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Updated May 5th, 2021
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    Want to ​play casino games? Owned and operated by VGW Malta Limited, Chumba Casino is a free sweeps casino. It’s regulated and licensed by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and has an exciting library of about 60+ games that can be played on both the desktop and Chumba Casino app. 

    Players love the wide variety of games and new-player offers, such as the Chumba Casino $1 for $60 and welcome bonus sweeps deals. 

    Our Chumba Casino review will help you navigate the world of free sweeps and free spins and help you play Chumba Casino games. 

    Currently, players located in the US and Canada have access to play at this casino. Developers are working on bringing games to fans all across the globe. You have the opportunity to win cash prizes in addition to virtual currency. Keep in mind that new games are released monthly, so be sure to keep an eye out. 

    Chumba Casinos has an in-house team of skillful developers and designers, ensuring the software is constantly updated with high-operational functionality. 

    Chumba Casino is not a typical traditional kind of online casino. You do not have the ability to deposit money into your account. It is a social casino online site offering gameplay for two virtual currencies (i.e. Gold Coins and Sweep Coins). 

    For Gold Coins, simply go to Chumba Casino, register, and play Chumba Casino games. Sweep Coins on the other hand can be collected in the following ways:

    • Win a sweep coins giveaway

    • Gold Coins purchase promotion

    • Send a letter

    Be sure to check out their website for more information on how to play Chumba Casino games.

    Chumba Casino Review

    At this social casino, you can win cash prizes by playing casino games like slots games, video poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can even share your winnings with your friends and family, on the Chumba Casino Facebook page because of its interactive nature. 

    Chumba Online Casino might seem too good to be true but over 1 million players enjoy the benefits of the casino. It is legal and safe.

    Still not sure if you want to sign up? You can always test the game out with the virtual currency using Chumba Gold Coins

    Why Play Chumba Casino Games?

    • Can be played by people located in the US and Canada

    • Win cash prizes

    • Chumba Casino bonus 2 sweep coins free when you sign up

    • Get a $30 gold coin package for $10

    • Sweepstakes can be redeemed for cash prizes

    • Fireshot Jackpots™ offer more ways to win big!


    Available on

    iOs, Android

    Accessible Devices

    Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet Devices

    No Purchase Bonus

    Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins

    First Purchase Offer

    $30 Gold Coin Package For $10

    Bonus Code

    Not applicable

    Minimum Sweep Coins

    100 sweep coins to redeem for cash

    Maximum Sweep Coins


    Documents for verification

    Driver’s license; passport; or identity card.

    Proof of residence

    Bank statement; utility bill; or letter from a government authority.

    Purchase Options

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express,  Direct Bank Transfer, Skrill

    Redeeming Options

    ACH (Bank Transfer), Skrill

    Chumba Casino Online New Player Offer

    Are you ready to sign up and play Chumba Casino games? Once you sign up, you will have access to a sign-up bonus offer:

    • 2,000,000 Gold Coins and FREE Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins 

    • $30 Gold Coin package 

    This includes 3,000,000 Gold Coins and Bonus Sweeps Coins (30) for $10 on your first purchase

    Please Note: No bonus code is necessary when you sign up at Chumba Online Casino.

    Chumba Casino Online Free Sweeps

    Let’s look at the process to get  free sweeps at the Chumba Online Casino:

    1. Go to the website 

    2. Complete the new account registration

    3. Upon verification, you will have 2 Sweeps and 2,000,000 Gold Coins

    4. Toggle the green button to play games with Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins

    5. Collect Sweeps Coins and redeem money prizes

    Chumba Casino No Purchase Bonus

    When you register at Chumba Casino, you will earn a no-purchase bonus. With this bonus (2,000,000 Gold Coins and Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins FREE) you can simply play but not forgetting that you have an opportunity to win cash prizes. No bonus promo code is required.

    Chumba Casino First Purchase Offer

    Looking for more offers even after the No Purchase Offer? Well, look no further. With the First Purchase Offer, you can get 3,000,000 Gold Coins and Bonus 30 Sweeps Coins, for just $10 on your First Purchase.

    Stay tuned to the promos on the website to avail of more offers during the year.

    Chumba Casino Special Offers

    Are you ready to earn some Sweep Coins? Let’s look in-depth at some of the options.

    Chumba Casino $1 for $60

    Currently, the Chumba Casino $1 for $60 off isn’t available, so check back to see if it’ll be available in 2021. 

    Gold Coin Purchases

    When you buy Gold Coins, you will have the opportunity to collect Sweep Coins. At the time of purchase, the total amount of Sweep Coins earned will be noted and will be directly put in your Casino account.

    It is important to note that when purchasing Gold Coins that the payment method (debit/credit card or direct bank transfer) you choose should have the same name as the casino account.

    Send mail to Chumba Casino, and write your:

    1. Full Name

    2. Address

    3. Use a stamped #10 envelope 

    4. Subject "Sweepstakes Credits:" with current month and year

    Use the following addresses: 

    For United States Residents (excluding Washington state):



    PO BOX #8486

    PORTSMOUTH, NH 03801


    Canadian Residents (excluding Quebec):



    PO BOX #990



    Please keep the following in mind:

    • Limit: 1 request per envelope

    • For each submission, the participant will receive 5 Sweep Coins

    • Within 5 days, you will receive your promotion Sweep Coins

    Chumba Casino Promotional Sweepstakes

    Want a chance to win free Sweep coins? Follow Chumba Casino on Facebook. 

    This platform is not only used to share your winnings with your friends, but you will also have the opportunity to win free Sweep Coins simply by participating in their daily giveaways. 

    It is as simple as them posting a question, following instructions, and answering it. Chumba will then pick a winner at random who can collect Sweep Coins. There is no fixed amount that you can win, it all depends on the promotion. However they do pick a number of people (around 10), so make sure to participate and when you win, your account will be credited within 5 business days.

    Chumba Casino Free Sweeps Coins

    Chumba Casino gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes. When you play Chumba Casino games with Sweepstakes you will win cash prizes whereas when you play games with Gold Coins you will only win more Gold Coins, but no cash prizes.

    So make sure you have the Gold Coins option switched off when you are ready to play. When you have at least 100 Sweep Coins and your account is verified, you can redeem them for cash prizes. 

    For the verification process, you will need to send the following information to [email protected] 

    A valid primary photo ID, from any of the following:

    • Passport

    • Driver's license

    • National/State ID

    • Other government-issued ID, such as a Veteran's ID, etc

    Proof of address with your name, from any of the following:

    • UtilitybBill (electricity, telephone, water, etc: not older than 3 months)

    • Notarized agreement form for lease (not hand-written)

    • Bank statements

    • Medical insurance

    Total processing time is within 5 business days upon which your account will be verified. Following this process, your cash prize will be processed within 10 days and will be credited to your account. It is important to note that Sweep Coins expire if you have not used your account in 60 days. So keep track and make sure to enjoy at Chumba Online Casino at least once in that time.

    When you are ready to play with your Sweeps Coins, be sure to read the terms and conditions of each game before starting. Conditions like the Sweeps Coins have to be played a minimum of 20 times to be eligible for cash prizes, which will be important to keep in mind before starting so that you can plan your fun accordingly. 

    Chumba Gold Coins

    Chumba Online Casino gives you the opportunity for Free Play when you use Gold Coins. These Gold Coins cannot be cashed in for cash prizes but you will receive more gold coins which will be directly credited to your account. So if you just want to play for fun, make sure to toggle the “Switch to Gold” button.

    Chumba Casino Registration

    Chumba Online Casinos’ sign-up process is quick and easy. No initial verification is required. They will send you an email to confirm your account and you're good to go. Yet when you withdraw any of your cash prizes, you will have to submit proof of name with a photo ID as well as address verification to redeem your winnings.

    Chumba Casino Software: Desktop and Mobile

    Chumba Online Casino has designed its website with as much information as possible while keeping it simple and well designed. You can scroll through all the games they have to offer since they currently do not have a search option.

    Chumba Casino App

    There is now a Chumba Casino app currently available in the Google Play Store, and you can still play through your phone’s web browser. 

    The website will resize to fit the dimensions of your mobile devices but depending on your phone model, you may be restricted to play in landscape mode only. 

    Chumba Online Casino Games

    Chumba Casino reviewers love the selection of online games. Chumba Online Casino currently offers about 80+ games which include table games, Blackjack, Slots, Jackpot Slots, Video Poker games, and Roulette. The majority of the games offered are slots about 75+. If you want to start spinning/playing, you will have to use:

    • Minimum of 250 Gold Coins or 0.01 Sweeps Coins at the card tables

    • Or as high as 1,000,000 Gold Coins or 100 Sweeps Coins at the card tables

    • Or 5,000,000 Gold Coins or 50 Sweeps Coins on slots

    Chumba Online Casino currently offers the following games:

    • Blackjack (original)

    • Video Poker (Jacks or Better)

    • Global poker

    • Roulette 

      • American Roulette

      • American Roulette x2

    • Slots

      • Amazonia

      • El Dorado Infinity Reels

      • Lucky Show

      • Dancing Gold

      • Stallion Grand

      • Buster Hammer Carnival

      • Western Gold

      • Legend of 9 Suns

      • Golden Oz

      • The Sand Princess

      • The Great Heist

      • Rio Revelry

      • Cupids Fortune

      • Gustavo El Luchador

      • Celtic Goddess

      • Vikings of The North

      • Outerspace Invaders

      • Squish

      • And many more!

    It is good to note that many of these games are exclusive to Chumba Online Casino and Chumba Casino app, which means they won’t be available in other online casinos. Keep an eye out for the jackpots offered as you will have the chance to win high amounts of money/cash prizes. Many of the players have collected over $1 million. 

    Chumba Casino reviewers always mention that the love the large selection of games in their reviews!

    Chumba Casino Payment Methods

    Chumba Casino gives players the option to either buy Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. In addition, they run purchase promotions, so be sure to stay tuned to the website and Chumba Casino app for more information.

    Since they have partnered up with Worldpay, there may be more options available soon, however, currently, here are the options available to purchase these coins:

    • Visa (credit and debit)

    • Mastercard (credit and debit)

    • Discover card

    • American Express

    • Direct bank transfer

    • Skrill

    Are you ready to redeem your cash winnings? Here are the 2 ways you can do it:

    • ACH (Bank Transfer)

    • Skrill

    Chumba Casino no longer accepts PayPal or Facebook payments. 

    Chumba Casino Customer Support

    Got a question about Chumba Casino or doubts about the Chumba Casino app? You can go to their website’s contact us page and send them an email ([email protected]). Unfortunately, they currently do not have a live chat function but you can feel free to go through the different sections on their website that cover a lot of FAQs. They are also available on Facebook to answer questions you may have. They typically get back to a person within a few hours.

    A few things to keep in mind if you are looking for answers on Facebook:

    1. It is better to ask a question on one of their posts, you will get a quicker response.

    2. Keep an eye out for competition opportunities. They are typically posted on their page as soon as they are available.

    Chumba Casino reviewers love getting free sweeps, sign-up bonuses, and quick and easy payouts!

    Chumba Casino Review
    New Player Offer
    No deposit required
    200% Match! Pay $10 & Get
    $20 FREE