Bet Live Chat

    If you ever encounter any issues while using the Bally Bet Online Sportsbook, you can reach customer support through the app’s 24/7 live chat services, or contact:
    • Their email address through [email protected]
    • Their phone number at 844-844-3238
    • Their social media accounts @BallyBet
    Moreover, if you’re struggling with any problematic or addictive betting habits, you can call 1-800-GAMBLER for additional support resources.