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Updated: February 11th 2024
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There has never been a better time to order a lottery ticket online or on the go using a digital lottery courier. And with our unique promo code, you can now get $2 off your first purchase when you join Jackpocket as a new customer.

If you've ever wondered how to buy a lottery ticket for the nation's most popular games without leaving your house, this guide is for you. It shows how to join this new-generation technology service, how it works, and the best way to use it.

Jackpocket Promo Code

Just because Jackpocket is not a casino, it doesn't mean you can't get your hands on a no-deposit bonus as a new player. On the contrary, use our code ODDSSEEKER on sign up to get $2 off your first purchase.

Admittedly, the bonus is smaller than those at online casinos. But it can get you a free Powerball lottery ticket, for example, which is a great start. Who knows, this could be your lucky ticket.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, though, and take a look at how the Jackpocket promo works in real life.

How the Jackpocket Promo Works

Whether you prefer playing lottery games on your mobile phone or desktop, ordering tickets via the Jackpocket app is pretty easy. You only need an account and a promo code to activate the $2 free bonus.

To get started, scroll up this page until you see a banner and click the "Get Bonus" button. The link will take you to the Jackpocket homepage, where you can either get the mobile app or order tickets online on your desktop.

Alternatively, depending on your system operator, you can get the Jackpocket app via the official App Store or Google Play.

The next step is to create your new user account, which only takes a moment. Here's how it works:

  • Start signing up by entering your email and mobile phone number. You'll receive a text with a code to your mobile, so be sure it's accurate.

  • Enter the code when promoted so that Jackpocket can verify your phone.

  • The next step is to verify your age. Simply scan your ID, such as your driver's license, using the app to confirm that you're 18 or over.

  • You're almost there. Fund your account using your preferred payment method, such as PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay, or use a bank card if available in your state.

  • Finally, pick your game, select your lucky numbers, and hit the "Place your order" button. You're all set!

Now sit back and relax while Jackpocket does all the leg work for you. As a digital lottery courier, it will buy tickets for you from a licensed lottery retailer in your home state. Once the purchase is complete, you'll receive an email confirmation with a photo of your ticket in your inbox.

In the meantime, your physical lottery ticket will be tucked away for safekeeping in the fireproof safe - yes, it's that secure!

If you win under $600, you'll have your winnings credited straight into your account, which you can withdraw to your bank account or use to purchase more tickets. If you choose to withdraw, allow 3-5 business days for the funds to appear in your bank account.

Winning a jackpot worth over $600 means you'll have to claim your prize in person. You'll receive an email from Jackpocket, and your paper ticket will be securely sent to you so you can redeem your prize from the state lottery. Depending on the state, you'll have around 180 days after a game has ended to collect your winnings.

Before signing up, read our Jackpocket review to learn more!

Terms and Conditions

Here are just some of the terms and conditions you'll need to be aware of when claiming the no-deposit bonus at Jackpocket. However, we recommend carefully reading the entire small print before participating in any gameplay.

  • To qualify for the promotion, you must be a new Jackpocket user.

  • The promo code is limited to one use, and you're not allowed to combine it with other promotions.

  • In order to purchase tickets and participate in lottery games, you must be a registered user.

  • To register an account, you must be at least 18 unless you're based in the state where you must be at least 21 to participate in the Lottery.

  • You must be physically present in the United States, including the District of Columbia.

  • You're responsible for paying any taxes associated with the winnings.

  • The prize redemption threshold varies by Jurisdiction but is typically around $600.

  • Prizes over $600 must be claimed directly through the official state lottery by mail or in person. Claiming rules vary by state.

  • Full terms and conditions apply.

Funding Promo Code for Jackpocket

Now that your account is fully set and verified, it's time to apply your funding promo code and get your bonus credits. Here's how you do it:

  • Launch the Jackpocket app on your phone or desktop.

  • Find the “Fund Account” section in the menu.

  • Enter the amount you wish to add to your account balance.

  • Copy our promo code ODDSSEEKER, and paste it into the dedicated "Add Funding Promo Code" field.

  • Then click "Apply," tap "Fund," and confirm your request.

  • Lastly, use your bonus funds on your favorite lottery game.

The Best Way to Use Your Jackpocket Promo

Using your new player no-deposit bonus at Jackpocket is easy - buy a lottery ticket! The tough decision is choosing which game to play, as there are so many options. Our top advice is to pick a game available in your state before placing your order at Jackpocket.

If you have a favorite game, you can use your funds straight away to play it. But if you're unsure, our pro tip is to choose a game based on its prize pool, historic jackpot, odds of winning or difficulty level.

For example, the odds of winning the Powerball are 1 in 24.9, while the odds of winning Mega Millions are 1 in 24.

Looking at historic jackpots, the biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever recorded was $1.58 billion, but one lucky Powerball player won an even higher jackpot of $2.04 billion.

Alternatively, you could try your luck on the Lucky for Life lottery draw game, which, as the name suggests, offers a jackpot a day (or a month) for life.

Or you can use your bonus funds to add the Megaplier feature to your Mega Millions play. A Megaplier or multiplier is a special number drawn from a separate pool of numbers before each Mega Millions game. It costs $1 per feature and can boost your winnings up to five times.

So if your ticket matches five out of five numbers, the 5x Megaplier multiplier will boost your wins to $5M. To give you a better picture, the biggest Mega Millions winner won $3,000,000 thanks to this superb Jackpocket add-on.

While you are at it, be sure to check out other promotions if you are also interested in online casinos.

Where Is This Promo Available?

Currently, Jackpocket states include Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington DC, and West Virginia.

It's worth noting that even with all major games available on the app across the US, each state still operates independently. As a result, you're required to be physically located in the state from which you're purchasing a lottery ticket.

jackpocket promo code - oddsseeker

Do you feel lucky today? If yes, then try the Jackpocket and your lottery luck may change! While online sports betting and online casino gaming is still a relatively new concept, the idea of state-regulated gambling has been around for decades. Before the days of online slots and roulette tables with bonuses and offers like the Jackpocket promo code, there was the good old-fashioned state lottery, which is still being operating in 45 of the 50 US States.

The states without a lottery are:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Utah

But in this era of instant gratification and online purchasing, many feared that the state lottery would start to die once other online wagering operators began to arise. After 2011 it is legal for online agents in several states to sell tickets and things became even easier as after you buy the tickets and you can check lottery results from your computer or mobile any time. And the luck will do the rest! According to the statistics, there is an increase for the ages of twenties and thirties buying tickets and playing the lottery. Well, those concerns quickly washed away once Jackpocket came on the scene.

The main reason of lottery being so popular is that not any special plan or strategy needed, you can find tickets in many places, and now with the online apps even if you are at your house or with the mobile apps available now, wherever you are! Jackpocket promo code gives you this opportunity and, who knows, maybe you will be the next winner of the jackpot which will change your life!

The real odds of winning the lottery are not standard, because they are depending on each state, the amount of the players and the chosen game but they are from 1 in 176 millions to 1 to 42 million. And it’ fair because it’s the same for everyone.

Realistic these odds looking impossible, but an inspiration, an instinct, a feeling can bring the luck by your side and with the promo code for the Jackpocket you could be the next lottery big winner!

The simplicity of the game combined with the inspiration and the luck gives the opportunity to everybody to try his luck. The internet helps to learn faster the lottery results of any state, so it’s tempting for all to try. The plenty available online offers, like the promo code for Jackpocket making thing even better!

Jackpocket is a lottery courier service that allows you to buy state lottery tickets all through an app on your phone. And don’t forget the promo code for the Jackpoket, which gives another boost! No more having to drive to the local gas station or convenience store, you can enter Jackpoket and win millions from the comfort of your own home–no pants required!

Jackpocket is available in the following states:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington DC
  • West Virginia

This online platform is 100% legit, and is registered by the local authorities of each state's lottery in order to ensure state-of-the-art customer service and proper payouts, plus the promo code for Jackpoket, to discover even more!

The best part about Jackpocket though is their incredible promo code and new user bonus! If you're not living in a state with legal online lottery, you can win prizes online playing Sweepstakes casino slots like Chumba Casino.

Jackpocket Promo Code–No Deposit Bonus

If you use the promo code ODDSSEEKER upon registration for Jackpocket, you will receive a FREE $2 bonus–no deposit required! So that’s a free lottery ticket, just for signing up! And if you happen to hit a number right, that one free lottery ticket becomes a second free lottery ticket, just like that!

The New York Lottery Jackpot is currently up to $100 million and is showing no signs of slowing down–if you sign up for Jackpocket with promo code ODDSSEEKER, you can have a chance at claiming that jackpot for FREE.

This simplicity and the popularity of the lottery many times lead any player to some very common mistakes. Small mistakes, but with a bit of attention can be avoided

  • Variety of games: The US have enough variations of games and Jackpocket promo code you can find with less risk some of the small differences between them like the lottery numbers, instant draws and wins, jackpots and more. Find the best for you and let your inspiration do the rest.
  • Change your lottery numbers: Who doesn’t have lucky numbers? Don’t stick on them. Follow your instinct, use promo code for Jackpocket and maybe your luck will change.
  • Focus on the Rules: In some lottery games there are some small changes. Be sure that you understood the rules before you play. And of course remember the schedule.
  • There is No Predictions: New Jersey Lottery or any other no one can predict or analyze the numbers of the draw. This is why the lottery is pure luck. Make your choices and leave the rest to your luck.
  • It’s a game: The only certain way to NOT win the lottery is to not play. So give it a try! But don’t spend all your money there, sensible play always helps.

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