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Betr Sportsbook

Editor's Opinion of Betr

Are you sick and tired of the same old sportsbooks, pushing out the same old bets? Well, then you may want to look into Betr, a micro-betting-focused sports app looking to shake up the sports betting industry.

✍️ Written by
Kuthula Magubane
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Darena Rodrigues
🗓 Updated
Aug 7th 2023

    Betr Hands-on Review

    Take your sports betting to the next level with this slick product that is sure to provide you new live betting options not frequently avaiable elsewhere
    Kuthula Magubane
    Kuthula Magubane

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    Key Information About Betr

    Are you sick and tired of the same old sportsbooks, pushing out the same old bets? Well, then you may want to look into Betr, a micro-betting-focused sports app looking to shake up the sports betting industry.

    Co-founded by Joey Levy and internet personality/professional boxer Jake Paul, Betr has been taking the country by storm since its launch in September, and I’m here to tell you whether or not it’s worth your time.

    So, let’s get into it.

    What Is Betr?

    The Betr Sportsbook app is designed to offer sports betters a different perspective on sports betting. Open up the Betr app, and you’ll immediately notice that you’re not dealing with your normal online sportsbook. That’s because Betr focuses on micro-betting, rather than your typical moneyline or point spread bets.

    When the free trial of the app launched in September, Alex Ursa, the head of product at Betr, had this to say about the project:  “The future of the sports betting industry is finally here. What we launched today is not a sportsbook - this is something new, different and interesting - which is what this industry needs, given every other operator in the space is essentially offering the same commoditized legacy sportsbook product."

    What is Micro-Betting?

    Micro-betting is Betr’s bread and butter, so it’s best to fully understand it before you decide to play on their app. Mico-betting allows you to place bets on almost every play of every game across a multitude of sports. So, for example, let’s say you’re watching a football game with a friend. Through micro-betting, Betr would allow you to bet on whether or not the next pass would be a completion.

    This brings something new to the sports betting sphere because usually sports betting apps only allow you to place bets on things that involve the outcome of games, or the total stats of a specific player.

    It would be like betting a “First Field Goal” prop bet in Basketball, but on every possession. Sounds exciting, right?

    Where can you play Betr?

    As things currently stand, Betr is set to launch in Ohio in the coming days. Thanks to its partnership with the Hall of fame Resort and Entertainment Company, Betr is permitted to join the ever-expanding list of Ohio Online Sportsbooks.

    Despite all that, you can still use Betr throughout the country–and it’s free! Download it out of Ohio, and you’ll instantly be rewarded with 2000 coins that you can use to place micro-bets. This started back in September as a soft launch, but they are keeping it running for people in states that cannot yet enjoy Betr to its fullest.

    Betr IOS App

    If you have an iPhone and want to check out Betr, you can do so very easily! Just head on over to the Apple Store and search “Betr.”

    Creating a Betr Account

    Creating a Betr account is super easy–just follow these easy steps!

    1. Download the Betr App
    2. Enter your email
    3. Create a password that complies with their security settings
    4. Input your phone number
    5. Copy and paste the verification numbers texted to you
    6. And that’s it! You’re free to enjoy Betr!

    What Events Can You Bet On Through Betr?

    For now, it looks like you can bet on the following events and games:

    • NFL 
    • NBA
    • MLB
    • NCAAF

    Depositing Into Your Betr Account

    As things stand today, depositing from your credit card is not permitted on Betr. Bank transfers via e-wallets and cryptocurrency are likely deposit options once real-money wagering becomes more accessible.

    In a commitment to responsible gaming efforts, Betr announced that they will be banning credit card deposits from the get-go. Considering the very quick and fast-paced bets you can place on Betr, that is a very responsible decision.

    Betr Customer Service

    If you’re experiencing any problems with your Betr account, don’t worry–they have a crack team of experts working around the clock to make sure your issues are listened to and taken care of. They have a 24/7 live chat which a Zendesk bot services, and they also have a customer support email.

    Betr Sportsbook Review Final Takes

    In a world where attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, Betr seems like a grand slam. Especially considering the saturation of the sports betting market, it takes a lot to stick out nowadays–and Betr has done just that.

    While it is still early in their journey, I am excited to see where Betr goes in the future.