New Jersey Online Casinos

Introduction to New Jersey Online Casino Bonus 

Most online casino sites in the state of New Jersey offer bonuses to attract new players. This trick has been proven to work quite well when it comes to bringing in new players that are yet to be introduced to online casinos. The bonuses offered by the casinos can range from no-deposit cash just for signing up, to matching first deposits and even returning the losses to the players in case they do not win the bet. 

Many of these bonuses come with a few simple conditions or provisions, including wagering demands or obligations. Yet, no matter how the players slice it, it is free money, something that the players should take full advantage of. 

It is very necessary that the players look at the offer closely, by any means. Players should also make sure that they read the fine print. Players need to make sure that they are fully and completely aware of the rules, regulations, terms, and conditions before they take up the bonus offer, and before clearing the bonus. Nevertheless, the players need to try their best to do so, because it is not every day that someone, a site nonetheless, is willing to give people something for absolutely nothing. 

2020 New Jersey Casino Promo Codes 

Casino  Bonus  Features 
Golden Nugget Casino  UP TO $1500 FREE

+ $10 On Signup

Free $10 On Sign Up +

100% Up To $1,500 On Deposit

Plus 200 Free Spins On Select Games

Tropicana Casino  $25 FREE

On Sign Up

$25 Free with No Deposit

Loss Rebate up to $100

Virgin Casino  $30 FREE

On Sign Up

$30 Free On Sign Up

Up To $100 Cashback On First Deposit

Excellent Range of Games

Caesar’s Casino  $25 FREE

On Sign Up

$25 Free On Sign Up

100% Up To $300 On Deposit

World-Renowned Casino

Unibet Casino  $500 MATCH 

+ $10 FREE On Sign Up 

$10 Free On Sign Up +

100% Up To $500 On Deposit

Bet MGM Casino  $25 FREE

On Sign Up

$25 Free with No Deposit

100% Deposit Match up to $1,000

888 Casino  $20 FREE

On Sign Up

Free $20 On Sign Up

120% Up To $500 On Deposit

Borgata Casino  $20 FREE

On Sign Up

$20 Free with No Deposit

100% Deposit Match up to $600

Live Dealer and Exclusive Games


How Free Money No Deposit Casino Bonuses Work 

For the first time players at online casinos, there would be no other better deal than getting a no deposit bonus. These rewards, which are often also known as free plays or spins at brick-and-mortar casinos, permit, authorize or sanction the casino players to make bets with the house’s money with the guarantee of zero risks, which means that the players do not have to spend or lose any of their cash to have a chance to win. 

The other benefit or the second benefit of these bonuses is that the players do not need to deposit any amount with the casino in order to qualify for this particular bonus. Players need to create an account that will contain their own personal information and a promo code will be allotted to the players which will in turn automatically credit the bonus to the players. 

Many online casinos that are present in the state of New Jersey, such as Golden Nugget, Virgin Casino, and Caesar’s offer these types of bonuses for new, first-time players who are interested in giving their sites a try. The bonus amounts usually range from around $10-$35, it all depends upon the site that they are using. 

The players may think that these bonuses are small and trivial or maybe non-existent, but they provide the players with a chance to build their bankroll with zero investment and get familiar with the games and lucrative offers these gambling sites offer. The players can test-drive an operator without any risk to their wallet, and there’s an advantage to that.


Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

Players need to make sure they read the terms and conditions before signing up at any of the recommended online casinos. A few of these casinos offer no deposit bonuses and they vary or differ from gambling site to site, it all depends on the site that the player chooses. Mentioned below are a few common things that players need to pay attention to before they sign up for any casino or while signing up:

Wagering Requirements: In order to withdraw the winnings that the player has won, they will have to bet a certain amount that, again, varies as per the casino at which the player is betting. The casino’s rollover requirements usually range from 1x, 10x, to 20x. It has been seen that the lower the wagering requirement is, the better is the offer given by the casino. 

Game Eligibility: There are a few sites that will restrict a bonus to just online slots, while some games will contribute less than 100% to the rollover requirement. The players need to make sure that they bet on the right games.

Expiration Date: Free money and no deposit bonuses usually come with an expiration date that has been set by the casino itself, after which the funds and any winnings derived from bonus funds are forfeited and considered as null. 

Other Terms: A few sites may have additional needs and will require that casino players meet additional requirements before they can withdraw their winnings. Players need to pay close attention to the terms and conditions related to this. 


Similarities Between Bonuses Offered By Different Casinos 

It has been seen that not all New Jersey online casino bonus offers are built the same, and while most do offer some kind of no-deposit bonus to players at sign-up, the amounts and wagering requirements that are set by the casinos almost always vary. It all depends on the casino that the players choose to play at. 

These bonuses do come with a wagering requirement, but these requirements are rather easy to meet:

  • Players need to wager their bonus money once before they are allowed to do what they want with it.
  • Players need to make sure that the wagering requirements have been met within 30 days or the bonus expires and will be considered nill. 
  • Most online casinos in the state of New Jersey offer some kind of first-deposit bonus to players that have joined for the first time. But again, not all of these offers are the same.
  • These bonuses often differ as to the size and quantity of the deposit that the players put in the NJ online casino will match and the wagering requirements mentioned by the casino.

One of the biggest and largest in the NJ online gambling industry and the market is the Golden Nugget online casino’s 100% First Deposit Match promotion. With this bonus offer, the Golden Nugget is necessarily or substantially offering to match the player’s first deposit of up to $1,500 on the site. Players just need to enter the Golden Nuggets Casino bonus code that was given to them at the time of registration to claim the offer.

Nevertheless, the wagering requirement given by the casino is five times the deposit plus the bonus. Players can take full advantage of this bonus by making a $1,500 deposit on the site, but they will need to make $10,000 worth of bets on slots in order to get their hands on the bonus money.

The number obtained also goes up for blackjack, roulette, table games, and video poker since these games which are listed above only count for 20% of the value of slot bets. This means that it is five times as many bets that are needed to clear the bonus


Bigger Bonuses than the one Offered by the Casino Publicly 

There are quite a few bonuses that the players have been offered by the casinos, bigger than the ones that the casinos offer publicly. 

The player needs to simply shop around at, and they will find promo codes for New Jersey online casinos that offer double or twice and at times triple the no-deposit bonus offered by the online casinos themselves.

The Betfair Online Casino provides the perfect example:

  • The player needs to sign up for an account through Betfair and they will get a $30 no-deposit bonus.
  • If the player uses PlayUSA’s exclusive Betfair online casino promo code Play30, they will get $30 for free.
  • All they need to do is take a look around the site, and they will find tons of extra value on PlayUSA.


Working on New Jersey Online Casino Promotional Codes/Bonus Codes/Work

Casinos give out promotional codes and bonus codes that allow players that use them to have exclusive access to additional bonuses on New Jersey online casino sites. These codes are simple and easy to use. Players just need to enter the promo code or bonus code in the space given on the site during sign-up and reap the added rewards and benefits along with many exciting offers.

Not only will the players get a better initial bonus offer from the online casino, but they will still be able to take advantage of all the regular and common promotions and further bonuses that the site offers to the players going forward.


Why do casinos give away free money? 

New Jersey online casinos want their players to try out the software and see how much fun it is. They are willing to give the players the money to do it. These online casino sites figure that there is a good chance the players will enjoy it, tell a friend, and maybe if the players find it really good, they would make a deposit to keep playing even when that bonus cash that they have earned runs out.

May it be online or offline, it is a casino, and casinos keep their business working or afloat by winning the player’s money. However, for quite some time, the casino industry has learned that throwing around a bit of free cash to the players is a good and sure-shot way to promote the brand. At the end of the day, it is all good marketing for the mentioned online casino. This proves to be a boost not only for its online extension but also for the land-based host of the casino in Atlantic City.

The player’s chances of winning are the same whether they are playing with the house’s money or their own. That said, a New Jersey online casino is not going to mind if the player’s timing is right and they hit it big while using the bonus cash that the casino has given to the players.

They will simply see it as a marketing opportunity. The casino wants to share the player’s story with other potential online gamblers as a strategy of marketing.

More Information about No Deposit Bonuses/Free Play Bonuses

Should the players try these bonuses?

The players can’t withdraw no-deposit or free play bonuses until they meet the specific wagering requirements that have been given by the casino. However, the players can gamble with it. There is no catch here. The money is free money for the players to play with on the New Jersey online casino site where players are claiming it. It is risk-free, and hence the players can go ahead and take advantage of these bonuses.

How much money are we talking about?

No-deposit bonuses, also known as free play bonuses, range anywhere from $10 to $30 on most New Jersey online casinos. It’s not big money, but it can certainly be turned or grown into something more substantial if the player’s timing is right.

There is no reason for players not to try their hands at the casino’s exclusive promo code at Golden Nugget online and have a look at how the typical no-deposit bonus works. All that the players need to do is just type in the promo code at sign-up, which gets them a $10 free play bonus. This is double what the site offers to the general public and exclusive to the casino’s network of sites.


Important terms and conditions

The important and necessary terms and conditions of non-deposit bonuses at New Jersey online casinos are pretty simple and easily followable. First off, the players need to be 21 years or over to sign up. Additionally, they have to be located inside the state of New Jersey to play, that is, they have to be present within the physical boundaries of the state to play at the online casino. 

After that, the rest is up to the specific site. Terms and conditions may include different wagering requirements or time stipulations as a part.

For example, new players at the Tropicana online casino are allowed to take advantage of the casino’s exclusive $25 free play offer at the time of signing up by using the promo code. This is double what the general public of the state that chooses to go to the host of casinos gets, but players will still need to meet a one-time wagering requirement within 30 days as part of the terms or the bonus will be considered as nill.

The best approach to get the most value

The course of action to get the most value out of non-deposit or free play bonuses on New Jersey online casino websites is for the plates to do their research and shop around. Luckily, PlayUSA has made it quite easy for its players and done all of the work for them.

However, the real value is when the player tries them all. There is absolutely no risk involved, and the players may end up building a bankroll with only the money that the house has awarded the player as a seed.

As soon as the players have exhausted or ended all non-deposit and free play resources at their disposal, they can make an informed and detailed decision as to which New Jersey online casinos are right for the players to be moving forward with.

Deposit/Match Bonuses 

Should a player try them? 

Various New Jersey online casino sites furnish players with first-deposit or match deposit bonuses. These bonuses most of the time come with wagering requirements and time stipulations. However, if the players are going to make a deposit on an NJ online casino site, they are certainly worth taking advantage of.

How much money are we talking about? 

First-deposit/match deposit bonuses given by New Jersey online casino sites may range anywhere near 100 percent of the entire amount which could range from $100 to $2500.

Betfair puts forward the industry-leading $2,500 deposit match. Betfair online will double the player’s first deposit up to $2,500 only if the player opts-in and makes a deposit of at least $10, meeting the wagering requirement. This requirement or obligation is 20 times the first deposit that the players wager on slots. Roulette enumerates for up to 50 percent of slot wager and the other table games enumerate up to 10 percent. The time limit given to the players to complete their wagering requirements is 90 days, during which, if the player fails to fulfill the requirement, the bonus is considered to be null. 

Important Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions are relatively elementary or uncomplicated when it comes to deposit or match bonuses. Every single offer has different limitations up to which they will match. They have their own unique set of wagering requirements for when and if the players want to unlock their earned/won bonus cash. These bonuses also have their own unique time frames under which the players need to meet all the requirements mentioned in the terms and conditions if they want to cash their bonuses. 

It is of the utmost importance of the players to read the terms and conditions of the deposit or match bonus, not only that, the players need to ensure that they read through the fine prints as well. Reading these terms and conditions will help the players to understand, determine, and select a game that will help them clear the bonus fastest. 

The best approach to get the most value 

Players are obligated to get the most of the highest value out of deposit or match deposit bonuses on New Jersey online casino sites. The only thing that they need to do is look around and keep searching for the best ones. They also need to understand the specific wagering requirements that are needed while cashing bonuses. 

Very few deposit or match bonuses are created to be equal, but not all. The value hunters are bound to look around to find the ones that seem easy when compared to others when it comes to clearing and offering the highest limits that are possible. The value hunters will then try to figure out the list of games that will give the players the best of the chances at clearing the bonus while they will be holding onto the player’s initial deposits. 

This process is quite a bit too long and tedious, it does require the players to take a little time and efforts, but with time, the players can tap into this bonus cash reservoir or resource, eventually increasing their own chances of hitting it clean and big on an online casino site in the desirable state of New Jersey.