Dancing Gold Slots Review June 2024

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Feb 11th 2024

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Dancing Gold Slots Info

Dancing Gold is an online casino game that is sure to get your heart racing! It's a fast-paced game that requires quick reflexes and a sharp eye. The game board is filled with colorful symbols and a variety of different prizes. The goal is to match three or more of the same symbols in a row to win.

The game starts with a spinning wheel that determines the number of symbols you will be playing with. You then have to match the symbols in a row to win. The more symbols you match, the bigger the prize. The game also features a bonus round where you can win even bigger prizes. In this round, you have to match four or more symbols in a row to win. The bonus round also features a special bonus symbol that can increase your winnings. The game also features a progressive jackpot that increases with each game. This means that the more you play, the bigger the jackpot gets. Dancing Gold is an exciting and thrilling game that is sure to keep you entertained for hours. With its fast-paced action and big prizes, it's sure to be a hit with online casino players.

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    Dancing Gold Slot Review

    Among the myriad of slot games, there's one that stands out in its unique dance of luck and riches - Dancing Gold. This captivating creation hails from the innovative minds at VGW, a developer known for crafting extraordinary sweepstakes casino experiences.

    In this review, we'll tap dance our way through the dynamic world of Dancing Gold, a slot that promises an abundance of excitement. So, let's take our first steps onto the dance floor of this mesmerizing slot adventure!

    Dancing Gold Slot Info

    Let's peek at the key details of Dancing Gold and unravel the choreography behind this intricate ballet:



    Slot Type

    Video Slot



    RTP (Return to Player)

    96% (As of time of publishing)

    Jackpot Type

    Progressive Jackpot



    *As of the time of publishing, these metrics are subject to change.

    Where to Play Dancing Gold

    Looking to try your luck at Dancing Gold? You can enjoy this dazzling slot game at various reputable online casinos. Some of the platforms where you can find Dancing Gold include:

    Make sure to check the availability of Dancing Gold in your region, and you'll be ready to join the dance!

    How to Play Dancing Gold

    To make the most of your experience with Dancing Gold, it's essential to understand how this captivating slot works. The game features a 5x4 reel layout with 50 paylines, all adorned with symbols inspired by Eastern culture and tradition. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

    • Set Your Stakes: Begin by choosing your preferred wager per spin. You can bet as low as 0.18 coins or go up to 88 coins per spin, allowing you to tailor your bets to your liking.

    • Spin the Reels: Once you've selected your bet, hit the spin button and watch the reels come to life. Alternatively, you can use the auto-spin feature for multiple automatic spins.

    • Land Winning Combinations: To secure wins, aim to land matching symbols on three or more consecutive reels from left to right.

      How to Get Free Spins in Dancing Gold

      Unlocking free spins in Dancing Gold can lead to exciting opportunities for bigger wins. Here's how you can get those valuable free spins:

    1. Scatter Symbols: Keep your eyes on the reels for the scatter symbols featuring Chinese letters. Landing three or more of these scatters will trigger a special free spins feature.

    2. Activate the Free Spins: Once you've landed three or more scatters, the free spins feature will be activated. You'll receive five free spins to start with.

    3. Multiplier Magic: During the free spins round, your wins can be multiplied by 2x to 5x, enhancing the potential for substantial payouts.

    4. Enjoy the Spins: Sit back and watch the reels spin, with the chance to land winning combinations and accumulate your winnings during the free spins feature.

      By keeping an eye out for those scatter symbols and activating the free spins feature, you can enjoy more spins without spending your own coins. Or any real money, for that matter. Be sure to sign up with VGW's welcome bonuses, to score more free sweeps!

    Special Features of Dancing Gold

    Dancing Gold is packed with exciting features and symbols that can lead you to big wins. Here are some of the key elements to watch out for:

    • Wild Symbol: Keep an eye out for the wild symbol. It can substitute for other basic symbols to help you complete winning combinations.

    • Scatter Symbol: Landing three or more Chinese letter scatters triggers five free spins, with multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x.

    • Free Spins: The drum symbols activate free spins, and you can choose from different combinations, each offering a unique set of spins.

    • Progressive Jackpot: Dancing Gold offers a progressive jackpot feature. Match corresponding icons, and make the most of your jackpots!

    With these special features, Dancing Gold adds extra layers of excitement to your experience.

    How to Win at Dancing Gold

    While luck plays a significant role in slot games like Dancing Gold, here are some tips and tricks to potentially enhance your chances of success:

    • Budget Wisely: Set a gaming budget that aligns with your financial situation. Remember that you're never required to pay to play this slot, and that responsible gambling is essential for a positive experience.

    • Understand the RTP: Dancing Gold boasts a competitive RTP of 96%. Being mindful of this particular percentage can help you gauge the game's potential returns.

    • Volatility: This slot offers a medium variance gameplay, which means a balanced mix of small and large wins. Adjust accordingly.

    • Bonus Features: Take full advantage of the game's bonus features, from free spins to progressive jackpots.

    How to Cash Out on Dancing Gold

    Cashing out your winnings from Dancing Gold is easy. Follow these steps to withdraw your well-deserved prizes:

    • Log In: Sign in to your online casino account where you played Dancing Gold.

    • Visit the Cashier: Navigate to the cashier or banking section of the casino.

    • Select Withdrawal: Choose the withdrawal option.

    • Choose Payment Method: Pick your preferred payment method for cashing out.

    • Enter Amount: Specify the amount you wish to withdraw.

    • Confirm and Wait: Review your withdrawal request and confirm it. The processing time may vary depending on the chosen payment method and casino policies.

    • Enjoy Your Winnings: Once the withdrawal is approved, your winnings will be transferred to your selected account.

    Steps to Redeem Sweepstakes Prizes

    Dance your way to success? Redeeming prizes is fast and easy, no matter which VGW site you use!

    1. Log In: Sign in to your respective account on Global Poker, Chumba Casino, or LuckyLand Slots.

    2. Redeem: Choose your prefered sweepstakes prize redemption option.

    3. Specify Your Cash Prize Amount: Enter the amount you wish to redeem.

    4. Submit Request: Confirm your withdrawal or redemption request.

    5. Verification: The gaming platform may require identity verification and eligibility checks to ensure a secure environment.

    6. Processing Time: The processing time for withdrawals varies based on the chosen payment method and the platform's policies.

      Once your withdrawal is approved and processed, your sweepstakes prizes will be credited to your designated account or payment method. By following these steps, you can easily redeem your sweepstakes prizes and reap the fruits of your gaming achievements across these platforms.

    My Dancing Gold Slot Review

    Overall, Dancing Gold presents an enticing and unique gaming experience. Its straightforward gameplay, impressive graphics, and the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot make it a standout choice. Whether you're new to slot games or a seasoned player, Dancing Gold offers a delightful dance of luck and entertainment that you won't want to miss. So, put on your dancing shoes and give it a spin! 


    • Dancing Gold offers a progressive jackpot, providing the potential for substantial wins.

    • The game provides a medium variance gameplay, striking a balance between small and significant payouts.

    • The graphics are of high quality, immersing players in a vibrant, dynamic world.

    • Exciting bonus features, including free spins, add depth to the gameplay.


    • Individual prize wins may appear lower compared to other free online slots.

      • Sweepstakes prize wins are less substantive; but you're never required to financially risk anything for those prizes!

    Play responsibly!

    Play Dancing Gold Slots For Cash Prizes

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