LuckyLand Slots Review

Updated May 6th, 2021
Why We Like Them

LuckyLand Slots offers its players generous Welcome Bonuses and beautifully designed casino-like slot games online. Play for FREE and earn Sweeps Coins for a chance at real cash prizes! 

Licensed in US

LuckyLand Slots Bonus Codes

About LuckyLand Slots

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    The core values at LuckyLand Slots are, “create, hustle, grow, and fun as one team.” 

    Established in January 2019 by Virtual Gaming Worlds (an Australian-based company that also started Chumba Casino and Global Poker), LuckyLand Slots is a social casino that works hard for you to experience the best online slot games. 

    LuckyLand Slots reviewers love to play games on this site and get real money in the form of cash prizes. The site has a Malta license and follows the rules set forth by the Nevada Gaming Commission. 

    This LuckyLand Slots Casino review will help you navigate the world of LuckyLand Slots, new member sign-up bonuses, welcome gifts, and bonus Sweeps. 

    This platform allows you to win cash and withdraw your winnings as well (once the verification process is complete and you meet the minimum amount required to cash out). 

    It’s time to turn your poker face around and enter the world of this beautifully designed world where you can have fun that never ends. So let’s start and have fun together.

    To start playing some of the best slots, all you have to do is sign up, log in and begin. 

    In doing so, you will also receive a free welcome gift. Keep in mind that Sweeps coins can be earned as a bonus when LuckyLand players purchase the Gold Coin package. The Gold Coins are the virtual currency used at LuckyLand Slots. While Gold Coins are not exchangeable for any prizes, Sweeps Coins can be exchanged for cash or prizes.

    Who Can Play LuckyLand Slots?

    These games are available all across the U.S. and Canada (except for Washington State and Quebec respectively). 

    Wondering why LuckyLand Slots Casino is unavailable in Washington? Well, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared in 2018 that virtual chips purchased with cash on social sites meet the definition of a “thing of value”.

    If you live outside of the U.S. and Canada (or currently reside in Washington State or Quebec), you can still play games on LuckyLand — you just can’t play for money. The good news is you can still have fun playing slots and connecting with your friends via the LuckyLand Facebook group. 

    Why Play at LuckyLand Slots

    There are tons of reasons to play slots and LuckyLand. Basically, this social gaming company is considered “slot game heaven”, as it features a long list of games, ways to play, and ways to win free gold coins (virtual currency for slots). 

    It’s available on the iOS and Android web browsers as well as an app in the Android store. You can get bonus coins, sign-up fits, and purchase discounts. YOu can even enter contests to win cash prizes. 

    Some of our favorite reasons to play LuckyLand Slots are:

    • Slot game heaven

    • Available on iOS and Android

    • Welcome gift upon sign up

    • Get 7,777 Gold Coins and a Bonus of 10 Sweeps Coins on sign up

    • First Purchase Discount

    • Enter casino contests and win cash prizes

    • Generous welcome bonus Sweeps coins


    LuckyLand Slots Sweeps Casino


    January 21, 2019

    Available on

    Android, Desktop

    No Purchase Bonus

    Get 7,777 Gold Coins and Bonus 10 Sweeps Coins

    First Purchase Offer

    $10 Gold Coin Package on 1st Purchase of $4.99

    Bonus Code




    Purchase Options

    VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Skrill

    Redeeming Options

    ACH (Bank Transfer), Skrill

    LuckyLand Slots Review No Purchase Bonus Code

    When you sign up at LuckyLand Slots, you do not need any special bonus codes. You will be rewarded with 10 Sweeps Coins and 7,777 Gold Coins for free — all just for signing up with a new account! 

    You can also head over to the site’s Facebook page to get even more freebies and bonuses. LuckyLand offers both Sweeps and Gold Coins as sign-up bonuses (and you can even buy more Gold Coins as long as you live in an eligible country or state). 

    LuckyLand Slots Free Sweeps Coins

    Sweeps Coins gives LuckyLand’s new players an opportunity to win cash prizes. Let’s look at some of the ways you can earn Sweeps Coins:

    • You are allotted 10 Sweeps Coins once you sign up. It is important to note the difference between Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins. With Gold Coins, you can play your favorite online slots for free.

    • When you purchase Gold Coins, you will be given another 10 Sweeps Coins.

    Stay tuned to LuckyLand’s Facebook page for more information on Giveaways.

    U.S. residents can redeem Sweeps coins by sending a mail with a stamped #10 envelope, which includes a name, email (linked with your account), and mailing address, to:



    PO BOX #8486, 

    PORTSMOUTH, NH 03801

    Make sure the envelope is labeled “Sweepstakes Credits”.

    LuckyLand Slots Promotions

    LuckyLand gives its players a chance to participate in so many different promotions and win Sweeps Coins. 

    Be sure to keep an eye out for any updates and new promos offered. 

    When you make your first purchase of $4.99, you will receive 50,000 Gold Coins and 10 Sweep Coins. 

    Another way of getting extra Gold Coins is linking your Facebook account with your LuckyLand new account. You will earn 6,000 Gold Coins for doing so.

    LuckyLand Slots Daily Login Bonus

    LuckyLand offers players simple ways to earn free Gold Coins. Just by logging in for the day, you receive free Gold Coins.

    LuckyLand Slots Free Spins Bonus

    Are you ready to give your friends free spins on LuckyLand Slots? You can gift up to 50 friends a free spin. Just click on the GIFT button and gift away! 

    Playing with friends will give you the opportunity to get even more freebies, more ways to win, and more ways to get social with your friends — all while playing for some serious Gold Coins and Sweeps! 

    LuckyLand Slots Casino Games

    Are you ready to have fun playing Slots that you are familiar with in addition to exclusive ones available ONLY at LuckyLand Slots?

    This online casino offers a long list of slots games, so you’ll never get bored with online gameplay! Some of the most popular games include Dragon’s Den, Money Monsters, and Snow Queen. 

    These games were modeled after actual casino games, so you’ll feel like you’re right back at the casino, playing with your friends. 

    LuckyLand offers 45+ slot games, some of which include:

    • The Dragon Key

    • Dragon's Den

    • Lucky Numbers

    • Doggie Kisses

    • Cobra Room

    • Treasures of Atlantis

    • Cake Off

    • Money Monsters

    • Choul Day

    • Mayan Gold

    • Snow Queen

    • Sweep The Nation

    • Clover Cash

    • Buffalo Rush

    • Lucky Wheel

    • Life’s a Beach

    • Vaults of Valhalla

    • Jackpot games

    When you play these games, the pro slot players will feel like they are playing at a casino itself. The theme of these games will give you that feeling that you can only get while playing casino slots.

    Since the name of the casino is LuckyLand Slots, they strictly offer only slot games and notable games (such as blackjack) or video poker games. If you want to play table or poker games, you may want to head over to one of LuckyLand’s other online gaming platforms. 

    LuckyLand’s sister sites (like Chumba Casino and Global Poker) offer similar sign-up bonuses, so you’ll still have quite a few chances to get free Sweeps and Gold Coins — and win prizes that you can exchange for real cash!

    LuckyLand Slots Software

    LuckyLand Slots, a web browser-based, and mobile browser-based software are accessible on computers and Android devices. Currently, the app is not available on the App Store for iPhone or iPad users. The site runs on HTML5 but the new release on the app makes for a better user experience than the desktop. 

    Please ensure that you have high-speed internet when playing these games so that you can enjoy the visuals smoothly without lag. This will not just maximize your gaming experience, but it will also ensure you don’t accidentally lose your Coins or Sweeps. 

    When you log into the website, you will first collect your daily casino bonus. 

    Once collected, you’ll notice that a lot of promotional sweepstakes pop-ups will appear on your screen. You can choose to click on any of the promotional pop-ups and possibly win more Sweeps and Coins, or you can simply close these windows and start gameplay.

    After navigating through these steps, you will reach the main lobby where you can select your game and begin playing. 

    Although this can be inconvenient, it does give you the opportunity to stay updated with all the promotions so that you can enjoy the perks of it. Furthermore, the main icons you will need at the top right-hand corner, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the icons before you start playing.

    Don’t forget that you have the option to gift up to 50 friends free spins daily - this option can also be found under the icon with three horizontal lines.

    LuckyLand Slots App & Mobile Casino

    Although LuckyLand is only available on mobile devices as an Android app (6.0 or higher), iOs users can play using the browser. 

    Android users have to download the app using the .apk file which can be downloaded from the online site once you’ve signed up. 

    Once you open the .apk, you may have to comply with the security settings, i.e. Settings→ Security Tab → Temporarily allow app installations from unknown sources. 

    This is an important step to install the LuckyLand Slots Casino app on your Android phone.

    To locate the app in your installed applications section, look for a purple icon with a clover online casino chip.

    LuckyLand Slots Purchase Methods

    LuckyLand Slots gives you the option to purchase Gold Coin packages. Here are the ways that you can do that:

    • Major credit cards

    • VISA

    • Mastercard

    • American Express

    • Discover Card

    • Skrill

    With each package purchase, you receive Sweeps Coins that can be exchanged for a cash prize redemption.

    Be sure to keep a check on the page for any updates to purchase methods. They are constantly updating or adding new methods, so don’t miss out.

    LuckyLand Slots Redemption Options

    Before we look at the ways we can redeem our cash prizes, it is important to note that you need to earn at least 50 Sweeps Coins before you can cash out your winnings. There are two ways to do it:

    • ACH (Bank Transfer)

    • Skrill

    The process can take up to 48 hours to see the money in your bank account.

    LuckyLand Slots Customer Support

    Stuck with an issue? Trouble redeeming winnings? LuckyLand Slots reviewers love this online casino's customer service! Head on over to LuckyLand Slots Casino’s FAQ section ( 

    You will be able to find most of your questions there; however, if you still wish to reach out to them, they are available via email or through their social media (Facebook) page. 

    [email protected] 

    Make sure that when you are reaching out with a specific question that you provide as much detail as possible to avoid unnecessarily going back and forth. Either way, they will get back to you soon. So play now and happy gaming!

    Luckyland Slots Review
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    $10 FREE COINS
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